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Firefox ITES Services is growing Internet Marketing Compan in !ew "elhi #In$ia% esta&lishe$ in !ov'()*)


+,r Services

From developing a professional website, writing perfect and optimized web content, optimizing your website for top search engine results, managing your advertising campaigns, to marketing your brand on social media and business management, we take care of it all for your business. We provide:
*.We&site $esign an$ $evelopment (.Search Engine +ptimi-ation #SE+% ..Social Me$ia +ptimi-ation #SM+% /.0a 0er Click #00C% 1.Internet marketing 2.3ink 4,il$ing


Internet Marketing and !"

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What is !"$ What is "rganic and %aid !"$ &ow earch !ngine Works$ What is the 'eo 'raphical !"$ Why (usiness )eed !"$ What is the (enefits of !"$ What is "n*page and "ff*page Factors$ &ow !ffectual is your Website$

What is !"$
# !" is a website promotion strategy the goal
of to which is to get to appear at the top of the search engine result under keywords and phrase appropriate for your business. # earch engine optimization + !", is the method of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine-s .natural,. or un*paid +.organic. or .algorithmic.,, search results.


More /etails about !"

0s an Internet marketing tactic, !" considers how search engines work, what people search for, the real search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are prefer by their targeted audience. "ptimizing a website may involve editing its content and &1M2 and related coding to both enhance its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the inde3ing activities of search engines. %romoting a site to increase the number of back*links, or inbound links, is an additional !" tactic. 1he purpose of !" is to attract 4uality visitors who are likely to convert.

Why (usiness )eed !"

In today era almost all businesses are setting up their websites because internet is the source is generating more revenue for businesses. !" is one of most proven methods of getting top online visibility and popularity. 0s mentioned above that the higher a website rank and fre4uently appear on top position in !5%, the higher chance more traffic. tatistics shows that 678 user visits websites which are on the first page of search engine result page + !5%, and 978 of traffic comes to website from search engines this indicates how important !" is for bringing in traffic. !" is the only way to be successful on the internet cannot ignore !". 0mong the main reasons why business need search engine optimization, we:ve revealed the following from our ongoing:

#%eople can:t buy your products or services if they can:t find you. #0n !" Workout helps you identify what:s relevant to customers, your industry and your

#0n active

!" program helps you identify trends and what:s missing on your website and in your marketing plan.

#0 proactive !" strategist keeps your online competition #It:s your ;<=> sales force that promotes your brand across the digital field

What is "rganic !"$

"rganic !" means getting found on the search engines without paying the search engines for the placement, and keep getting found for a long, long time. +rganic search engine listings like: #Free listings provided by 'oogle, ?ahoo@, M ) #Atilize BspiderC or BcrawlerC to inde3 page content.

What is %aid !"$

%aid !" Means %aying search engines to appear in ads=banners on relevant result pages. 0 very good e3ample would be 'oogle sponsored 0ds. 0ai$ listings 5 00C #If we purchase clicks and visitors from the search engine this is called Bpay*per*clickC campaigns #(uy your way to the top of the search results page #Anlike organic, results are guaranteed

"rganic 5esult and %aid 5esult


(enefits of "rganic !"

#1he search results are long*lasting "rganic !" keeps your website appearing on the search result pages for a long time because your website gives the search engines accurately what they want D relevancy. 5elevancy is something you cannot achieve by BtricksC or by paying for it. #"rganic !" builds greater trust #It:s 4uite cheaper compared to paid listings #Free #Improve !" 5ankings #2ong 1erm %ositioning #More 1argeted 1raffic # marter %eople #(rand 0wareness #"rganic !" for 2ong 1erm (enefits #1argeted "nline !3posure #Eapturing 2eads #&igh 5"I Increase 5evenue #%romotion that /oesn-t leep #Increase (rand Fisibility #&igher ales #More Eost*!ffective

