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ADVERTISEMENT Reprinted from Miami Daily News, Miami,Florida. MAGNETIC C RRENT Resear!"ers# Read a$o%t ma&neti! !

%rrent, w"at it is, "ow it is made, w"at ma'es it, and t"e way it r%ns in t"e wire. T"en yo% will 'now w"at t"e nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets !an do, and t"en yo% will 'now w"at ele!tri!ity is. Send a dollar $y ret%rn mail and yo% will &et an ei&"t t"o%sand word $oo'let, post paid, and in addition yo% will &et a folder des!ri$in& w"at is mineral, (e&eta$le and animal life, and a drawin& of a perpet%al motion "older. T"e readin& is not intended for t"e &eneral p%$li!. )nly t"ose w"o want to e*periment s"o%ld order t"e $oo'let. T"e ot"er people s"o%ld sa(e t"eir money. Send no !"e!' Address to# +efore my resear!" wor' I 'new not"in& a$o%t ele!tri!ity. T"e only t"in& I 'new was t"at no$ody 'nows w"at ele!tri!ity is. So I t"o%&"t I am &oin& to find o%t w"y t"ey do not 'now. I t"o%&"t t"at if ele!tri!ity !o%ld $e made and mana&ed for o(er a "%ndred years, t"en t"e ma'ers do not 'now w"at it is, t"ere is somet"in& wron& a$o%t it. I fo%nd o%t t"at t"e resear!"ers were misled $y wron& instr%!tion $oo's, and $y one,sided instr%ments. Voltmeters and ampere meters are one,sided. T"ey only s"ow w"at is !alled $y instr%!tion $oo's, positi(e ele!tri!ity, $%t ne(er s"ow ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity. Now yo% !an see t"at one,"alf of t"e ele!tri!ity es!aped t"eir noti!e. If t"e resear!"ers "ad %sed t"e same 'ind of e-%ipment I %se to demonstrate w"at ma&neti! !%rrent is, t"ey wo%ld "a(e fo%nd o%t a lon& time a&o w"at ele!tri!ity is. T"e positi(e ele!tri!ity is !omposed of streams of nort" pole indi(id%al ma&nets, and ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity is !omposed of streams of so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets. T"ey are r%nnin& one stream of ma&nets a&ainst t"e ot"er stream in w"irlin& ri&"t "and twist, and wit" "i&" speed. .rotons and ele!trons,,Are yo% s%re t"ey are not t"e nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets. If we "a(e anyt"in& we "a(e to s"ow t"at we "a(e it. S"ow t"e $ase w"ere it !ame from, and s"ow "ow t"e t"in& f%n!tions. /e !an find !on!entrated nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets in t"e eart", in a metal. /it" t"e metal we !an demonstrate t"at t"e free nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are !ir!%latin& in t"e eart". In t"e Nort" 0emisp"ere t"e so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are &oin& %p, and t"e nort" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are !omin& down. T"ose free !ir!%latin& nort" and so%t" indi(id%al ma&nets are t"e $%ildin& material for t"e ma&net metal we find in t"e eart". T"is s"o%ld s"ow t"at t"e nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are t"e real atom $%ilders, and not t"e protons and ele!trons. I t"in' t"e nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are r%nnin& in an or$it aro%nd a !ommon !ore in an atom t"e same way as t"ey r%n in an or$it aro%nd a !ommon !ore in t"e perpet%al motion "older t"at I made. T"e only differen!e is t"at an atom "as a small or$it, $%t t"e perpet%al motion "older "as a $i& or$it. I "a(e ne(er seen an atom, $%t I t"in' t"e atom drawin&s are wron&. T"ey s"o%ld $e drawn to fit t"e eart" on a!!o%nt of t"e fa!t t"at t"e atom is a part of t"e eart". T"e eart" "as two ma&net poles. T"is means t"at ea!" pole "as an e-%al p%ll and p%s" to "old t"e eart" to&et"er, and so ea!" atom s"o%ld $e $%ilt as it !o%ld "a(e two poles. In t"at !ase $ot" for!es t"at ma'e ma&net poles s"o%ld r%n aro%nd a !ommon !ore 1t"e !ore !o%ld $e a parti!le of s%nli&"t2. If one,"alf of t"e for!e t"at ma'es %p t"e atom is in t"e !ore, and t"e ot"er "alf of t"e for!e r%n aro%nd t"e !ore, t"en in t"at !ase t"e atom !o%ld not 3oin t"e ot"er atoms to ma'e a metal t"at !o%ld "old two ma&net poles. I $elie(e t"at if some enterprisin& man wo%ld analy4e t"e ma&net metal w"i!" !omes strai&"t from t"e eart" "e wo%ld find t"at t"e metal is not $%ilt %p $y protons and ele!trons, $%t $y nort" and so%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets .I t"in' anyone w"o e*!l%des ma&nets and !al!%lations a$o%t t"in&s t"at t"is eart" !ontains, "e is wron&. T"ose w"o want to 'now "ow Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets !ontra!t t"e m%s!les. Conne!t ea!"

