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2013, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited All the stories printed in this book are true

and have been compiled from verbatim accounts stated by our customers and translated from various regional languages. We have made all possible efforts to ensure that information mentioned in this book is true to the best of our knowledge. Errors, if any, are purely accidental and unintentional. All customer photographs are authentic, with the exception of the photographs used in section separators and on the cover. PUBLISHED BY: Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited www.mahindrafinance.com EDITORIAL TEAM: Charandeep Singh Chawla Vineet Garg Sheetal Choksey CREATIVE AGENCY: Sky Design www.skydesign.in PRINTED BY: Silverpoint Press Private Ltd. www.silverpointindia.com

This book is dedicated to millions of farmers, small businessmen and traders whose aspirations and dreams are transforming India.

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Customer Stories
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Ramesh Iyer V Ravi Rajnish Agarwal Vinay Deshpande Jaideep Devare Anuj Mehra

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R Balaji

The potential for growth is inherent in every single person. The journey to maximise this hidden potential, to find success and happiness, is what we call the journey of life. Many years ago, we at Mahindra Finance, commenced our journey, working in semi-urban and rural India. This was a different India, working by its own rules and constrained by its own challenges. Venturing into an untested sector, hitherto untouched by large finance companies, was a risky proposition. The diversity and intricacies of local culture and geography were like a puzzle which needed to be solved with patience and care. As we spent considerable time working in this geography, we realised that with a little bit of financial support, the potential for growth was tremendous. With this belief, we spread our people across the country, to identify opportunities for intervention, and provide timely help to deserving people. Each effort that we made with faith, was a drop in the ocean of change, that slowly started spreading across Bharat. Today, twenty years later, we took a moment to look back. The success of Mahindra Finance in the sector was unique. We believe that we have found a way to unlock the chakravyuh that is rural India. Moreover, we have helped change the mindset of the market towards this oft-ignored sector. And more important than growth and profit, we have managed to touch the lives of many of our customers, and they have touched ours. Their dreams have become our hopes, and their success, our joy. This book is a collection of those moments and journeys. On the surface, it is a compilation of success stories of our customers, to whom we have provided loans of various kinds. At a deeper level, it talks about our ethos, about the lasting relationships we have forged with our customers, and our efforts to uphold their dignity. Each story and experience shared by our customers, was unique. To simplify the reading experience, these stories have been classified into five chapters: Humble Beginnings, Beyond First Victory, Victorious through the Darkest Hours, Fight Back and Celebration. Meet the auto rickshaw driver turned businessman, the 55 year old turned entrepreneur who built a fleet of 72 cars, and the housewife fulfilling her late husbands dreams. And discover a portrait of a rising India, in this book, Bharat Awakens.

MMFSL is one of our most successful businesses. It has financed assets worth over Rs 100,000 crores. Its customers are spread over 1,70,000 villages and more than 5000 towns. It has touched the lives of over 2.5 million people. It has, all in all, been a most successful business journey. And yet, it is not the figures that truly tell the story of its success. The true story of its success comes from the stories of the ordinary people whose lives MMFSL has touched and transformed. That is why it is fitting that this book should showcase not the story of MMFSL, but the success stories of its customers. In this book you will find true stories stories of struggle, stories of strength in the face of challenging odds, and stories of a determination to craft ones own destiny. The stories are inspirational because they are all true. They are stories of real people, facing real challenges and triumphing over considerable odds, with a little help from MMFSL. So MMFSL is profitable; but the profits are almost a by-product of their driving desire to change peoples lives, and enable them to rise. Over the years, Mahindra Finance has joined hands with so called marginalised sections of society, helped them, worked with them, trusted them, and changed the course of their lives. Profound customer centricity is at the heart of the deep relationship that Mahindra Finance has formed with its customer, and the customer has repaid the compliment by identifying with the company to the extent that he almost seems to be saying, I may be small but my dreams are not. And Mahindra Finance understands my aspirations and helps make dreams come true. They know me so well, they are a part of me. And I am Mahindra Finance. So when a customer 200 km away from the nearest Town Centre upgrades himself from a bullock drawn plough to a Tractor, from Tractor to a Car and from Car to an SUV, when he builds himself his first house, it is nothing but another manifestation of Mahindra Finance in action. It is a manifestation of the new India spreading its wings and achieving its dreams. The rise of Mahindra Finance has created 2.5 million entrepreneurs who have fought against their fate and inspired innumerable others to follow their heart. And I am delighted that MMFSL is on its way to spreading this spirit of entrepreneurship in many communities across the globe. Nothing, therefore, captures the journey of Mahindra Finance better than the journey of its customer, his fight against his fate and his aspirations for a better life. This book is an effort to take you to a world of indomitable spirit, unwavering beliefs and unflinching trust. Welcome to the world of Mahindra Finance!

Anand Mahindra
Chairman and Managing Director Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

The seeds of an idea lie not in a right answer but in the right question. 1992. The year of Gulf war and oil crisis. The auto industry was in a shock as sales volumes declined dramatically. M&M sales took a bigger hit with the unfriendly tax regime for utility vehicles. In that challenging environment, our Automotive Marketing had called a dealers conference and I decided to sit in the last row as an observer. One of the dealers went to the dias and said that bank finance for retail lending was drying up, and Mahindras performance compared to the other auto players would suffer more as the Mahindra Group, unlike many auto companies, did not have its own finance company. This comment triggered a question in my mind: Why do we not have our own finance company? As the question churned in my mind, an idea was born: a dream was born. And Mahindra Finance commenced its journey with a small group of employees from a small office in Worli, Mumbai. At that time, we only visualised Mahindra Finance as a captive finance company. But even at the start we created and followed a unique set of rules. We focused on rural India, much before it became fashionable. We created a governance structure for Mahindra Finance independent of the auto marketing. We derisked the business model by capping the proportion of Mahindra vehicles that we would finance, rather than measure the penetration for financing of the parent companys products, which was a commonly applied success metric of captive finance companies. More importantly, we empowered our frontline to take decisions that would be in the interests of both, the customers and the company. As we embarked on our journey, we often found ourselves in situations where there was not only a large business potential but also an opportunity for us to make a difference by empowering people. We sought to answer the questions of what else to offer and who else to offer to. Over the last two decades we have grown to become one of the largest NBFCs in India, fuelling a million more dreams along the journey the dreams of our customers. The same powerful question exhibits itself again, whenever a farmer asks, why cant I feed my own family, when I can feed the rest of the world. Or whenever a truck driver questions, why cant I become my own master and drive my own vehicle, when I can drive somebody elses. Whenever a construction worker asks, why cant I build my own house when I can do it for others. And whenever anyone of them questions himself thus, it sows the seed for yet another dream, yet another success. In the true sense, the success of its customers has translated into the Companys success. And this success doesnt lie in the business numbers it has achieved or the milestones that the Company has crossed. This success lies in the way we have been able to inculcate, nurture and promote the culture of asking the right questions not just amongst ourselves, but also amongst our customers. This book is an effort to capture this culture and how it has helped people to Rise.

Bharat Doshi
Chairman, Mahindra Finance

The rural and semi-urban market of India was unexplored by finance companies. We entered the same by force and not by design. The risk involved in investing in a sector with no prior experience, statistics or pool of knowledge, was a daunting one indeed. As a captive finance company, we had to start penetrating areas where vehicles and tractors were sold. The business was set up at a time when Mahindra vehicles were in short supply and hence support was needed only for a certain range of vehicles. Our beginning was, therefore, a very challenging one. We did realise quite early, that to be successful in the rural market, it was imperative that we designed products that suited the rural customers cash flow. We needed to be close to where the customers were and more importantly, had to understand the customers challenges and partner with them in difficult times. The needs, aspirations and problems faced by this other side of India, Bharat, were dramatically different from those faced by urban India. We realised the only way we could make this venture a success was to be an integral part of the rural eco-system itself. One way we accomplished this was by recruiting employees from local colleges, who understood the pulse of their areas. We set up branches in deeper pockets increasing penetration across the country. Our customer, be it the farmer, the auto-rickshaw driver, or the milkman, was at the heart of our business, and the only reason for us to exist. Hence, we modelled our business on two pillars: 1. Respecting the customers voices and efficiently using their feedback to design products and services. In many cases these went against conventional ways of financing practised across the world in predominantly urban geographies. 2. Trusting our customers and helping them in their difficult times. Their abilities and latent potential to grow, rather than documentation, was the yardstick we measured them by. And we stood by our customers through thick and thin, leading to relationships far deeper than bonds of business. What started with a lot of hesitation, has now earned the distinction of being a leading rural NBFC. The entire credit for this success, goes to our large family of 2.5 million customers. At every stage, our customers have helped us develop a unique business model through their inputs and successes. Every customer in every part of India, every day, brings us a new experience, helping us grow from strength to strength. We dedicate our success to our customers. We have managed, with our customers support, to unlock the chakravyuh that is rural India. We thank all our customers who, through their dedication, passion, energy, aspirations and knowledge, have helped us to reach where we are today.

Ramesh Iyer
Managing Director, CEO Financial Services Sector & Member of the Group Executive Board

During the year 1991, the Mahindra Group set up a small Finance Company called Maxi Motors Pvt. Ltd. At that time, no one would have envisaged that fifteen years down the line, it would have grown to become the largest rural NBFC in India. Initially, not many banks were willing to lend, but we commenced operations in a modest manner by selectively financing the major dealers in the Mahindra Automotive Sector and Farm Equipment Sector. We strongly believed in the potential of rural financing, as it would help realise the dreams of our rural customers to become entrepreneurs. We had tremendous support from the Mahindra Group its deep rural knowledge, management bandwidth and the network in the interiors of India. We were not intimidated by the magnitude of the challenge, as we had strong faith in our ability and in the ability of our customers. The rural market, which is the focus of many corporates today, did not have many takers then. It was unchartered territory. There was no history on the basis of which we could project the future, no references to benchmark against and no competition to learn from. The only option was to learn from ones own mistakes. And we did make mistakes, but we learnt from every single one of them. We ensured that a mistake was never repeated. We used to joke, then, Make a new mistake, every time you have to commit one. In retrospect, I think one of the most important factors which helped in our success was that we never shied away from opportunities with the fear of failure. We grabbed opportunities with both hands. We grew richer and wiser with every experience. Today, some might think that Mahindra Finance was fortunate to have spotted the rural market quite early. But more than luck what helped us was the tremendous backing of the Group, its great domain knowledge and its impeccable brand reputation. From our side we were willing to take calculated risks in a market not tested till then. Mahindra Finance has been built on the foundation of trust and integrity, which should provide a solid foundation to support its growth in the years to come. This compilation is an effort to show what trust in oneself can do, to help us achieve success, as an individual or as a company.

V Ravi
Chief Financial Officer, Mahindra Finance

humble beginnings

Humble Beginnings

Often the most difficult part of a success story is the first chapter. We plan for days, think and think again, mull over our ideas and finally see a hint of an outline. We then set about putting together words till they make sense and attempt to tell a story. Often the first chapter is the most exhausting. But once its written, there is no looking back. Words fall in place, the story tells itself and the chapters follow each other till we reach a happy ending. Its the same when individuals set about writing success stories in their lives. The beginning is the most difficult part in this journey. There are many kinds of obstacles that come in the way of that significant first step. Sometimes, these obstacles are self-imposed and sometimes, inflicted on them. While they have to fight the internal obstacles themselves, they need a helping hand to fight the external obstacles. There are many kinds of such helping hands. There are those who nudge them to go ahead, there are those who give them what they dont have and there are those who place trust in them when no one else does. Mahindra Finance is a company that has been doing all this and more to help thousands of Indians start their new lives. It has created many happy beginnings that have translated into happy endings. Read on to find out how some Indians wrote the first chapter of their success stories.


A farmer from Manvi, Karnataka, Girish Patil took a tractor loan.

Owning a tractor is perhaps the dream of all farmers! I too, wanted one to improve the agricultural output of my farm, and I thought of buying a tractor for this purpose. As I had no savings to buy one immediately, I applied for a loan. But I was in for a rude shock when various banks rejected my application. I didnt know what step to take next, and I became extremely disappointed. Things changed when I met a representative of Mahindra Finance and shared my dreams. The team recognised my commitment to repay the loan, and it was speedily sanctioned. Their customer service was excellent, and the documentation process was extremely simple. Thanks to their support, today, I own a tractor and my income level has improved considerably. I have succeeded in converting my agricultural land into irrigated land. I have recently also bought a Mahindra Bolero through another loan from Mahindra Finance. I am planning to apply for yet another loan from them in the future as well. I have already recommended several others to apply for similar loans. My dreams are finally transforming into a reality!

Humble Beginnings

Translation of the Kannada extract above: Getting my own tractor was the proudest moment of my life. It was a major achievement for me! Today, my land gives me a much better produce, and I am able to live a far more prosperous life.

K Thimma Reddy, from Rayalapuram, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, has taken car loans from Mahindra Finance.

I have been a customer of Mahindra Finance for 9 years. Since the beginning of my career, I was involved in real estate, construction and contracts for similar work. The nature of this field is that it is very risky. If anything goes wrong, one can lose a lot of money very fast. Due to the uncertain nature of my business, most banks refused to give me loans. I reached a point where my business could not grow due to lack of funds, and felt frustrated. By sheer luck, I was introduced to Mahindra Finance through some friends. They understood my requirement and I was given car loans on the basis of my experience, knowledge, desire to work and honest intentions. It is wonderful that such companies look beyond paperwork and actually give merit to these factors. They trusted me and my ability to earn, when no other company was willing to take a risk. I worked day and night to repay the loans on time, and since then life has changed for the better. Today, I own more than ten vehicles, and all of these are financed by Mahindra Finance! Due to my diligence in paying instalments, I was even named the Best Customer by their team more than once. I had the good fortune to meet senior officials from the company. In the end, I am just grateful that someone had faith in me.

They trusted me and gave me the loan in spite of the risky nature of my business. The loan opened doors for my business, and I am the proud owner of ten vehicles today.

Buying my own auto rickshaw was the first step towards a new life for me a life more stable and less stressful than before.
I used to drive a rented auto rickshaw for many years. But even after working for 15 hours a day, I could not save more than Rs 3,500 per month. The rent of the rickshaw itself was Rs 300 per day, which did not even include diesel and other expenses. With the steep increase in the cost of living, it became a huge struggle to make ends meet. Further, we were living in a small kuchcha house, where we often faced hardships during bad weather conditions. All these factors drove me to think of how I could increase my income. In 2010, I decided to purchase my own rickshaw on an instalment plan, rather than continuing to rent one. It made more sense to pay money towards something I would one day own, rather than wasting it on rent. But securing a loan without a proper income proof seemed virtually impossible. Through a showroom, I was introduced to Mahindra Finance. They considered my integrity and vision rather than my asset strength, and helped me secure a loan within two days. I was happy to see that they respected a persons desire to work hard more than their current bank balance. Instead of paying Rs 9,000 as rent, today, I pay only Rs 5,200 as a monthly instalment. This gives me a lot more room to breathe. I am able to manage proper savings, and soon I will finish repaying the loan completely. Today, my family and I lead a much more relaxed and comfortable life. I hope to take the help of Mahindra Finance once again to buy another auto rickshaw very soon.

Humble Beginnings

Asif Shaikh, from Waghodia Village, Gujarat, is a 3 wheeler loan customer.

I run a business of distributing medical and surgical equipment to various hospitals and clinics in Aluva, Kerala. It has always been crucial for my products to reach my clients on time. To achieve success in this sector, I knew I would need my own vehicle. I could not depend on constantly hiring vehicles, as this was expensive and would often lead to delays. As I had no major savings, I thought of taking a loan. On a friends reference, I visited a Mahindra Finance office, and was delighted with their readiness to help. Such wonderful customer service can perhaps never be experienced anywhere else. Today I own four vehicles, all financed by Mahindra Finance. My life has completely changed and my standard of living has improved significantly. The truth is that I would never have been able to reach where I am today, without the timely support that Mahindra Finance provided me. It gave me the ability to start a new chapter in my life.

Parthasaradhy, from Aluva, Kerala, has transformed his life with utility vehicle loans taken from Mahindra Finance.

Translation of the Malayalam extract above: Thanks to owning my own vehicle, today I can deliver medical equipment on time to all my clients. My client base has increased in a big way, and my profits have also shot up!


Kajal Bera, a woman entrepreneur from Ganapati Nagar, Tamluk, West Bengal, acquired her first vehicle with a utility vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance.

I am Kajal Bera. I live in Ganapati Nagar Village, in West Bengal. I used to run a spice workshop, a small business, for which I needed a utility vehicle. As I didnt have sufficient funds to buy one, I approached banks and financiers for a loan. To my dismay, my application was turned down everywhere. When the doors of all lending institutions seemed closed for me, Mahindra Finance came through like a beacon of hope. I was extremely impressed by the way their team explained all aspects of the loan in great detail to me. Thanks to them, the process of acquiring my utility vehicle was smooth and stress free. With the possession of the vehicle, a dream had come true, and it helped boost my self-confidence immensely. I saved a lot of time and money because of the vehicle, and soon my income began increasing. Within a short time I was able to kick start another business of selling packaged drinking water. Over the last few years, I have bought three more vehicles from Mahindra Finance as well. Every month, their executive comes home to collect my loan repayment instalment. The convenience is unbelievable, and it helps me save both time and money. I feel Mahindra Finance did much more for me than just giving me a loan. They truly gave me the jump start that my life needed!

Humble Beginnings

Translation of the Bengali extract above: As a woman, balancing a job with family life is often difficult. But starting ones own business is even tougher. I am grateful that I got a loan without any hassle, and was able to establish a proper business successfully.

There is nothing more frightening than not having a secure shelter for ones family. I can never forget the joy we felt when we shifted into our own house, leaving behind all the harassment and insecurities we had lived with for so many years.
Living in a rented accommodation was a huge financial burden for our family. To make matters worse, we were often harassed by the landlord. Somehow I managed to save enough money to buy a piece of land in our village, but was left with no money to build a home. My application for a home loan was rejected by several organisations, and my frustration grew. When the Mahindra Home Finance team came to our area for a camp, I contacted their Customer Manager. They examined my intentions while judging my capacity to repay the loan. Within just five days of submitting all the required documents, my loan was successfully processed. I received my cheque, and we were able to build our dream house. Today, we are no longer at the mercy of a landlord, and live in our own home. A long cherished dream has been fulfilled at last.

Kunj Bihari, built his first house in Khora Bisal, Chomu, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a home loan from Mahindra Home Finance.


From an auto rickshaw driver, I became the owner of a transportation business My life transformed completely, thanks to the loan which helped me take the initial plunge!

As an auto rickshaw driver, I always dreamed of earning my livelihood by operating a small goods vehicle. I wanted to buy a Mahindra Alfa, and for this I needed a loan. But most financial organisations had already rejected my loan application. On hearing my predicament, one of my relatives told me how Mahindra Finance had helped him out in a similar situation. I decided to approach them as well. To my delight, they readily agreed to sanction my loan, and I was able to buy a Mahindra Alfa goods vehicle. Soon I also took another loan to buy a Mahindra Alfa passenger vehicle. This helped supplement my daily income. Their team also arranged a special client visit for me, which was very helpful. I was delighted by the respect given to me by the entire team of Mahindra Finance! They played a key role in helping me start my own business, and later in expanding it as well. Jolly K Y, is an auto rickshaw driver turned businessman from Thrikkariyoor, Kothamangalam, Kerala, who took 3 wheeler loans from Mahindra Finance.

Humble Beginnings

Since 2001, I have been into the manufacturing and sale of kulfis. Initially, I used to manufacture matka kulfis and sell these on a hand cart. It was difficult to manage through bad weather conditions, and often the kulfis would melt before reaching customers. To avoid this problem, I took a vehicle loan from a vehicle company, but found it extremely difficult to pay back the high rate of interest. When I began suffering losses, I decided to change my vehicle. Mahindra Finance came as a timely reference, and despite my poor financial condition, they gave me a loan to buy a Mahindra Maxximo. Within six months, my business stabilised and I began enjoying profitable returns. Soon I was able to cover a larger area and also sell different types of kulfi. I was very happy with the Maxximos performance as well. Melting kulfis became a problem of the past! I recently installed some of the latest kulfi manufacturing machinery at my setup. I have also added a new product, the pakodi, to my business. Mahindra Finance helped restore my self-confidence and literally transformed my life. I am extremely happy that companies like Mahindra Finance are giving people like me the ability to grow and progress in life.

There was a time when I spent my days lugging a kulfi handcart all day under the sun. Today, I deliver these products comfortably in a vehicle. My standard of living has improved greatly, and I was easily able to afford a proper marriage ceremony for each of my daughters.

Maliram Kumhar, expanded his business in Anantpura Village, Chomu, Rajasthan, by taking a light commercial vehicle loan.


Today I am the only person in my entire family who owns a tractor! My cropping cycle no longer suffers unnecessary delays. The produce of my field has gone up, my income has increased and I enjoy a much more comfortable standard of living.
As a farmer, I used to hire a tractor to sow and harvest paddy in my fields. But there was often a long waiting period for the tractor, and it was difficult to pay the high rent each time. This made me extremely frustrated, as my cropping cycle would often get delayed, impacting the yield. Fed up of all this, I decided to buy my own tractor, and began collecting information about the loan process. In 2011, on a friends advice, I met the Mahindra Finance team. They explained various loan schemes to me, and even offered to customise them to suit my requirements. Their service was efficient, and their payment terms were customer friendly. I was very impressed! Soon I became the proud owner of a tractor! I began using it for timely harvesting and other activities on my field. This in turn boosted my produce, and led to profitable returns. Today, I also rent this tractor out for additional income. The wonderful experience I had with Mahindra Finance motivated me to also apply for a personal loan from them. I have already recommended their name to a friend, and will continue to recommend them in the future as well.

Koyada Veerareddy, a farmer from Neerukulla, Sultanabad, Andhra Pradesh, purchased his first tractor with a loan from Mahindra Finance.

Humble Beginnings

Today I am proud to have my own vehicle, earn enough to support my family and even save some for the future!
I used to earn my living from the meat business in Rourkela city. Back then it was the only source of income for my whole family. As expenses increased, it became increasingly difficult to survive on our income. I realised that while my father, my brother and I, all focused our energies in this same field, we were wasting our potential. I felt we needed another source of income, a second alternative. I aimed to buy a passenger auto rickshaw, as it could be a good way to earn in the city. It was a relatively low investment, which I thought would give good returns. Unfortunately, I didnt have the necessary savings to buy an auto rickshaw, so started looking for financing options. I had already heard a lot of good things about Mahindra Finance from relatives and friends, so I reached out to them to help finance the vehicle. After inspecting my documents, within just a couple of hours, the Mahindra Finance team completed my paper work and handed me a sanction letter to take the vehicle. So fast and hassle-free was the experience, that I was quite overwhelmed with excitement. It was a huge motivating force for me, to become the owner of my own auto rickshaw! Today my life is drastically better, and I earn enough to provide my family with all necessities. We enjoy a good standard of living, far better than before. I have started making profits, and can think of saving for the future.

Md Shamim Alam, from Rourkela, Sundergarh, Orissa, took a 3 wheeler loan for his first auto-rickshaw.


A resident of Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, Shiv Charan Jhalawa is a government employee who took a home loan.

I always thought that as a government employee, I would easily get a home loan. But sadly, this was not the case, and I was unable to get a loan, on my terms, from most nationalised banks. It was Mahindra Home Finance that came to my aid. Initially, I was confused as I thought the companys name was Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd.. I assumed that they operated only in rural areas, and not urban. But a friend told me to visit their office, and the visit proved to be a pleasant surprise. When I met them, the process they explained to me was quite simple, and the rates of interest were also good. Their executives addressed all my queries in detail, and soon my loan of 3 lakhs was sanctioned. I doubt that any other organisation or bank could have given me better services. Today, if anyone talks to me about a home loan, my first answer to them is that they must visit the Mahindra Home Finance office immediately.

