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Submitted by: Vanessa Joy V. Castro Submitted to: Atty.Joanna Aggabao

Statement of the Facts: In the movie Fracture, Ted Crawford is a structural engineer who discovers that his wife Jennifer Crawford was having an affair with the police officer Robert Nunally in the swimming pool at the hotel. When Jennifer went back in their home, Mr. Crawford meet his wife and shoot her and immediately told to the police officer that He did that crime but He is not guilty in doing that and He want to defend himself to the court. The District Attorney, Atty. Beachum has a successful career and wants to resign in his position in the low-pay public service work to join in the civil-law firm. At the court, Beachum acts as the Attorney of Ted Crawford. Mr. Crawford confesses to Atty. Beachum that the police officer Robert Nunally was having an affair with his wife and attacks him in his arrest. After that, Atty. Beachum discovers that Crawford's gun was not used to shoot his wife because it had never been fired and did not match the shell casings at the crime scene. And because there is no new evidence to present to the jugde, Beachum is forced to give up the trial and the judge declared that Mr. Crawford is not guilty. After they declared, Nunally commits suicide with Crawford's gun outside the courtroom. After the trial, Mr. Beachum continues searching for evidence which He discover that both Nunally and Crawford used the same type of gun. He figures out that before the crime Mr. Crawford switched his gun with Mr. Nunally's. Mr. Crawford shoot his wife with Nunally's gun. Atty. Beachum confronts Crawford with his new evidence. Since she died, the bullet stuck in Jennifer's head can now be used as evidence and matched with Nunally's gun. Crawford confesses and assuming that He will be protected under the Double Jeopardy Clause. However, Atty. Beachum reveals that by allowing his wife to die, Crawford can now be begin for murder, having previously been tried only for attempted murder. Since he had taken Jennifer off life support, new charges can be filed against Crawford and a new trial can be set. Issues:
Attempted Murder Whether or not Mr. Crawford will be convicted in the case of Attempted Murder? Double Jeopardy Whether or not Mr. Crawford will be convicted in the case of double jeopardy? Murder Whether or not Mr. Crawford will be convicted in the case of Murder?

Conclusion: Based on the film Fracture that I watched, the story have tricky elements, unresolved plan that can make the viewers provide different ideas on how the cases flows and how all of its being resolved by the attorneys or a lawyer. And by concluding all these issues that Mr. Crawford did, from Attempted Murder, when He shoot his wife Jennifer by having an affair to Mr. Nunally, but luckily his wife recovered. And Atty. Beachum must prove to the court that He has an actual evidence for that crime. But unfortunately, Atty. Beachum does not have evidence in which it was the cause of releasing the defendant. And according to the law in the Californian Penal Code #664 of attempted murder that Every person who attempts to commit any crime, but fails, or is prevented or intercepted in its perpetration, shall be punished where no provision is made by law for the punishment of those attempts. And by releasing the defendant and by knowing all the answer to the entire question in Atty. Beachums mind, He cant no longer use the crime again to Mr. Crawford because He was acquitted in the first trial and her wife was still alive. And according to the Philippine Constitution Bill of Rights Article III, Section 21, No person shall be shall be twice put in jeopardy of punishment for the same offense. But in the murder case when Mr. Crawford had taken off the life support of his wife Jennifer in the hospital, it causes of her death which can be a new charge and new trial in the court and can be a reason to win the case of Atty. Beachum because according to the law of the Californian Penal Code 187 that Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being. Therefore, Murder can be convicted.