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ENGLISH LESSON PLAN SUBJECT CLASS DATE TIME : English language :K1 : 8 April 2013 : 12.00 pm 1.

00 pm


: Things in the classroom

CONTENT STANDARDS : 4.3 To form letters and words in neat legible prints LEARNING STANDARDS : 4.3.1 Able to write words of things in classroom Chair Door White board Desk Bag Cupboard

4.3.2 Able to write simple phrases A clean white board An old desk A wooden chair

Learning outcomes : At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to: 1. Able to write word of things in classroom at least 3 out of 6 words 2. Able to build a sentence from scrambled words 3. Able to write again the sentence back. . Previous knowledge : Students are able to identify things in the classroom.

Curriculum specification : I. Educational Emphases a) Multiple intelligences b) Teaching strategy c) Generic skill : Verbal, linguistic : Directive, mediative : Learning skills and thinking skills

Moral Values Therapies Teaching Aids

: Cooperation, follow the instruction and confident : Music therapy, speech therapy, visual therapy. : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Flash Card Laptop Speaker Colourful envelope Work Sheets Scrambled words Songs lyric






Induction set ( 10 minutes)

The classroom song This is my table, This is my chair, This is my bag, That I take everywhere, Sit down , stand up, One, two, three, School, school, school, for you and me.

1. Teacher ask students what is the place that they are in now. 2. Teacher ask student what is the thing that they are sit on 3. Teacher read the song lyrics and the students follow to read it. 4. Teacher play The Classroom Song and ask the student to sing it together. 5. Students sing a song with teacher. 6. Teacher ask the student what is the things in the classroom state in the song

Technique : singing Therapy : music Values : cooperation Teaching aids: Speaker, songs lyric

This is m pencil, This is my pen, I used my school things, Again, and again, Sit down, stand up, One , two, three School, school school for you and me.

This is the window, This is the door, This is the ceiling , This is the floor, Sit down, stand up One, two, three, School, school school

for you and me.

Stage 1 (10 minutes)

1. Teacher shows the words of the things of the classroom 2. Teacher spells the words of the things in the 3. Teacher read again and ask the students to follow it . 4. Teacher ask the student to spell the word 5. Student spell the words and read the word of the things of the classroom

Technique : drills Therapy: speech therapy, visual therapy. Values : cooperation Teaching aids : flash cards

Stage 2 ( 10 minutes)

1. Teacher give the flash cards of the words of the things in the classroom. 2. Each students will get the flash cards . 3. Teacher asked the students to stick the flash card to the right things. 4. Student stick the flash cards to the correct things. 5. Student read the name of the things in the

Technique : drills, exploring Therapy : physical therapy Values : confident, cooperation Teaching aids : flash cards

classroom and point to it. 6. The other students will follow to read the name of the things in the classroom and together point to it.

Stage 3 (15 minutes) 1. Teacher give each student a set of an envelope that contain unscrambled words 2. Teacher instructs the student to arrange the unscrambled words to be in one sentence. 3. Student arrange the words in one sentence and write the sentence on the board

Technique : drills, game Therapy : physical therapy Values : cooperation, effort, follow the instuctions Teaching aids :

Stage 4 (10 minutes)

1. Student complete the worksheet about the things in the classroom

Closure (5 minutes)

1 Teacher ask the students about the things in the classroom. 2 Student will point and state the things in the classroom