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AutoCAD Electrical 2013

Whats New
2012 Autodesk

AutoCAD Electrical 2013 | Session Agenda

Electrical Design for Digital Prototyping Whats New Themes

Session Summary

2012 Autodesk

Electrical Design for Digital Prototyping

Better design, simulate, and visualize your products

Reduce your reliance on physical prototypes

Bring your products to market ahead of the competition

2012 Autodesk

Award-Winning Software

CONTROL DESIGN Readers Choice Award

ECAD software category Winner for 8 years running

2012 Autodesk

Electrical Market Penetration

Electro Mechanical Seats

14,500 customers 42,000 seats worldwide

2012 Autodesk

A Significant Differentiator

One of the only major vendors to provide mechanical and electrical tools Simple, focused, & integrated tools for electro-mechanical design A significant foot in the door at competitive implementations

Significant value for customers

2012 Autodesk

Pause Delay

Industry Segments

Utilities and Power

Automotive and Transportation

Building Products and Fabrication

Industrial Machinery

Engineering Services

2012 Autodesk

2013 Product Design Suite | Includes Electrical

AutoCAD Electrical now in Autodesk Product Design Suite

Premium and Ultimate only

2012 Autodesk

Whats New Themes | AutoCAD Electrical 2013

2012 Autodesk

2013 Beta Feedback Examples

The new right-click context menus look stunning! Great job!!!
I like the improvements to the project manager and like the marking menu.

Awesome, good to see improvements to ACADE!!

Project Manager with subdirectories GREAT IDEA !!!
2012 Autodesk

Thanks for expanding the item number re-sequence to being a truly projectwide function, synchronizing the schematic item numbers to match the panel footprint item numbers! Much appreciated.

User Experience | Learning Tools

Get users up to speed quickly Access to expert advise Context-related help

2012 Autodesk

User Experience | FY13 Autodesk Exchange

Extends your electrical offering

Utilize capabilities when talking to customers about our solutions Immediate solutions easy and painless Energizes the developer community
Voltage Drop Calculator AE eXtender, Wire Routing

Electrical Safety Simulation

2012 Autodesk

User Experience | Marking Menu

Similar to Autodesk Inventor software Accessibility to common functionality Context sensitive Based on type of object

Click on command or gesture

Can be turned on or off

2012 Autodesk

Whats New Themes | AutoCAD Electrical 2013

2012 Autodesk

Project Management | Project Manager

Handle large projects more easily

Helps increases productivity Uses Structure Identifier Re-order plus drag-and-drop folders and files

2012 Autodesk

Project Management | Item Numbering

Item numbering synchronized between schematics and panel layouts

Thanks for a truly projectwide function! Much appreciated.

Changes propagate across project Reduces cross-checks and tedious manual updating

2012 Autodesk

Whats New Themes | AutoCAD Electrical 2013

2012 Autodesk

Standards | 129,295 New Manufacturer Parts

18,727 parts
Powerflex MPM Servo Motors RDM Servo Motors

17,263 parts
ProM Circuit Breaker Emax Circuit Breaker ESB, EN Contactors proM Switch Discon OTM, OTS series E250 proM Relays

Libraries and data include: Manufacturer part # Linked to symbols Key attributes Voltage Dimensions Etc. Footprints Benefits More productive Complete BOM Purchase order 1:1 Panel layout

Schneider Electric
21,346 parts
marine C60H Multi9 Zelio Altivar 212 Tesys DF Tesys LR97D, LT 47

71,959 parts
Sinamics G120 Sinamics G120D Sinamics G120P Simatic S7 1200 Simatic ET200

2012 Autodesk

Standards | Manufacturer Content

Siemens Push Buttons

557 new footprints

ABB Circuit Breakers Schneider Electric Motor Starters

2012 Autodesk

Standards | Manufacturer Content Benefits

Panel Layout


Parts List (BOM)



2012 Autodesk

Session Summary | AutoCAD Electrical 2013

User Experience Project Management


Learning Tools Exchange Store Marking Menu

Project Management

Symbols Footprints Manufacturer Content

2012 Autodesk

AutoCAD: Connect Your Design Workflow

Easily import and aggregate 3D models from a variety of applications Document 3D models with section and
detail views

Synchronize drawings and folders with your online account with Autodesk 360.

2012 Autodesk

Mobility and Real-Time Collaboration
AutoCAD WS enables users to view, edit, and share their drawings almost anywhere, anytime.

2012 Autodesk

Autodesk Subscription Discover the Subscription Advantage

Autodesk Subscription gives customers an advantage with:

More cloud computing capabilities and capacity

Upgrades to the latest software releases Online technical support Flexible licensing privileges

2012 Autodesk

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