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Granulated Gypsum

Homogeneous Greens Grade


Tru-prill Granulated Gypsum is a dispersible source of gypsum, suitable for applications to closely mowed turf grass.

Tru-Prill Granulated Gypsum

Restores sodium affected soils. Supplies necessary plant available nutrients calcium and sulfur. Gypsum is pH neutral, and will not increase soil pH. Enhances positive bacterial activity and discourages plant diseases related to poor aeration.


Calcium (Ca) 20.0% Sulphur (S) 12.0%


Calcium sulphate (gypsum) Non-Plant Nutrient: Molasses


To provide proper distribution, calibrate spreader before application.

Tru-prill Granulated Gypsum Packaged in 50 lb. (22.68 kg) bags. lb/1,000ft2 1.0 3.0 5.26 15.8 228 687 4.57 13.7 kg/100m2 .48 1.44 4.5 9.0 450 900 256 11.3 768 33.8

RATE 1.0 3.0

Accupro 2000 K 1/2 *P

Scotts R8 J *O 1/2

Calcium (actual) Material Lb/acre Bags/acre Kg/ha Bags/ha

Settings calibrated for double application with 100% overlap.

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Granulated Gypsum
Homogeneous Greens Grade
Calcium Sulphate Molasses

Provides the base cation calcium to address deficiencies common in sand media. Provides excellent carbon source for soil microbes. Increased soil microbial activity helps reduce thatch and release nutrients held in the thatch layer. Gypsum (calcium sulphate) helps to remove and prevent sodium build up. Tru-prill granules begin to disperse within minutes of irrigation for better nutrient dispersion and less mower pick-up. Safe for use on fine turf.

Tru-Prill Granulated Gypsum

Removes sodium

Dispersible Non Burning, Low Salt Index


Apply Tru-prill Granulated Gypsum in conjunction with a Precision nutrient program that includes an assessment of need from analytical data. Watering in is recommended to assist in working the product into the turf. Water following application until granules have dispersed into the turf canopy. For heavier rates of application, apply product in the evening and water thoroughly. A light watering in the morning is recommended prior to mowing. Use a clean dry spreader. Do not leave unused product in a spreader.



Store in a clean, dry location. Partially used bags should be closed by folding over the open end and securing.

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Tru-Prill is a registered trademark of Plant Science, Inc. Inc. Copyright 2012 Tru-Prill is a registered trademark of Plant Science, Copyright 2012

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