Humble Beginnings

Translation of the Hindi extract above: I can only imagine the plight of other loan seekers who do not have proper jobs. I am extremely fortunate to have got in touch with the correct organisation at the correct time.

Uday Lal Ahir, living in Mangalwad Village, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan, is a small business owner and a light commercial vehicle loan customer.

The darkest days of my life were those when I was unemployed, with no idea what to do next. Being able to get a commercial vehicle loan was almost a miracle for me. The loan helped me get back on my feet, and today, I earn a respectable livelihood!

Till a few years ago, I was unemployed. We were entirely dependent on my fathers earnings as a farmer. I tried doing various kinds of odd jobs, but could not manage to earn enough out of those. A friend of mine advised me to buy a commercial purpose vehicle and start a small business. I liked the idea, but there was a problem; I had no funds of my own to invest. I also did not have proof of income, required for processing a loan. While making an inquiry with a Mahindra vehicle dealer, a member of the Mahindra Finance team met me and spoke to me about a loan. He came and visited my residence, met my family, and after a long discussion, decided to sanction my loan. Though I did not have proof of income, he found another way, using my assets as guarantee. Before I knew it, my loading vehicle had been delivered to me. It was an unforgettable moment of joy and pride! My brother and I began operating this vehicle together, and today we enjoy a stable and comfortable income. Whenever I go to the Mahindra Finance office to deposit my EMI, I am struck by the friendly environment and their readiness to help. I strongly believe that Mahindra Finance has been the most important factor to help me reach where I am today.


Alineni Ravinder Rao, from Jagityal, Andhra Pradesh, bought his first car with a car loan from Mahindra Finance.

I have a seasonal bore well business, which flourishes mainly in the months of November to May. The seasonal nature of my work makes it difficult for me to produce documents showing a regular monthly income. For a long time, I had been looking to purchase a car for my family, but my applications for loans had been rejected by many banks due to my inconsistent income. A friend of mine introduced me to Mahindra Finance. I had thought that they finance only Mahindra vehicles, but soon discovered that they provide loans for vehicles of all kinds. The Mahindra Finance team looked into the details of my earnings, and agreed to sanction me a loan. Within a single day, my loan was processed and I became the proud owner of a car! I am grateful to Mahindra Finance for their invaluable support. I was very impressed by their quick service and easy payment terms. I have already recommended them to several colleagues and friends.

People like me who work in seasonal businesses often find it difficult to have a regular monthly income. Being able to get a loan remains a dream for most of us. I am extremely fortunate that I got the right support, and was able to transform this dream into a reality!
Humble Beginnings

Working as a daily wage office assistant in a bank, I knew the typical process of getting a bank loan. My work paid me approximately Rs 2,000 per month, which was never enough to support my family. I realised that I needed to think of an alternative way to earn a respectable livelihood. I knew I didnt have the documents required for a bank loan, but on a friends suggestion, I decided to try my luck at Mahindra Finance. Their office was just above the bank where I worked. My visit turned out to be the turning point of my life! The Mahindra Finance team agreed to sanction my loan for a Mahindra Alfa vehicle. The paperwork was hassle free and the loan came through swiftly. Working with discipline and dedication, I was able to pay back the instalments smoothly. Soon, I applied for a loan to purchase a second vehicle as well, and today, I have employed my neighbour to drive this! There are times when I can hardly believe that I am now in a position to help someone else earn a livelihood. Its an indescribable feeling! Ramji Gupta, a 3 wheeler loan customer, is a resident of Bhind, Madhya Pradesh.

There was a time when I was struggling to earn a basic income as a daily wage assistant in a bank. Today, I not only enjoy financial stability myself, but have also been able to employ my neighbour and provide him with a livelihood!


Pandavas turn Barren Land into Indraprastha

In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas were denied their right to the throne of Hastinapura, and instead, given the barren, arid and hostile land of Khandavaprastha, as their share of the kingdom. Undaunted, they worked on the land and developed it into a lavish city so beautiful, that it came to be known as Indraprastha, the heavenly abode. Starting from nothing, they received help and support from Lord Krishna, and many others, and transformed their barren inheritance into a land so fabulous. Our customers include many potential entrepreneurs and farmers, who take the first step towards transforming their destiny and future, with sheer determination and courage.

Humble Beginnings

The first impression, they say, is the last impression. But does it form a lasting impression? Fifteen years ago, when I joined Mahindra Finance, I had come from a well established finance company, with structured processes, established customer profiles and a time-tested model. But the first interaction I had with my first customer at Mahindra Finance, showed me that this was going to be different from what I had been doing before. My first customer was a farmer from Hardoi, a place 112 kms from Lucknow. A simple man, wearing dhoti and kurta. Asking me for loan to buy a Mahindra Commander for his son. His son would drive and earn and pay the money back; farmer was sure of this. The dealer was sure, too. But I was not. I had not dealt with such cases. My earlier customers used to be dressed in corporate suits, with established sources of income; not ones who would earn out of the asset I was financing and repay the loan. I had my doubts. Should I give him a loan? Would he be able to repay it? And even if he did, how would he repay? In cash? He didnt seem to have a bank account. He actually didnt. In case he didnt pay, how would I collect the funds from such a remote location? There were questions and questions about what to do. And then there was my senior to guide me. I visited the customers home, met his family, got a glimpse of their lives, talked to his son, and understood his dreams. I had my doubts but I calculated my risk and trusted him. I was proved right, when he paid back his first instalment two days before his due date. This was what made Mahindra Finance different. The mutual trust we enjoyed with our customers and the strong relationship we shared with them. I started seeing the humane side of our business. The words in this compilation, are the recollections of only a few of 2.5 million such relations we have formed along our journey.

Rajnish Agarwal
Vice President Operations, Mahindra Finance


A resident of Phulambri, Maharashtra, Ahmed Pathan, grew his business from a paan shop to a general store, with the help of a light commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance.

I began my career in Phulambri Village, Maharashtra, by running a small roadside paan shop called Sohail Paan Centre. This barely gave me enough income to survive and I constantly faced financial problems. With great difficulty, I managed to accumulate some savings, and applied for a loan for a light commercial vehicle. I was greatly disappointed when my application was rejected by all banks due to insufficient documents. It was my father who advised me to approach Mahindra Finance. He had taken a loan from them to buy a Mahindra tractor in 2005. Sure enough, within 5 days, my loan was sanctioned! With the vehicle, I made a bigger profit than before. Today I successfully run a general store and have been able to repay all the loan instalments on time. Mahindra Finance enabled me to make a wonderful start in life, and I will always be grateful to them for their support. Mahindra Finance truly works according to their tagline Bande Mai Hai Dum Pechanain Sirf Hum! Their attitude towards customers is outstanding, and I feel proud to be associated with an organisation that treats its clients just like family members.

Running a tiny roadside paan stall, I could only dream of owning a proper shop one day. And this aspiration would never have been realised without a loan.

Humble Beginnings

Buying a new tractor literally helped me begin a new chapter in life. Today, I am able to earn a stable income, and supporting a huge family no longer seems like a burden!

My brother and I used to work on a farm and a small tractor dealership business in our village. Even with our collective income, our financial condition was miserable. With just three bighas of land, we were unable to make ends meet. After considering various options, we decided to purchase a new tractor. But as I had a large family of fourteen to support, and only my land as an asset, my loan application was rejected by all banks. Finally, I approached Mahindra Finance, and within a short time span our loan for a new Mahindra tractor was sanctioned. Our journey of success began, and with Mahindra Finances support, we were soon able to expand and buy a second and third vehicle, something we had never even dreamt of! Looking back, I would say that Mahindra Finance was like a family to me, supporting me in my darkest hour. They were the only ones who understood my needs and gave me a fair chance. Today I enjoy an excellent reputation in the market, and several banks and finance companies have offered me loans, but I would never take a loan from any organisation other than Mahindra Finance, as they were the only ones who supported me in my time of need. I am extremely grateful to the team which sanctioned my loan, which enabled me to upgrade myself from a tractor driver to a tractor owner.

Girdhari Bundela, a resident of Nimsari, Dharampuri, in Madhya Pradesh, changed the course of his life with a tractor loan from Mahindra Finance.


While I had the idea, I didnt know where to begin and how. With their help, I kick-started my business and a better life.
I used to run a gym in a small town called Nandanpura. It was my passion but it wasnt paying me well. I couldnt continue living on this meagre income and it was getting more difficult by the day. So I decided to start another business to supplement my income. While I had an idea of owning a machine and starting a construction business, I didnt know how to begin. Because I only had the idea. Not the money. When I told my friend about this problem, he advised me to go to Mahindra Finance. I visited their office and shared my business idea with them. After verifying my documents and the detailed project report, they sanctioned my construction equipment loan in a short period. This help at the starting stage of my business was all I needed. With their help I started growing and success came knocking at my door. After that, with Mahindra Finances help, I bought three more machines. Today my business is doing very well. I am doing what I love. I will always thank them for helping me in my first step towards a better life.

Lakhan Sahu hails from Nandanpura, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, and has taken construction equipment loans to expand his business.

Humble Beginnings

Today, my family and I are happily settled in Surat. Our children receive quality education and our future seems bright. As a farmer, this is more than I could ever have dreamed of!

Pradyumansinh Vashi moved to Surat, Gujarat, from his village, after purchasing his house in Surat with a home loan from Mahindra Home Finance.

As a farmer, I earned my livelihood through the sale of sugarcane and vegetables. I earned a decent income, and always thought that I would be able to secure a loan if I ever needed one. But I was sadly mistaken! A few years ago, I decided to leave my village and shift to the city of Surat in order to provide my children with a better quality of education. I was so sure that a nationalised bank would give me a home loan that I went ahead and booked a house. I even paid Rs 10 lakhs to the builder as an advance! But my loan application was repeatedly rejected as my only source of income was agricultural income. My dreams were shattered and I had no idea what to do next. The builder soon realised my position was vulnerable and threatened to cancel my booking. As luck would have it, I was referred to Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd. (MRHFL) in the nick of time, and my home loan got sanctioned immediately. Even after I showed the builder a letter stating that the loan had been sanctioned, he refused to believe me! He finally believed me when the Mahindra Home Finance executive spoke to him on the phone. Once the loan amount came through, my property was fully secured. Much to my relief, I was able to shift into the new house without any hassle. I can never thank Mahindra Home Finance enough for what they did for me! My move to the city was made possible by them.


Inder Singh is a driver turned businessman from Jamsedpura, Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and a construction equipment loan customer. I used to work as a driver. I also owned 1.5 bighas of land, but even the income from both these sources was not enough to provide for my family. I was not able to save a single penny, and was extremely worried about our future. My younger brothers recent death had made matters worse for the family. With Gods grace, I happened to meet a Mahindra Finance employee. I wanted to buy a JCB vehicle with a construction equipment loan, but I did not have proof of income. He understood my problem, and was willing to give a loan to me if I could pay a certain amount as margin money. Since I did not have the funds for it at the time, he suggested that I take the loan through a close friend or family member, until I could pay the margin money amount. After that I could transfer the loan and the vehicle to my name. This strategy worked, I got the JCB and began earning a proper monthly income. I sold 1 bigha of my land to pay the margin money. At that time I had a detailed discussion with the Mahindra Finance team. Though they had no physical proof or guarantee that I could earn enough and repay the loan, they agreed to sanction a loan in my name. They judged me on the basis of my ability and will to work. Their confidence was well-placed, because I worked hard, and was able to repay all my loans. Today, I own a JCB, a tractor and also a Bolero. I have a solid base of clients, and my business is flourishing. I feel Mahindra Finance really sticks to their motto Bande mein dum, pehchaane sirf hum. They truly help poor people like me transform our lives.

There was a time when I struggled to support my family. Today, I own three vehicles and run a flourishing business. I am grateful for the loan which helped me overcome all obstacles!

Humble Beginnings

Most banks look for loopholes to reject a loan application, as they dont want to take a risk. But I was happy to find an organisation which works in the opposite way they try and find solutions that enable a loan to get processed!

I used to run a small tea stall at a location called Vasmat Road in Khanapur Phata village. To increase my sales, I began approaching offices in the vicinity. That is how I first came in contact with Mahindra Home Finance. After starting a business in Parbhani, I decided to purchase a house for my family. The property I liked was valued at Rs 18 lakhs, but I knew I would have to take a loan for at least half the amount. Finally, I managed to sell my ancestral property for Rs 13 lakhs, but still needed funds to pay the balance. When I tried for a loan, not a single bank was willing to help, as I didnt have proof of a regular income. Once, while collecting my monthly payment for tea and coffee, I discussed my situation with a Mahindra Home Finance executive. He asked me to get a guarantor, but I could think of nobody. The executive himself knew me very well and also understood my business. He agreed to take the guarantee of my loan repayment, and my loan was swiftly sanctioned. I was extremely touched by how he went out of his way to help me fulfill my dreams. Thanks to Mahindra Home Finance and the personal interest taken in my case, I was able to buy a house and build credibility for myself in the market as well. Parmeshwar Shamrao Kadam ran a tea stall in Khanapur Phata, Parbhani, Maharashtra, bought a home for his family with a home loan.


Makhan Singh Bheel, the sole breadwinner of his family in Jamner, Madhusudangarh, Madhya Pradesh, was able to improve his standard of living after taking a light commercial vehicle loan.

Once upon a time I was just another driver, operating someone elses vehicle and struggling to survive on paltry daily wages. Today I own two commercial vehicles of my own, a matter of great pride for me!

Till 2010, I earned a daily wage of Rs 150 to Rs 200, working as a driver. I was the sole breadwinner of our family, and we were entirely dependent on this meagre income. One day, I met an executive of Mahindra Finance who was also from my village. He shared with me a vision of driving my own vehicle instead of driving other peoples vehicles. I had never thought of buying a vehicle of my own, but my instincts told me it would be a correct decision. I visited a showroom in Guna and decided to apply to Mahindra Finance for a loan to buy the Force Trump 40 vehicle. Within a week everything was finalised and I was able to buy my first commercial vehicle. It took me one and a half years to repay this loan. Once it was cleared I was able to take another loan and buy a second vehicle, which my brother now drives. Business took off well, and our financial condition has improved tremendously. We have also shifted from a kuchcha house to a properly constructed accommodation. It was purely the support of Mahindra Finance that helped me acquire two loading vehicles, changing my life forever! I can now confidently shoulder the responsibility of being the only earning member of our family.

Humble Beginnings

By getting help on time, I could begin my life afresh. A life filled with success and prosperity.
I used to run a small scale poultry business in a village in Jharkhand. I would buy chickens from the neighbouring villages and sell them to local customers. I didnt earn much profit out of this business. But I had to do it because that was the only thing I knew. More than not having enough food to eat, what pained me was that my children couldnt go to good schools. I kept thinking of ways to increase the volume of my business. My new life began when I happened to meet a Mahindra Finance executive. After hearing my problem and going through my application, they offered me an immediate loan. With this money, I bought a pickup van. I started fetching chickens in bulk at a lesser price. And I started gaining more profits. My business grew rapidly and income rose. After I had paid back my loan, I went to Mahindra Finance again for another loan. I bought another vehicle and expanded my business further. Today I own four vehicles out of which three are loan-free. No matter how far I take my business, I will never forget how it was Mahindra Finance that helped me begin my success story.

Miyajan Ansari from Jharkhand took his business to another level after taking a light commercial vehicle loan.


Sunil Sompurkar, originally from Tembhode-Kalamboli, in Panvel, Maharashtra, started his transportation business in the city with a light commercial vehicle loan.

My family used to own a small rice flour mill in our village Tembhode-Kalamboli, and this was the only source of income for us. Tired of our financial problems, I decided to shift to the city for better livelihood prospects. I got a job of cleaning Light Commercial Vehicles plying between Uran and Kalamboli. Within a year I learnt how to drive, and began working as a freelance driver. I braved all kinds of weather, and drove at all hours of the day in attempt to earn some additional income. In 2005, I learnt that it was possible to procure a loan from Mahindra Finance to purchase a Light Commercial Vehicle. I decided to start my own transportation business, and bought some time from my family, who were keen to get me married at the earliest. With Mahindra Finances support, I bought a Mahindra Max Pickup. Not only did they give me a loan without any hassle, but they also arranged the delivery of the vehicle for me. I worked extremely hard to repay my loan on time. In 2009 I took another loan from Mahindra Finance to buy a second vehicle, and in 2010 I bought a Mahindra Scorpio SLE for my personal use. Today, I have a stable transportation business in the Uran area, with two drivers working under me. I live a comfortable life and am able to provide my daughter with quality education. Without Mahindra Finance, none of this would have ever been possible! I would recommend their name to anyone who is looking to start a new business or expand their existing setup.

I am extremely proud to be the first person from my village to have bought a Light Commercial Vehicle! After leaving my native place, I began my life in the city as a cleaner. Today, I have a successful transportation business of my own!
Humble Beginnings

Sunil Kumar, was able to continue his life in his native village of Alai, Bikaner, Rajasthan, after taking utility vehicle loans.

Twelve years ago, I had no job and no money. Today, I have a transportation business and I own four vehicles! Soon I will own a fifth one as well. I am extremely grateful that I found a mentor organisation which helped me shape my life without having to leave my beloved village.

Back in 2000, I had no job, and no formal education credentials. I was confused about how to build a career in my village. My attachment to my family and village was very strong, and I did not want to go to a metro city to earn my livelihood. I thought of starting a taxi operations business, as there has always been a shortage of government buses in remote villages. But I could not afford to purchase a vehicle for myself. Somehow I managed to convince a relative to let me use his M&M 900 Double Cab. He had taken a loan from Mahindra Finance to buy this vehicle. I worked for 16 to 18 hours every day as a local taxi operator. With the grace of God, I earned enough to pay the vehicle instalments and save some money. In 2003, I decided to purchase my own vehicle, and approached Mahindra Finance for a loan. I did not have much financial backing, but their team knew me as I used to repay my relatives vehicle instalments regularly. They were aware of how hard I worked, and after calculating my daily income, they agreed to give me a loan. Having my own vehicle was a dream come true for me. It boosted my self-confidence immensely! In the last 12 years, I had taken loans for 4 vehicles, and repaid all of them successfully. I now intend to take my business to the next level by buying a Toyota Etios. Mahindra Finance not only gives uneducated and unemployed youth a fair chance to earn their livelihood, but also enables them to enjoy a respectable place in society. Even with so many financiers available today, when it comes to loans, I always go with Mahindra Finance. In fact I suggest the same to others as well. During the 12 years of my association with this organisation, the bond we share has greatly deepened. Today I feel like I am a part of Mahindra Finance!


I struggled to acquire my first vehicle. Mahindra Finance helped me fulfill that dream, and since then I have bought 14 commercial vehicles with loans from them!

Sanjeev Baid, from Santipur, Guwahati, has taken light commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

I was a small time transporter in Guwahati, where I used to take vehicles on rent and supply commodities to various people. At that time, my economic condition was not so sound as most of my income used to go on the rented vehicles. Then I came across a Mahindra vehicle i.e. Mahindra Cabking DI 3200. I could just imagine the profits I could make if I could somehow purchase it. As my savings were not enough, I approached banks for a loan. Since, my financial stability was questionable, banks and other financial institutions were feeling uncomfortable in giving me the loan. Just as I grew discouraged, Mahindra Finance came to my assistance, understood my need and potential, and and my vision to grow. Mahindra Finance provided a loan for my first vehicle and helped me to establish my business. I must say that this was a game changer for me and over the years, I have financed 14 commercial vehicles from Mahindra Finance both in my name and my brothers name. Thanks to Mahindra Finance, as of today, I am the proud owner of Tirupati Pariwahan Service. My experience with Mahindra Finance was really a good one and I hope to continue my relationship with them in the future also.

Humble Beginnings

Today, I no longer work for others. I am selfemployed, with a team working under me. I am extremely grateful to those who believed in my vision and supported me when I had nothing!
I was a commercial vehicle driver working for daily wages, and was barely able to support my family on my income. On days when there was no work, even survival became a challenge. If I had been alone, I would not have worried, but to see my family struggle was very painful. My work made me travel a lot. During my travels, I started noticing that the construction business was booming in Thrissur. After seeing the rapid growth of many realty brands, this observation became stronger. Around the same time, Thrissur became a corporation grade from a municipality grade. I found this phase very promising and wanted to use it to improve my life. I thought of starting a business of getting contracts to supply materials for real estate developers. But I needed a vehicle on an earn-and-pay basis for this. When I couldnt feed my family three full meals a day, how would I arrange for a vehicle? I knew the only answer was a loan, and I applied at several places. But all banks rejected my application, as I had no money, no home, no ancestral property and no contacts. Devadas, from Puzhakkal, Thrissur, Kerala, took advantage of the real estate boom to start his own business, with the help of a light commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance. Mahindra Finance ignored what I didnt have and saw what I had. They saw my vision and believed in it. Once my sister and brother-in-law agreed to give a guarantee for the light commercial vehicle loan, it was sanctioned. Mahindra Finance didnt just give me a loan, they gave me a life. I bought a commercial vehicle, and worked day and night to pay my EMIs regularly. Soon I was able to buy another vehicle, again with the help of Mahindra Finance. I dont work for daily wages anymore. I am self-employed. Whats more, today I am an employer myself, and I lease out tipper trucks to others. I live in the comfort of my own house. And all this was achieved only because of the trust Mahindra Finance placed in me.


From being completely unemployed to owning an auto rickshaw, I have come a long way today. And without the support of Mahindra Finance this transformation would never have been possible!
I am from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh. My father works in the local police force. He worked hard to ensure that my brother and I receive a good education. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were not able to find jobs anywhere. To earn our bread and butter, we began working as auto rickshaw drivers. But these vehicles were on rent, and it was very difficult to save anything after paying the rent every month. It became extremely tough to provide for the family and ensure a good education for our children. One day, by sheer luck, a Mahindra Finance executive sat in my auto as a passenger. When he found out I was driving a rented auto, he told me that Mahindra Finance could help me. He explained how I would be able to save much more money by taking a loan and buying my own auto rickshaw. I found his advice encouraging, and I visited the Mahindra Finance office. My 3 wheeler loan was sanctioned, and before I knew it, I was able to buy my own, brand new auto rickshaw. The loan repayment terms were also very reasonable. A resident of Dewas, Madhya Pradesh, Yogesh Dubey, moved from driving rented auto rickshaws, to being an owner of multiple vehicles, by taking 3 wheeler loans from Mahindra Finance. Today, we own three auto rickshaws in the family. The third one is driven by my brother in-law. I am extremely grateful to Mahindra Finance as they helped me improve my standard of living drastically. Thanks to their support, I am able to send my children to good schools. I can now breathe a sigh of relief as my familys future is secure!

Humble Beginnings

Biswajit Nath Roy, from Gauripur, Dhubri, Assam, bought his first vehicle with a light commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance.

I started my career with my mini van, thanks to Mahindra Finance. They allowed me to pay my EMIs as per my convenience!
I come from a very poor family of Dhubri, Assam. I used to work as a contractual employee. My income was low and unpredictable, and finances were very strained. I realised that working like this would not fulfill my dreams and aspirations for a better life. I thought I could make a new start in my career, by purchasing a commercial vehicle and generating an income from it. But when I had no funds, how would I possibly buy the vehicle? Who would trust me and give me a loan? Coincidentally, just around that time I heard of Mahindra Finance from a colleague who was living nearby. He was very confident that I could get a loan from them. Amazingly, the Mahindra Finance team gave me their full attention, treating an ordinary man like me with respect. They trusted my intentions and ability and before I knew it, I took a Maxximo minivan home! As I was not sure if I could pay all my EMIs on time, the Mahindra Finance team gave me flexible repayment options, which took a load off my chest. I was able to pay my EMIs with the flexibility they gave me. They helped me when I had no other source of help. Thanks to Mahindra Finance, I have been able to realise my dream of purchasing a vehicle. Hopefully, soon, I will be able to take another loan after closing this loan.


