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The Mondo Spider

The Mondo Spider is a 750kg, 8 legged walking machine originally built by a Vancouver based team of artists and engineers in 2006. In 2010 the long awaited electric conversion of the Mondo Spider was completed and unveiled at the Vancouver Cultural Olympiad, making it the worlds first zero-emissions walking vehicle. The Mondo Spider is a partner project of eatART. Visit the Mondo Spider project site: www.mondospider.com

Daisy the Solar Powered Tricycle

Made in California by master inventor and fabricator Professor Bob Schneeveis from the medical department of Neurobiology at Stanford University, Daisy resides in Vancouver at the eatART hangar. Daisy is the worlds largest solarpowered tricycle.

Created by Charlie Brinson in 2009, 3EROI is a 8m high x 35m long multimedia installation evoking the rapid progression of human evolution from biological to technological. The sculpture provokes consideration of how this exponential growth has contributed to our modern predicaments, including a huge population, over consumption and our attitudes concerning the natural world as a place of mastery, and to ponder the question Whats next?

Check out other eatART projects on our website: www.eatart.org. Email us to get involved: contact@eatart.org. The eatART Foundation is a registered charity. Donate through Canadahelps.org

eatART believes that art educates. Our projects use art to educate people about the role energy plays in our lives and to raise questions about the social and environmental impact of energy use. The eatART audience gains criticality about energys social and environmental impact and are inspired both to change their behaviors and reconsider what is possible. eatART sculptures amaze, inspire and encourage people rethink energy.

eatART fosters new media art research with a focus on large-scale, kinetic and robotic sculpture. These sculptures involve complex technology and require specialized knowledge and engineering to conceptualize and build. They are improbable, fantastic and awe-inspiring. eatART is a research-focused art lab that is populated with innovators.

eatART welcomes you to join us in our mission. Whether you want to learn specialised skills from our talented array of experts, lend your experience to educate others, or be a part of our many fun events theres something for everyone in this unique and successful charity.

eatART is an art lab. We make audacious and improbable large-scale kinetic, robotic, and mechanized
www.eatart.org contact@eatart.org

sculptures that investigate our human relationship to energy use.