end of a fres" terrapin m%s!le wit" ea!" terminal of a $attery, t"en yo% will see "ow t"e m%s!les are !ontra!ted. T"is is for $iolo&ists. I !an see !"romosomes wit"o%t a mi!ros!ope. To see I !lose my eyes and t"en I open one eye 3%st a little to loo' at t"e $l%e s'y. T"en I !an see !"ains of $eads floatin& in t"e li-%id in my eye. Some !"ains of $eads are lon&er t"an ot"ers. Most of t"e !"ains are folded o(er in irre&%lar s"apes and $etween se(eral $eads in a !"ain t"ere is a $i&&er $ead and sometimes t"ere is one, two or more $eads "an&in& o%tside t"e !"ain, and sometimes I !an see one, two or more $eads floatin& separately. Ea!" $ead5s !enter is li&"t, and t"e o%tsider im dar', If I open my eye a little more and loo' s"arper, t"en I !an see ro%nd s"inin& t"in&s r%nnin& in e(ery dire!tion in 3%mpy pat"s. Some lea(e s"iny wa(e li'e a pat" $efore t"ey disappear. Ea!" s"iny t"in& is many times smaller t"an ea!" smallest $ead. T"ey are not !rowded, t"ey all %se t"e same speed, $%t t"e speed is a little too fast for &ood o$ser(ation. To see finer t"in&s yet I loo' in a &ray !lo%d wit" t"e eye open %ntil I see a dar'er spot. /"en t"e spot $e&ins to $oil in t"e middle, t"en I !an see tiny m%lti, !olored strea's r%nnin& o%t of t"e middle. T"e s!ene lasts a$o%t a min%te and w"en it is &one t"en no$ody !an 'now w"en t"e ne*t s!ene will !ome aro%nd. Matter# E(ery form of e*isten!e, w"et"er it $e ro!' tree or animal, "as a $e&innin& and an end, $%t t"e t"ree t"in&s t"at all matter is !onstr%!ted from "as no $e&innin& and no end. T"ey are t"e Nort" and So%t" poles indi(id%al ma&nets, and t"e ne%tral parti!les of matter. T"ese t"ree different t"in&s are t"e !onstr%!tion $lo!'s of e(eryt"in&. To $e&in, a meteor ro!' falls in t"e s%n, t"e s%n dissol(es t"e ro!' to t"e final di(ision of matter, t"e Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets, and t"e s%nli&"t t"en sends t"em o%t "ere. T"e (e&etation a$sor$s some of t"e ma&nets and t"e s%nli&"t, and t"en &rows. /e eat t"e (e&etation prod%!ts and $%ild %p o%r $ody, and t"en w"en we die and o%r $ody is !remated, t"e as"es !an $e made into a ro!', and t"en t"e ro!' !an $e sent to t"e s%n to $e dissol(ed a&ain. T"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets !an $e dete!ted w"ile t"ey are !omin& down from t"e s%n $y radio. T"e radio wa(es are made $y t"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets. T"ey spread aro%nd t"e eart", and t"e Nort" and So%t" pole. Ma&nets t"at are !omin& down from t"e s%n are "ittin& t"e radio wa(es a!ross, and so dist%r$in& t"eir pat"s. T"at is t"e reason w"y we !annot "ear t"e radio as well in t"e day time as we do at ni&"t. At ni&"t time we only &et t"ose ma&nets t"at are !omin& down from ot"er s%ns or stars, $%t in t"e day time we &et t"em all. Today, yesterday5s s%nli&"t is ne%tral parti!les of matter. If yo% "ad $een "i&" %p a$o(e t"e