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INTRODUCTION In the past, people experiencing a medical emergency would have difficulty quickly reaching a hospital, and then

once they arrived, hospitals were often reluctant to give prompt emergency care due to unclear administrative process. As a consequence, patients coming to hospitals for emergency services would need to finish the administration documents and deposit money before care was provided. Such procedure caused delays because those who took patient to hospital might not be their relatives nor might not have enough money to pay. Aware of the problem, the government of yogyakarta formed YES 118 with basic fact that there are emergency patients not handled quickly and appropriately. To access YES 118, a person simply dials 118. This will connect them with the Red Cross, who will give them instruction on what to do, identify their location, and then send an ambulance to them. To use YES 118, one is not required to be a resident of Yogyakarta, but must be located within the city limits. For the program, the city government partners with the Indonesian Red Cross, and 8 private hospitals and 2 public hospitals, with support from a telecommunication company to integrate emergency services. One of the innovative aspects of YES 118 is the financing of care. Researchers will try to examine how the knowledge of citizens about YES118 program. expected people to know about the YES program 118. and in the event of an emergency, the public can use the facilities YES118 services. so that patients can be given first aid quickly and accurately.

LITERATUR REVIEW Definition of emergency?

State of emergency is a condition where by the response of Patient, family, or anyone who argues the importance of carrying Patients to the hospital to be given attention / medical action immediately. (Herkutanto, 2007) Definition of YES 118?

Yogyakarta emergency service is a program of jogja government to give first aid service in medical emergency condition http://www.jogjakota.go.id Service provide of YES 118?

Types of services that can be obtained by the public: Providing health information, first aid and referral of cases relating to medical emergency http://www.jogjakota.go.id


Research methodology used is mixed-mode. Researchers will take a sample of the population jogja citizens. 2 people out of every 14 districts in jogja will be asked to answer questions through questionnaire or interview sheet. Samples will be selected at random.