G Kumar, started as a driver in Dharampuri, Tamil Nadu, and became the owner of multiple vehicles with utility vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance. Working as a driver in Dharamapuri, Tamil Nadu, I, came across Mahindra Finance when I went to pay my bosss loan instalments. My dream was to own a few vehicles and earn my livelihood out of these. I knew I had the dedication and talent needed to achieve my goal, but no bank was willing to give me a loan due to my meagre income. Approaching Mahindra Finance proved to be a completely different experience. They supported me like a true friend, believing in me every step of the way. They understood my requirements, and my loan was sanctioned within a single day! Today, I own a fleet of three cars and I have three people working for me. The growth in my income has been outstanding, and I enjoy a respectful position in society. I am extremely grateful to the entire Mahindra Finance team for giving me a fresh lease of life! They gave importance to my talent, confidence, knowledge, and capacity to earn, rather than just my income documents. They respected my vision and helped me realise it.

Humble Beginnings

Translation of the Tamil extract above: While going to pay my bosss loan instalments, I began dreaming of having my own vehicle. Today this dream has come true, and all thanks to my loan getting sanctioned!

Sunita, from Kannu Patel Kee Chawl, Patnipura Nanda Nagar, Madhya Pradesh, improved her standard of life drastically with a light commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance.

I didnt even have a bank account when I approached Mahindra Finance for a loan! They guided and supported me, and helped my family raise our standard of life drastically.

Kannu Patel Kee Chawl, Patnipura Nanda Nagar is a difficult area to live in. Just earning a living is an uphill task, and paying monthly instalments for loans even more difficult. I used to work in a local mandi, without the comfort of a permanent job. My earnings were used to supplement my husbands income, and together we strived to raise our two daughters. Our dream was to provide them with good education so that their standard of life in the future could be better than ours. In order to increase our income, we wished to purchase a Mahindra Maximo vehicle. At that time, I didnt even have a bank account in my name. It was no surprise to me that no bank was willing to give me a loan. I approached Mahindra Finance with hope, and what followed was hard for me to believe! Not only did they give me a loan, they even helped me open my first bank account. As soon as I received the cheque book, and the necessary loan documentation was done, I gave the Mahindra Finance Team post dated cheques for the loan instalments. I will never forget the day our Mahindra Maximo was delivered to our home. My heart was just singing with joy! We had actually managed to acquire the vehicle, thanks to Mahindra Finance. I worked hard and made it my mission to repay the loan on time. Apart from the one visit to collect the cheques, the Mahindra Finance team never had to visit my home to remind me about payments. My hard work bore fruit, and we began making a better living. Our status in society has risen, and we are now proud to be a middle class household. Our dreams are growing too, and we will work towards them with the support of Mahindra Finance.


beyond first victory

Beyond First Victory

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who relentlessly work and make their way to success. And stop. And there are those who do the exact same thing but with a difference. Even when the first success comes their way, they greet it with a smile and search for the next one. They never stop. India is full of this second kind of people. They never accept what life throws at them. They decide what to make of their life. They have endless passion, endless hunger and endless determination. With whats next? as their mantra, they are always on the lookout for newer, better and more fulfilling ways to live life. But when they need finances to fuel this passion, sometimes they fall short. By providing these people the right financial help, at the right time, and time and again, we have forged relationships beyond business with them. The hard work and perseverance of our customers has played a significant role in changing their lives, thus stringing together a series of successes. In this section, you will read a collection of such stories that tell you about the lives of such people who chose never to stop growing.


After I bought my first vehicle, life has changed completely. From being a farmer who struggled to make ends meet, I run my own business that even lets me save for the future.
The tribal area in Vansda, a small town around the Gujarat-Maharashtra border is home to many farmers. I was just another farmer. Only my dreams were not ordinary. Even though I owned 10 bighas of land and grew seasonal crops, I struggled to run my family with the little money I made. I wanted to do something different but every time I ended up with the same problem. Lack of funds. No one wanted to give a loan to a poor farmer who had no savings and no property to show. But this belief changed when I met a Mahindra Finance branch manager. Based only on my land papers, Mahindra Finance gave me a loan using which I bought a Bolero and started using it as a carriage vehicle on contract for the local electricity board. Life had even better things in store. In 2009, I heard about another contract in the BSNL department. I purchased another Scorpio, also financed by Mahindra Finance. Now I not only made money but also saved up for a new business in the future. Even when I needed money for some personal use, Mahindra Finance gave me refinance on my Bolero. This help at the right time fulfilled my familys need. With my business growing and a steady income in hand, I made it my priority to pay off the EMI. I did pay back my loan with a good track record. Mahindra Finance has not helped me just once. It has stood by me every time I needed a helping hand.

Vitthalbhai Bhayalabhai Raut, is a farmer turned businessman from Vansda, Gujarat, and has taken utility vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

Beyond First Victory

Damodar Sharma from Belka, Vijaypur, Radhogarh, Madhya Pradesh, took home a business idea along with a light commercial vehicle loan.

My primary business is farming. I used to own ten bighas of land. And the income from this land supported my family consisting of my father, wife and four children. After all the spending, there would hardly be any savings left. I hadnt even planned on anything but as they say, if something good has to happen, it will. In my case, it happened through a Mahindra Finance executive. One of my friends wanted to buy a tractor and asked me to accompany him to the Mahindra Finance office. While we were there, the executive asked me if I was interested, too. I refused, saying I had no money to get a loan and that I didnt have any business idea in the first place. After enquiring about my details like my village, its population, the mode of transport, etc. he suggested an idea to me. He told me that if I bought a vehicle, it would help the people in my village to go to the nearby towns while giving me a handsome income. All the children, including mine, could also go to school easily. I jumped at the idea. He didnt stop at that. He made sure that my loan was sanctioned quickly. And so I became the proud owner of a passenger carrier. This vehicle has been a symbol of luck and prosperity to me. It started giving me great returns. Subsequently, I also took a personal loan and a tractor loan. Soon I also bought a trolley and attached it to my tractor. Following which, my land started giving me returns like never before. I leased this tractor and trolleys to buy one more tractor. With the money I made out of all this, I soon built my own house.

After they entered my life, a string of good things have happened in my life making me happier than ever before.

At one time, I had no goal. Mahindra Finance didnt just give me the funds I needed. They shared a great idea that has directed my life towards success and prosperity. A couple of years ago, I wouldnt have believed that I would be this rich and happy. My family lives a very comfortable life today. And seeing them happy puts a smile on my face. What more could I ask for?


I am a successful farmer turned businessman, from Morija, Rajasthan. Life was not always this good. I had 20 bighas of land but no money to even plough it. I wanted to buy a tractor but I couldnt because I had no money. Most of the banks refused my loan application saying I wasnt eligible for a loan. They expected someone who had no money to show some money as proof. How? When I lost all hope and resigned to my fate, a person from Mahindra Finance approached me. After understanding my condition, they immediately sanctioned my loan and helped realise my biggest dream. Of buying a tractor! Later, they helped me buy two more tractors. My financial condition was improving but still not enough to support my big family. In 2004, I decided to start a business of supplying milk. Whom else would I turn for help? Mahindra Finance, of course! I visited their Jaipur office and asked for a loan. They sanctioned the loan and I bought my first pickup, a Bolero. With the money I made, I installed a bore well in my farm. In the next eight years, they financed eight pickup vehicles. Now that my business is doing well, other financial companies approach me to ask if I need help. I would go to no one else but Mahindra Finance as a mark of my respect and gratitude because they helped me in my bad days. They are a God-sent gift that has changed my life forever. Once upon a time, my family was about to die of starvation. Today, my son is an engineer, one daughter is a doctor and the youngest daughter is studying in a good school. Every time we eat a full meal, I remember Mahindra Finance in my heart.

Mangalsingh Chopra, hails from Morija Village, Chomu, Rajasthan, and has taken tractor loans and light commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

Its easy to find a financial company that gives you loans. It is difficult to find a financial company that becomes a family member. I have been lucky.
Beyond First Victory

Mohammad Sarwar, from Mancherial, Andhra Pradesh, has been a utility vehicle loan customer.

They say that life changes in a day. Mine did too. In just one day, I went from being a daily wage worker in a transport company to starting my own ambulance service. As a daily wage worker, I struggled to make ends meet with the meagre income I made. Seeing my condition, a friend advised me to buy a Maruti Omni ambulance and start my own service. But lack of finance was a big problem. I tried for a loan in many banks but faced rejection due to lack of income proofs. Thats when a relative told me to go to the Mahindra Finance office in Mancherial. I went there, submitted the required documents and explained my business plans. They trusted me and processed the loan in a day. I bought my first Omni in 2008. Once I started earning, I bought four more ambulances with the help of Mahindra Finance and my business has been growing steadily. Why I like Mahindra Finance is because they process the loan in the fastest way possible. You get the help when you need it the most. The convenient mode of payment makes paying EMIs easy. Thats why I have recommended Mahindra Finance to my family and customers. If at any time I plan to buy another vehicle and I need help, I know where to go.

Translation of the Telugu extract above: When I was almost going to give up, I got the help I had been waiting for. Once I got it, there was no looking back.


Avdhesh Sharma, from Surat, Gujarat, took a home loan from Mahindra Home Finance to buy a house.

What could be a better dream than owning a home? And what could be better than making that dream come true? Even I dreamt of owning a home. I was paying a lot of money as rent and I considered it a complete waste. With my meagre savings, I decided to pursue this dream. Since my savings werent enough to make the whole payment, my builder directed me to Mahindra Home Finance and even introduced me to one of their executives.

I was lucky to find a company that considered my problem as theirs and held my hand, guiding me through the process of getting a loan sanctioned.
Beyond First Victory

The executive guided me through the process of applying for the loan and got it sanctioned without any problem. My familys dream of living in our own house became a reality. Ever since that time, he has been like a family member. What could be a better example of this, than the time when he came down to share his condolences when my wife passed away? It really touched me. Now I am thinking of adding one more floor to my house and whenever I start the construction, I will head to Mahindra Home Finance for help without a second thought. And I know for sure, they will help me instantly.

A small village called Nanegaon, near Paithan, Aurangabad is my home. I am one of the many unfortunate farmers affected by the drought in this area. It had become hard to earn even our daily bread. One day while talking to my friends about the future, it became clear that I had to do something on my own to come out of the grip of poverty. So I decided to buy a Ashok Leyland Dost. But the big question was how to arrange for so much money, when earning for three meals a day seemed impossible. When I asked around for help and approached financial institutions, they all had the same answer. No. Because I had nothing. Thats when a well-wisher told me about Mahindra Finance. The next day I approached Mahindra Finance with a loan proposal. Their executive explained the procedure to me in complete detail, very patiently. And finally I bought my first vehicle. For the first time in many years, I started earning a good and stable income and was able to feed my family. I couldnt have asked for more. My family and I thank Mahindra Finance from saving us from falling prey to poverty. I will go to Mahindra Finance for help even in the future without any hesitation when I decide to buy more vehicles. Their convenient payment mode, speedy processes and friendly staff are the reasons I have recommended Mahindra Finance to all my friends and relatives.

Mahindra Finance helped me at a time when all seemed lost and the future seemed blank. I will remember them for the rest of my life. I recommend them to everyone.

Sajendra Bhanudas Shirke, from Nanegaon, near Paithan, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, supported his family by taking a light commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance.


We launched the first radio taxi service in the North East. Mahindra Finance helped me when I needed help, to acquire a fleet of cabs.
I used to run a travel agency called Y Not Solutions. We did not own any vehicles, and rented them out, and this ate into our profit margins. One day, to my surprise and delight, I came across an advertisement given by the Dept of Tourism, Govt of Assam, wherein they were offering a subsidy on commercial plying vehicles to the unemployed youth of Assam. I applied and received a tender where they were offering a maximum of Rs 3 lakhs. This did help, but was not enough for me to purchase the vehicle I needed for my business. I went from bank to bank looking for finance for the remaining amount, but was unsuccessful. Then, I came across Mahindra Finance. On meeting the employees of Mahindra Finance, a little ray of hope kindled inside me. They asked me for some documents which I did have. They visited my residence the very next day and made me understand the terms and conditions and also the calculation of the monthly instalments. The next day the loan was approved and the vehicle was delivered to me! My life took a turn for the better, as my profit margins grew with the new vehicle. Within some time, I got two more vehicles financed by Mahindra Finance. A few months ago, when I had an urgent need for cash, I approached Mahindra Finance again, and got my first vehicle refinanced to meet my need. Subsequently I found a partner to launch a new business named Cherry Cabs: a radio taxi service. It was a novel idea in the North East. Mahindra Finance again came to our aid, after I explained our business plan to them. With their help we financed another ten vehicles for the taxi service and today we are doing quite well. Today I feel very proud to be associated with Mahindra Finance and have also referred few of my friends to Mahindra Finance for getting financial assistance. Thanks to Mahindra Finance who initially understood my needs and came to my help. I hope to continue my relation with Mahindra Finance in the coming years.

Bishnu Deka, from Kharguli, Guwahati, Assam, is an entrepreneur who has taken utility vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

Beyond First Victory

Mani Ram, moved from unemployment to running a successful business in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, after taking multiple utility vehicle loans. Until 2007, I was jobless and had nothing to do. One fine day, a friend suggested that I sign up a deal with a government hospital to run an ambulance. The idea of a fixed income every month tempted me to think about it seriously. But a harsh reality hit me as I started making arrangements. No one was willing to give me a loan because I had no savings or property to show as proof. It was then that I contacted Mahindra Finance. They saw what no one else saw. My potential. When a Mahindra Finance executive came to my house, I told him my business idea and answered all his questions frankly and truthfully. I was sure I would not get the loan but imagine my surprise when the executive called me the next day to tell me the good news that my loan had been sanctioned. With their help, I bought my first Bolero Ambulance. From the time I started earning a fixed income, I made sure I paid my EMIs before the due date as a mark of my gratitude. After I had saved up enough for the down payment of another vehicle, I contacted Mahindra Finance again for help. With their backing, I bought my second Bolero Ambulance. After Mahindra Finance came into my life, there has been no looking back. Today I own six vehicles financed by Mahindra Finance. With the money I earned and saved out of this business, I started a business of selling glass and even have my own glasshouse in the market. Every time I visit the Mahindra Finance office to deposit the EMI, I am welcomed and treated like a family member. The friendly environment makes you want to go there again and again, whether to ask for a loan or not. It is a happy place. That keeps you happy.

Once upon a time, I didnt know where my life was going. Today I have the ability to give it the right direction and meet success.


They dont treat you as just another file number. They remember you are a human being with a problem and they solve it with patience.
I own a restaurant in Hyderabad. I was looking for a good loan scheme to buy a Xylo. After researching, I discovered that the paper work at Mahindra Finance was the easiest and the simplest while their processes were the fastest. Whats more, they see you beyond your documents. You are not just another file number to them. I say this because of a very interesting and touching incident that happened to me. Once I accidentally locked the keys of my Xylo inside and was left stranded on the highway, 25 km from the city. I recalled that the Mahindra Finance branch might have the other set of keys. I called the Branch Manager. And would you believe it if I told you that he sent somebody all the way to where I was, 30 km from their office, just to deliver my keys. And when I offered the petrol money, that person refused to take it. Do I need to say anything more?

Beyond First Victory

Yusuf Baig, who runs a restaurant in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and is a utility vehicle loan customer, values the relationships he has built with the Mahindra Finance team.

Rudra Pratap Singh Rathore, from Kishoni, Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh, improved his financial condition and status after taking personal and utility vehicle loans.

I am a farmer by birth and a businessman by choice. I used to sell milk in a nearby town and earned about 4,000 rupees per month. What I really wanted to do was to start something of my own. Our family owned around five bighas of land in Kishoni, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. I asked my father to allow me to use the land papers to get a loan for a tractor. He thought I would end up losing the little land we had, too. After I finally managed to convince him, another major hurdle awaited me. No bank was ready to aid me, based on such a small land holding. That was the time Mahindra Finance started business in our area. I approached them and after a detailed discussion about the prospects of the vehicle, they quickly sanctioned my loan. My lifelong dream of owning a tractor came true. As soon as I got the tractor, my life changed for the better. With the money I made I bought a water tank and used my tractor to supply water. My financial condition improved drastically and so did my social status. My wife became the village sarpanch. I bought more tractors with the help of Mahindra Finance. I even purchased a Bolero, the first tourist vehicle in my entire family. Needless to say, they financed it. Starting from a single tractor, today I am the proud owner of four tractors and trolleys each, two Scorpios, one JCB and a dumper. All the financial institutions that refused me in my needy days come to my doorstep to finance me now. Why will I go anywhere else? I have a simple rule in life. Either buy the vehicle on your own or get it financed by Mahindra Finance.

Ever since I bought my first tractor, my financial condition improved continually. My wife became the village sarpanch and our status rose in society.


Krishna agrees to be Arjunas Charioteer

Through many crises in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna was the advisor of the righteous Pandava brothers. He helped them create their kingdom of Indraprastha when they began with nothing, acted as their messenger of peace, and supported them through thick and thin as a true friend. In the culminating war between the Pandavas and Kauravas, Krishna, notwithstanding his powerful stature and divinity, offered himself as a sarathi or a humble charioteer, to Arjuna. In this role, he guided Arjuna and his brothers through the fateful battle and delivered one of the greatest religious discourses of all time: the Bhagwad Gita. Our customers have built similar unbreakable bonds with us over the years. They have not rested on their laurels after their first victories, but forged ahead to newer, more challenging areas and businesses.

Beyond First Victory

People dont work for money. Neither does money work for people. People work for people. People work for themselves, their family, their friends, those they hold close, and those they will become close to in the future. At Mahindra Finance, our day begins and ends with people, be it our employees, our partners or our customers; based on our belief in the humanity inherent in each person. We believe that every person, has the inherent potential to be great and achieve great goals. When our employees help people realise their full potential through timely help, their own capacity for good intent and good action is enhanced. They realise their role in preserving the dignity in every persons life. With respect for each persons dignity, we do not tag our customers with No immovable asset to pledge to, No income to guarantee repayments or No documents which could point to his whereabouts, when he is standing right before us. We look at people as real, living, bundles of dreams, full of hope and energy. We look at people as people. And this is what makes Mahindra Finance the organisation it is. Its in our DNA. While other organisations see risk in certain scenarios, we look at the opportunity for growth. While others see the past, our employees look at future possibilities. And while others just carry out their jobs, our employees take pride in their calling, with a sense of commitment to help change peoples lives. This book is not the compilation of success stories of our customers. This book is a saga of the formation of 2.5 million strong relations; a portrait of the largest rural family in the country.

Vinay Deshpande
Chief People Officer, Mahindra Finance


Sahib Khan, from Chhatarial, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, realised his dreams by acquiring utility vehicle loans.

I used to work in a hotel in Jaisalmer that is a popular tourist destination. Even though life was going normally with a regular income, I was not happy. I knew the place I lived in had many possibilities and I really wanted to use these, so that I could live happily doing what I liked and earn a better income. That is when I got the idea of starting a tourist transport company. But my excitement faded when no one gave me a loan as I didnt have any savings or documents to show. Who would help a person like me who only had dreams? A friend told me that Mahindra Finance would. I visited their office, told them why I wanted to buy a new vehicle. Purely based on my intention, they financed me. They gave me a chance to prove my ability. Soon, I was an owner of a Mahindra jeep that I used for my tourism business. I worked hard day and night to pay the EMI on time. Within no time, I had paid back my loan. My customer base was rapidly increasing and business was growing. When I realised I had to expand, I again took the help of Mahindra Finance to buy my second vehicle. My tourism business is now made up of eight vehicles out of which five are financed by Mahindra Finance. Recently, I bought a hotel on lease by refinancing my old vehicle. Mahindra Finance has been with me in my lifes journey from working in a hotel to owning one. My standard of living has improved. I dont have words to thank them because they helped me in my needy days like a true friend.

From working in a hotel to owning a hotel, I have come a long way.

Beyond First Victory

Ranjith Kumar, from Achipatti, Pollachi, Tamil Nadu financed his dream of owning a taxi with a car loan from Mahindra Finance. Despite being a B.Com. graduate, I had been struggling to get a job for many months. When nothing materialised, I decided to take up work as a taxi driver since my family urgently needed money. This helped me earn a basic livelihood, and I began dreaming of owning a taxi. As I needed money to buy a taxi board card, I applied for a loan in various banks. But my application got rejected everywhere, and I was deeply disappointed. Fortunately, I got to hear about Mahindra Finance around this time. With their support, I was able to buy a taxi board card. I worked extremely hard to repay the car loan. Today, I have three taxi board vehicles, with two drivers working for me! Thanks to Mahindra Finance, my financial condition has improved considerably, and my family lives a comfortable life. I always suggest the name of Mahindra Finance to all my friends!

Translation of the Tamil extract above: From being unemployed, to working as a taxi driver, to finally owning a taxi, my journey has been a long one! But I would never have been able to improve my financial condition without a vehicle loan!


Gopal Khatua, a fish seller in Bhapur, Dhenkanal, Orissa, took tractor and light commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

I used to run a fish selling business in Orissa. My family helped me with it. Even though all of us used to work hard, we didnt earn much income. I was very disturbed to see my family suffering because of poverty. When I was discussing my plight with our well-wishers, all of them suggested that I buy a tractor. While I knew it was a very good suggestion, I didnt have the money to go ahead with it. When I spoke to a Mahindra tractor dealer, he told me about Mahindra Finance. I went to them and they explained the loan process to me. I arranged for some amount of money for the deposit and Mahindra Finance gave me the loan immediately. With their help, I bought a tractor on my wifes name. The fact that it was the first tractor in my village is a matter of pride to me even today. The tractor boosted my income from the first day. Fulfilling my customers demand was our topmost priority and our hard work soon started showing great results. After two years, the demand for our services became so high that I had to buy another vehicle. I again went to Mahindra Finance and they financed my vehicle again. After that, they have financed pickup vehicles and more tractors, time and again. I got refinance on two of my tractors at the time of my daughters marriage to meet the expenses. In total, I have taken eight loans from them. Now that my financial condition is strong and growing, many other institutions that denied me a loan when I really needed it, approach me. But my loyalty will always be with Mahindra Finance. I have become an example in my village. Many of them have gone to Mahindra Finance and bettered their lives.

The fact that it was the first tractor in my village is a matter of pride to me even today.

Beyond First Victory

Gone are the days of struggling to earn money. Today I own a shop, earn a fixed income and lead a peaceful life.
Shaji, from Aluva, Kerala, has taken 3 wheeler and commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance. I run my own two wheeler shop in Aluva, Kerala. Some years ago, I wouldnt have ever dreamt of owning a shop. Because that was the time, I was running to everyone for a loan. No bank or financial institution accepted my loan application because of my low status. Extremely disappointed by this, I became depressed. Luckily, a close friend, who had been associated with Mahindra Finance for a long time, referred me to them. When I visited their office, the branch head was on a field trip. But the staff got me to talk to him over the phone and he enquired about my details. I was overwhelmed by their enthusiasm when they came to my house the very next day. After investigating my details, they sanctioned my loan soon. Through all these years, I have taken six loans from them. I make it a point to ensure that no loan is due and all EMIs are paid on time. I hope the relationship with Mahindra Finance keeps growing in the future. They have helped me to set up my shop and make my business prosper, time and again.