eart" yesterday t"ere wo%ld not "a(e $een as m%!" li&"t t"ere as t"ere was on t"e &ro%nd. T"ere yo% wo%ld "a(e seen stars t"e same as at ni&"t time down "ere. In t"e empty spa!e $etween t"e starst"ere is not m%!" li&"t, so t"e stars !an $e seen. S%nli&"t is li&"t w"en it passes t"ro%&" some o$str%!tion li'e t"e air, $y &oin& t"ro%&" an empty spa!e it is not m%!" of a li&"t. E6ECTR)NS Millions of people all o(er t"e world are $ein& fooled $y t"e non,e*istin& ele!trons. 0ere is "ow t"e ele!trons !ame into e*isten!e. T"omson in(ented an ima&inary $a$y and !alled it an ele!tron. R%t"erford adopted it and now t"e men wit" t"e lon& "air are n%rsin& it. T"e ele!tron "as a $rot"er and its name is proton, $%t it is "ea(y and la4y. It remains stationary in t"e middle, $%t t"e ele!tron "as to r%n aro%nd it. To t"e ele!tri!al en&ineers t"e positi(e ele!tri!ity is e(eryt"in&, t"e ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity is not"in&, $%t to t"e p"ysi!ists t"e ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity is e(eryt"in&, and t"e positi(e ele!tri!ity is not"in&. 6oo'in& from a ne%tral standpoint t"ey !an!el ea!" ot"er, so we "a(e no ele!tri!ity, $%t we "a(e somet"in&. If we do not 'now "ow to "andle t"e t"in& t"at !omes t"ro%&" a wire from a &enerator or a $attery, we will &et $adly s"o!'ed.

Read t"e $oo'let 7Ma&neti! C%rrent7 1MAGC RNT.ASC2 t"en yo% will 'now w"at t"e t"in& is, and t"e way it r%ns t"ro%&" a wire. T"e in(ention of an ele!tron !ame $y a tri!'y met"od in %sin& ele!tri!ity in a (a!%%m t%$e. Normally w"et"er it $e a &enerator or a $attery, t"e positi(e terminal will "a(e to $e !onne!ted to t"e ne&ati(e terminal, $%t in t"e (a!%%m t%$e two $atteries wit" different stren&t" were %sed, t"e smaller $attery was !onne!ted normally, $%t t"e lar&er $attery5s ne&ati(e terminal was !onne!ted to t"e smaller $attery5s ne&ati(e terminal, and t"e positi(e terminal was left alone. T"at !onne!tion &a(e t"e ne&ati(e terminal a do%$le dose of stren&t", and so it $e!ame "otter and !o%ld p%s" more. It was !alled !at"ode and t"e positi(e terminal anode, and t"e ele!tri!ity t"at passed from t"e !at"ode to t"e anode was !alled ele!trons. In !ase t"e in(entor "ad %sed normally dire!t met"ods to find o%t w"at t"e ele!tri!ity was "e wo%ld "a(e fo%nd o%t t"at t"e positi(e and ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity is in e-%al stren&t", and are r%nnin& positi(e ele!tri!ity a&ainst t"e ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity. T"at !an $e seen $y !onne!tin& ea!" of two pie!es of soft iron wire wit" ea!" terminal of a !ar $attery and t"en $y p%ttin& to&et"er and p%llin& away ea!" loose end of t"e soft iron wire. More spar's !an $e seen !omin& o%t of t"e positi(e terminal t"an from t"e ne&ati(e terminal. T"is dire!t met"od is more relia$le t"an t"e tri!'y met"od in t"e (a!