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TIPS PAPER 2 SPM 2010 MRSM AG QUESTION ELEMENTS Knowledge (5 aspects) Understanding (4 aspects) Application (2 aspects) Problem solving

(2 aspects) Conceptualizing (2 aspects) Decision making (1 aspect) KNOWLEDGE An ability to recall or to identify specific matters in the contents of Physics for example facts, concepts, principles, theories and laws. Examples : 1. Period of pendulum oscillation is affected by A. mass of the pendulum B. length of the pendulum string C. type of pendulum 2. State the unit of current. 3. What is meant by specific heat capacity? 4. What is meant by base quantity? 5. State the precaution of the experiment. 6. State the relationship between current and voltage. 7. List the apparatus and materials.

TIPS PAPER 2 SPM 2010 MRSM AG UNDERSTANDING Ability to translate, interpret, extrapolate and understand concept or principles in physics fields which involve the use of knowledge without new situation and do not require explanation about the implications towards the knowledge Examples : 1. Hand scalded by steam is more painful compare to hand scalded by boiling water because A steam has a higher specific latent heat than water B steam loses heat slower to surrounding compare to water C steam has a higher temperature 2. Before a football tournament, the ball to be used in the game must have a suitable pressure. Explain why a ball with less pressure is not suitable for the football tournament. Application : Use method, concept, theory in new situation(Qualitative)and solve problem using knowledge and understanding(Quantitative) Examples : 1. A wooden block floats on the surface of liquid R and sinks in liquid S. The correct comparison of density is A liquid R is denser than liquid S B liquid S is denser than liquid R C liquid S is denser than wooden block D wooden block is denser than liquid R 2. The initial iodine-131 activity is 1000 counts per second. Calculate the time taken for the iodine-131 activity to decrease to 250 if its half-life is 5 days. 3. A durian takes 3 seconds to drop from the tree to the ground. Ignoring air resistance, what is the height of the branch from which the durian drops? A. 15 m C. 45 m B. 30 m D. 50 m

E. 60 m

TIPS PAPER 2 SPM 2010 MRSM AG PROBLEM SOLVING The ability of using knowledge , scientific skills and thinking skills to solve physics problem qualitatively and or quantitatively. (Paper 2) The ability to solve physics problem by scientific investigation. (Paper 3) Examples : 1. An earth-monitoring satellite falls into the earths atmosphere at high velocity and reaches a high temperature. This is caused by the earths gravitational force and air resistance. Using the appropriate physics concepts, suggest and explain suitable designs or ways to protect the satellite and its equipment : (i) from extreme heat (ii) from breaking up on landing CONCEPTUALISATION The ability to reason by identifying and analysing common characteristics or variables and synthesis the common characteristic or relation with variables to create a physics concept. Examples : 1. Diagram 1 shows :Daniel is drinking with a straw Diagram 2 shows : An empty syringe is dipped in water and the syringe piston is pulled up. From the diagrams state the identical characteristics ,explain the phenomenon and name the science concept involved DECISION MAKING The ability to choose best solving alternative for a problem referring to certain criteria to achieve the objective. The aspects of identifying, analysing and evaluating all problem solving alternatives to choose suitable alternative with the objective for making decision and state decision justification that have been taken.

TIPS PAPER 2 SPM 2010 MRSM AG Examples : 1. The figure below shows a seat belt, sometimes called a safety belt, designed to secure the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement that may result from a collision or a sudden stop. The table below shows the characteristics of materials and criteria which could be used to buy the seat belt. Characteristic/Material Density /kgm Kos Strength Approval P 0.7 RM 300 High SIRIM Q 0.6 RM 200 Medium SIRIM R 0.7 RM 100 High SIRIM S 0.6 RM 70 Low MARDI T 3.0 RM 70 High SIRIM

(a) What does the term inertia mean ? [1 mark] (b) Explain how a seat belt can prevent passengers from being thrown out of the car and suffered injury. [4 marks] (c) You are asked to investigate the characteristics of the materials and criteria in the table above which could be used to buy the seat belt as in the figure above. (d) Explain the suitability of each characteristic in the table above and hence, determine which seat belt is the most suitable to buy.Justify your choice. [10 marks] (e) (i) A lorry with a mass of 4000 kg is moving with a velocity of 40 ms .It then collides with another car and is stopped in 0.04 seconds. Calculate the impulsive force acted on the lorry. [2 marks] (ii)Explain why the driver is thrown forward when his car is stopped by the lorry during the collision. [3 marks]