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Review of Fifty Key Figures in Islam by Roy Jackson, London: Routledge Key Guides (2006), !26"#$vi!

%&is book clai's to be t&e e(fect (esou(ce fo( lea(ning about 'usli' cultu(e, eo le and its teac&ings! )ue to t&e b(eadt& of t&e wo(k, t&e(e a(e bound to be so'e e((o(s in (ega(ds to ce(tain ent(ies and as well as ce(tain te('s used! %&e(e see's to be so'e 'isinfo('ation (ega(ding al* +&afi,-! .cco(ding to t&e aut&o( al*+&afi,- is c(edited to &ave laid t&e foundations fo( t&e science of /u(is (udence in actual fact al*+&afi,- is c(edited fo( &is Risalah w&ic& is a te$tbook fo( t&e (inci les (usul al-fiqh) and not /u(is (udence (fiqh) itself! Jackson does not distinguis& between t&e two! %&e(e a(e also ot&e( few funda'ental e((o(s in &isto(y co''itted by Jackson es ecially in att(ibuting .li,s acce tance of a(bit(ation due to &i' being old and ti(ed ( g!20)! . cu(so(y glance at &isto(ical sou(ces would indicate to us t&at .li was fo(ced to acce t t&e a(bit(ation at +iffin by a g(ou of &is su o(te(s w&o we(e t(icked by t&e tactics of utting t&e 0u(,an on t&e ti of lances by 1u,awiya! %&is sa'e g(ou was late( to beco'e known as t&e secede(s ( alkhawarij)! %&e e$cellent studies by .youb ( Crises of Muslim History) and 1adelung (Succession to Muhamma ) s&ould &ave su le'ented t&is ent(y on .li and .bu 2ak( and ot&e( figu(es connected wit& t&e issue of succession! . co((ect unde(standing of t&is volatile e(iod is c(ucial in unde(standing t&e 'ain divisions between +unni and +&i,- sect wit&in -sla'! 3nfo(tunately Jackson does not even (efe( to t&ese sou(ces focusing instead on ot&e( gene(al &isto(y of t&e e(iod fo( w(iting &is ent(y! Jackson &ad included "4 ent(ies on conte' o(a(y 'usli' t&inke(s! 5ne of t&e' is 1u&a''ad ibn .bd al*6a&&ab o( al*6a&&ab w&o' Jackson (ega(ds as one of t&e 7(enewe(s, of (eligion ( g!"89) as indicated in t&e oft :uoted &adit& &e(e! %&e (enewe(s included wit& al*6a&&ab a(e al* G&a;ali, -bn %ay'iyya& and +&a& 6ali .lla&! <e is at ains to connect +&a& 6ali .lla& as being si'ila( to al*6a&&ab and clai's t&at t&ei( diffe(ences lie 'ainly in t&ei( a (oac&es w&e(e al* 6a&&ab was 'ilitant if co' a(ed to t&e less conf(ontational a (oac& of 6ali .lla& ( g!"=>)! %&e ent(y on 6ali .lla& is inte(s e(sed wit& t&e o inions of al*6a&&ab in Jackson,s atte' t to link t&e two sc&ola( toget&e(! +u(ely t&e (eality is t&at al*6a&&ab,s lite(a(y in ut o( lack of it is inco' a(able to t&e i' (essive w(itings of 6ali .lla& (+ee !ahha"ism by <a'id .lga()! -n t&e ent(y on al*6a&&ab Jackson desc(ibes t&e fall of t&e 5tto'an e' i(e as due to t&e' &anging onto su e(stitious (actices! %&e(e is no 'ention of t&e violence no( (esistance towa(ds t&e +aud and t&e 6a&&abis f(o' t&e local sc&ola(s no( t&e eo le of t&e t&en <i//a;! Jackson &ad ski ed all t&ese and (aised t&is ?g(eat@ (evive( as t&e e(son w&o &as co'e to guide 'usli's w&en t&ei( -sla'ic activities we(e evidently s&i(k ( g!"6")! 1any sc&ola(s &ave w(itten about t&e violent (ise of t&e 6a&abbi 'ove'ent (see .lga(, 6a&&abis' fo( (efe(ences in .(abic and ot&e(s) and t&e va(ious c(iticis' leveled against t&e' by (o'inent sc&ola(s of t&e e(iod none &oweve( see's to &ave 'ade it into Jackson,s ent(y! 5ne gets t&e i' (ession t&at t&e 6a&&abis we(e welco'e and t&ei( founde( a g(eat sc&ola(! %&e (eality is t&at 1u&a''ad ibn .bdul 6a&&ab was not a se'inal figu(e in t&e &isto(y of 'usli' t&oug&t as w&ateve( t&at &e &as w(itten a(e 'ainly s&o(t and 'ini'al (es onses towa(ds ce(tain :uestions and b(ief state'ents! 5t&e( 'istakes and 'isunde(standings abound suc& as in t&e ent(y on K&o'eini, Jackson g(ossly att(ibutes t&e view t&at 1ulla&s o( /u(ist a(e :ualified to do i/ti&ad to K&o'eini as if befo(e K&o'eini t&is was neve( wit&in t&e w&ole co( us of s&i,i legal w(iting and t&oug&t! %&e(e a(e ot&e( 'istakes in (ega(ds to t&e ent(y on +ayyid Ru&olla& K&o'eini w&ic& includes &i' being (ega(ded as t&e 1a&di by t&e +&i,- (w&ic& &as neve( been t&e case), suc& an unde(standing on K&o'eini and eventually t&e w&ole s&i,- legal t(adition is su( (ising given t&e a'ount of studies w(itten w&ic& is available in weste(n language (see in a(ticula( wo(ks w(itten by 1oda((essi)!

5ve(all t&is book is a good atte' t by t&e aut&o( to cove( all of t&e 'a/o( figu(es wit&in -sla'! Li'iting t&e nu'be( to =0 would 'ean an a(bit(a(y selection of figu(es! .s a guide t&is book (e:ui(es a second edition w&ic& would &el su le'ent t&e (esent edition! %&is (eviewe( would also like to suggest a fu(t&e( (eading section w&e(e ot&e( (elevant 'ate(ials would be (ovided fo( t&e inte(ested lay (eade(! 1o&a'ad Aas(in Aasi( 3nive(sity 2(unei )a(ussala'

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