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AMULYA KUMAR CHOUDHURY Mobile: +91 9438041738 E-Mail: cho !h "#$a% l#a&"e!

i''%ail(co% Ai%i)* 'o" +e)io" le,el "ole+ i) -iel! O.e"a/io)+ 0 1ea% Ma)a*e%e)/ 2i/h o"*a)i3a/io) o' "e. /e E4ec /i,e 5#)o.+i+

A dynamic professional with more than 17#ea"+ of rich experience in Extensions, Field operations, Nursery management and promotion of plantations. Keen planner, strategist and implementer with proven success in devising and effectuating policies aimed at ensuring smooth running of operations and execution of tasks. Demonstrated a ilities in relating to people across all hierarchical levels in the organi!ation and motivating them towards the achievement of organi!ational o "ectives while adhering to industry est practices. Ke# 56ill+

Lea!i)* a)! Ma)a*i)* a 1ea% E4/e)+io) A*"ic l/ "al ac/i,i/# Co)/"ac/ -a"%i)* Liai+i)*

1"ai)i)* a)! !e,elo.%e)/

7"oc "e%e)/ a)! +o "ci)*

O"*a)i3a/io)al E4.e"ie)ce A# $resently working as 8LOCK 1ECH9OLO:Y MA9A:ER ;81M< %nder A&'A in the scheme (5 ..o"/ /o +/a/e e4/e)+io) 7"o*"a%%e 'o" e4/e)+io) Re'o"%= at )aradpur lock of Kendrapara district *ince A$+, ---./Role+ > "e+.o)+ible :1(Formation of farmers interest group 0community interest group in consultation of concern line department. ?.,iaison with all lock officers of Agriculture and allied sector for farmers development. 3. 1o23rdination of A&'A related activities of 4lock &echnology &eam 54&&# and 4lock Farmers Advisory 1ommittee 54FA1#.

4.$reparation of 4lock Action $lan 54A$# in consultation with 4lock &echnology &eam( @(1o2ordinate the work of K6K0N)3s0$anchayat +a" 7nstitutions 5$+7s#,$rivate sectors,and farmers for lock action plan( A( 7ntroduction of technologies for enhancement of crop yields 8< O!i+ha Co%% )i/# 1a)6 Ma)a*e%e)/ 7"oBec/( Li,elihoo! coo"!i)a/o"8 Role+ > "e+.o)+ible :1( *ustaina le improvement for the tank ,ivelihood system y increasing production, productivity and profita ility of Agriculture, 9orticulture, ,ivestock : Fisheries : strengthening Agri'arketing system. -. ,iasioning with govt officials. ;. 1apacity uilding, training strengthening of )roups. : awareness creation of $ani$anchayats and 5,.1#,Angul. Fe 2-.//2 'arch -./-

C< M(5 +2a%i)a/ha) Re+ea"ch -o )!a/io)C O!i+ha 5i)ce Ma"ch?008 /o Da) ?011 A*"ic l/ "i+/: Hi*hli*h/+: *ocial development of the rural poor y adopting different income generating activities such as fish cultivation, goat and poultry cultivation and related activities suita le to the local area apart from this supervision of production of Finished goods in respective plants. )uiding and supervising the farmers for 7ntegrated farming. particularly systemic rice intensification, paddy seed 'ultification ,vegeta le production, sunflower cultivation etc. o &he asic activities are the promotion of agricultural activities )ovt. liaising, 'anaging a team.

D< E)!ia) -i"% 'o"e+/"# De,elo.%e)/ Co-O.e"a/i,e L/!( ?004-?008 A*"ic l/ "i+/ c % Co%% )i/# o"*a)i3e"( Hi*hli*h/+: o *ocial development of the rural poor y adopting different income )enerating activities such as fish cultivation, goat and poultry cultivation and +elated activities suita le to the local area apart from this supervision of production of finish goods in respective plants. &raining and guiding for proper planting practices 'anagement of diseases and pests in plants $romoted contract farming Developing rapport with the farming community ,iaising with the )ovt. 3fficials and other Agencies Facilitating wood procurement

E<:o,e")%e)/ o' O!i+ha ;AE7 7RODEC1 <

?000-?00? 7RODEC1 CO-ORDE9A1OR Hi*hli*h/+: Directing functions for promotion of various field crops like adoption of improved agricultural practices, soil and water management, disease and pest management etc. Executing various extension and training programmes $rocurement of agro commodities ,iaising with )ovt. officials and other agencies Developing rapport with the farming community 'anaged supply chain and logistics operation.

-<M05 9a*a"B )a 'e"/ili3e"+ a)! che%ical+ li%i/e!( Asst Area manager 2/<<=2-.... :< M05 E(E(D 7a""# ;E< L/! ( *enior marketing officer./<<-2/<<=. H< M05 5ha6/i + *a" .,/ L/!( 1ane officer2/<<-2/<<-

Aca!e%ic+ Co "+e 9.*.1 5chool0 Colle*e 9irakud high school ,9irakud. ).'.1ollege, sam alpur. 1ollege of Agriculture, 4hu aneswar. %tkal university 8oa"!0 U)i,e"+i/# 4oard of *econdary, Education. 1uttack. 1ouncil of 9igher *econdary *chool, 3rissa, 4hu aneswar 3rissa %niversity of Agriculture and &echnology, 4hu aneswar. %tkal university Yea" o' 7a++i)* /<=; F o' Ma"6+ >?

@- *cience



4.*c 5Agriculture# '4A





7e"+o)al De/ail+

Da/e o' 8i"/h8 A!!"e++: 50O C $838 La)* a*e+ K)o2)8

-nd septem er/<A= *h.4ra"a sundar sahani, At C1hadaiguan, 'ohakalapara, Dist.2 Kendrapara, 3rissa,$iN2>?B--B English, 9indi : 3riya

Decla"a/io): 7 here y declare that the information given a ove is est of my knowledge.

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$lace8 Kendrapara Date8/; 2.=2-./;

A% l#a 6 %a" Cho !h "#