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Name: Flores, Harryanne E.

Grade & Section: VI - Faraday

Teacher: Mrs. Annaliza Reyes Date: 10-24-2013

Movie Title: Taare Zameen Par Every Child is Special Author: Aamir Khan Aamir Khan Productions Type Of Movie: Reallity and Short Story Characters: Ishaan Awasthi Ram Shankar Nikumbh Maya Awasthi Summary: Rajan Lalita Lajimi

Once there was a boy who named, Ishaan Awasthi. Ishaan is an eight-year-old boy who dislikes school and fails every test or exam. He finds all subjects difficult, and is belittled by his teachers and classmates. When there is a class, he was always been punished by his teachers, because he didnt giving some attentions in the class. Because of Ishaans fails in every test and exams, the teachers give him a particularly poor academic report. Ishaans parents send him to Boarding School. There he sinks into a state of fear and depression, despite being befriended by Rajan, a physically disabled and one of the top in their class. Ishaan's situation changes when a new art teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh. An instructor at the Tulips School for young children with developmental disabilities, Nikumbh's teaching style is markedly different from that of his strict predecessor, and he quickly observes that Ishaan is unhappy and contributes little to class activities. He reviews Ishaan's work and concludes that his academic shortcomings are indicative of dyslexia. On his day off, Nikumbh visits Ishaan's parents and asks if he can see more of their son's work. He is stunned by the sophistication of one of Ishaan's paintings, and tells his parents that Ishaan is a bright child who processes information differently from other children in his class, but Ishaan's father is suspicious that the explanation is simply an excuse for his son's poor performance. Nikumbh demands that he read some Japanese text on a box and berates him when he cannot, giving him a glimpse into Ishaan's experience of school. Nikumbh describes dyslexia to them and explains that it is not a sign of low intelligence. He tells them he can provide extra tutoring that will help Ishaan, highlighting the boy's artistic ability evident in his many paintings and other creative works. Nikumbh subsequently brings up the topic of dyslexia in class, and offers a list of famous people who were dyslexic. As the students are leaving the classroom, Nikumbh asks Ishaan to remain behind and reveals to him that he too experienced the same difficulties with dyslexia. Nikumbh then visits the school's principal and obtains his permission to become Ishaan's tutor. He attempts to improve Ishaan's reading and writing by using remedial techniques developed by dyslexia specialists; Ishaan soon develops an interest in language and mathematics, and his grades improve. Before the school year ends, organises an art fair for the staff and students. The competition is judged by Lalita Lajimi. Ishaan was declared the winner while Nikumbh paints the portrait of Ishaan, the runner-up. The principal announces that Nikumbh has been hired as the school's permanent art teacher. When Ishaan's parents meet his teachers on the last day of school they are left speechless by the transformation they see in him. Overcome with emotion, Ishaan's father thanks Nikumbh. As Ishaan is getting into the car to leave with his parents, he turns around and runs toward Nikumbh.

Comments about the Story: The story is really beautiful and senseful. This can really relate to the people who has been also have dyslexia when theyre still a child and to the people who help dyslexic children to accomplish their futures. I also liked it because there are no animals (I dont want movies with Animals) effected while filming it.

Comment abouth the Author: Aamir Khan is one of my favorite Director and a producer because all movie he makes, can really relate to people and can learn lessons for children. Because of hes being creative, this movie become a blockbuster in India. Until know, Aamir Khan still continueing producing movie even hes already becoming 40.