(enefits of %aid !" +%%E,$

#%%E is good to get instant traffic compare to organic traffic #%%E can give us instant traffic and lead generation. #It is the easiest and effective way to promote our business online. #It-s the best and easy way to get conversions. #Eustom (udgeting G !very business has a different budget, and %%E advertising allows you to specify how much you want to spend on any given day or month. Eustom budgets customized Hust for your business. #'eo 2ocation G 2ocal and regional campaigns benefit the most from geographical targeting. If you have an event that is only going to be in Florida, then Hust target your %%E ads to Florida, and you:re set. # implicity * 1he interfaces on the %%E management pages has gotten numbingly easy to use. %ick a keyword, a bid price and an ad. /one. #;<=> advertising G &ave an online store that runs itself$ 1hen %%E is definitely for you. ?our store is open ;<=>, so should your ads. !ven if you:re brick I mortar, your customers search all hours of the day and night G not Hust during business hours. #Immediate 5esults G etup campaign, turn it on. /one. ?ou:re advertising, and can have clicks right now, with sales shortly after that. it doesn:t get any better than Binstant onC. #%recision 1argeting G (y choosing keywords that match ads that match the final landing pages means that you can precisely match what a visitor is searching for and target to precisely the page that has what they are searching for. #(rand 0wareness * !ven without people clicking on your %%E ads, if they see your ad in the sideline, they are now aware of you. ome people will even setup ads designed not to be clicked on, but for brand awareness only. 1here are better ways then %%E for brand awareness though. #1ractability * %%E ads can easily be tracked through out the %%E interface that the search engines give you. ?ou can track what keywords are being searched, how many clicked on your ads, and even track if they bought a product from the click.
1hese are but a few of the reasons to use %%E advertising in your business.

'oogle 0dwords +'@ %%E,

ource : https:==accounts.google.com

&ow earch !ngine Works$

0 web search engine is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. 1he search results are generally presented in a list of results often referred to as search engine results pages + !5%s,. 1he information may consist of web pages, images, information and other types of files. ome search engines also mine data available in databases or open directories. Anlike web directories, which are maintained only by human editors, search engines also maintain real*time information by running an algorithm on a web crawler. 1he term .search engine. is often used generically to describe both crawler*based search engines and human*powered directories. 1hese two types of search engines gather their listings in fundamentally different ways. Crawler'4ase$ Search Engines Erawler*based search engines, such as 'oogle, create their listings automatically. 1hey .crawl. or .spider. the web, then people search through what they have found. If you change your web pages, crawler*based search engines ultimately find these changes, and that can affect how you are listed. %age titles, body copy and other elements all play a role. 6,man'0owere$ "irectories 0 human*powered directory, such as the "pen /irectory, depends on humans for its listings. ?ou submit a short description to the directory for your entire site, or editors write one for sites they review. 0 search looks for matches only in the descriptions submitted. Ehanging your web pages has no effect on your listing. 1hings that are useful for improving a listing with a search engine have nothing to do with improving a listing in a directory. 1he only e3ception is that a good site, with good content, might be more likely to get reviewed for free than a poor site.

MaHor earch !ngine

7ccor$ing to m research 289 of search is &eing performe$ ,sing :oogle.com *19 ,sing ahoo.com; 89 ,sing 4ing.com an$ <9 ,sing other search engine.

&ow 'oogle earch !ngine Works

So,rce : http://www.googleg,i$e.com/google=works.html

") %age "ptimization

* ( . / 1 2 > 8 < *) ** *( *. */ *1 *2 *> *8 *< () (* (( (. (/ (1 Write uni4ue keyword rich 1itle 1ag Meta /escription Meta Jeywords !asy A52 tructure with keyword earch !ngine Friendly Website /esign (red crumb )avigation Jeyword 5esearch &K,&;,&L,&< 1ags + include your main keywords, !ffective use of robots.t3t file MM2 I &1M2 itemap 0lt 1ags for images Internal 2inking of web pages Ehoose best file names with your keywords Jeep your code as simple as you can Jeyword /ensity 5emove Eanonical %roblem + if it is e3ists, 0ccount etup for 'oogle 0nalytic 1ool 0ccount setup for 'oogle webmaster 1ool 0ccount setup for (ing Webmaster 1ool Find out /uplicate content Eheck &idden te3t and &idden links Eheck for broken links and 5esolving 5 Feed Ereation and Implementation WLE validation &taccess File Ereation

Meta Tag +ptimi-ation

What /oes 1his Meta 1ag 2ook 2ike$ 1his meta tag is usually placed beneath the title and meta description tags in the N&!0/ON=&!0/O section of your pages- &1M2 code, like this: N&!0/O N1I12!Oyour /! E5I%1IF! J!?W"5/ title goes hereN=1I12!O NM!10 )0M!P./! E5I%1I"). E")1!)1P.?our keyword rich marketing sales*pitch meta description goes here.O NM!10 )0M!P.J!?W"5/ . E")1!)1P.your keywords, go here, separated by a comma, but not a space.O N=&!0/O 1itle length should be Q> characters , /escription length should be KQR characters, )o length for Jeywords but don:t use too many keywords for per page.

