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Nowadays, humans are vulnerable to diseases due to the fact that they do miss out the part of the pro and cons of good diet and poor diet. Good diet consisting of a balanced diet listing food with low calories and a sufficient amount of energy needed by the human body. Meanwhile poor diet can be best defined as any kind of food that contains normal carbohydrate, saturated fat and high rate of salt, not to mention low or zero fibres, protein, vitamin, and iron in it. The fact that the consumption of junk food have been enormously enlighten by all as for its own disadvantages listed as its bad consequences in health, phsycological and social effects which denies all the perception of non-beneficial health education.

As being mentioned above, one of the effect of rhe consumption of junk food is towards the health effect. This matters as by means of the consumption of the junk food frequently shows many alteration towards the human body against diseases. There are many researches ahead all around the globe wich focussed on the great intake of junk food and its effect on human body. The examples of them are high blood pressure, athsma, heart disease, decreasing the brains focus, and others. The researchers from Pacific Health Learning Centre in Bakersfield, California and Prevention Inc. in Los Angeles conducted a research which that they found that eight from ten students obtain saturated fat from junk food which then channeled to high blood pressure caused from high cholesterol content in the blood. Thus, eerie attention should be given to analyse and recognoize the bad effects on human health from the consumption of junk food.

As far as for human concern, the people ranging from young individuals up to older people do consume junk food due to its ready advantages of ready for serving and fast enough to quench the thirst for food. But then, another effect that arises from the consumption of the junk food is towards phsychological effect. Phsychological effect most commonly related to their behavior in daily lives. Certain people react differently to that kind of effect. Some of them may change their natural behavior into something unfamiliar such as dragging their craving for the junk food itself. Craving most commonly understood for the interest of consuming particular item in a frequent

way which resulted for side reaction if not possible. Another things that came out to be the problem is the weight gain which can clearly can be observed in all range of age from all around the world. In addition, the weight gain can also end up with obesities, non-proficient workers due to hormonal imbalance, and poor sleeps. Furthermore, the consumption of the junk food is also believed to bring about the bad terms of effects towards social life of the consumer itself. Termed as social effect, one can simply understand that it is all about the human relationship with the social life is interrupted. Impatience, due to the speed dials for the appetite, human tend to possess these kind of behavior. They become more aggressive towards others that be seen from countries, such as developed countries practicing the junk food intake in excessive amount. Insofar, those effect have been identified as one of the main cause of the worldwide human alteration of behavior. In conclusion, based on the effect on the bad effects towards human life listed above, junk food can be assumed as the food that is not good for health. For a better health, human should cater about their own meals everyday whether they contain enough nutrients necessary for their body. Food that is high in calories or the other term is the food that is of poor diet. A more attention should be given towards the things that we eat as we are what we eat. In brief, junk food undeniably had become the main cause of those effects listed above. Therefore, better health education is important prior to what the consumption of the junk food might consequence the human race for the upcoming decades.

PART B Hereinafter, as eye can behold for itself, global warming hits the earth as a result of many activity conducted by human. Excessive amount of greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and CFCs in the air we breathe that channeled to greenhouse effect have been identified to be one of the main cause that brings bad consequences to the human itself. Regarding this matter, the mechanisms of trapping of energy in the atmosphere have been identified as those mentioned below. As in our knowledge, the earth is shone by the solar radiation about 12 hours per day. Some of them are reflected off the atmosphere while some of them reached the earth surface in a large amount. Solar radiation consisted of visible light easily penetrates the atmosphere heats up the earth. Heat rays rising from the surface of the earth in huge amount are then absorbed by those greenhouse gases as other radiated heat returns back out of the atmosphere in small amount. Those warmed air then radiated back to the surface of the earth in an action of warming the earth. The trapping of the infrared radiation which called the greenhouse effects also referred to the absorption of longer wavelengths of visible light by gases identified. Those warmed gases trapped in the atmosphere that increase the earth atmosphere has been recognized majorly consist of the carbon dioxide gases that come from various kind of activities. One of them is the deforestation which is the action of cutting down of felling of the trees all around the globe. As far as in human knowledge, the trees that have been cut down are very crucial for the processing of the carbon dioxide throughout photosynthesis process into oxygen gases that are important in vast bioactivities in daily life. The cutting down of the trees is also directly proportional the concentration of the carbon dioxide in the air. Since carbon dioxide absorbs this heat, the more carbon dioxide there is in the atmosphere, the warmer the air will be. If the air gets too hot, the balance of life will be disrupted. Species of plants and animals will die. The food chain could be upset. This would cause many serious problems worldwide. Other than that, the extra carbon dioxide emission from the burning of fossil fuels from the vehicles and industrial activities had also caused the increment of the carbon dioxide content in the air. Chemical reaction that occur in the burning of the hydrocarbon yielded water molecules and carbon dioxide cannot be utilized in any other kind subsequent application giving carbon dioxide

with zero beneficial value as for the failure of the photosynthesis process in plants due to deforestation. In a nutshell, the trapping of energy in the atmosphere is mainly caused by the absorption of the long wavelengths visible light by the greenhouse gases constituents that consist of gases that is yielded by human own activities. Those processes of light absorption by greenhouse gases have been drastically increased the earth temperature which then caused the global warming. To be brief, prompt attention should be given in order to curb with the global warming for the continuity of preserving the earth best condition.

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