While my business was going on okay, it needed a boost. They stepped in and gave it at the right time. My business is flourishing today.

Ratnabhai Bharvad from Vadodara, Gujarat, has multiplied his dairy business by five times after taking light commercial vehicle loans. I have been running a dairy business for the last 15 years. The income was decent but there was scope to increase it. I used to supply milk riding on my bike. But it was difficult to do so in the interior parts of some villages. Due to the bad condition of roads, lots of milk used to spill leading to loss in the long term. I decided to buy a Mahindra pick up vehicle to solve my problem. Naturally, I approached Mahindra Finance for the loan. They processed my loan application quickly and I bought the vehicle soon. With the money I made, I decided to buy another vehicle. Again Mahindra Finance gave me a loan. After buying these pick up vehicles, my business has grown five times! I am earning a much higher income and am able to afford a good lifestyle for my family. Soon I am planning to take a personal loan and then a home loan in a few years. Their quick processes and efficient service are the reasons I have referred almost 15 people to Mahindra Finance.

Beyond First Victory

Appukutty Nair, became the proud owner of his own taxi with a car loan from Mahindra Finance, Thamrassery, Kerala.

Being a taxi driver who has been driving other peoples taxis all his life, driving my own taxi was my biggest dream. Everybody can dream, but not everybody gets a loan to fulfill their dreams. I was one of the unlucky ones who visited many banks and financial institutions for a loan, but got rejected every time. Because according to them, I wasnt eligible for a loan. One of my friends, also a taxi driver, referred me to Mahindra Finance. I was surprised at how simple the loan process was and how quickly my loan was sanctioned. I cant describe the feeling when I drove my own taxi for the first time! The vehicle is my life. It brought me a sense of pride I had never experienced before. My income has increased by leaps and bounds. More importantly, I am my own boss. Today I can run my family easily, and even save up for the future. My status in the society has improved. All this has been possible only after Mahindra Finance entered my life. They understood me and helped me at a time when no one else would. They have truly changed my life. I have been referring them to all my friends and family. I am soon going to approach Mahindra Finance for a personal loan and looking forward to yet another rewarding experience with them.

How can I forget someone who understood me, believed in me and helped me at a time when no one else did?


My husband was able to arrange marriages for both his sisters. And we still have some savings for the future!
I live with my family of six in Jajpur. My husband, two sisters-in-law and parents-in-law were all living in a rented accommodation, and finances were always strained. My husband wanted to acquire a Mahindra Maximo passenger vehicle, to earn enough money to support our family. He needed Rs 3 lakhs for the vehicle and started looking for loans. But his hopes were dashed by banks, who required proof of permanent address. He didnt even have proof of his income. He kept trying to find ways out, and approached Mahindra Finance. They understood our requirements, visited our house, and sactioned the loan in my name. It was a huge opportunity for my husband to prove his mettle. At the time of picking up his first vehicle, my husband promised the Mahindra Finance team that he would earn enough from this vehicle, and come back to purchase another one within a year and a half. The vehicle enabled him to earn much better than before, and today he makes an average of Rs 25,000 per month. He always pay his instalments before the due date. We saved and managed to buy land, build a house, and fulfill all our duties towards our family. Pabitra Behera is a light commercial vehicle loan customer from Kalinga Nagar, Jajpur, Orissa. Next month, we are planning to approach Mahindra Finance for another vehicle loan. Our lives have become much easier now, but we want to progress further by opening a travel agency. We referred our friend to Mahindra Finance, too, and he is also earning handsomely today. Our lives have improved step by step, due to timely support from Mahindra Finance. They have always understood our requirements and aspirations. We know they are there for us, whenever we need help.

Beyond First Victory

I was a homemaker with no qualification or experience. But my determination and will to do something, got me the loan.
I am a homemaker from Thrissur, Kerala. My husband brought home a meagre income as a driver. In order to support my family and to do something meaningful with my life, I wanted to start a business, for which I needed a vehicle. The fact that I was a homemaker was enough to make sure I never got a loan from anywhere. No bank was willing to give me a loan because I didnt have the desired profile. They wondered what a homemaker could possibly do with her life. When I was dejected because of this, my neighbour, who was an existing customer of Mahindra Finance, told me about them. I got in touch with them, and they helped me understand the loan process in simple terms. They trusted my determination and gave me a loan. Their fast process and flexible payment model was icing on the cake. I have been associated with Mahindra Finance since 2010 when I bought my first vehicle. The vehicle kick-started my business, raised my status and gave me self-confidence. More importantly, it has made me independent. After a year, I again went to them for a personal loan for my daughters education. Seeing my track record, they approved it instantly. Not only did they help me get a foothold in life, but they continue to support me even today. I have been referring Mahindra Finance to all my friends and relatives. Even in the future, if I need a loan anytime, I will knock on the doors of the Mahindra Finance office. As I know I will find help there. Reena Jose, is a homemaker turned successful businesswoman from Thrissur, Kerala, who has taken a light commercial vehicle loan and a personal loan from Mahindra Finance.


I used to be an auto rickshaw driver earning a meagre sum of 100 to 150 rupees a day. I was very unhappy for two reasons. First, I wanted to have an auto rickshaw of my own. Secondly, even survival seemed like a big task because the money I made was not enough to support my family. The only way to get out of this was to buy my own vehicle. This would give me the sense of ownership I wanted while improving my financial condition. But I knew no one would give a loan to a person who found it hard to even survive. Around that time, I heard about Mahindra Finance through a friend. Encouraged by what I heard about them, I went to their office. I applied for a loan and didnt keep my hopes too high. But what a surprise it was to know that my loan had been sanctioned! That day was the happiest day in my life. I bought an auto rickshaw and things changed for better. I always gave priority to paying EMIs, as I didnt want to break their trust. Soon I had repaid my first loan. After saving up for a while, I approached them again for a loan. This time I was confident that I would get the loan. And I did. Today I am free of all financial worries. I am able to give my family a good lifestyle. My children are studying in good schools, giving me immense happiness. I am keen on expanding my business and I know where I will go for financial help.

They didnt stop at just helping me start a business. They helped me every time I wanted to expand my business.

Beyond First Victory

Even survival had become a question for Ishaque Hussain from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, till he took a 3 wheeler loan.

I belong to the backward village of Bindhanima in Cuttack district of Orissa, where my family and I had a small cycle repairing shop. As our income was too low to support the family, I was in great distress at the time. A neighbour offered advice that would go on to change my life. He suggested I purchase a tractor on loan to earn a better living. I learnt about Mahindra Finance; that they gave loans with minimum of hassles. I went to them with the little money I had collected, and sure enough, they helped me with a loan for a new tractor. They also gave me really thoughtful, flexible repayment options. My tractor was only the fourth one in our village. Though I was proud to be the owner of a tractor, I was actually very apprehensive. Would I be able to repay this debt? With the new tractor, my income increased, and bit by bit, I was able to repay the loan, while supporting my family, too. As my business grew, I got encouraged and started a new business in paddy. For this I approached Mahindra Finance for a commercial vehicle loan. I knew they would help and I trusted them. I got the loan and the vehicle. Then, I just focused on my work, and the returns started flowing in. Seeing my progress, others in the village started taking loans to buy tractors and pickup trucks. Now almost a third of the villagers own tractors and pickups, but I am still looked at as the chief consultant when it comes to buying a new or old tractor, or taking a loan. A lot has changed since I took my first tractor. All thanks to the timely loan. For anyone who comes to me for financial advice, I have only one mantra: Go to Mahindra Finance.

Kabi Chandra Kanara, from Bindhanima, Tigiria, Cuttack, Orissa, was able to transform his life and business with a tractor loan and commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.

Translation of the Oriya extract above: From a cycle repair shop, to my own businesses and vehicles; I have come a long way. Today people follow my example and come to me for financial advice from all over my village!


For a small businessman like me, getting a loan was no easy task. I am extremely fortunate to have got financial support at the right time. Thanks to the loan, my business got a new lease of life!

I have been involved in the business of gift manufacturing for more than two decades. There was a time when I required a vehicle for my business. But getting a loan was very difficult, as my business was a very small scale operation. After being rejected by several banks, someone suggested the name of Mahindra Finance to me. I visited their office, and found their team to be extremely helpful. My loan for buying a Mahindra Max Pickup vehicle was soon sanctioned. Thanks to this vehicle, I was able to expand my business and my income began rising. With the growth in business, I soon needed a second vehicle. Once again, I sought the help of Mahindra Finance, and bought a Mahindra Genio. Once the loan for the first vehicle was repaid, I took their help to buy a Maruti Omni for personal use. My family was thrilled when I brought our car home! Today, my business is doing well, and the future looks very promising. I am really grateful to Mahindra Finance for placing their trust in me and helping me out in my time of need. At every step, they have supported me and enabled me to grow.

Ramesh Satushe is a businessman from Kalamba, Bapuram Nagar, Maharashtra, and has availed multiple light commercial vehicle loans to improve his business and standard of living.

Beyond First Victory

The loan process was simple and the way the friendly executive handled the procedures, gave me moral support.
I am an auto rickshaw driver in Calicut, Kerala. I had been driving a school auto for years. But the income was not enough to support my familys growing needs. I realised that buying an auto myself would put an end to all my problems. With a dream in my eyes and hope in my heart, I approached a bank. Then another. Then one after that. But everybody denied my loan application. I hadnt known that it was this difficult for a daily wage worker to get a loan. Just when I thought I would have to adjust to life as it was, a dealership manager I knew told me to go to Mahindra Finance. He told me they would help me immediately. I visited them. Once they understood why I needed a vehicle, they sanctioned my 3 wheeler loan immediately. The loan process was simple and the way the friendly executive handled the whole thing gave me huge moral support. Using this vehicle, I transport goods to different agencies and construction sites. My life is now better than ever before. For any of my financial needs, I always consult Mahindra Finance and only then take a decision. Their efficient customer service and flexible payment options make life easy. Ever since the purchase of this vehicle, my life has improved financially and socially. Recently a friend who also wants to work hard and earn his living asked me for help. I immediately directed him to Mahindra Finance. I have gained a lot of support from this institution and I would like to see many other people benefit from it, too.

Muraleedharan, is a resident of Calicut, Kerala, and depends on Mahindra Finance for financial assistance and advice. He started this association with a 3 wheeler loan.


I have a bore well business in Solapur, and desperately needed to buy a truck for my company. As I did not have sufficient funds of my own, I decided to apply for a loan. However, no bank wanted to sanction the loan as my business is seasonal in nature. Dilip Bhosale, from Solapur, Maharashtra has relied on Mahindra Finance time and again for commercial vehicle loans. Things changed when I visited Mahindra Finance. Their team understood my problem, studied my income pattern and worked out an option for me to repay the loan on a quarterly basis. This made things much easier for me, and I was able to repay all the loan instalments on time. Soon, I took another loan to buy a utility vehicle for my brother. I also took the support of Mahindra Finance to buy a new truck and a bore well compressor. The monthly instalments of all these loans are being repaid on time. Again, Mahindra Finance had come to my rescue when I needed help. Thanks to them, I was able to expand my business and earn a much better income. I find it amazing how their team went out of their way again and again, to help make my dream come true!

Beyond First Victory

Translation of the Marathi extract above: No organisation wants to give a loan to a person with a seasonal income. It was only Mahindra Finance which worked out a special repayment schedule to suit my requirements. I am extremely grateful to them!

Dinakaran is a resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, and a car loan customer.

A very dear friend of mine was going through a rough financial patch. Seeing him struggle to make ends meet, I thought of getting him a Maruti Omni vehicle through which he could earn a proper living. When I visited a local vehicle dealer, he recommended taking a loan from Mahindra Finance. He told me they would sanction the loan fast. He was absolutely right! The Mahindra Finance team visited my place, clarified all my doubts in detail, and processed the loan quickly. The paper work turned out to be quite simple, and soon the loan money reached us. My friend was ecstatic when we were finally able to buy the vehicle! He began using this vehicle for picking and dropping school children every day. Soon he was earning a regular income. He has been repaying all the loan instalments regularly. Taking inspiration from him, I have also taken another loan from Mahindra Finance to purchase a vehicle for myself. Just like before, I found their service to be extremely efficient and I continue to recommend their name to friends and relatives. The reason I will always stick with them is because they have almost become my financial advisors! They give me good advice and clear my doubts. Like good friends.

I am extremely happy that I was able to help a friend overcome a financial crisis. The loan I took helped buy a vehicle for him, and today he is independently earning a decent living.


Mohd. Islam hails from Shiv Nagar Village, Sultanpur Patti, Uttarakhand, and has multiplied his income many times after taking tractor loans.

I used to work as a sand and stone supplier, which I would transport from the Koshi river to stockyards nearby. Though I worked very hard, my income was a meagre Rs 300 per day. It was not enough for a good standard of life, and there seemed no scope for growth. When I first thought of purchasing a tractor, I was apprehensive. I didnt have the required capital, so would have to get a loan. Who would finance a person of limited means and assets, like me? Someone I knew, referred me to Mahindra Finance. I went there with small desires, but came back with big ones. I could see their caring attitude, and willingness to finance me. I bought my first tractor with a loan from Mahindra Finance. Times changed, my condition improved, and I was able to repay my instalments. But one tractor had limited capacity for work, and I wished to grow more in my business. I approached Mahindra Finance again, for two more tractors on loan. And just like before, they helped me with a smile.

My income grew from Rs 300 per day to a handsome Rs 4000 per day, along with my gratitude to Mahindra Finance, for trusting me.

Today, my daily income from the three tractors is Rs 4000! Hard to believe, but true. All thanks to the faith that the Mahindra Finance team had in me. Time and again.

Beyond First Victory

Niyamat Khan has grown and diversified his business in Kakhara, Bhograi, in Balasore District, Orissa, by taking multiple utility vehicle loans.

I am from a middle class Muslim family from a village in the interiors of Orissa. Four years ago I used to be a utensil seller on a small scale. As I lived near the state border, I dreamt of having a transport business, as I thought it could be successful. I approached many banks for a loan to acquire a vehicle, but was turned down everywhere. I just didnt have the banking records of secured assets against which loans were sanctioned. Finally Mahindra Finance came to my rescue and granted the loan with minimum paper work in just one day. I remember thanking God for sending them to me, so that I could start out to achieve my dream. The increased income from my new vehicle helped me pay the EMIs on time. Seeing my excellent track record, Mahindra Finance offered to give me more vehicle loans. I jumped at the opportunity and bought more vehicles to expand my business. The financial support that they provided me at the time, proved invaluable to build my business. The increasing income from my transport business even helped me revive my utensil business. Today, I am renowned in my area and have earned the respect of my community. My relationship with Mahindra Finance continues. I plan to take more loans from them and expand my operations further. At every step when I needed help, Mahindra Finance was there for me.

When people come to me for advice, I give my own example and tell them, Zaroorat koi bhi ho, loan Mahindra Finance dega.


When everybody denied help, quoting my inexperience, Mahindra Finance looked deeper and discovered a determination to excel.
I am originally from a village in Kerala, and was working in the Gulf. I had returned from the Gulf because of health issues. Once back from there, I had to do something to sustain my family. I decided to start a vehicle rental business. I tried to get a loan from several banks and NBFCs. No one was willing to help because I had no experience in this business. It was disheartening and I had no clue what to do. Just then, my neighbour told me to try Mahindra Finance. Once I got in touch with them, getting a loan sanctioned seemed like the easiest thing. They sanctioned it immediately and I bought my first vehicle in 2009. After that, every time I have bought a vehicle, it has been with the help of Mahindra Finance. They helped me with my personal financial needs, too, by giving me a personal loan. They also gave me top-up loans which acted as my working capital at times. When life looked impossible after my health crisis and no one helped, Mahindra Finance came to my rescue again. Only because of the timely help that they provided, I could begin my life afresh. I will always be grateful to them for this.

Beyond First Victory

Safeermon K P, from Pattambi, Ottapalam, Kerala, has relied on personal and commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance to achieve his goals.

A resident of Narayanapuram, Anantapur District, Andhra Pradesh, R. Venkatesh has developed a deep bond with the Mahindra Insurance team after taking a motor insurance poilcy. Back in 2008, I began my journey with Mahindra Finance with a loan for a tractor. I had insured my tractor, not with Mahindra Insurance, but with another insurance agent, under Third Party Insurance. One day, the Mahindra Insurance executive from my area called me to remind me to renew the insurance. They had sent me a letter for renewal, but since I was illiterate, I had no idea what to do with it. The executive explained the contents of the letter to me. When I mentioned that I was taking Third Party Insurance, he asked me why. I was under the impression that my entire tractor was covered under this insurance. It came as a great shock to me when he explained that my tractor was not covered under the Third Party Insurance. It motivated me to probe further, and I realised the difference between a full cover and third party cover was just Rs 4,000, for a tractor worth 4 lakh rupees. The Mahindra Insurance agent asked me, How long do you take to earn Rs 4,000? I answered, A week to two weeks. Next, he asked, How long do you take to earn Rs 4 Lakhs? I answered, More than one or two years. My own answers to these pertinent and logical questions, opened my eyes. I was convinced that I should go for comprehensive insurance. The advice given by the Mahindra Insurance team educated me and guided me. At every step. And whats more, all this wonderful service was given at my doorstep! Today I have so much faith in Mahindra Insurance that I recommend all my colleagues to take insurance from them, as they explain the product well and provide doorstep services.

Being illiterate, I didnt understand the types of insurance poilices. The Mahindra Insurance team informed and guided me. I recommend them to everyone in my village nowadays.


Anil Kumar V, from Tellicherry, Kerala, forged a deep bond with the Mahindra Finance team, starting with a car loan.

I am a stove distributor in Kerala. I provide stoves to residential as well as commercial clients. At a time when I was looking at ways to expand my business to improve my familys financial condition, I realised that I needed to travel to the nearby towns and cities to get new customers. I also needed a vehicle to transport the heavy-duty commercial stoves. So I decided to buy a Maruti Alto. I had submitted loan applications to almost all the nationalised banks. They kept asking me to come the next day, and the day after that. After running around for a loan for almost three months, I gave up. One day when I was telling all this to my friend, he told me to forget all my worries and go to Mahindra Finance. To be honest, I didnt have much hope. But Mahindra Finance surprised me! After visiting my shop just once and looking at the details of my turnover, they sanctioned my loan in a day. Their help didnt stop at just granting me the loan. Their executive went to the extent of reminding me about my instalments and making sure that I deposited funds in my bank account well in advance. I dont think any other financial company does so much for its customers. They even send me leads and referrals for my business! After buying the Alto, I have been able to go to faraway places in search of business. I am earning a good profit these days. All credit goes to Mahindra Finance. Its just natural that I keep talking about them proudly to all my clients, relatives and friends. The relationship that I have with their team is beyond just business. I hope they keep up with the good job and hope many more needy people like me live a better life because of their assistance.

Beyond First Victory

Translation of the Malayalam extract above: After running around for three months to get my loan approved, help arrived at my home. When they say they approve loans in one day, they mean it.

Dr Narendra Vallabh Patel from Panigate, Vadodara, Gujarat has been an insurance customer for the past six years.

I am a doctor by profession, practising since 1987. My wife, too, is a doctor. We are an ordinary middle class family. My daughter is married and my son a student. We have been staying in Baroda for the last 50 years. I was introduced to Mahindra Finance back in 2007, when I wanted to buy a car. My nephew, who worked there, guided and encouraged me to take the loan since I didnt have enough cash to purchase the car. I was pleased with my experience with them. Not only did they offer me very competitive rates, they completed the process in two days and came to my home to collect documents. I built a strong bond with the Mahindra Finance team and was able to repay my loan with peace of mind. After this, I took loan for a two wheeler. And repaid it in time, too. I came to know about insurance services offered by Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. My motor insurance policy was processed and premiums paid for renewal peacefully, and all documents were collected from my doorstep. Unfortunately the same car met with an accident and was considerably damaged. Would you believe, that the entire claim process was taken care of by the Mahindra Insurance team, and all I did was speak to them on the phone? I didnt even need to visit the garage where my car was getting repaired! After completion of the claim process, I received the claimed amount within 15 days. I was so impressed by their services that I took three more health polices for my family through them. Once again, I had to make a claim under my health policy and just like before, I received doorstep services by Mahindra Insurance. Over time and numerous interactions, I have built a great relationship with the team. I would never think of looking elsewhere for finance or insurance.

Translation of the Gujarati extract above: The peaceful sleep I enjoy today is because I have insured all my assets and the lives of my family, through Mahindra Insurance.


Daulat Ram Bansal, along with his son Deepak, from Baran, Rajasthan, took a light commercial vehicle loan.

We have achieved success time and again, and ventured into new businesses. Today, my father and I are respected in the market.

I am Deepak Bansal, son of Shri Daulat Ram, who has been a customer of Mahindra Finance for many years. Till 1999, we used to run a small grocery shop in Mangrol. To deliver our goods, we would rent vehicles, and our expenses were high. Profits, therefore, were low. Moreover it was very inconvenient and wasted a lot of time and effort. We aspired to buy a light commercial vehicle from Mahindra and needed a loan for it. At that time Mahindra Finance helped us to get a loan, without any hassles, in a surprisingly short time. I am grateful to them. Once we had the vehicle, we saved a lot of time and money. The business became more efficient, and profits grew. We saved up, and launched a new business in pesticides. In 2003, we needed another loading vehicle for this business. Again, Mahindra Finance came to our aid. With their support, we grew prosperous day by day and were treated with respect in the market. We have come to trust Mahindra Finance as a partner in our growth. We now pay attention to their advice and suggestions. Recently, we took their suggestion to buy another vehicle for our school activities. As always, Mahindra Finance helped us by giving a loan for the vehicle. I recommend them to everyone I know, and will keep telling people about them.

Beyond First Victory

Saran Balaji, a successful businessman from Trichy, Tamil Nadu, started his journey with a 3 wheeler loan.

Ive been associated with Mahindra Finance for the past five years. Ive availed seven loans from them during these years. This fact is proof enough of my satisfaction with their services! My father used to run a real estate business. I had dreamt of starting a business of my own after I graduated. After much deliberation, I had decided to start a cold drinks business. I realised a crucial part of my business woud be a vehicle to transport the goods. At this juncture, I was introduced to Mahindra Finance by the vehicle dealer. My first experience with Mahindra Finance was so pleasant! The process was completed very quickly and the documentation was also simple. The service given to me by their executives was very impressive. My business grew. So did my ambitions. Soon, I decided to enter into a new venture to earn more. I wanted to start a travel services business in 2010. I started to build my fleet of vehicles for the travel business, one vehicle at a time. I became a repeat customer of Mahindra Finance, and was happy with their service and support at every step. I have a fleet of 6 vehicles now! I paid all my loans on time. Now other banks and other financial institutions flock to me with offers for loans. But I always stick with Mahindra Finance. I have grown to love this organisation. It has been with me during the start of my career and is still supporting me continuously. Like a mentor. And a friend in need. Ive even availed their insurance services, which are far better than others. I am in the process of applying for a loan to Mahindra Finance for a car for personal use. With their support I have the confidence I can achieve all that I aim for!

Now I get many offers for loans from banks and financiers, but I will never go anywhere else. I am sentimentally attached to this organisation. They have been with me since the beginning, at every step.


Sajjan Singh Rajpoot from Khaikheda village, Madhya Pradesh, availed a refinance on his tractor to finance a marriage in his family.

