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Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

There are accrued payments to the Employees apart from payroll as they are related to Organization activities. These kind of accrued payments are not paid by through HCM (Payroll) as they are related to handling expenditure related to organization activities. Examples of these kinds of payments:

Petty cash (temporary and permanent). Settlement of vendor invoices. Office operations (buffets and misc.).

We need to have the ability to automatically create employee as a supplier. By this we can link the employee record in HCM with the financial aspect, it is very important that they have the same data and number Example: John has employee number INEMP56, so I can create him as a supplier with the different number INVEN10 and also with the same data. Pre-requisite 1. Employee should be created in the system.

2. The following infotypes should maintained for an employee Actions (Infotype 0000) Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001) Personal Data (Infotype 0002) Permanent Residence (Infotype 0006 Subtype 1) Bank Details (Infotype 0009 Subtype 0 or 2)

3. Note that for the reference vendor, reference data must exist for all company codes that are applicable according to HR master data. 4. You must be sure that the reference vendor is assigned to an account group that requires internal number assignment. Step 1 Go to Transaction PRAA Fill the following fields with relevant data as shown in screenshot below Personnel (for which vendor has to be created)

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Reference Vendor File name Name of job Name of batch input session

Click on Execute (F8) The following output will appear

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Step 2 Go to Transaction SE38 Execute the Report RFBIKR00 On the selection, enter the File path name (same as entered in transaction PRAA)as shown below:

Click on Execute (F8) The output will appear as below:

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Step 3 Go to Transaction SM35 Select the batch input given in transaction PRAA. Click on Process

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Select Processing Mode as Display errors only And Click on Process. After the completion of batch input, below success message appear.

Vendor has been created for Employee 904. Step 4 To check the new vendor for this employee: Go to Transaction SE16 Enter the table name as LFB1 Press F7 Enter employee 718 as shown below:

Employee To Vendor Conversion in SAP

Click on execute

Vendor No. 137 created for employee 904.

Summary By above mentioned steps, we can create vendor of corresponding employee. Later point of time we can use this vendor for any FI posting. The above infotypes from HR master data are taken into account for the key date specified & all other required data is taken from a reference vendor that you can specify as a parameter when you start the program.