%%m t%$e. T"e tro%$le wit" t"e p"ysi!ists is t"ey %se indire!t and %ltra, indire!t met"ods to !ome to t"eir !on!l%sions. If t"e in(entor of ele!trons "ad a (a!%%m t%$e in w"i!" "is ele!trons !o%ld r%n !lose to t"e top of t"e (a!%%m t%$e from t"e west side of t"e !at"ode to t"e east side of t"e anode and t"en wo%ld "an& a (erti!ally "an&in& ma&net t"at is made from t"ree,in!" lon& "ard steel fis"in& wire, and t"en "an& one ma&net pole at one time ri&"t on top in t"e middle of "is stream of ele!trons, t"en "e wo%ld "a(e seen t"e nort" pole ma&net swin&in& nort", and t"e so%t" pole ma&net swin&in& so%t". T"e same t"in& will "appen if t"e ma&nets are "eld a$o(e any wire w"ere t"e ele!tri!ity is r%nnin& t"ro%&". T"ose two (erti!ally "an&in& ma&nets pro(e t"at t"e ele!tri!ity is !omposed of two different and e-%al for!es. Anot"er way to pro(e t"is is to !onne!t a fle*i$le wire loop east end of t"e wire wit" positi(e $attery5s terminal, west end wit" ne&ati(e terminal, raise t"e loop one in!" a$o(e t"e floor. .%t s"ape ma&net one in!" from loop, nort" pole so%t" side of t"e loop. T"e nort" pole ma&net will p%ll in t"e loop. .%t t"e so%t" pole ma&net in t"e same pla!e. It will p%s" t"e loop away. .%t t"e so%t" pole ma&net nort" side of t"e loop, t"is time it will p%ll t"e loop in. .%t t"e nort" pole ma&net in t"e same pla!e, it will p%s" t"e loop away. T"is indi!ates t"at ele!tri!ity t"e same as a ma&net $ar is !omposed of two e-%al for!es, and ea!" for!e is r%nnin& one a&ainst t"e ot"er in w"irlin& ri&"t "and twist, $%t t"ose for!es in t"e wire "a(e "i&"er speed, and $ot" for!es are !omin& o%t a!ross from t"e same wire. )ne of t"e for!es is nort" pole ma&nets and t"e ot"er is so%t" pole ma&nets. T"ey are t"e !osmi! for!es. 8o%r ele!tri! motor is t%rned aro%nd on its a*is $y nort" and so%t" pole ma&nets. E(en yo% !o%ld not start yo%r !ar wit"o%t t"e nort" and so%t" pole ma&nets. If ele!tri!ity is made wit" nort" and so%t" pole ma&nets and t"e ele!tri! motor is t%rned aro%nd on its a*is $y t"e nort" and so%t" pole ma&nets as is t"e fa!t, t"en t"is will $rin& %p a -%estion, w"ere t"en are t"ose T"omson ele!trons. T"ey are not aro%nd t"e ele!tri! motor. T"e plain answer is t"ey are non,e*istin&. Rays# /"en I red%!e t"e material from w"i!" !omes o%t t"e alp"a, $eta and &amma rays, so small w"en it is ma&nified one "%ndred times and appearin& t"e same si4e as an a(era&e salt !rystal, t"en t"ere is no more rays, $%t "as flas"es t"e same as w"en a !onne!ted wire end is tapped on t"e $attery5s terminal, $%t wit"o%t t"e red spar's. Dependin& on t"e si4e sometimes, I "a(e to wait fi(e min%tes $efore I !an see a flas". I t"in' t"e flas"es are !a%sed $y Nort"and So%t" pole ma&nets w"i!" are "ittin& and $rea'in& t"e atom or$it, w"ile t"e ma&nets are !ir!%latin& in and aro%nd t"e eart". In t"e Nort"ern 0emisp"ere, t"e Nort" pole ma&nets are !omin& down, and t"e So%t" pole ma&nets are &oin& %p. /"ere(er ea!" 'ind of ma&nets are r%nnin& in t"eir way, t"ey are