Beyond First Victory

Today my family and I have a good standard of living. We have relied on Mahindra Finance repeatedly to help us achieve our goals.
I am a farmer from Khaikheda. I was introduced to Mahindra Finance in 2009, when I was looking for a way to finance a new tractor. I enquired about their process and documents required to sanction the loan. Armed with this information, I was still in two minds. I was not sure if I would be able to repay the instalments. I had no assets to fall back on, and I was hesitant to take such a big and risky step. But the executives at Mahindra Finance encouraged me to go ahead. I finally took the decision to get the tractor with a loan from them. After getting the tractor, I employed it in my farming and gave it on rent to others also. This helped me increase my income, and raise my standard of living. I managed to repay all the instalments on time. I saved enough to purchase a 5 bigha plot of land. Later on, because of a marriage in family, I needed funds again. Like before, Mahindra Finance came to my rescue. They immediately arranged for a loan for me, with my tractor as guarantee. I soon repaid all the loan instalments. Each time I was encouraged by the growth and achievement. I went on to buy another new tractor through Mahindra Finance. Over the years, my financial position has improved significantly and today my family is leading a life of happiness and prosperity. I would like to thank Mahindra Finance for enabling me time and again, to grow and prosper.


victorious through

the darkest hours

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Life is not a bed of roses. A sentence that sums up the battles millions of people are fighting in their own lives. Everyone has problems. The problems in life come in all sizes. Whether small or large, they leave an unmistakable impact on life. Problems can seem insurmountable if we are not prepared for them. They come and throw people off the course of their lives. No dream is too insulated and no plan is too strong to survive this unexpected blow. Sometimes, they make everything go wrong just when everything looks up in life. They cast a gloom of darkness on bright lives. How does one make his way through these testing times? While one has to find the inner strength and courage to persevere against all odds, funds are often necessary to break deadlocks, and find ways out of difficult situations. We, at Mahindra Finance, dedicate our time and energy to help individuals who can overcome obstacles in their lives and achieve their full potential with a little bit of help from us. At the times when they need it most. This section tells the stories of how certain courageous people chose to keep going and emerged victorious, from the darkest hours of their lives. And how Mahindra Finance became their torchlight in those crucial times.


At a time when life had dealt my family a crushing loss, Mahindra Insurance came to my aid out of genuine concern for us. They have raised the bar for exceptional customer service.

I was living in Kavaas Village with my husband Late Nareshbhai Patel. We were looking for an opportunity to increase our income, and one such opportunity came up. A company contacted us to ask for car rental services. They were looking to tie up with a car rental service provider for three whole years! We jumped at the chance and planned to purchase a van and give it on rent to the company. However, our limited means as a lower middle class family, were not enough to buy the van. At our neighbours suggestion, we approached Mahindra Finance for a car loan. They heard us out, had faith in us, and gave us a loan. Thanks to Mahindra Finance, we could now enjoy some comfort from the added income. We were even able to save a little for the future. Then came a big blow with the demise of my husband due to heart disease. Till then we had paid the EMI regularly for 11 months. My shock and grief was compounded by intense worry about the remaining EMIs. I have three children, and I was wondering how I would finance their education, and also pay EMIs. At this most stressful time, help came in the most unexpected way! The Mahindra Insurance team informed me that the loan was covered with a credit cover, wherin the loan was insured. The team guided us about the papers to be submitted for settling the claim. They also informed us that if the claim got processed, our future EMIs till that point would be refunded to us. For four months after my husbands death, I continued paying the EMIs . Then I got to know that my claim had been settled, and soon after that the remaining loan was waived off by MIBL! They even refunded my last four EMIs! And all this wonderful service was at my doorstep. It was just unbelievable! I thank God for their existence.

Parwatiben Patel is a resident of Kavaas Village in Ajhira, Surat, Gujarat, and a car loan customer, which was later waived off due to her husbands demise.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

I must tell you the incredible story of how I got insurance sanctioned for my vehicle. Due to an urgent requirement for my business, I needed to get my vehicle insured overnight. I got to know about the need at 10 pm at night. With the smallest sliver of hope, I immediately called the Mahindra Insurance executive in my area and asked him if he could help. I explained to him that my vehicle had to leave for another city early in the morning at 6 am, and I needed the insurance cover for my vehicle before it left. Even as I made the call, I could not believe that it was possible. But I felt I had to try. To expect the Mahindra Insurance executive to travel over 70 km from Khammam to my village, Madhira, and give me the cover note before 6 am, was perhaps too optimistic. Still I hoped and prayed as the job was important for my business. You can imagine my joy when, at 5:40 in the morning, the Mahindra Insurance executive reached my place. He must have left at 3:00 am from Khammam to reach me! He inspected my vehicle and handed me the cover note right there. I was touched by his concern and his dedication to his job. I can tell you that no other finance company I know would have gone to such lengths. Needless to say, if I ever need any insurance, I will go only to Mahindra Insurance. M Sarojini, lives in Madhira, Andhra Pradesh and was surprised by the quick response from the Mahindra Insurance team for his motor insurance.

Translation of the Telugu extract above: The executive actually travelled 70 km to reach my house at 5:40 in the early morning, after I called him in the night. And gave me my motor insurance cover note then and there! I have neither seen nor heard of such service in my life!


Umadevi S, from Mangad Village, Kalliassery District, Kerala, acquired a badly-needed car for her family, with a car loan from Mahindra Finance.

Traveling in public transport for hours every day was very difficult for my father. And without a loan I would never have been able to buy a car for him! I am grateful for getting the financial support I needed which helped me provide him with this basic comfort.
My father was in the process of having our new home constructed in Mangad Village. For this, he had to travel from Puthiyatheru to Mangad almost 2 to 3 times every day. He also had to visit various places to get the different things needed for construction. Travelling in buses and autos constantly was very difficult for him, and it was taking a toll on his health. Those were tough days and I yearned to help him in some way. I thought of buying a second-hand car for my father, so that he could get all his work done comfortably. I took leave and came to Kannur to arrange a car loan. One of my friends advised me to try my luck at Mahindra Finance, and we called their officials. Their executives visited the rented accommodation where we were staying, and helped us complete the loan formalities. The Kannur branch manager took out time to explain to us, all the terms and conditions of the loan, in great detail. Soon we were the proud owners of our first car. The car was indeed a lucky charm, and we were able to finish the construction work much faster. Within a year we shifted into our new dream house. The best thing about Mahindra Finance is that they actually think from a customers perspective. They are completely dedicated to the customers cause. Their prompt doorstep service is also commendable. Mahindra Finance helped bring much needed comfort into our life!

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Coping with problems after living a good life for a while, was even more difficult. Thankfully with the help of Mahindra Finance, I managed to get through.

I used to run a small painting shop. The income was not enough to cope with the increasing demands of my family and the rising prices. I wanted to buy a vehicle to improve my financial condition but because of the lack of money, I couldnt go ahead with it. I felt suffocated. Then I came to know about Mahindra Finance. With their help, I purchased an Alfa goods delivery vehicle. I used to drive it myself and also give it on rent. Through the contacts I had made through my painting shop, I started getting a lot of orders. In two years, I had earned enough money to repay my home loan. Just when I thought my troubles were over, they came back to hit me harder this time. My vehicles engine was knocked down and it kept me out of work for over two months. I had to spend a lot on getting it repaired. I had borrowed money from my friends. Since I couldnt run the vehicle in this period, I suffered huge losses. My financial condition was at an all time low. While I was struggling to make ends meet, I also had the burden of repaying the loan that I had taken from my friends. During this time, I visited the Mahindra Finance office to pay my last instalment. I happened to share my problems with them. They told me that I could get a fresh loan on my existing vehicle. Once I got the money, I repaid my friends and invested the rest in my shop. My dark days are now over. I am living a comfortable life with my family. My business is doing well again. I have learnt one important lesson through this experience. While its good to be prepared for the worst, its also important to know whom to approach for help in your bad times.

Ramakant G. Sharma from Koran, Chattisgarh, took refinance on his 3 wheeler.


Born and brought up in Vadodara, Gujarat, I earn my living by distributing Ayurvedic medicines. I am a science graduate from Maharaja Sayajirao University, and my wife works as a banker in ICICI Bank. My son is currently pursuing an MBA in Lonavala, and my mother is a retired government servant. I have been trading regularly in shares of the Mahindra & Mahindra Group for the past two decades. Yet, somehow I always thought they were only into the manufacturing of automobiles, and I never knew about their other activities. Fortunately in 2005, my best friend joined Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. He often shared his experiences about dealing with road accidents and the problems that arose for the vehicle owners thereafter. I had bought a car some time back, but had never insured it. My friend explained to me, the importance of taking an insurance policy to protect my vehicle in case of any unforeseen events or legal liabilities. I decided to insure all my vehicles regularly through Mahindra Insurance, and also renewed the insurance policy for my shop, protecting it against mishaps like fire and burglary. Three years ago, my son met with a road accident while driving his Honda-DIO. Unfortunately I was out of station at that time, and nobody from my family was available to help him. I immediately called an MIBL executive. He reached the accident spot, took the vehicle to the showroom and completed all the insurance claim formalities on the very same day. Within 15 days of the accident, I received a cheque from the insurance company settling the claim. I am extremely satisfied with the customer service I received!

When my son met with a road accident, our vehicle was badly damaged. Thankfully, a Mahindra Insurance representative reached him within minutes and took care of everything. We got our claim within a record time of 15 days!
Abhay Wagh is a medical and accident insurance customer from Vadodara, Gujarat, who received timely help from Mahindra Insurance.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

For a repair mechanic like me, owning a transportation vehicle was always a dream. But it was only thanks to Mahindra Finances 100% loan financing scheme that this dream could be transformed into a reality!
I have had a tough life. I began working at the age of ten at a garage in Hyderabad. I have never been to school, and always had to work to make ends meet. I worked as a repair mechanic for several years. One day, a Bajaj 5-wheeler came to our garage for repair, and with my meagre savings and some monetary help from my relatives, I purchased it. However, I soon realised that the maintenance charges were very high as it was a second hand vehicle. I was unable to earn much profit, and eventually I had to make the difficult decision of selling it. For a while, I went back to working as a driver and pushed my dream of owning a vehicle to the back burner. But when I heard of the 100% financing option from Mahindra Finance, I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Under this scheme, I was able to buy a new Alfa vehicle by paying just Rs 13,000 upfront. I worked day and night to pay off the loan EMI of Rs 6,500. Today, I am earning well from this vehicle, and I am planning to expand my business. It is a huge relief to be out of those trying times and have hope for the future.

A 42 year old mechanic turned vehicle owner, Mohammad Basheer, is a 3 wheeler loan customer from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.


I am Jayantibhai, and I work in Maninagar as an accountant in a private company called Ganesh Engineering Ltd. My monthly salary is Rs 8,000. Needless to say, it is difficult to make ends meet and I am unable to save anything for unexpected expenses like medical bills, etc. This has always bothered me. When I met a Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) executive in November 2011, he explained to me, the benefits of taking a medical insurance policy which had been newly launched. Buying policies for the entire family seemed impossible, but I somehow managed to buy an individual policy for myself. I paid a premium of Rs 2,801 for a cover of Rs 1 lakh. The following year, in July, I met with an accident. My left leg was badly fractured, and I had to get admitted in hospital for treatment. Lying in the hospital bed, I could only thank my stars and MIBL that I had taken the insurance policy. If I had not taken this policy, hospital expenses would have added to the trauma of the accident, and left me in a precarious state. The hospital bill came to Rs 75,000, but I never had to spend anything as it was a cashless policy. Not only did the MIBL team help me through the claim process, they also processed my post hospitalisation claim of Rs 4,500. I was so impressed with their service that I soon took another policy with a cover of Rs 1 lakh, from them. Apart from an excellent professional relationship, I now also have a good personal rapport with the MIBL staff. I always refer them to my friends and family, and I would never think of taking an insurance policy from any other company in the future! Jayantibhai Pandya, a resident of Maninagar, Gujarat, met with an accident, for which all hospital expenses were covered by his medical insurance policy from Mahindra Insurance.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Translation of the Gujarati extract above: I get sound sleep at night knowing that if any illness or accident were to strike my family, I would have the support of MIBL in tiding over the crisis!

Laltu Gorai, from Ghatshila in Jharkhand, widowed at the age of 18, availed the benefit of the Mahindra Loan Suraksha scheme. I had seen the worst in life at a very young age. I was a young bride. My husband had taken a loan on Elco. At that time, I had no idea where he took the loan from and other details. Once we were coming back from Kolkata and we met with an accident. It was a terrible accident that took away my husband. I was unconscious for 10 days myself. After which I woke up to the fact that I was 18 and widowed. I was also expecting a child, and had no support and no money. I was the only earning member. To top that, I had the responsibility of clearing the loan. Since I didnt have any proof of marriage, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. asked me to approach the Gram Panchayat. On submitting the required certificate, I could avail of the Mahindra Loan Suraksha scheme under which our vehicle was covered. So they waived off the loan and took a major burden off my head. Whats more, out of the money that came, they helped invest 50% in the business and the rest as a fixed deposit in my two month old daughters name. They are not just a financial company to me. They helped an 18 year old widow with a daughter, at a time when nothing was going right in life. They have given me hope and the courage to live.

Widowed at the age of 18 and expecting a child at the same time, is a horrible experience. The timely help at this hour was the only thing that gave me hope.


Bhanwar Lal Verma is a housing loan customer from Sehore, Madhya Pradesh, who built his home when he was nearing retirement, with a home loan from Mahindra Home Finance.

As a government employee working in Sehore, I wanted to build my own house before retiring. As I had only three years of service left, no central or private bank was agreeing to give me a loan. Fortunately, I heard that Mahindra Finance also provides housing loans through its subsidiary MRHFL. On visiting their office, I was happy to see that their executive welcomed me respectfully. I explained my requirement and shared my documents with them. I showed him my latest salary slip, and clearly told them about my approaching retirement date. He asked me to wait, and within a few minutes he came back to tell me that my loan had been approved! I was pleasantly surprised! I had been visiting banks for more than six months, without anyone showing the slightest interest in my case, and here my loan had been sanctioned within minutes. The paperwork was simple, and I was even happier when I learnt that they charged an affordable interest rate on the loan. I took a loan of three lakh rupees from them and was able to build my dream house. Mahindra Finance supported me in my twilight years, when the chances of getting a loan were extremely bleak.

With my retirement date approaching, not a single organisation wanted to touch my loan application. I ran from pillar to post without any results. It was only Mahindra Home Finance which helped make the impossible possible!

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Staying in an old, dilapidated construction was extremely dangerous for my family. It was only thanks to the housing loan I got that I was able to construct a safe and secure home for them!

My family has been staying in Khutaj Village for many years. I earned a living by cultivating the five bighas of land which we owned. I also worked as a carpenter in the village. The biggest problem our family faced was that we stayed in an extremely old construction. The roof of the house did not even have proper plaster on it, and looked like it could fall any minute. So severe was the problem, that we were not even able to find a bride for my younger brother Mahesh. After all, who would want to marry their daughter into a house which was so unsafe? It tore me apart that my brother could not move on to the next stage in life, simply due to the condition of our house. Our neighbour, told us that he had taken a housing loan from Mahindra Home Finance. He arranged a meeting for me with their executive. After studying my documents, the executive told me that our housing loan would be sanctioned. Soon, we demolished our old house and started constructing a new one. We are eagerly awaiting completion of the construction next month. My brothers marriage has also been fixed for a date later this year. I wish Mahindra Home Finance the very best in all their endeavours and I hope they continue to help villagers like us overcome obstacles in our paths! Jitendra Panchal is a resident of Khutaj Village, Mahudha, Gujarat, and took a home loan for renovating his house.


Draupadi gets through her Darkest Hour

The Draupadi Vastraharan incident is perhaps the most heart-wrenching part of the epic Mahabharata. Draupadi, queen of the mighty Pandavas, was subjected to the utmost disgrace and humiliation. She was put at stake at a gambling table by Yudhishthira, and on being lost, was dragged by her hair into a hall full of the most distinguished courtiers, and ordered to be stripped of her saree by the Kaurava, Dusshasan. Krishna came to her rescue in her darkest hour, transforming her saree into an endless robe. We salute the spirit of our customers, who did not give up during their crises, but held onto their aims, ideals and dreams with grit and perseverance.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Badrinath Gujjar dreamed of starting his own transport company and having a house of his own. He was full of energy and enthusiasm. He took a loan from Mahindra Finance and started pursuing his dream by becoming a 3-wheeler owner-cum-driver. His income grew and he was soon planning to buy another vehicle. But just then, in an unfortunate road accident, he passed away leaving behind his 20 year old wife, two young children, and a retired father. One fine day, all hell broke loose on us. A family to feed, a loan to settle and no source of income. It looked like a nightmare with a dead-end, his father would recollect. What he didnt know about, was the prudence of his 22-year old son. Badrinath had taken a Mahindra Loan Suraksha (MLS) insurance cover while taking the loan from us, which would free his family from any financial burden on the loan taken, in case of any eventuality. Mahindra Finance and Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) pitched in with their support as promised. An outstanding loan amount of Rs 1,87,000 was waived off within days, and the 3-wheeler was also retained by the family, much to their relief. We felt a sense of satisfaction with our work for the family. We could not have compensated for the loss of a life, but at least we were able to save them from the hammer of financial burden. This was the first instance when a family was protected through MLS. The purpose for which the solution was created had not only proved its utility but also made us realise that it was not just pure economics we were working for. We were actually providing them with peace of mind and protection from the uncertainties of life. Today, we feel very proud when we recount that through a solution pioneered by us, we have been able to secure the peace of mind for over one million families till date. The concept of MLS had come up through our deep understanding of our customers. We have always learnt from our customers. This book is our humble effort to take you through some of the most inspiring stories of our customers, from which there is so much to learn. In short, it is about transforming rural lives.

Jaideep Devare
Managing Director, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd.


My fathers death was a great blow for us. Had our loan not been insured, I dont know how I would have possibly repaid it. Thanks to Mahindra Insurance, we were saved from a huge burden!

Roshan Gurjar, from Bhilwara, Rajasthan, availed the benefit of Mahindra Loan Suraksha on his tractor.

My father was a farmer, and it was always his dream to own a tractor. Mahindra Finance helped him realise this dream by providing him a tractor loan. During this process, their staff suggested that he insure the loan through Mahindra Loan Suraksha, to help take care of any unforeseen circumstances. At the time, we were apprehensive about the unnecessary extra expenditure, but the Mahindra Insurance staff explained its benefits, and strongly recommended us to go for it. After careful consideration, my father agreed. Three years later, life took us by surprise when my father passed away. We were all in deep shock. He had been the only earning member of our family, and suddenly, I had to shoulder tremendous responsibility. I had no idea how I would be able to repay the loan instalments, and the future seemed bleak. But I neednt have worried. My fathers vision had already taken care of everything, and Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. came to our rescue. Their executive promptly settled the claim under Mahindra Loan Suraksha, and the entire loan was waived off. Today, I have been able to take another tractor loan from Mahindra Finance, which is again insured under the Mahindra Loan Suraksha scheme. I am successfully repaying the monthly instalments, and will always be thankful to Mahindra Finance and Mahindra Insurance for their invaluable support.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Nothing can repair the loss of my son, but at least the loan we had taken was insured. In our darkest hour, we did not have to worry about repaying loan instalments.
Mahipatsinh Anupasinh Jadeja is from Soneth Village, which is located in Gujarat. He had taken a tractor loan and Mahindra Loan Suraksha from Mahindra Insurance.

I am a farmer, staying with my family in Soneth Village, Gujarat. We lead a simple life. My son and I had taken a loan to buy a tractor from Mahindra Finance. A year after taking this loan, my son expired. His death was a tremendous loss for us and we were stricken with grief. At my age, repaying the loan on my own would have been a daunting task. However, fortunately, the Mahindra Finance team had earlier explained to us the benefits of insuring our loan through Mahindra Loan Suraksha. As we had submitted all the necessary documents, we were able to avail its benefits. In particular, two MIBL executives really helped us through this process. Soon the loan was closed, and we could breathe a sigh of relief. Though nothing can fill the void my son left, Mahindra Insurance took a huge burden off my chest by closing that loan. Even today, I continue to maintain excellent personal and professional relations with the staff of Mahindra Finance and Mahindra Insurance Brokers. If I ever require any kind of loan, they are the only organisations I think of approaching.


I run a small transportation business in Nalbari. Once, I had to fulfill an urgent requirement of supplying a Tata LPT 1616 truck which had to be placed under a contract. Initially, I had put up a loan application in a nationalised bank, but my file was kept on hold. I was under severe pressure from the contractor to provide the vehicle, and I didnt know what to do. I kept receiving calls from him, and as my situation grew more desperate, I knew that somehow I had to arrange the vehicle as I had already made a commitment. Seeing my mounting frustration, one of my friends suggested that I go to Mahindra Finance. Within four days, my loan was sanctioned! I could hardly believe it! The vehicle was delivered to me and I placed it with my contractor. You cannot imagine what a relief it was! Mahindra Finance came to my aid at the right time, and everything worked out well, by Gods grace. The prompt service, easy documentation process and customer friendly approach was what I liked the most about Mahindra Finance. Placing this vehicle under a contract helped me boost my income in a huge way, and today my financial condition is much better than before. I always repay the loan instalments on time, and share excellent relations with the Nalbari branch staff. I had such a good experience with Mahindra Finance, that I happily recommend their name to friends and family members. Shahnur Pasha, from Nalbari, Assam, was able to resolve a deadlock in business with a truck loan from Mahindra Finance.

When my loan for a vehicle I needed urgently got stalled at the bank, I was in a fix. My entire reputation was at stake. I am extremely grateful that I was able to get a loan from Mahindra Finance in time, as they ensured the vehicle came to me within just a few days!

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Brij Mohan Meena is from the remote village of Chouki Nasirabad, Shajapur District, Madhya Pradesh, and is a tractor loan and refinance customer.

My name is Brij Mohan and I am a farmer. I live in a tiny, remote village called Chouki Nasirabad, in Madhya Pradesh. This village is almost impossible to reach in the monsoon and postmonsoon season. We have to park our motorcycles in a village four kilometres away and walk home. My family owns around 35 bighas of agricultural land, but we did not have enough resources to cultivate it properly. To improve our yield, we decided to buy a tractor. But our village was in such a remote area, that no bank wanted to give us a loan. We did not know of any private organisation to approach for this, and had almost given up hope. I felt helpless, and could think of no solution. Just then, I heard of Mahindra Finance operating in Shajapur, and went to their office. I met a company executive who agreed to visit our home. To my surprise, even after making the long journey to my village, the team approved the loan. As soon as I bought the tractor, I was able to start completing my agricultural work on time. This was the first tractor in my village, and I was able to rent it out for additional income as well. But this was not the end of my association with Mahindra Finance. Just before paying my last instalment, my crop failed. My sisters marriage was also approaching, and I couldnt understand how to pay the last instalment and finance her wedding at the same time. Mahindra Finance came to my rescue, and provided me a top up loan. I got re-finance for my tractor, and was able to get my sister married with pride!

Mahindra Finance helped me out twice. First, they helped me buy a tractor and earn a better income. It was the first tractor in the whole village. Then, they helped me re-finance this tractor, to host a proper marriage for my sister.


Sidhanath Apparao Handge, from Gadmudshinge, Karveer, Maharashtra, has grown from a coolie to a vehicle owner, with a utility vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance. I was a coolie working in Shetkari Sahakari Sangh and earned around 10000 rupees every month. For a long time, I had dreamt of owning a vehicle. When I approached banks for a loan, none of them gave me one. Some of them even mocked me and my dream. I failed to understand why a coolie cant own a vehicle? Everyone has a right to dream. Thankfully a finance company also thought like me. Mahindra Finance respected my profession and my dream. When I went to their office, they explained the loan application process clearly to me. Satisfied and sure about this information, I applied for a utility vehicle loan. After verifying my financial details, they approved my loan immediately. I made paying EMIs my priority to uphold their trust. Even when some people cheated me and took away my vehicle, Mahindra Finance stepped in and helped me in every possible way to get my vehicle back.