?M3 an$ 6TM3 Site Map

MM2 itemap Format: Nurlset 3si:schema2ocationP.http:==www.firefo3itesservices.com.O N@** created by !ME!22!)1 W!( I)F"1!E& **O NurlO NlocOhttp:==www.firefo3itesservices.com=N=locONlastmodO;7K;*7>*7R1KL:77:RQS77:77 N=lastmodO Nchangefre4OdailyN=changefre4O NpriorityOK.77N=priorityO N=urlO


7cco,nt Set,p for :oogle 7nal tic Tool

0dd :oogle 7nal tics Tool to your Site

'oogle 0nalytics is a comprehensive reporting tool, that allows site owners to gather data about website visitors. 1his data is very important when designing websites because it provides facts about how many visitors the website has, how many page views, the bounce rate, average time on site, traffic sources overview, what pages are most visited and much more.

7cco,nt Set,p for :oogle We&master Tool

7$$ We&master Tool to o,r Site

'oogle Webmaster 1ools let you access data about the crawling and inde3ing of your website. /isplays 'oogle-s view of your site, &elps you diagnose site issues, 2ets you share information with 'oogle to improve your site-s visibility in search engine results.

7cco,nt Set,p for 4ing We&master Tool



!" Work %lan

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"ff %age Tuestions

What is earch !ngine ubmission$ What is /irectory ubmission$ What is ocial (ookmarking ubmission$ What is Elassified ubmission$ What is Forum %osting $ What is (log ubmission and Eomment %osting $ What is 0rticle ubmission$ What is %ress 5eleases ubmission$ %aid ubmission What is Image ubmission and haring $ What is /ocument I %%1 ubmission $ &ow to 5 Feeds Ereate and ubmission$ &ow to Fideo ubmission $ What is hopping ite ubmission $ What is /eal ite ubmission $

"ff %age !" 0ctivity

# @egional Search Engines an$ "irectories: We submit your website manually in regional
directories which will help you improve your local business.

# Man,al "irector S,&missions: We manually submit your website into general directories
which target your industry.

2ink (uilding /etails

#Man,al Social 4ookmarking s,&missions: ocial bookmaking is a method for Internet users
to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. ocial bookmaking involves users sharing their favorite links under different categories or tags.

# Man,al Classifie$ 7$s s,&missions: Elassified ad: a short ad in a .Elassified site. appearing
along with other ads of the same type.

"ff %age 0ctivity

# For,m 0osting: 0 post is a user submitted message enclosed into a block containing the
user-s details and the date and time it was submitted. Members are usually allowed to edit or delete their own posts. %osts are contained in threads, where they appear as bo3es one after another.

# 4logs Creation an$ 0romotion: (logs are generally designed in a Hournal format, written
in a conversational, personal style, with most recent items at the top of a page. (logs can offer readers the opportunity to comment on. %oston (logs is easy to update.

"ff %age 0ctivity

# Man,al 7rticle s,&missions: 0rticle is a written essay on a topic focusing on K*; keywords
which is manually submitted into .0rticle /irectories..

# Man,al 0ress @elease s,&missions: %ress 5elease is a written announcement Uby

submitting it to %ress 5elease sitesV to draw online media attention to a new service package or product launch or specific event.

"ther ubmission
#0ai$ S,&mission #0hoto Sharing #"oc,ment A 00T S,&mission #@SS Fee$s #Bi$eo S,&mission #Shopping Site S,&mission #"eal Site S,&mission

Wh DsE
#+,r professionals are $e$icate$ for promoting o,r &,siness online & ,tili-ation of their experience; expertise an$ h,ge knowle$ge &ase. #We provi$e complete Internet marketing sol,tions catering to the nee$s of o,r we& promotion strateg . #We ,se ethical strategies to promote o,r we&site for &etter search engine visi&ilit within the shortest possi&le time. #7t Firefox ITES services; o,r professionals ,se a long term an$ s,staina&le marketing approach to achieve $esire$ res,lts within the time constraints. #We provi$e C,alit services at ver affor$a&le prices to increase the we& presence of o,r &,siness & $riving the relevant traffic to o,r we&site

1hank ?ou@