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PANGANTIHON,CoE University of the Immaculate Conception Mater in Information Technology

My Workplace, its Strengths and Weaknesses I am currently working as a trainer and computer laboratory-in-charge at Northlink Technological Institute (NTI), Panabo City. It is a technical-vocational school which started its operation on the year 2008. The school is still new and it does not have much to be brag about. I am one of the pioneering employees of the school. And, analyzing my workplace strengths and weaknesses lead me to enumerate more weaknesses than its strengths. The school is situated along the national highway of Panabo City. The location is very accessible and the school building is attractive, the environment is conducive for learning and it has a very clean area. With regards to school facilities, we have much to boast of. We meet the TESDA standards for the different workstations and classrooms. We have complete tools and equipments necessary for competency-based training. The computer laboratories have stable internet connection and the entire building is wi-fi hotspot. The HRM workstation on bartending, commercial coorking, household services and food and beverage services has state-of-the-art facilities. The school also has a wide function area that could cater 200-300 persons. The NTIs teaching staff could be of strength because all trainers are highly qualified on their field. The training inside the classroom is intense, students are really learning individually in their own paced. They have enough time on different workstations; therefore, their skills are enhanced more deeply. In addition to its strengths, is the usual support of the school President along with the Board of Directors. They are residing in Manila but they have monthly visit on us. The school is still not earning too much. The income is just enough for the employees salaries and other operating expenses. But, the school owners are still very supportive. Their sincerity in helping people of Panabo is genuine. And since the school is just in second year of operations, a lot of weaknesses within the organization are viewed. The increase of enrolment is not good. From its first year of operation we have an initial enrollment of 169 students, but on its second year of operations, new student-enrollee drop down to 118 only. The reason of the decrease of enrolment might be because the administration doesnt have much plan and effort in marketing strategies and promotion. The school administration does not have policies to follows regarding on some many things. Example, we do not have manuals --- manuals for faculty, administration and students. No faculty salary scheme followed. Job description of employees is not cleared. Each employee has multiple functions.

Supports to faculty and students also not given much attention. We do not have faculty development plan. We do not have trainings and seminars to update knowledge of the students and faculty, because according to admin, we do not have much budget. Despite of many weaknesses we have here in our school, I still believe that someday, we could overcome those weaknesses and build a strong institution as long as we, the workforce of NTI, are helping each other for its success.