They believed that everyone, even a coolie had the right to dream. And made it come true, too.

My family lives comfortably in my salary and the money I make with the vehicle. Mahindra Finance came to my rescue during challenging times. Thanks to the wonderful experience I have had with them, I recommend them to everyone I know of.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

A businessman from Pangode in Trivandrum District, Kerala, Gopalakrishnan Nair is a commercial vehicle loan customer, who took refinance on his commercial vehicle.

I would like to share with you the story of how I was able to establish a successful transportation business. In 2004, I decided to buy a Mahindra FJ mini bus, and approached a dealer for this purpose. He recommended that I go to Mahindra Finance for the loan. I thought the typical loan process would be very complicated and time consuming. But I was in for a pleasant surprise, and Mahindra Finance sanctioned the loan within a very short time span! My business took off, and three years later, I decided to add an 11 seater Tourister bus to my setup. Once again, I approached Mahindra Finance. My son, Arun, had just joined my business and we took the loan in his name. Soon we took a third loan to buy a Tempo Traveller as well. In 2009, two of our vehicles met with a major accident, and I found it difficult to meet the costs of repairing them. This was a big unexpected setback for my small business, and I didnt know whom to turn to for help. Mahindra Finance came to my rescue, providing me with a loan for used vehicles. We were able to overcome our crisis only with the help of Mahindra Finance. Today, our travel agency (Arun Travels) has a fleet of five vehicles, all financed by Mahindra Finance. My son recently also took a personal loan from them, to help us in the construction of our house. We can never forget the vital role Mahindra Finance has played in our lives.

When our vehicles got damaged in an accident, the cost of repairing these was very high. We were extremely lucky to get a loan to cover this cost. Today, Arun Travels has five vehicles, all financed by the same source!


Ras Kumar Diengdoh, is from the village of Madan Bybther Mairang, Shillong, Meghalaya, and has been a car loan customer.

Getting my own car was a turning point in my life. It boosted my business and my income, and I now look forward to buying a second car.
I belong to a rural area near Shillong and own a tailoring shop in the village. I am the father of 9 children and the only breadwinner in the family. You can imagine how hard it is for me to earn enough for them. Three years back, besides tailoring, I was also engaged in selling the clothes I made in the market. My business was not going too well, and I found it extremely difficult to support my large family with my unpredictable, and often, low income. It was frustrating and discouraging. When I look back at those years, I can still feel the desperation that used to drive me. One day, I met my friend and he advised me to purchase a passenger car to supplement my income. But, I knew that with my rocky financial condition, no institution would give me the financial assistance I sorely needed. He advised me to take a loan from Mahindra Finance. I didnt know it then, but this was a turning point in my life. I approached Mahindra Finance and got the loan sanctioned in a surprisingly short span. My Maruti 800 came home, giving me hope for the future. It has really been a great change since then, as it has sufficiently helped me increase my income. My car is running as a passenger car and getting a monthly income of Rs 10,000. In addition, the car helps me to transport clothes to the market for sale. It has been a great relief for me. Having the car has not only improved my income, but has also brought a lot of comfort and convenience into my life. I now look forward to owning another car with the help of Mahindra Finance. From the bottom of my heart, I thank them for helping me overcome my challenges.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Today, I own two auto rickshaws financed by Mahindra Finance, and with the regular profit from my store, I have truly proved my worth in front of my family and friends, who did not help me during my tough times.

I used to run a small temporary shop for general goods, but was forced to also work as an auto driver to supplement my income. I had a large family to support single handedly, and we lived in the slums of Dhobi Ghat in a kachcha house. I sorely needed money to move my family to a better permanent accommodation. Even driving the rented rickshaw did not give me an income large enough to do so. At first I approached my relatives and friends for help, but was rejected by all. I was frustrated, depressed, and had no idea what to do next. I decided that I would make it on my own, and resolved to somehow purchase an auto rickshaw so that I didnt have to pay rent. I decided to build my future on my own hard work and ability. To gather funds towards investing in an auto rickshaw, I sold my shop. But still fell short of money. It was at this painful juncture of my life, that I was referred to Mahindra Finance. I was told of their motto Bunde Mein Hai Dum, Pehchane Sirf Hum. Feeling hopeful, I visited the nearest branch of Mahindra Finance. I must say that the process and documentation for the loan was surprisingly simple and fast. More importantly, they trusted in my ability and earnest resolve, and gave me a loan for a three wheeler. My story does not end here Within six months, I was able to save enough to buy my shop back. I shifted my general store business to a permanent shop with double the inventory than before. Within the first year, I finally managed to renovate my house. It was the point I really gained back my confidence in myself and in life. When we entered our newly renovated house, my wife had tears of happiness in her eyes. I cannot forget that day.

A resident of Dhobi Ghat, Baily Road, Patna, Bihar, Vikash Kumar took a much-needed 3 wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance.

I continued to earn and save, and have built assets for my familys future needs. I feel secure and the stability has brought peace and happiness into my life. I feel proud every time I enter my renovated house, that my child has a place to call home. My life has turned around, and credit goes to Mahindra Finance. I feel indebted to them forever.


A tractor loan customer from Sundersi village, Shajapur District, Madhya Pradesh, Jagdish Singh Rathore, is a driver turned businessman. I used to work as a driver in Sundersi village. I owned two bighas of agricultural land, but the income from this was not sufficient to provide a proper living for my family. Hence I began work as a tractor driver, supplying sand to nearby villages. As our village was situated on a riverbank, most tractor owners from the area were engaged in supplying sand. But even this was not fetching me much money, and I decided to purchase my own tractor to earn better profits. With the dream of improving my life, I went to the bank in my village for a loan, but my application was flatly refused as my income and supporting documents were insufficient. I was deeply disappointed. I felt discouraged, worthless and completely helpless. When I shared my distress and aspirations with the tractor owner whose tractor I was driving, he advised me to go to Mahindra Finance for a loan. After the bank fiasco I was slightly reluctant, but finally I decided to visit them. The Mahindra Finance team was already aware of the commercial prospects of a tractor in my village. They discussed my vision and planning with me in detail, and agreed to sanction the loan.

Owning a tractor helped boost my earning so much that I was able to shift from a kuchcha house to a pukka house. Whatever I am today, it is only because of the loan which helped me transform my life!

This proved to be the turning point of my life, and the loan coupled with my hard work helped me earn excellent profits. Soon after repaying the entire loan, I purchased a second tractor, again with help from Mahindra Finance. Till date, I have taken a total of five loans from them, and two of these are still being paid back. Recently I also purchased a Dumper vehicle, which helped supplement my income further. I cant express my gratitude to Mahindra Finance in words. They helped me stand on my feet, earn a respectable reputation and secure a bright future for my family. Had their team not shown faith in me, I may still have been working as a driver without a proper aim in life.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Gaurav Nandubhai Mistry, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is a regular medical insurance customer, after his first experience of its benefits.

Working as a call centre employee in Ahmedabad, I lived a simple middle class lifestyle with my family. When a Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd. (MIBL) executive approached me to take a mediclaim policy, I thought it would be a waste of money. After all, why should a healthy, 27 year old invest in such a policy? I told him I would consider it in a few years time, once I was married. But the MIBL executive convinced me of how necessary medical insurance actually was. He patiently explained me all the features of the policy, and finally, in November 2011, I paid a premium of Rs 1,650 for a medical insurance cover of Rs 1 lakh. Unfortunately, in March 2012, I had to be admitted to a hospital for treatment of malaria as well as thyroid problems. I had to stay in the hospital for a week and undergo various tests. I knew that every day, the hospital bill was mounting, and I was extremely worried about being able to pay it. I informed Mahindra Insurance of my situation, and they immediately came to the hospital, assuring me they would take care of everything. My total bill came to Rs 61,000, which was processed under the insurance policys cashless scheme. I did not have to pay a single rupee from my savings! Today, I lead a healthy life, but I never fail to renew my mediclaim policy from Mahindra Insurance. I am extremely grateful to their team for providing me with such prompt service. They not only took care of my expenses, but also boosted my morale, giving me courage to fight against my disease. I have recently taken three more health insurance policies from them for my family members. It is a comforting factor to know that we will never have to worry about finances in a medical emergency situation. I will always stick with Mahindra Insurance when it comes to buying insurance.

One can never be certain of some things in life, and good health is one of them. I am extremely thankful that I invested in a reliable mediclaim policy, as this helped me avoid a huge hospital bill!


Janak Singh Yadav, hails from Vijaipur village, Madhya Pradesh, and has relied on Mahindra Finance for personal loans at crucial junctures of his life. My journey with Mahindra Finance started with the purchase of my tractor through them, with a loan. That was back in 2007, when Mahindra Finance executives had visited our village and met us. I spoke to them at length, and told them honestly about my poverty and my family. And the fact that at that time, I possessed only 7 bighas of land and was the only earning member in my family. I told them of my dreams and my good intentions. I assured them from my heart that I would repay their loan and keep my promise. Much to my delight, they trusted in me and gave me the loan to buy a tractor. With Gods blessing and my hard work, the tractor gave me good returns. At that time the Mahindra Finance executive was very helpful. He constantly encouraged me to purchase a trolley for my existing tractor, rather than taking it on rent every now and then. I wanted to follow his advice as I could see the sense in it. But I had only Rs 30,000 at that time. The price of the trolley was Rs 1,30,000. The Mahindra Finance team advised me to apply for a personal loan for the balance 1 lakh rupees. I did so in 2010, and got the loan sanctioned easily. Till date the trolley helps me to earn a lucrative amount every month. In the year 2011, my daughter-in-law had some medical problems related to the birth of my grandchild. Her condition deteriorated fast, and when local doctors lost all hope of saving her, they advised us to take her to a big hospital in the city for treatment. I needed one lakh rupees overnight for this. It was a colossal sum for me. I had nowhere to turn to, except Mahindra Finance. I called their executive with hope and fear pumping my heart, and told him about my requirement. Within 3 days they granted me a personal loan of Rs 1,00,000. At the time, we were so worried for my daughter-in-laws life, that we could barely talk to the doctors. The Mahindra Finance team talked directly to our doctors and managed everything smoothly. I am deeply indebted to them for helping me at the times when I was desperate for funds. They truly set a standard for amazing service.

When I needed one lakh rupees overnight to admit my daughterin-law to the city hospital , I was sick with worry! Mahindra Finance stepped in to help when I needed it the most.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

When my husband passed away, I was worried about repaying our car loan. I was alone, with two children to support. I need not have worried!
I am a house wife, living in Rynjah in Meghalaya. A few years ago, my husband and I wanted to purchase a car. Not having enough savings to buy it outright, we approached Mahindra Finance for a car loan. While we were in the process of getting the loan sanctioned, one of their executives explained the Mahindra Loan Suraksha (MLS) scheme to us. We were really not interested at that point, but on the advice of the Mahindra Finance executive, we somehow ended up taking the loan insurance, too. Today, I am so thankful that we listened to that executive! Just a year down the line, my husband suddenly passed away, leaving me with two children and a car loan. He was the only earning member in the family at the time, and my grief at his death was compounded by worry for the future. How would I support my family? How would I repay the loan? Like a blessing from God, I received a call from Mahindra Insurance, informing me that I had to just submit some papers, and I would get a refund under the loan insurance scheme. I would not even have to continue to pay the EMIs. I completed the paperwork, and soon enough, I received a refund and my remaining loan amount was waived off as well. You can imagine my relief! I started supporting my family through my income from the car. I am deeply thankful to Mahindra Insurance for their advice and service. They have truly been a blessing in my life! Hester Thaba is from Rynjah, Shillong, Meghalaya, and was able to get the benefit of Mahindra Loan Suraksha after her husbands sudden demise.


Had it not been for them, I would have been lost during such a difficult time.
I had bought a LPK tipper with the help of Mahindra Finance. They made the loan process simpler and guided me through it. Along with the loan, they also got the vehicle insured through Mahindra Insurance. But an unfortunate event happened just 39 days after I bought the vehicle. A live electric wire touched it, turning all the tyres into ashes. The vehicle was also inflicted with severe damage. I was shaken by this incident. I didnt know what to do next. But Mahindra Insurance promised to help. They offered a proposal of cash loss. Thanks to this, I received an amount of Rs 7.15 lakhs. With the help of this huge amount, I could carry out the repair of my vehicle. An act that would have been impossible without their help. I thank them from my heart for helping me through this difficult time.

Gopal Bhagchand Jagdale from Paithan, Maharashtra, has been a vehicle insurance customer.

Victorious Through The Darkest Hours

Shakeel Khan from Chandigarh, has taken refinance on his vehicle from Mahindra Finance I used to work as a truck driver with a transport company. Being in this profession for a long time, transport was the only business I understood. So I wanted to buy my own vehicle and start a business. But I didnt have enough savings to even pay the margin amount for the vehicle. Every bank or finance company I approached denied me loan because I didnt have enough documents. Then I approached Mahindra Finance. They saw the hard working human being inside me and empathised with my dream. They approved my loan and I became a proud owner of a Mahindra Champion vehicle. Just when life was looking up, I met with an accident after just six months. During the time I was bed-ridden and couldnt pay my EMI, they understood my problem, and were extremely patient and supportive. After recovering, I regularly paid my EMIs again and cleared my loan. Just after that, I wanted to build a house for myself. I approached Mahindra Finance. They refinanced my vehicle and gave me a loan of Rs 60,000. They had again played an important part in making my dream come true. I am a proud owner of two three-wheelers and a house now. Till date I have taken four loans from the company. Mahindra Finance is the only company that stood by me at every difficult juncture of my life.

Translation of the Punjabi extract above: Mahindra Finance understood my problem when my life was at an all time low. Thats why they will always remain a special part of my life.


fight back

Fight Back

The man walking down the road, the new resident in your neighbourhood or the stranger at the bus stop; they are fighting daily; fighting a battle called life. But everyones fight is different. Some fight against their fate, some for survival. Some fight against the rigid norms that act as millstones in their lives and some, to get that one golden opportunity which they deserve. They fight to translate their passion and determination into success. They fight for a fair chance to get what they have set their eyes on. While there is a battle going on inside every person, what makes these fights unique is the nature of these fighters. They know only one way to put up a strong fight and win. That is, to keep fighting. Life pushes them down and they get up. Life attacks them and they flaunt their bruises like medals. For them, giving up is not even an option. They like to take challenges heads on. All that these individuals need is a chance to put up a strong fight and emerge victorious in life. A chance to empower them to rise above lifes challenges and make things better. This section is full of stories that are charged high with determination, strong will and a resolve to never give up.


Satyanarayana Raju, from Ramakrishnapuram, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh, is a car loan customer.

Just because I was a farmer, and didnt have a fixed income, I was not able to get a loan from anywhere, till Mahindra Finance came to my rescue.
I am a farmer from Vijaywada. I earn a living by farming the piece of land I own in my village. Two years ago, I needed a car for my family, and planned to buy a Maruti Wagon R. I didnt have enough savings, so I went to banks, asking for a loan. My confidence took a beating when I was rejected again and again by banks and financiers. And why? Because I was a farmer and agriculture was my profession, which did not guarantee a fixed income. I continued looking, and hope came in the form of Mahindra Finance, who approached me themselves when they heard about my requirement. They asked pertinent questions, understood my requirement and capacity to pay, and sanctioned a loan soon. I proudly drove my car home! What I really appreciated about the Mahindra Finance team was that they did not discriminate against me because of my profession. They treated me with respect, and fulfilled my needs in the best possible way.

Fight Back

Though I was a failed businessman, they had faith in me. Each time I visited the Mahindra Finance office, I was treated so well that I felt like a privileged customer!

I used to run a small utensils business along with a small jewellery shop. Unfortunately, neither earned much profit, and it was a constant strain to cover expenses. My business, like me, was based in the small town of Aduthurai. The few prospective customers in the village would prefer shopping for utensils from bigger shops in the nearby city. Profits dropped so low that I contemplated shutting down the business. I didnt have funds to invest in a new venture. It was discouraging, but I tried to find possible alternatives. I settled on the idea of starting a travel services business by acquiring a vehicle with the help of a loan. My initial hopes were dashed soon when my application was rejected by banks and financiers. I didnt have the securities they were asking for. I held on to my dream, and soon I was introduced to Mahindra Finance. They treated me with the utmost respect, even though I had a failed business. They responded to my needs and queries, and made the loan process a pleasure. They put their trust in my abilities. My light commercial vehicle loan was sanctioned with the least of hassles and I purchased my first vehicle. My travel business prospered with the new vehicle. My income grew and I was able to afford a better life. I went on to take four loans in four years, including personal loans, to expand my business. When I remember the testing phase of my life, before I got my first car, I am filled with gratitude. Balasubramanian from Aduthurai, Tamil Nadu, persevered in his business ventures, and was able to establish a successful travel business, with light commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance.


We had a small grocery business in a village in Rai Bareilly. After the sudden death of my father, the business started declining and finally collapsed. Our financial position became very weak. To support my large family, I started working in Sahara India as an investment agent but didnt earn much because of my inexperience. Also the dream of starting my family business again was always at the back of my mind. But I didnt have enough working capital to do that either. So I was very disappointed. I started travelling to nearby villages to find business. But without capital and transportation, my business couldnt take off. In spite of the odds, I resolved not to give up. I arranged for a small sum of money to buy a pickup vehicle. Since I had no documents, no bank or financial institution was willing to give me a loan. At that time, I got to know about Mahindra Finance. Despite my weak financial background, they gave me the loan at the right time. I bought my vehicle, started giving it out on rent and even purchased a Galla with the money I made. While I got my family business up and running, I also continued working as an investment agent. With my new found success, people started trusting me and buying investment plans from me. Income has grown. And so has respect. I lead a comfortable life. All because of the trust Mahindra Finance showed in me and the help they gave me when I needed it the most.

Just when I thought I would never be able to start my family business again, they helped me set it up and become successful again.

Fight Back

Balram Sahu from Rai Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has taken light commercial vehicle loans for a pickup vehicle and SCV.

Ayub Khan, an agriculturist afflicted with polio, from Choti Chapri, in Didwana, Rajasthan, is a light commercial vehicle loan customer. I was born into a poor family, with polio in my right leg. Things werent easy. I was earning an income just enough to run my family. Seeing my condition, one of my friends suggested that I should take a loan for a light commercial vehicle so that I could earn a fixed monthly income. I didnt have the necessary money so I had to take a loan. Since I had already heard about Mahindra Finance, I went to them with a loan application. Upon receiving my application, a Mahindra Finance executive came to my house for enquiry. After thoroughly knowing about my family background and other details, he told me he would let me know about the loan soon. I was doubtful because I didnt have any savings or property to show. But my loan got sanctioned, leaving me surprised and happy. With their help, I got my first Maxi truck in 2008. By supplying vegetables and using it for other transport, I started earning a good income. I used to pay my EMI before the due date and even managed to save money. Using that and a refinance from Mahindra Finance, I bought another Maxi truck. And many more in the future. Today I have six vehicles financed by them. With the money I made using these vehicles, I have even started a transportation business. All this was the result of my long struggle, my determination to win and Mahindra Finances faith in me. What is truly good about Mahindra Finance is not just the way they give you loans quickly. It is the way they behave with you every time you enter the office to pay the EMI or apply for another loan. They always help with a smile on their face.

I overcame my physical shortcoming on my own. When I needed help to overcome my financial shortcoming, they stepped in.


I have just followed one mantra all my life those who try, never lose.
Life has given me a lot and taken even more from me. But what it has left me with is a great lesson those who try, never lose. I used to be a taxi driver in Mumbai. Looking to increase my income I went to Saudi Arabia for work. I started working as a private car driver. But I wanted to come back to my country. So once I had saved up one lakh rupees, I came back to India. With that money, I started a scrap business in Hyderabad. But the venture was doomed. Due to some problem, I ended up losing all the money and with it, my confidence. I used to feel helpless at times, but reminded myself that no problem was too big to bring me down. I started driving a taxi again. Again I saved some money, and with Rs 30,000 from my earnings, I decided to buy a Mahindra Alfa. I still needed a loan. Though my income was low, Mahindra Finance had faith in me and gave me a 3 wheeler loan. Ever since I bought the Alfa, my income has grown and my life is much more peaceful today. My self confidence has returned! In spite of my failed business, I was successful in earning well. I am going to buy a second vehicle as soon as I pay back the loan for the first vehicle. I will continue to grow.

S. K. Rabbani, from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh put his failed business behind him and started afresh with a 3 wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance.

Fight Back

In the future also, I want to be associated with them, as Mahindra Finance is my friend who helped me in need.

I belong to a lower middle class family. After the death of my father in 2005, my family went through a very difficult phase. What we earned was just not enough for all our needs. We had a small piece of land, where we grew some vegetables. I would take these vegetables to the village market, and sit by the roadside to sell them myself. Somehow we eked out a living in this way. I was determined to change the way things were, but didnt know how to. In 2010, I heard of Mahindra Finance from a villager. I immediately visited their office. I asked for a loan against my land for a tractor, and was granted the funds easily. Imagine my joy when the tractor came home! But I could not drive it as I didnt have a driving license. For a month I waited, till I got my license. Then, there was no looking back. As there were very few tractors in the area, I started to earn well from it. I was on the tractor seat for 15-16 hours every day. Soon, with the help of the added income and the tractor, I started supplying vegetables to the local mandi instead of going to the market. I continued working hard, and today, I have four vehicles! All financed by Mahindra Finance. This year, during Deepawali, I am planning to purchase two three-wheelers at the same time. Looking back, I realise that life has thrown a lot of challenges my way. I have triumphed over all odds, with Mahindra Finance supporting me.

Rajesh Kumar, from Lakhanpur Village, Budhgere, Gaya, Bihar, overcame hardships after his fathers death, with a tractor loan from Mahindra Finance.


Fighting back the difficulties that life threw at me, I progressed in life, one step at a time.
Shankar Lal Harols business in Rajyavagh, Rajsamand, Rajasthan, grew with light commercial vehicle loans form Mahindra Finance. I used to work in a tents and decoration shop to make my living. But I wanted to start a shop of my own to make more money and be my own boss. Soon I started my own tents and decoration shop. But I realised I needed to have a vehicle to transport the materials from one village to another. Since I didnt have a vehicle, I had to restrict myself to nearby villages. This limited the growth of my business and I felt mounting frustration. I asked my relatives, friends and their friends for help. But since I had no savings or property to show as proof, everyone hesitated to help. Here I was with a business waiting to grow. If only I had the means to grow it. I felt miserable. One fine day I met a Mahindra Finance executive who, upon hearing my difficulty, advised me to take a loan from his company. After I bought a vehicle with their help, no one could stop me from achieving what I wanted. I started going to faraway villages in search of business as I was confident I could supply anywhere. I have now started earning a higher income and my standard of living has improved. Today I am a prosperous businessman with three vehicles running on the road. I am sure I will buy even more vehicles because I know Mahindra Finance will always be there to help. With their support, I can reach new heights of success.

Fight Back

Kishan Pawar, a mill worker in Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, bought an auto-rickshaw with a 3 wheeler loan, and is able to support his parents comfortably.

