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WKNJ Newscast October 10, 2013 Good afternoon, its Friday, October 11th and youre listening to 90.

3 WKNJ-FM, in Union, New Jersey, and Im Camille Danielle with the news. In National News.

A dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut named Miriam Carrey, and for an unknown reason, was trying to ram the white house, but ended up leading police on a chase from there to the capitol. According to her mother, she suffered from post partum depression as well as other mental illnesses. Although police gunned her down, she had a 1-year-old in the car, who was thankfully unharmed. 1 1 1 1

In Russia.

It looks like gays and lesbians are starting to no longer face

discrimination in the Olympics.

Russian president, Vladimir Putin says everyone is welcomed to next years winter Olympics in Russia regardless of sexual

orientation, although he signed a law back in June, which

prohibited giving information to minors that promotes same sex

relationships. The law sparked so much protests and outrage, that

even the singer, Cher, refused an invitation to perform there. The

games are expected to take place in February in Sochi, Russia.

Meanwhile in Sports

The Browns beat the Bills... 34- 24, Thursday night football!

(EXCITED) Some fans disliked the game, while others were very

pleased! In Basketball Miami Heats own Lebron James has stated that he will personally welcome Chicago Bulls own Derrick Rose, back into the NBA

after a year long hiatus. Rose torn his ACL back in 2012, and

underwent knee surgery. When asked about facing Rose in an

upcoming game, James stated he will put aside his competitive

drive to congratulate Rose on his full recovery.

Lastly, we all know that peer pressure can take role in leading kids

to become sexually active at even earlier ages such as 12, 11 and

maybe even 10. And now the American Academy of Pediatrics are

asking their colleagues to provide condoms to their clients, and

even in sex education classes in schools. Many of the doctors

quoted in the pediatrics journal, "Although abstinence of sexual

activity is the most effective method for prevention of pregnancy

and (sexually transmitted infections), young people should be prepared for the time when they will become sexually active,

noting that parents should began talking to their teens about sex,

especially when they ( doctors) are there to assist.


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