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Scandal of Grace (Key of G)

G Grace, what have You done Em C G Murdered for me on that cross G Accused in absence of wrong Em C G My sin washed away in Your blood Bm C G Too much to make sense of it all Bm C G I know that Your love breaks my fall D Em The scandal of grace, You died in my place C So my soul will live G Oh to be like You D Give all I have just to know You C Jesus theres no one beside You G C Em C Forever the hope in my heart Death, where is your sting Your power is as dead as my sin The cross has taught me to live And mercy my heart now to sing The day and its troubles shall come I know that Your strength is enough The scandal of grace, You died in my place So my soul will live G And its all because of You, Jesus D Its all because of You, Jesus Em C Its all because of Your love that my soul will live

With Us (Key of G)
Em C G D Em C G D Before the world You knew the plans for me Em C G D Before my heart believed You came to my rescue Em C G D And now I'm found in love, there's nowhere else to run Em C D You keep my life within Your mighty hand G C Oh God, there's no end to Your love Em There's no end to Your love C You're with us, You're with us G C Em There's nothing in this world that could take You away C You're with us, You're with us Before I call, I know You'll answer me You'll make a way beyond what I could imagine What could separate from the love You give I put my hope in everything that You are Instrumental: Em D G C G D C You reign in our hearts Em You reign above all G D Be lifted on high

Holy Spirit (Key of G)

G Theres nothing worth more C That could ever come close Nothing can compare G Youre our living Hope C Your presence Lord

Fall Afresh (Key of G)

G D/F# Em C G Spirit of the living God come fall afresh on me D/F# Em C Come wake me from my sleep G D/F# Em Blow through the caverns of my soul C G D/F# Em C Pour in me to overflow

Ive tasted and seen Of the sweetest of love When my heart becomes free And my shame is undone Your presence Lord G Holy Spirit You are welcome here C Am7 Come flood this place and fill the atmosphere G Your glory God is what our hearts long for C Am7 To be overcome by Your presence Lord

Words & Music by Matt Crocker and Joel Houston 2013 Hillsong Music Publishing CCLI License #2911012

Words & Music by Reuben Morgan 2011 Hillsong Publishing CCLI Licence #2911012

Words & Music by Bryan and Katie Torwalt 2011 Jesus Culture CCLI#2911012

Words & Music by Jeremy Riddle 2011 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing CCLI Licence #2911012