Every son wants to see his parents rest and enjoy life while he works hard for them. I was no different. My family consists of my parents and me. Our financial condition was such that all three of us had to work to make ends meet. We made barely 240 rupees together daily. Working in a mill, some days were hectic, while on some days I used to wander aimlessly as there would be no work. I was frustrated of leading such a meaningless life. I wanted to do something. Thats when I came across Mahindra Finance. After hearing about my life and realising my hunger to achieve something great, they suggested that I buy an auto rickshaw. When I told my parents, they were more than happy to give me all their savings. I added this money to the loan amount from Mahindra Finance and bought an auto rickshaw. It was the proudest day of my life. I started working day and night. I earn 500 rupees a day now. Almost double of what the three of us used to earn collectively. The day when I told my parents to stop working and rest at home, I was happy with myself. Whats more, people even started approaching my parents with marriage proposals for me. The same people had refused to give their daughters in marriage to me earlier because my income was too low. Not a single day goes without my parents showering their good wishes on Mahindra Finance. Because had it not been for them, my parents would still have to work and we would still be struggling to earn a decent living. I am just happy to see my parents happy.

Every son wants to see his parents rest and enjoy life while he works hard for them. The day when I told my parents to stop working and rest at home, was the happiest day of my life.


Muriki Sappalaia, from Pedapally, Andhra Pradesh, started a new business with a car loan from Mahindra Finance.

I was into the business of real estate. It gave me a decent income. But the business went through a bad phase between 2008 and 2010, leaving my financial condition and family in a bad state. Without a regular income, survival had become a question. I wanted to buy a vehicle and start a business. But no finance company or bank was ready to give me a loan because I had no proper income and no property to show. I was dejected and disoriented. Refusing to face defeat, with the help of a friend I found out about Mahindra Finance. I told them about my need and they processed and sanctioned the loan in one day. I bought my first vehicle, Tata Indica Vista with their help in 2011. Soon I started my business. It really helped me get back on my feet. I have had a good and fruitful association with them since then. While everyone knows how quickly they sanction loans, you have to be a customer to experience their efficient service and easy mode of payments. I am so satisfied with their service that every time anyone needs financial help, I recommend Mahindra Finance to them.

When other finance companies and banks left me dejected, I found a helping hand.

Fight Back

What more could a man want than building a safe and beautiful home for his family? Even I had the same dream. Today I live in a fully constructed pucca house with my wife and son. The first time I entered the house was a very special moment. And this moment wouldnt have come in my life had it not been for Mahindra Finance.

More than giving me the loan, what really touched me was the way they treated me with respect.

A farmer by profession, I owned 10 bighas of land. I also owned a couple of milking animals. But my income majorly depended on Mother Nature because the crops I grew were seasonal. Every time nature permitted and we made good money, I used to save up for the construction of the house. As we continued to live in a kachha house made of mud and cow dung, my biggest aim was to build a proper house. Once I had saved up a decent amount, I approached some private financial institutions for loan. But I was told they didnt give loans to villagers like me. I was not only shocked but also felt insulted. I was still determined to realise my dream. At that juncture, I heard about Mahindra Finance. With bare minimum documentation and a simple process, they granted my loan application. They also guided me through the entire process and made life very easy. I received 2 lakh rupees, using which I started building my house. Manabhai Ghemabhai Chaudhary, a farmer from Khatasana, Vadnagar, Gujarat, struggled to make his dream of a house come true, before taking a home loan from Mahindra Finance.


Yudhisthira brings his Brothers back from the Hands of Death

In the Mahabharata, after the Pandavas completed 12 years in exile, they were wandering through the forest, when a peculiar misfortune befell them. With the aim of helping a sage look for his sticks taken by a deer, the four younger Pandavas went in search of the deer one by one. Instead, they encountered a lake, and were besieged with thirst. A crane near the lake asked each of them to answer its questions before quenching their thirst, but all four brothers ignored the crane and drank from the lake. One by one, they fell dead instantly. At last, Yudhishthira, the oldest and wisest of the brothers found them dead by the side of the lake. Though he was also very thirsty, and shocked to find his brothers dead, he refrained from drinking the water, and answered the cranes philosophical questions. Pleased, the crane, who was actually a heavenly being, a Yaksha, granted Yudhishthira a boon and also revived his brothers. Just as Yudhishthira refused to be defeated, and persevered to bring his brothers back to life, our customers have fought back against unfortunate circumstances, and not accepted defeat.

Fight Back

Sitting in the comforts of urban India, one often tends to overlook the trials and tribulations of the people in rural India. When I joined Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Limited, I was also rather urban-centric in my thought process. It was during my first visit to a small village on the outskirts of Aurangabad in Maharashtra that I was exposed to a whole new world. It was a world where people were living happily in kuccha houses. A world where people had dreams of a pucca house, but could not realise their dreams because some other urgent financial commitments already prevented them from spending money on the house. It was a world where customers genuinely thanked us for the financial assistance we were providing. A world where customers were overcome with emotions on seeing their dreams come true. A world where financial assistance that was given to construct a house, actually transformed the customers life. Despite the fact that this happened a number of years back, I can distinctly recall the emotions on a particular customers face when she narrated her story to me. She was a lady with four children and a dilapidated house. During the monsoon, water used to leak into the house and the children would tend to fall sick. The customer, being a mother, used to be worried as she could not afford medical care for children and frequent illnesses could lead to more severe complications. With the financial assistance given to her, she was able to get the house repaired, and with folded hands and tears in her eyes she said, I am no longer afraid of the monsoon. Thanks to your Customer Manager! Stories of gratitude stories of lives being transformed. All this is made possible by the passion of our team. Passion that drives them to overcome various obstacles and to service the under-served customers in rural India. Our team is creating value, not just doing their job but doing well by doing good work. This business is not just about brick and mortar structures; it is about creating homes and transforming lives. What follows are some stories and experiences from our customers. These words from our customers, are awards for us.

Anuj Mehra
Managing Director, Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd.


M Demudu is a farmer from Laxmipuram, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh, who has taken a tractor loan and subsequent top-up loans.

I am lucky to have been associated with Mahindra Finance for the last six years. They have helped me face many a challenge in my life. I have always been a farmer. A few years ago I realised the need to increase the output from my fields through modern techniques. It was the need of the hour, and everyone was opting for tractors to help cultivate their fields. I too decided to buy a tractor. I needed a loan for it, and had heard good things about Mahindra Finance from my friends. So I approached them to finance my tractor. Everything went smoothly, and I became the proud owner of a tractor. I used it well, and the returns from the tractor were good. I managed to repay all my instalments in time.

I have relied on Mahindra Finance at the most difficult junctures in my life, and they have always helped me.

In 2010, I found myself in a difficult situation. I could not gather enough funds to arrange my daughters wedding. I was frustrated and worried about my daughters future. I approached Mahindra Finance for help. They found a way out; they gave me the required funds with a top-up loan on my tractor. The help came at the correct time, and helped me fulfill my duties well. I repaid the loan instalments soon. In 2012, I needed more funds; to invest in agriculture. I went back to Mahindra Finance, confident that they would help me. They gave me another top-up loan on the same tractor and I was able to get enough funds for my need. I have faced many challenges in my life. Mahindra Finance has helped make life a little easier with their timely assistance. In my times of need, they have stood by me like a rock!

Fight Back

I was discriminated against, because of my background. No matter how many problems, I was determined to build my dream home. And I did, when I got the help.
Being poor and needy in India is not easy. Being a Muslim only adds to your misery. I say this because I have experienced it myself. I run an iron work shop in Jaipur. And I had just one dream. To build my house. But despite going to many organisations for help, I didnt get any. They kept asking me to come the next day, every time till I lost my patience. One organisation even told me I had a negative profile. Negative, just because of my religion. I had no money, no help. But I was determined. No one could stop me from building my dream house. I knew there was a way. I just had to keep looking. When I met an executive from Mahindra Home Finance, I found hope. I told him my problem and he assured me that I would get the loan. It wasnt a fake promise. He truly guided me through the process and got my loan sanctioned within no time. My dream home has started taking shape now. My gratitude for Mahindra Home Finance is written on every brick in my house. After a long struggle to get finance, Abdulla, from Jaipur, Rajasthan finally got a loan from Mahindra Home Finance, to build his house.


I belong to a large joint family with two earning members and seven dependents. My husband and father-in-law used to buy fish in wholesale and sell it in local markets. After the death of my father-in-law, my husband was the only earning member left, and the condition of my household started deteriorating. We faced innumerable difficulties because our income barely met our expenses. My sister-in-law was approaching a marriageable age, and I could not fathom how we would finance her wedding. I decided I could no longer be a mute spectator to my husbands struggle to earn, and jumped into the fray to help him. I tried to find ways to supplement our household income. I thought, if we could buy an auto rickshaw, my mother-in-law and I could manage the fish business, while my husband could earn as an auto rickshaw driver. With this dream in my heart, I approached Mahindra Finance. I had heard from a relative, that Mahindra Finance empowers people, and went on to learn how true this was. The team at Mahindra Finance was supportive, and the process transparent. They appreciated our grit and determination to overcome our difficulties, trusted our ability, and granted the loan to us. With the new auto rickshaw, we started earning more. We worked extremely hard. My husband rode the auto rickshaw, while my mother-in-law and I supported him with the fish business. Slowly we started saving money, and accumulated enough to buy another three wheeler. In the year that followed, we continued to work hard. Today, I have bright hopes for the future, and am confident that we can support our large family and finance my sister-inlaws wedding soon.

Jhutkun Sah, from Chapra, Saran, Bihar, whose wife Mrs. Soni Devi took a 3 wheeler loan to supplement the familys income.

I decided I could no longer be a mute spectator to my husbands struggle to earn. Buying the auto rickshaw was the first step towards empowering ourselves, and towards a better future.

Fight Back

Jalaludheen Kunju, from Kerala, took a construction equipment loan from Mahindra Finance.

From the time I had nothing to the present when I lead a comfortable life, my trust and respect for Mahindra Finance has only grown with time.

I lost everything that I had earned with my hard work in the Kuwait war. It was only because of my friends that I managed to return to India. Shaken by the experience, I was uncertain how I would live and run a family consisting of my wife and two children. I started a real estate business but the business never worked. I started to think of other ways as running the family was getting more difficult by the day. Seeing my problems, one of my friends advised me to buy a tipper. My savings were insufficient and even after a relative offered me some money; it wasnt enough to buy a tipper. Every bank I visited denied me a loan because of my previous failure. Then I contacted Mahindra Finance. Their executive came and verified all my documents and after getting positive feedback from some locals he spoke to, he got my loan sanctioned. Using the vehicle I bought, I started supplying sand and gravel from the quarry to construction sites. Business became stable and then started growing. I paid my EMIs on time to ensure a good track record. I now lead a comfortable life. In the year 2011, I again took a loan from Mahindra Finance to buy a Ford Fiesta to gift my niece whom I had promised that I would gift a car at the time of her wedding.


A resident of Bisthapith, in Nalanda District, Bihar, Vijay Rajbansi bought an auto rickshaw with a 3 wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance, to replace his earlier source of income, his jharjhariya. I used to ride a passenger rickshaw of the traditional kind, called jharjhariya. With my income, I supported my whole family single-handedly. Fate dealt me a cruel blow, when one day, the High Court passed an order banning all jharjhariyas with immediate effect. I was stunned and at didnt know what to do. How would I meet our household expenses without my only means of earning, my jharjhariya? Not losing hope, I decided to try and acquire a new auto rickshaw. Somehow, with the pooled resources of relatives, we gathered Rs 55,000. But it was not enough for purchasing a new rickshaw. I asked around for advice, and my fellow villagers recommended Mahindra Finance to me. I reached their office with hope and trepidation. I was amazed at the respect I was treated with, though I was a person of humble means. The officials trusted my ability to repay the loan, and went out of their way to help me with advice. They recommended the right EMI, tenure and flexibility of scheme after studying my background and requirement. Moreover they trusted me and gave me all that I needed, a means to earn my living. Soon I became the proud owner of a new auto rickshaw. Today, I am happy to report that my life has improved hugely. My income has risen to about 500 rupees per day, and my family and I can live comfortably within this. Life is looking up for all of us!

By getting a new auto rickshaw, I was able to get a new source of income, and arrange marriages for both my son and daughter. My family and I are very happy today.

Fight Back

Vinaykumar Shah, from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, has been a car loan customer.

I used to be an electrician on contract with the Air Force. Sometimes I had to go to Delhi or Jodhpur to purchase the materials. It was not only time consuming but also was proving to be expensive. To cut down on travel time and save money, I decided to buy a vehicle. I had neither any savings to pay even a margin amount, nor the necessary documents to show as proof to get a loan. I refused to get discouraged and looked for solutions. One of my friends informed me about Mahindra Finance. When I visited their office and put forth my desire to buy a vehicle and told them my problems, they approved my loan request only based on trust and my experience. I bought a Tata Indica and started working day and night to pay the EMIs. Once my payment was on hold at the Air Force due to the year-end closing and I couldnt pay my EMIs for some months. But once my payment was released, I paid all the dues. When I contacted them again for a loan to buy an Indica Vista, I wasnt sure if they would help me this time as I had been a little irregular with the payment. But I had faith that they would help me. Since the Mahindra Finance executive knew my reasons for not being regular and also knew that I had paid the dues immediately on getting the money, he trusted me again and got my loan sanctioned. Today I have five vehicles with the help of Mahindra Finance. After buying my own vehicles, my business has changed for the better. By trusting me time and again, they have become more like a family member and less of a finance company.

Even when I was a little irregular with my EMIs because my money was stuck somewhere, they understood the problem and stood by me.

A resident of Surat, Gujarat, Kapilaben Patel acquired independence, along with a home loan. Life has thrown many challenges at me and every time I have come out stronger. Thirty years ago, I had divorced my husband and moved into my fathers house with a daughter. As she grew up and got married, my son-in-law also moved in with us. As years passed, there were many family problems and I decided to move out of my fathers house and live in my own house. Even though I didnt have any savings, I was confident of getting a loan as I was an employee of the Surat Municipal Corporation. I earned a decent income of 20,000 rupees per month and was sure I could pay the EMIs regularly. But life had another challenge to throw at me. I was shocked when no bank or finance company gave me a loan because I was just a safaai kaamdaar, a Class IV employee. It hurt me deeply when some companies even insulted me because of my job. Even the bank where I held my salary account, refused to give me a loan. I was really distressed because of this, but refused to give up! Thankfully my son-in-law came to know about Mahindra Finance. I visited their office and got a loan within just 15 days. When I held the cheque in my hand, I couldnt believe it. It was not just a piece of paper with a number written on it. It was my ticket to a free and independent life. A life in which I could live in my own house happily.

Although divorced and dependent, I chose to fight the difficulties of life fearlessly and Mahindra Finance helped me at a crucial time.

Fight Back

I came to Punjab around a decade ago with big dreams and no money. I had come in search of a better life but was forced to start driving an auto to make ends meet. The auto owner who hired me told me that I could keep the auto for myself after repaying the loan on it. I used to regularly pay the instalments to Mahindra Finance. Thats when my association with them began. I sincerely paid the EMIs and finally when I thought life would get better, it got a lot worse. The day I completed repaying the loan and looked forward to getting my own vehicle, my boss took away the vehicle, leaving me with nothing. I was disheartened but determined. Not one to accept defeat, I decided to buy a vehicle and start my own transport service. Since I had known Mahindra Finance for years, I automatically approached them for the loan. They readily sanctioned it purely based on trust. I bought a Mahindra Alfa pickup vehicle. I use it to transport black oil and make a decent income out of it. I am sure I will expand the business with my hard work and when I will need help with the finance in the future, I will only go to Mahindra Finance. Neeraj Kumar from Bedi Nagar, Moga, Punjab, recovered from a setback with a 3 wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance.

Translation of the Punjabi extract above: Getting a loan at the right time helped me get back up and achieve something in life, after a bad experience left me with nothing.


Satyanarayana Raju from Seethammadhara, Vishakahapatnam, Andhra Pradesh expanded his business after he got a commercial vehicle and constuction equipment loan.

I used to earn my daily bread by getting contracts for digging tunnels. I had taken loans from many finance companies to meet my business expenses. However, due to my business problems, I couldnt pay my dues on time. It wasnt something that I did by choice but the result of the many challenges that kept cropping up. This left a bad mark on my track record. So when I needed to buy a commercial vehicle to develop my business, no finance company was willing to give me a loan. Mahindra Finance came as a ray of hope when they readily agreed to give me a commercial vehicle loan, based on trust and my earning ability. I was deeply touched by this and vowed to make paying EMIs my priority. Because of my regular payments, I have a very good track record with Mahindra Finance. After that my business has grown steadily.

They judged me by my intent and not my track record. They encouraged and helped me take my business to new heights.

During the time I have been associated with Mahindra Finance, I have taken ten vehicle loans in all. My business has gone places and my financial condition is better than ever before. All of this has been possible only because of their trust, the timely help and immense encouragement I have received.

Fight Back

Falguni Ben, from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, fulfilled her husbands dream of owning a car, after his death, with a car loan from Mahindra Finance.

They understood my wish to fulfill my late husbands dream of owning a car, and helped me realise it.

I am a 55 year old widow from Ahmedabad. Some years ago, a cruel turn of events took my husband and son away from me. They were killed in a road accident. My only daughter was married and living with her husband. Left alone, my only wish was to fulfill my husbands dream; of buying a car. He had always wanted to own a car, and his death left that wish unfulfilled. As I did not have enough funds to buy the car on my own, I approached banks and financiers for a car loan. They saw not my dream, but my age and my sad financial condition. I was refused a loan by all of them. With hope in my heart, I approached Mahindra Finance. They empathised with me, understood my dream and helped me turn it into reality! I was sanctioned a car loan, and became the proud owner of a Maruti Wagon R. I paid my instalments on time, from the income I made from keeping paying guests at my home. In time, I learnt to drive the car. It brought peace to me that my husbands desire of bringing a car home had been fulfilled.


Leena K P, from Kannur, Kerala, is a valued customer of Mahindra Finance, who has taken a personal loan.

For women facing some exigency, the doorstep service offered by Mahindra Finance is a blessing! I had to visit the branch office just once during my entire interaction with their team.

I was working in a government school in Kannur disctrict of Kerala. I have been associated with Mahindra Finance for a long time. Would you believe it if I told you that I have visited their office just once? I went there to enquire about a personal loan for an exigency, and that was my first and last visit! The Mahindra Finance executive visited me at home for all formalities. They were extremely prompt and efficient, and my loan was granted very soon. I could have got the same loan from other companies or banks, but I preferred Mahindra Finance for their wonderful service at my doorstep. This service is especially helpful to women. I have always experienced respect and thoughtfulness in all my dealings with them.

Fight Back

I am Kanhaiya Singh from Bikaner. Today I am running a successful vegetable transport business. I have travelled a long road indeed, to reach where I am today. I used to work as a driver for a grocery trader in Pushkar mandi. I had left my family home following some disagreements, and was living with my wifes family. That was truly the lowest point in my life, as I was not able to meet my immediate familys expenses with my limited earnings. My entire family thought very little of me, and I used to feel defeated.

Getting my first pickup vehicle changed my life, and helped me increase my income drastically. I have risen from zero to hero in the eyes of my family!

Desperate to change my situation, I looked for other ways of earning. A friend suggested that I start a small transport business, with a goods vehicle. Looking for a vehicle loan from various companies proved to be a futile and discouraging exercise. My status at the time did not impress anyone. My wife, Sita Devi, suggested I contact a Mahindra Finance executive. He patiently heard me out, understood my situation and saw my strong resolve to work hard. He trusted me enough to give me a loan, albeit in my wifes name. I became the happy owner of a Mahindra Pickup vehicle, which literally turned my life around! I started earning more and was soon able to support my family with my income. I also started trading in vegetables, and increased my profits, and with it, my status in life. My family respects me today, all due to the timely support I received from Mahindra Finance. Sita Devi from Pushkar, Ajmer, Rajasthan, took a light commercial vehicle loan for her husband, Kanhaiya Singh Rawat.




There is no better feat than creating value in the life thats been given to us. Some people invest all their energies, focus and efforts in finding a meaning to their life. They dont look for opportunities, they create them. They fight the forces of life to make what they want, happen. And turn their lives into one long celebration. They work silently and celebrate with the world. They are living inspirations and their lives, case studies on success. They travel the distance between rags and riches, creating milestones along the way. Their energy is infectious. Their personas are inspiring. Their presence is joyful. And their spirit, worthy of a thousand salutes. We have been silently working behind the scenes to give thousands of people a reason to celebrate. We have been striving to make their journey to success, a little easier. Here in this section, flip through the stories of such lives that are all about hard work and the celebration that follows. They leave you with a heart full of hope, mind full of determination and a face full of smiles. A set of stories that truly end in happily ever after.


Thanks to Mahindra Finance, I was able to start my own transportation business. Not only did I start earning well, but I was also able to help both my brothers stand on their own feet! The change in our familys lifestyle almost feels like a miracle!

Vijay Kumar, from Moga, Punjab, is a light commercial vehicle loan customer. As an auto driver, I was finding it extremely difficult to earn a decent living. I owned a second hand auto, and despite working day and night, I was still living hand to mouth. Both my brothers were looking for jobs, and I was the sole earning member of the family. After careful consideration, I decided to buy a new vehicle. Getting a loan for this was also extremely difficult, but Mahindra Finance helped me fulfill this dream. They gave me a loan to buy a Bolero Maxi truck. Soon I got this vehicle attached to a Union and passed on my old auto to my brother. Thus, both of us were able to earn properly and our family income began rising. Once we had collected some savings, I took another loan from Mahindra Finance and purchased a Tata Zip vehicle. This provided an employment opportunity for my second brother as well. Today, our financial condition has improved tremendously. I could hardly have asked for more. My brothers no longer feel like a burden. The entire family lives a happy, prosperous life together. The constant stress I used to be under is now a thing of the past. And all this is a result of the support I got from Mahindra Finance.


From being just another ordinary engineer working for somebody, today I run my own Engineering Services company. Believe it or not, I have more than 200 people working under me! I am extremely grateful for the loan that paved the path for my success.

From 1997 to 2004, I worked as an engineer at a company. In 2004, I left my job and started a sub-contracting partnership with some friends. We soon realised that we required a utility vehicle for our business and I applied for a loan at various places. It was only at Mahindra Finance that the utility vehicle loan was sanctioned. I was able to buy a vehicle with their support. This vehicle helped the business tremendously, as it could be used for both transport as well as marketing purposes. In 2009, I established my own company in partnership with my wife. We named it Pranathi Engineering Services. I took another loan from Mahindra Finance to buy a second Bolero and this really helped our business take off. What followed was success after success on the business front. Today, our company is flourishing and we have more than 200 employees. Each of them respects me tremendously. I could never have dreamt of such success even in my wildest dreams! I had started with crusher services and later expanded into electrical field services. I now plan to also take up construction services as a full-fledged contractor. I am extremely proud to have such a diverse portfolio.

A resident of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, Surya Narayan is a successful businessman and a utility vehicle loan customer.


Back in 1989, I began my career as an auto rickshaw driver, paying Rs 100 every day as rent. I drove the same auto for six years, till I was able to lease this auto against a deposit of Rs 5000 and a monthly rental. The next year I bought a Lambretta vehicle and drove it for four years. Soon I was able to replace the Lambretta with a Vikram and then with a Force Mini Loader. But I was still not satisfied. I had a deep desire to climb the ladder of success and rise to the top despite all odds. In 2007, I came in contact with Mahindra Finance. With their support, I got a loan to buy a Bolero Maxi Truck. Their team overlooked my modest educational credentials and weak financial background. They understood my vision and trusted my capabilities. This was the true turning point of my life! Taraknath Shah, from Howrah, West Bengal started his association with Mahindra Finance with a 3 wheeler loan. Over the next four years, my transportation business grew and I became the proud owner of 25 vehicles, employing more than 40 drivers. Today, I have a steady stream of clients and my business is growing from strength to strength. The joy of providing my family with the comforts they deserve cannot be described in words! Sometimes I cannot believe how well things have turned out for me. The Mahindra Finance team helped me financially to achieve a level of success I had not imagined. But they also taught me a valuable lesson choosing the right employees and ensuring proper customer care is what leads to success. This remains my motto till today!

