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No. Conditions that have to be fulfilled at the site before installation commences: 1 All foundations must be completed, i.e.

the false-work removed, concrete ready for loads and cleaned with a broom. The buildings must be finished, i.e. roof and side walls must be fully closed, gates and doors installed, the floor covered with concrete, capable of bearing loads and cleaned with broom. Openings for assembly must remain open as discussed beforehand. The building rooms such as hydraulic room, heating room, control rooms, switch rooms, etc. must be completely finished. Openings for assembly work must remain open as discussed beforehand. The false floor in the control rooms and switch rooms must be installed and covered. All openings in the wall for cables and pipes must be finished. If necessary, an oil-resistant coating has to be provided in the pits, foundations and rooms. The covering of all pits in the area of the roads and in the assembly areas must be finished and be able to bear the loads of running cranes and trucks. All foundations, pits and other dangerous areas are fully safeguarded. All driveways to the assembly areas must be paved. The location for hoisting gear must also be stabilized.

Customer comments:

10 The lighting in the buildings, in the outer areas, in the building rooms, in other pits and foundations on which one can walk must be installed and working (in the press basement after the installation of the hydraulic units). 11 All cable routes (in the floor) and cable pull pits must be completed.

12 The covering of the heating pits must be installed. 13 A storage place or container for packing material and waste must be provided and its disposal be ensured. 14 At all assembly sites, low voltage site distribution boards must be installed, within the building every 50 m. 15 In the different assembly areas, sprinkler pipes, routes for suction systems, water, compressed air, etc. must be installed so that there is no obstruction during installation. 16 All center lines, transverse axes and heights for the installation of the lines must have been measured and marked appropriately. 17 The transportation from the storage place to the assembly site of the various plant components as well as the warehouse management must be ensured. 18 All measures to ensure fire protection must be taken, that means there will be sufficient fire extinguishing equipment available (fire extinguishers, hoses, jet pipes, etc., as well as fire protection blankets). 19 All measures for ensuring protection at work and health protection have been taken and the necessary equipment is available. 20 A responsible site supervisor for the Buyer and a responsible person for safety at work have been appointed. 21 For the cleaning of pipes etc., there must be compressed air available. 22 For the Sellers assembly personnel, furnished site offices with access to telephone, fax and the Internet must be available.

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