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Bible Study on Heaven Hebrews 11:16 The men and women of faith desire a heavenly country as opposed to an earthly

y country. This is one reason why God is not ashamed to be called their God. Since this is so, God prepared a city for them. 1 Kings 8:28-30 Heaven is the place where God dwells. This is where the New Jerusalem is currently located as well. Revelation 21:2 The name of the holy city is New Jerusalem. This holy city is currently in heaven. It will descend to the earth, Revelation 20:9, and the meek will inherit it. Matthew 5:5. Revelation 21:11 The city has the glory of God. The city has a precious light that is clear as crystal. Revelation 21:12-13 The city has twelve gates. The city has one angel at each gate. Each gate has one name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The north, south, east, and west sides of the city have three gates each. Revelation 21:16 The city's length, width, and height are all equal. The city is in the shape of a square. The whole city's measurement is 12,000 furlongs, which is 1500 miles. Revelation 21:17-18 The measure of the wall was 144 cubits, which equals to 216 feet. The wall is made of jasper. The city itself is made of pure gold. The gold is so pure that it looks like clear glass. Revelation 21:21 Each gate is made up of a pearl. The city has streets. These streets are made up of pure gold and looks like transparent glass.

Revelation 22:2-3 The tree of life is on both sides of the river. It bears 12 kinds of fruit each month. The leaves are for the healing of the nations. The tree of life has life-perpetuating power. Genesis 3:22. There will be no curse in the city. God's throne is in the city. God's servants will serve Him. Revelation 21:8 The timid, the faithless, the heathen, and the unfaithful are disqualified from entering the city. So are the fornicators, prostitutes, abominable, and murderers disqualified. Likewise are the sorcerers, idolaters, and liars. Such will experience the second death and will not enter into the city. Malachi 4:1-3 The wicked shall be burned up and become ashes. This will happen to them on earth. Proverbs 11:31, Revelation 20:9 There will be a new heaven and a new earth in which righteousness dwells in spite of the tremendous burning that will take place on the earth. 2 Peter 3:10-13. Revelation 21:3 God Himself will be with us in the new heaven and the new earth. Psalm 16:11 Heaven will never become boring to the saints. They will always be filled with joy. Isaiah 33:24 The people in heaven will never be sick. They will be forgiven of their sins. Isaiah 65:21-25 The saved will build houses and plant vineyards and eat fruits. The saved will enjoy the work that they do. The saved will not labor in vain, nor will they cause trouble. All of the wild and dangerous animals as we know them will be tame. Lion's will eat straw, and serpents will eat dust. No animal will hurt anyone in the new heaven and the new earth.