As an ordinary auto rickshaw driver, I could never have dreamt that one day I would own 25 vehicles, with 40 drivers working under me! I owe my success to Mahindra Finance, as they were the ones who placed their trust in me!


Raju Nayak used to be a hawker in Chirimiri Korea Village, in Manendragarh, Chhattisgarh before taking a car loan.

I used to be a hawker selling flowers and snacks. You can imagine the kind of money I was making then. There was a lot of effort and very little money. This was because I had to run from one market to another to stock up every day. Since I had no vehicle, most of my time was eaten up in stocking up, leaving very little time to actually sell. So I thought of buying a vehicle to shorten the process of stocking up, make the travel easier and save time. But every company I went to for a loan, rejected my application because of my income level and insufficient documents. Meanwhile, I also approached Mahindra Finance, as was suggested by a friend. They processed my application and sanctioned the loan immediately. The process was simple and their team was friendly and helpful. I purchased a Tata Nano with the money I received. It was a happy day for me. I used this vehicle to sell my products in many markets and my business started giving me greater returns. My lifestyle and social status improved steadily. With the money I made, I even started a catering business. It was a dramatic change from my earlier condition. Today, my life is on an all time high! In retrospect I realise that this was possible because of the timely help Mahindra Finance gave me. I consider them to be a company for needy people. I am one of the many who have benefited from them and hope that many more enjoy a similar rewarding experience.

My life is on an all time high and the credit goes to Mahindra Finance for giving it that much needed push.


Sharadha, a teacher in Jagtiyal, Andhra Pradesh, has been a commercial vehicle loan customer since 2010.

I used to be a teacher in a private school. But I always nurtured the dream of running a school in my home town, Jagtiyal Village. I wanted to provide quality education to the children there. With Gods grace, I was able to establish my school and the number of students began increasing year by year. Soon, it began getting difficult for such large numbers of children to travel to the school. I decided that it was time to buy a school bus. I did not have the money to buy it immediately, so I applied for a loan in various banks. Unfortunately, none of them came through. One day, a Mahindra Finance executive visited our school. He told me that they could provide us a loan to buy a school bus. I was thrilled to hear this and immediately submitted all the documents required. Within just two days, the loan was sanctioned. The payment terms were also very reasonable.

I am extremely happy that my dream of owning a school bus could be fulfilled with the support of Mahindra Finance! Thanks to this, our school continues to progress and achieve various milestones of development!

When more students joined and I needed to buy a second bus, I contacted Mahindra Finance right away. Today, our students are able to travel to and fro comfortably, and our school is making excellent progress. We have already achieved quite a name for ourselves, all thanks to Mahindra Finance.


While working as an auto driver, I once went to an automobile dealer with my boss, who wanted to purchase a vehicle. There, I came to know of Mahindra Finance and their loan facilities. I realised that it was possible for me to buy my own vehicle as well. I also learnt about the benefits of taking such a loan. I was thrilled at the prospect of owning my own vehicle and applied for a loan. It made no sense to continue driving for someone else. A Mahindra Finance executive explained the loan schemes to me in detail. I was a bit nervous as I didnt have a proper income proof. But Mahindra Finance recognised my potential, positive intentions and zeal to work and I was given a loan. This proved to be the turning point of my life! Today, I own a total of four vehicles, and have already applied for a loan for the fifth one as well. My business has taken off extremely well and I enjoy an excellent reputation in the market. I operate in one of the best commercial areas of Bhopal, and I know my future holds great promise. My standard of living has shot up tremendously and I can afford all the comforts of life. Words cannot describe how elated I feel! I find the positive, out of the box thinking of Mahindra Finance truly amazing. They truly stick to their tagline Bande main hai dum, pehchane sirf hum! Daulat Ram Gurnani was an auto rickshaw driver in Bairagarh, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh before taking a 3 wheeler loan for purchasing an auto rickshaw.

Thanks to a timely loan, I could rise from being just another driver to becoming the owner of a successful transportation business. Today, my name is well known in the Bairagarh area and people call me their role model!


Arjuna becomes the Greatest Warrior of All Time

Arjuna was the most talented and accomplished of archers in the Mahabharata. In spite of this, he went through trying and testing times, and emerged the victor. In the final 18day battle between the Pandavas and Kauravas, Arjunas efforts and skills earned vital victories for the Pandavas, including the defeat of Bheeshma, who had the boon of death by his own free will. At the end of the war, Arjuna emerged as a legend among warriors, hailed as an example to follow, for generations to come. The celebration of his victories, with Krishna as his charioteer, advisor and friend, are the stuff epics are made of. By moving ahead with unflinching courage, our customers from every corner of Bharat, have achieved phenomenal growth and transformed their circumstances, becoming a source of inspiration for others.


Circa 1995. Mahindra Finance started off as a captive finance company financing primarily Mahindra utility vehicles. Circa 2013. Mahindra Finance is Indias largest rural NBFC partnering many farmers and small entrepreneurs, and enabling them to realise their aspirations. The story of our transformation is the story of belief. A belief that an individual has the power to change his / her destiny. A belief that there always exists a newer way of doing things. A belief that both the parties can mutually benefit from a transaction. The belief was sustained and strengthened by listening to our customers. This enabled us to understand the aspirations of millions of farmers and small entrepreneurs; and partner them. We learnt how the earning potential gets impacted by the type of product, by the application, by the geography, etc. Each customers needs were distinct and unique, and we needed to craft solutions for them based on their requirement. Our customers helped us to discover many things. Through them we witnessed the silent revolution that is sweeping across India. We experienced firsthand the energy that is propelling them forward; the lengths to which they go to overcome the odds and transform their lives. Partnering with them helped us in identifying other needs of theirs. By steadily expanding our offerings, not only were we able to cater to a more diverse set of customers but also forge a much closer relationship with them. When a customer invites us to a wedding in their family, enquires about the right sort of education for their kids, asks our views on the relative merits / demerits of various types of goods or services, we know that we have truly become a part of their family. The stories of our customers reflect the triumph of hope over adversity. How through belief we have the power to create change. This book is our tribute to these unsung heroes. And through them we hope that you understand us, Mahindra Finance, better.

R Balaji
Vice President Marketing & Strategy, Mahindra Finance


Shanuddeen Sheikh, once a scrap dealer in Surat, Gujarat, has taken multiple light commercial vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance, changing his life in the process.

I used to live in the slum area of Surat, doing business in scrap. The income was as good as nothing and living in the times of growing prices was a challenge. I wanted a loan to grow my business and approached an endless list of banks and financiers to help me. But they only saw my standard of living and my savings. Both were low. But how could I improve my life if I didnt get a chance? And sometimes, chances come only through money. Mahindra Finance stepped in at this point and promised a loan. They gave me the loan after understanding my earning capacity and determination. The first loan that they gave me was the turning point in my life. In the years that followed, I have taken ten different loans. And my business has taken off and reached great heights. Would you believe, that I now own two houses, a shop, godown and a car? It has been a journey of triumph, with Mahindra Finance by my side. Even if someone else gave me a loan at a much lower rate of interest, I wouldnt spare them a second look because I will always stick by Mahindra Finance. Its because of them, that I am where I am, today.

They saw the potential in a scrap dealer and gave him a loan not just once, but 10 times. Today my life has improved in a way I couldnt have imagined.


Hem Chandra Naidu is a long-standing commercial vehicle loan customer of Mahindra Finance, from Madipatla Palli Village in Irala, Andhra Pradesh. My association with Mahindra Finance began in 2009 and till date I have taken seven vehicle loans from them. I used to work as a lecturer in a private college, but soon got fed up with the low salary. In 2009, I decided to start my own college and named it Vijetha Degree College. I soon realised that there was a crucial need for buses for the college. I tried to take a loan to purchase two Tourister buses, but my loan application was rejected everywhere. Through my relatives, I heard about Mahindra Finance and approached them for a loan. They were very encouraging, and sanctioned my loan for two buses. The number of students attending my college began increasing by leaps and bounds, and within a year, I took a loan for two more vehicles from Mahindra Finance. The next year I bought two additional vehicles and recently I also bought a Hyundai Santro for my personal use. In each case, I took a loan from Mahindra Finance. Their fast service and easy payment terms really impressed me. Today, my college has an excellent student strength, and it is considered to be one of the best in the area. All the students, parents and faculty members respect me immensely. Walking through the college corridors, I experience a wonderful sense of fulfillment. These days I wake up every morning feeling I have truly achieved something worthwhile!

My college would never have been able to expand without enough buses for students to travel in. Today, Vijetha Degree College is a state of the art institution and enjoys tremendous goodwill in the community!


Mahindra Finance has helped my business and profits grow tremendously. Seven years ago, I could not have imagined that I would have ten vehicles of my own!
Today I can proudly tell you my story; how I came to be the owner of no less than ten vehicles! I was introduced to Mahindra Finance through the vehicle dealer. I was quite impressed by their service and convenient and thoughtful payment modes. In the early years of my seven year old business, we were providing travel services. But since we did not own any vehicles, we would rent them from various people. As you can imagine, the rent made a sizeable dent in our profits. We aspired to have our own vehicles and make enough profit to make our business grow. S Ram Kumar, a resident of Maredpally, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, took car loans over the last five years, to expand his travel business. I approached Mahindra Finance for a loan seven years ago, and the rest is history. My loan got sanctioned very fast. Our business took a new turn. We were very successful in areas around Hyderabad and soon wanted to expand into the heart of Hyderabad. Over the next five years we took ten vehicle loans from Mahindra Finance. Now our company, Ganesh Travels, is among the top three travel services companies in Hyderabad in our category. I thank Mahindra Finance for enabling my companys growth with their constant support. Really excellent service, I have to say.


Makhan Ali runs a transportation business in the village of VPO Baler Khanpur, Jalandhar, Punjab, and is a light commercial vehicle loan customer.

Today, I am a reputed businessman enjoying excellent credibility in the market. Gone are the days when I earned a meagre income from selling milk. I am extremely grateful for the loan that paved the way for my success!

As a milk seller, I had to travel to various places for deliveries all the time. I desperately needed a delivery vehicle. As I did not have much savings, I tried applying for a loan. But not a single bank or organisation was ready to give me finance. In 1999, Mahindra Finance came to my rescue. They sanctioned my loan and I was able to buy a pick up vehicle. My delivery process became much smoother and my earnings began to shoot up. I was able to repay the entire loan amount on time. With the support of Mahindra Finance, I began purchasing a new delivery vehicle every two years. Soon my financial condition improved and I was able to establish my own transportation business. This itself was a dream come true for me! Today, I no longer need to sell milk to earn a living and my new business is flourishing. My family and I can finally live the kind of lifestyle we always dreamed of! It has been an amazing journey of growth for me Many financial institutes are now ready to give me loans, but I would never go to anyone other than Mahindra Finance. After all, I owe my reputation and success to them.


A resident of Bhadra, Hanumangarh, in Rajasthan, Ayub Khan started his relationship with Mahindra Finance with a utility vehicle loan.

I began my career as a labourer in a mandi, working day and night to sustain myself. On the suggestion of a friend, I took up an opportunity to go to Saudi Arabia. I worked there as a taxi driver for ten years. On returning to India in 2005, I felt confident enough to start a taxi business of my own. But I had only Rs 1 lakh as savings and it was not possible to buy a vehicle with that amount. I heard about Mahindra Finance at an automobile dealership and contacted them. I shared my business plan and past experience with their executive and openly answered all his queries. I wondered whether the loan would come through or not, but soon I got a call telling me that my loan had been sanctioned. I was ecstatic and I am extremely grateful for the trust Mahindra Finance placed in me. With their support, I bought my first Bolero. I had driven hundreds of cars over the years, but driving my own car was one of the most thrilling moments of my life! I started earning well immediately and paid back all the EMIs on time. When I was able to save up some money, I contacted Mahindra Finance again. They gave me an extremely warm welcome and sanctioned my loan application for a second Bolero. Since then, my business has grown in leaps and bounds! Today, I own no less than twenty vehicles, all of which have been financed by Mahindra Finance. These include a range of M&M vehicles as well as the latest XUV 500. The joy of running a successful business is unparallelled for me! I love the challenges involved at every stage. Without Mahindra Finance, none of this would have ever been possible.

Today, I am the most successful taxi operator in my entire area! I have an excellent reputation in the market and my clients are extremely happy with my work. Everyone in the village now looks up to me!

A resident of Manthani, Andhra Pradesh, and a 3 wheeler loan customer, Vollala Nagaraju grew from being a daily wage worker to a successful businessman in less than two years.

I started out my career working as a daily wage labourer at a construction site. I did not mind the hard work, but the income at the end of the day was very difficult to survive on. My family and I constantly faced financial problems. I decided to do something to change this situation. Working at the site had given me a good idea about how construction goods are transported. In 2011, I decided to buy a small transport vehicle and start my own transportation business. I wanted to buy the Mahindra Alfa carrier, but had no money to do so. When I tried for a loan, many financiers rejected me outright. Still, I refused to give up! One day, I reached the Mahindra Finance office and shared my requirement with them. I told them clearly how I planned to repay the instalments. They immediately agreed to sanction my loan. I was very happy with their prompt service. The Mahindra Alfa proved to be a boon for me and I started earning well very soon. Today, my family and I enjoy a comfortable standard of living, far beyond what we could have thought. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that things have changed so much, in so short a time. My business has really picked up and I am thrilled that my hard work is paying off. I will always remain loyal to Mahindra Finance, as without them, I would never have been able to achieve my dreams. I have already recommended their name to several friends as well.

As a construction work labourer, I could only dream of running my own transportation business. Today, this dream has come true, and apart from a stable income, I also enjoy great respect in my community.


As a retired person, I was lucky to get a loan to start my own transportation business. Today, I own seventy-two vehicles, and currently earn even more than I earned as a salaried employee! Thanks to Mahindra Finance, I can strongly say that age is no barrier when it comes to achieving success!

After retiring from a private sector job, I wanted to start my own transportation business. But to fulfill this dream I needed finance. I applied at various places for a loan. Soon I realised that no organisation wants to take the risk of giving money to a retired person. I was disappointed, but I refused to give up my dream so easily. Around this time, I heard about Mahindra Finance. I approached them with my idea and they agreed to sanction my loan. The entire process was extremely swift and hassle free. Their prompt doorstep service made life simple. I am extremely grateful to them for having faith in me despite my age. Combining the loan with my savings, I was able to start my business, and since then there has been no looking back. Today, I own a fleet of seventy-two vehicles, with plans of further expansion. I will soon be taking up a contract for the prestigious Adani Group as well. I could never have imagined that the second innings of my life would be so productive. Thanks to Mahindra Finance, I do not need to be dependent on anyone even in my old age. Even today, I can take pride in providing a good lifestyle for my family. With a flourishing business to look after, every day of my life now feels like a celebration, and I always have something to look forward to. Ashwin Mehta, aged 67 years, lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and has taken multiple car loans.


Today I am the proud owner of a house in Chandigarh, two three-wheelers and a car. My children are getting good education. I am now the Pradhan of my auto union in Chandigarh, and enjoy an excellent reputation.
I migrated to Chandigarh at the age of 14 from my native village Azamgarh in UP. Back in 1986, I was moving from job to job, looking for a suitable means to earn. For a while I worked as a waiter in a hotel and then as a conductor for a truck. Finally I opted to work as a school bus driver, as I wanted to spend more time with my family. We were staying in a rented house in Chandigarh. My salary could not meet my rising expenses and aspirations for a better life. In 2005, I purchased my first three wheeler, with a loan from a local financier. I wish I had known about Mahindra Finance at that time. The next vehicle I wanted to purchase was the Alfa Passenger, so I went to the Mahindra dealer. He referred me to Mahindra Finance. They studied my requirement and quickly gave me a loan for the Alfa Passenger. Their rate of interest was considerably lower than that of private financiers. Well, the vehicle was very profitable for me and I went on to save quite a bit. Within just six years I was able to buy a house in Chandigarh for my family. I applied for another loan for an Alfa Passenger in 2012. Considering my timely repayments of earlier loans, the company approved my application for finance promptly. While I prospered, I would be very concerned about the financial condition of my cousins. They were working as truck drivers and mechanics at that time. I recommended Mahindra Finance strongly to them, and they followed my example, to become owners of three wheelers. And it doesnt stop there I finally realised my dream of owning a car, with help from Mahindra Finance. At every step, they have helped me fulfill my dreams. Umesh Kumar moved from unemployment to being the owner of multiple vehicles and a house in Chandigarh, with the help of 3 wheeler loans from Mahindra Finance.


Name Abdulla Abhay Wagh Ahmed Pathan Alineni Rao Anil Kumar V Appukutty Nair Ashwin Mehta Asif Sheikh Avdhesh Sharma Ayub Khan Ayub Khan Balasubramanian Balram Sahu Bhanwar Lal Verma Bishnu Deka Biswajit Nath Roy Brij Mohan Meena Damodar Sharma Daulat Gurnani Daulat Ram Bansal Devadas Dilip Bhosale Dinakaran Falguniben G Kumar Gaurav Mistry Girdhari Bundela Girish Patil Gopal Jagdale Gopal Khatua Gopalakrishnan Nair Place Jaipur, Rajasthan Vadodara, Gujarat Phulambri, Maharashtra Jagityal, Andhra Pradesh Tellicherry, Kerala Thamrassery, Kerala Ahmedabad, Gujarat Waghodia, Gujarat Surat, Gujarat Choti Chapri, Rajasthan Bhadra, Rajasthan Adduthurai, Tamil Nadu Rai Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh Sehore, Madhya Pradesh Kharguli, Assam Gauripur, Assam Chouki, Madhya Pradesh Belka, Madhya Pradesh Bairagarh, Madhya Pradesh Baran, Rajasthan Puzhakkal, Kerala Solapur, Maharashtra Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu Ahmedabad, Gujarat Dharampuri, Tamil Nadu Ahmedabad, Gujarat Nimsari, Madhya Pradesh Manvi, Karnataka Paithan, Maharashtra Bhapur, Orissa Pangode, Kerala Page No. 125 88 28 24 76 63 152 14 50 115 150 113 114 92 52 41 99 47 143 78 39 70 71 133 42 105 29 12 108 60 101 Name Hem Chandra Naidu Hester Thaba Inder Singh Ishaque Hussain Jagdish Singh Rathore Jalaludheen Kunju Janak Singh Yadav Jayantibhai Pandya Jitendra Panchal Jolly K Y K Thimma Reddy Kabi Kanara Kajal Bera Kapilaben Patel Kishan Pawar Koyada Veerareddy Kunj Bihari Lakhan Sahu Laltu Gorai Leena K P M Demudu M Sarojini Mahipatsinh Jadeja Makhan Ali Makhan Singh Bheel Maliram Kumhar Manabhai Chaudhary Mangalsingh Chopra Mani Ram Md Shamim Alam Miyajan Ansari Place Madipatla Palli, Andhra Pradesh Rynjah, Meghalaya Jamsedpura, Madhya Pradesh Indore, Madhya Pradesh Sundersi, Madhya Pradesh Kerala Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh Maninagar, Gujarat Khutaj, Gujarat Thrikkariyoor, Kerala Rayalapuram, Andhra Pradesh Bindhanima, Orissa Ganapati Nagar, West Bengal Surat, Gujarat Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh Neerukulla, Andhra Pradesh Khora Bisal, Rajasthan Nandanpura, Uttar Pradesh Ghatshila, Jharkhand Kannur, Kerala Laxmipuram, Andhra Pradesh Madhira, Andhra Pradesh Soneth, Gujarat VPO Baler Khanpur, Punjab Jamner, Madhya Pradesh Anantpura, Rajasthan Khata Sana, Gujarat Morija, Rajasthan Sriganganagar, Rajasthan Rourkela, Orissa Beko, Jharkhand Page No. 147 107 32 66 104 127 106 90 93 18 13 67 16 130 119 20 17 30 91 134 124 85 97 149 34 19 121 48 53 21 35

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Place Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Mancherial, Andhra Pradesh Shiv Nagar Village, Uttarakhand Calicut, Kerala Pedapally, Andhra Pradesh Panigate, Gujarat Bedi Nagar, Punjab Kakhara, Orissa Kalinga Nagar, Orissa Khanapur Phata, Maharashtra Aluva, Kerala Kavaas, Gujarat Surat, Gujarat Narayanapuram, Andhra Pradesh Lakhanpur, Bihar Chirimiri Korea, Chhattisgarh Koran, Chhattisgarh Kalamba, Maharashtra Bhind, Madhya Pradesh Achipatti, Tamil Nadu Madan Bybther Mairang, Meghalaya Vadodara, Gujarat Thrissur, Kerala Bhilwara, Rajasthan Kishoni, Madhya Pradesh Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Maredpally, Andhra Pradesh Pattambi, Kerala Chhatarial, Rajasthan Nanegaon, Maharashtra Khaikheda, Madhya Pradesh

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This book is the labour of love of a large number of people in the Mahindra Finance Team. From collecting experiences from customers spread across India, to putting together the final book, every part and every contribution towards making this book possible, is valued. We hereby acknowledge the following people for their contributions to this book: Special Thanks Anand Mahindra Anuj Mehra Bharat Doshi Jaideep Devare R Balaji Rajnish Agarwal Ramesh Iyer V Ravi Vinay Deshpande Contest Support Jayadev Vijayan Khalid Khan Mamta Pai Customer Stories Contributors Anil Bal Anil Patial Anshul Shrivastava Anthony Nongrum Arun Harsha Arun Patel Arun Sharma Ashutosh Vyas Avijit Ghosh Balakishore B D Rajesh Debojeet Lamari Deepak Trivedi Devashish Roy Dharmender Singh Dhaval Chitnis Dinesh Acharya Diganta Das Divyesh Upadhyay Gopal Krishnan Goutham Singh Hanuman Karwasra Hari Kumar Himansu Mohapatra Janki Bhatt Jishnu Ram Jitendra Mer Jose George K Ravi K Selva Kumar K Suresh Kantilal Barua Karthikeyan B Kaushal Chopra Kavery Kumar Mahender Sharma Mahendra Singh Mahesh Naikar Manish Kumar Mayank Chaturvedi Mohd. Akram Khan Mohit Agarwal Munindra Baishya Nilesh Bhoir Nitin Dubey Pankaj Sharma Pankaj Tarafdar Piyush Shrihar Prasanth Pravin Kumar Rahul Khera Rahul Sharma Rajendra Singh Rakesh Kashyap Rani Akhtar Ravi Shrivastava Renjith Johny Ritesh Ojha Riyaz Robin Sadiq Durrani Sajid Mansoori Sandeep Jadhav Sanjay Kathar Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Sharma Sanoj Santosh Jalani Santosh Singh Satendra Bhargava SDPS Shrinivas Shaik Riyaz Shankar Pareek Shankar Raut Shiv Charan Shriyans Jain Somanath Jadhav Subrato Roy Sumit Modi Sunil Panigrahi Suresh Kumar Tapan Kumar Sharma Tushar Darji Uday Jani Vasanth Vijay Kumar Yadav Vikas Varma Vinod C K Vinod Pareek Vipul Vivek Patil Yogendra Rajawat Zonal Champs Akshay Patel Anil Bal Anirudha Rao Ankit Bagree Ankit Hasija Ankur Daxini Avinash Tripathi Balakishore B Bharat Kumar Chitranki Soni Durgam Joji Gopalakrishnan Harshal Kakade Janki Bhatt Jayadev B Jaydeep Maniyar Kishan Bachani Megha Dutta Pradeep Kumar Rahul R Ravinder Thakur Vishwesh Deshpande