"ittin& t"eir own 'ind of ma&nets and are p%s"in& t"em in t"e same dire!tion. T"is !an $e demonstrated $y a foot lon& ma&neti4ed "ard steel fis"in& wire w"i!" "an&s on a fine t"read "ori4ontally, and le(el. All t"at will "a(e to $e done is to re,ma&neti4e t"e wire $y !"an&in& t"e ma&net poles. T"en t"e wire will lie in a slantin& position, t"e So%t" ma&net pole will stay "i&"er. +y %sin& a !oil and mi!ro,ampere meter it !an $e seen in w"i!" dire!tion t"e ma&nets are r%nnin& t"e most. /"en I $rea' t"e or$it of t"e perpet%al motion "older w"i!" I made, t"en I &et a flas" of li&"t from it, $%t t"at flas" of li&"t is made $y t"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets, and so I t"in' t"e atom is $%ilt %p $y t"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets, and w"en t"e or$it is $ro'en, t"en t"e flas" is made and t"e ma&nets are li$erated to &o somew"ere else. T"e nat%ral pat" to t"e Nort" pole ma&nets in t"e Nort"ern 0emisp"ere is to &o down, and t"e So%t" pole ma&nets to &o %p. I t"in' it wo%ld $e a &ood idea if t"e p"ysi!ists w"ile testin& radi%m on t"e p"oto&rap"i! film for alp"a rays, wo%ld p%t t"e radi%m on top of t"e film, and for $eta rays t"e radi%m %nder t"e film, and t"en wat!" t"e res%lts, or &o to t"e So%t"ern 0emisp"ere and e*periment in t"e someway as t"ey are doin& now, and t"en noti!e if t"ere is any differen!e. T"e &amma rays m%st $e t"e same as t"e s%nli&"t, $%t stron&er $e!a%se t"ey are %sed (ery !lose to t"eir so%r!e. /e "a(e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets, positi(e and ne&ati(e ele!tri!ity, protons, and ele!trons, positrons and mesons and alp"a, $eta and &amma rays. Now w"y s%!" a !onf%sion9 Does nat%re really need so many t"in&s in t"e perpet%al transformation of t"in&s, on $%ildin& %p t"e matter and a&ain ta'in& it into parts9 I t"in' all t"at nat%re needs is t"ree t"in&s, t"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets and t"e ne%tral parti!les. Ea!" 'ind of t"ose t"ree t"in&s !an a!t differently wit" different speed and different !om$inations, and so t"ey !an a!!omplis" different res%lts. I $elie(e t"e prospe!ti(e p"ysi!ists first s"o%ld learn w"at ma&nets and ele!tri!ity are, t"en t"ey will "a(e a so%nd $ase for t"eir e*periments and t"eir !al!%lations. C)SMIC F)RCE 0ere is additional information for t"ose w"o read my ad(ertisement in T"e Miami Daily News, Fe$r%ary:rd, ;<=>. T"e Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets are t"e !osmi! for!e. T"ey are t"e $%ildin& $lo!'s of nat%re5s perpet%al transformation of matter, and t"ey are so small t"at t"ey !an pass t"ro%&" e(eryt"in&. T"ey pass t"ro%&" t"e eart" from pole to pole, and aro%nd t"e eart". If t"e Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets !o%ld not pass t"ro%&" a (a!