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Benefits from use of Panchangam Thithyeshcha Shreeyamapnothi Vaaraath Aayushyavardhanam Nakshathraath Harathepaapam Yogaath Roganivaranam Karanaath Karyasiddhishchaath Panchangam

dashamephalam Knowledge of Thithi bestows Wealth, Knowledge of Vaara increases Longevity, Knowledge of Nakshatra erases Sins, Knowledge of Yoga cures Diseases and Knowledge of Karana ensures Success in work Panchangam All instances of time have five characteristics viz. Vaara, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. These five characteristics are detailed for all the days of the year in an almanac which is called Panchangam. (Pancha + anga). These characteristics are derived from the positions of Sun and Moon. Panchangam is used for knowing these five basic characteristics of time for sankalpa, locating dates of vratas, locating dates of shraddhas and for finding suitable dates for auspicious functions. Positions Sun, Moon and other planets are also given in the Panchangams. These are used for fixing Muhurthas and preparation of horoscopes and predictions by Astrologers. Planets (Grahas) Panchangams consider 7 planets and 2 shadowy planets.They are: Sl. Planets / Shadowy Planets Antharyami Roopa 1. Surya or Ravi Sun Rama 2. Soma or Chandra - Moon Krishna 3. Kuja or Mangala - Mars Narasimha 4. Budha or Soumya Mercury Bouddha 5. Guru or Brihaspati - Jupiter Vamana 6. Shukra or Bhargava Venus Parashurama 7. Shani or Manda -Saturn Kurma 1. Shadowy Planet: Rahu or Thama - Dragons head Varaha 2. Shadowy Planet: Kethu or Sikhi - Dragons Tail. Mathsya
Thus, from Sun to Saturn are planets and Rahu and Kethu are imaginary planets. They are actually the nodes (points) of intersection of the imaginary paths of Sun and Moon (as visualised by an observer on Earth), located at diametrically opposite points. Rahu and Kethu (Dragons head and tail) are also known as shadowy planets. In the Indian system of Astronomy, Sun is considered a planet eventhough it is the source of light and heat unlike in the western system, where by definition, planets are not the source of light and heat.