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Become a real secret agent with a Hidden Spy Camera !

This pen with integrated camera and microphone allows you to make audio and video recordings in color ... and discreetly ! Designed as a writing instrument , no one will suspect that it is a hidden video camera ! Ideal for meetings , interviews, etc. . Top 10 of the most important industrial espionage scandals According to a Berry Smutny , CEO of the German manufacturer of satellites, France is the European champion of industrial espionage and even the " evil empire regarding the theft of technology ." To bounce on this beautiful medal and these encouraging words , and to accompany the recent case which concerned Renault , here's a little reminder of the greatest scandals of modern espionage. 1 . Volkswagen (1993): the Lopez case, which is named after a former executive of General Motors, Volkswagen joined guilty of the bag full of small "secret" industry . The case was settled four years later amicable means big money and lucrative contracts . 2 . Coca -Cola (2006) , two individuals came into possession of secrets Coca Cola through an employee of the firm. When they proposed their precious competitor to Pepsi , they immediately informed Coca -Cola . Balances . 3 . WikiLeaks (2006): this " non-profit organization " whose only motto is / would make public information leaks of all kinds has created a buzz there a few weeks ago . While becoming still the basis of essential data espionage and secrets. 4 . McLaren ( 2007), the designer of the Ferrari team cars would release plans to the enemy McLaren . The Anglo- German team would , in turn , is subject to a similar espionage conducted this time by Renault through a former engineer . Tie . 5. Michelin ( 2007) : A Framework for Michelin tried to monetize confidential data competitor Bridgestone . Warned by Bridgestone , Michelin tricked the scammer to be confused . This is what is called fair and honest competition. 6 . Hilton ( 2009): the Hilton hotel chain was suspected of having poached two employees of Starwood for industrial purposes . The two thieves had indeed left Starwood pockets full of 100,000 computer files on a draft of hotels including Hilton just wanted to take the start line . 7 . EDF (2009): the group had hired the company Kargus Consultants to monitor its critics Greenpeace . According to the applicants , it was only an " operational support for business intelligence on the modes of action of environmental organizations . '" Said like that is their task would give without confession . 8 . GhostNet (2009): it is a large-scale infiltration of private computers

controlled by computers located in China. This new case of cyber espionage experienced a new twist when it was proved that the " Ghost Network " could control security systems . 9 . Operation Aurora (2010) detected by Google, apparently the victim of a cyber attack orchestrated by the Chinese government , Operation Aurora was , moreover, thirty mostly U.S. companies. Wikileaks would later confirmed the involvement of the Chinese government in the case. 10 . Renault (2011) : After probably wrongly accused then fired three of its executives for industrial espionage , it is ultimately the CEO of Renault which is found under the spotlight , suspected of having invented this thing from scratch. The licensor soon dismissed ? And you see in others?