%%m t%$e t"e same as t"e T"omsons ele!trons !annot, t"en t"ey !o%ld not $e t"e $%ildin& $lo!'s. T"e T"omson ele!trons are (ery small parts of matter w"i!" !ome o%t of t"e !at"ode w"ile t"e !at"ode is $%rned %p or !ons%med in t"e (a!%%m t%$e. /it"o%t t"e &eneral !ir!%lation of t"e $%ildin& $lo!'s t"ere wo%ld $e no !"an&e. E(eryt"in& wo%ld remain in t"e same way as it is now. T"e $%ildin& $lo!'s from a matter t"at &o to pie!es !o%ld not &et in t"e &eneral !ir!%lation for t"e new !onstr%!tion. I t"in' t"e Radi%m and rani%m were $%ilt %p inside t"e eart" wit" "i&" press%re, and "eat, w"ile t"e Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets were !ir!%latin& t"ro%&" t"e eart". D%rin& t"e time t"e Radi%m and rani%m were inside t"e eart" t"ey a$sor$ed more of t"e indi(id%al Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets t"an t"ey normally !o%ld "old, and so now w"ile t"ey are on top of t"e eart" t"ey let t"e ma&nets &o so t"ey !an $e!ome normal a&ain. Gra(itation m%st $e !a%sed $y t"e matter in t"e middle of t"e eart", and more !on!entrated t"an rani%m. /"en rani%m atoms $%rst t"ey release t"e Nort" and So%t" pole indi(id%al ma&nets t"at "eld t"e atom to&et"er, t"en t"e ma&nets s!atter all aro%nd, $%t w"en t"e atoms $%rst in t"e middle of

t"e eart", and many $%rst at t"e same time, t"ey !an only r%n from t"e middle to t"e o%tside. /"en t"e Nort" and So%t" pole ma&nets are r%nnin& alon&side ea!" ot"er and in t"e same dire!tion, t"ey "a(e no attra!tion for t"e ot"er 'ind. T"ey only attra!t if t"ey are r%nnin& one 'ind a&ainst t"e ot"er 'ind. /"en t"e ma&nets are r%nnin& o%t of t"e middle of t"e eart", as soon as t"ey meet an o$3e!t t"ey attra!t it, on a!!o%nt of t"e fa!t t"at in any o$3e!t t"ere is $ot" 'inds of ma&nets in it. It !an $e seen $y r%$$in& "ard r%$$er or &lass %ntil t"ey &et "ot, t"en t"ey will attra!t sand, iron filin&s, salt, and ot"er t"in&s. To see "ow it f%n!tions, mo(e a salt !rystal a little, if it "appens to &et on a different ma&net pole, t"en it will 3%mp away. Anot"er way is to r%$ "ard r%$$er %ntil it &ets "ot, t"en it will $e a temporary ma&net. T"e differen!e $etween t"e r%$$er ma&net and t"e steel ma&net is t"at t"e ma&net in t"e r%$$er !omes from t"e ma&nets t"at "old to&et"er t"e r%$$er, and $ot" Nort" and So%t" poles are in t"e same side of t"e r%$$er and t"e ma&net poles are small and t"ere are many of t"em !lose to&et"er, $%t in t"e steel $ar t"e attra!tin& ma&net is not t"e ma&net t"at "olds to&et"er t"e steel, $%t t"e s%rpl%s ma&nets t"e !ir!%latin& ma&net t"at was p%t in it. Attra!t t"e iron filin&s wit" t"e r%$$er ma&net, t"en approa!" wit" t"e steel ma&net. C"an&e t"e poles, t"en yo% will see some of t"e filin&s 3%mp away. T"is means t"e steel ma&net !"an&ed t"e ma&net poles in t"e iron filin&s, and so t"ey 3%mped away. +y ED/ARD 6EEDS?A6NIN R)C? GATE 0omestead, Florida, . S.A. Copyri&"t )!to$er. ;<=@. $y Edward 6eeds'alnin