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Configuration of Wage Types in IT0014 and IT0015

SPROPersonnel Management Personnel Administration Payroll Data Basic Pay Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for PCR and Coll.Agrmt. Prov. The below setting will make sure that you are configuring the wage types for a particular country which you select here.

SPROPersonnel ManagementPersonnel AdministrationPayroll DataRecurring Payments and DeductionsWage Types

Define Reason for Change

Copy Wage types.

Wage Type Group

Check Wage Type Texts

Check Entry Permissibility per infotype. Copy an existing wagetype and enter the WT code 1256 which you created earlier.

Define Employee Subgroup Grouping for Primary Wage Type

Define Personnel Subarea Grouping for Primary Wage Type

Define Wage Type permissibility for each personnel subarea and employee subgroup

Wage type configuration for IT0014 is now completed. Go to PA30 and you can find the wage type 1256 Annual Bonus WT and the reason for change you have configured. Similarly you can configure wage types for IT0015 as well.