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How to Avoid Potential Killers

Your progress can be equivalent to how well informed you are. Its not surprising, there are universal principles that govern every area of our lives. How well informed we are or not, will determine the choices that life will present us. Ignorance makes us vulnerable to the point that it is easy for us to try and put our decisions in the hands of others. Ignorance will cause a lack of self-responsibility; it can lead to laziness and frustration. The worst thing to be ignorant about is the knowledge that will take us from where we are, to where we want to be in life. It can cause us to live without peace, to be defeated and in lack of any self-control. However, knowledge benefits us in many ways: one major way, is that instruction, guidelines and information gives us control over the direction our lives go. Okay, so that may sound like obvious logical, but then why do we still make mistakes that are equally obvious? What can we do to make sure we have more control over our life?

1. One way to gain more control is to find those who can be accountable to you, and that you can also be accountable to. Let it be a group of at least 2-3 people who you can measure your progress with, share ideas and lessons learned concerning particular areas of life. Pick the best group of people for different areas- it may be your peers in the same industry, those you go to school with, or close friends. 2. Make a plan to meet or communicate with them at least weekly. 3. Set goals together, to suite each person and arrange a day in the week to meet up and find out how well each one of you did. 4. Have regular meetings: At least once a week where you can meet and give feedback on how much each person has grown. Without being well informed and having people you can be accountable to, success can be a mirage. It is useful to have those who can be accountable to you, people that can critique, give constructive feedback to you. This will give you more control, because: 1. You will now know what to improve on. 2. Receive great advice: the right people will give suggestions on how you can improve. 3. You will know how much you need to improve. 4. You are less likely to slack and procrastinate because you have people around you that you are growing with. Success does not need to be a moving target, you can now help others to get to where they need to go and receive the same support and benefit back Working as a team will boost what each individual can do, and you become a better person when there is nothing to hide. Enjoy collaborating, while you maximize your potential.

Author: Leslie Poku

Follow him on Twitter: @LesliePoku