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LICENCE TO USE THE MULTIMEDIA PRODUCT Please read this Licence carefully before installing the game (Multimedia

Product). This Licence is an agreement between you, the User, and Ubisoft ntertainment and!or its licensors and!or its beneficiaries (Ubisoft), which grants the User the non"e#clusi$e and non"transferable right to use the Multimedia Product. This Licence is $alid in the United %tates of &merica. 'y installing the Multimedia Product, the User underta(es to res)ect the terms and conditions of the Licence. 1- The Licence Ubisoft grants the User a non"e#clusi$e and non"transferable Licence to use the Multimedia Product, but remains the owner of all the rights relating thereto. &ny rights not s)ecifically transferred by this Licence remain the )ro)erty of Ubisoft. The Multimedia Product has a multi")layer ca)ability that allows users to utili*e the Multimedia Product o$er the +nternet $ia the Massgate ser$ice (Massgate). The use of the Multimedia Product o$er the +nternet shall be sub,ect to the User creating an account to utili*e the Program (&ccount) $ia the Massgate %er$ice and the Users acce)tance of Massgate-s Terms of Use &greement, which may be u)dated or modified at any time. The Program may also contain a .am)aign ditor (the / ditor/) that allows the User to create custom le$els or other materials for )ersonal use in connection with the Multimedia Product (/0ew Materials/). &ll use of the ditor or any 0ew Materials is sub,ect to this License &greement. The Multimedia Product is licensed and not sold to the User, for )ri$ate use. The Licence does not confer any right or title to the Multimedia Product and cannot be understood as a transfer of intellectual )ro)erty rights to the Multimedia Product. T1 MULT+M 2+& P342U.T M&5 ' P34T .T 2 '5 2+6+T&L 3+61T% M&0&6 M 0T %47T8&3 (23M %47T8&3 ). +0 %U.1 .&% , T1 U% 3 1 3 '5 &63 %, &.9048L 26 % &02 .40% 0T% T4 T1 74LL48+06 3 6&32+06 T1 23M %47T8&3 : (+) T1&T T1 +0%T&LL&T+40 47 T1 MULT+M 2+& P342U.T 8+LL .&U% T1 23M %47T8&3 T4 ' +0%T&LL 2 40 T1 U% 3-% .4MPUT 3; (++) T1 23M %47T8&3 M&5 L+M+T T1 0UM' 3 47 +0%T&LL&T+40% 47 T1 MULT+M 2+& P342U.T; (+++) T1 23M %47T8&3 M&5 +0%T&LL 40 T1 U% 3-% .4MPUT 3 &22+T+40&L .4MP40 0T% 3 <U+3 2 743 .4P5 P34T .T+40; &02 (+=) 2U3+06 T1 +0%T&LL&T+40 &02!43 T1 7+3%T L&U0.1, &0 40L+0 .400 .T+40 M&5 ' 3 <U+3 2 T4 U0L4.9 T1 MULT+M 2+& P342U.T T134U61 T1 23M %47T8&3 . +0 04 = 0T %1&LL U'+%47T ' L+&'L +0 .400 .T+40 8+T1 T1 .4MP40 0T% T1&T M&5 ' +0%T&LL 2 40 T1 U% 3-% .4MPUT 3 '5 &05 23M %47T8&3 . 743 7U3T1 3 +0743M&T+40, PL &% =+%+T T1 8 '%+T 47 T1 23M %47T8&3 &PP &3+06 2U3+06 T1 +0%T&LL&T+40 47 T1 6&M . 2- Ownership of the M !ti"e#i$ Pro# ct The User recognises that all of the rights associated with the Multimedia Product and its com)onents (in )articular the titles, com)uter codes, themes, characters, character names, )lots, stories, dialogues, )laces, conce)ts, images, )hotogra)hs, animation, $ideos, music and te#t contained in the Multimedia Product), as well as the rights relating to the trademar(, royalties and co)yrights, are the )ro)erty of Ubisoft and are )rotected by 7rench regulations or other Laws, Treaties and international agreements concerning intellectual )ro)erty.

%- Ter"s of Use The User must acce)t the Terms of Use in order to access Massgate to utili*e the Multimedia Product online. The Terms of Use agreement go$erns all as)ects of game )lay. The Terms of Use agreement can be $iewed by $isiting the following website: www.worldinconflict.com!tos!en. +f the User does not agree with the Terms of Use, then the User may not register for an &ccount to utili*e the Multimedia Product. &- Use of the M !ti"e#i$ Pro# ct The User is authorised to use the Multimedia Product in accordance with the instructions )ro$ided in the manual or on the )ac(aging of the Multimedia Product. The Licence is granted solely for )ri$ate use. +t is not )ermitted: - To ma(e co)ies of the Multimedia Product, - To o)erate the Multimedia Product commercially, - To use it contrary to morality or the laws in force, - To modify the Multimedia Product or create any deri$ed wor(, - To transmit the Multimedia Product $ia a tele)hone networ( or any other electronic means, e#ce)t during multi")layer games on authorised networ(s, - To create or distribute unauthorised le$els and!or scenarios, - To decom)ile, re$erse engineer or disassemble the Multimedia Product. The User cannot sell, sublicense or lease the Multimedia Product to a third )arty. The User can only transfer the Multimedia Product if the reci)ient agrees to the terms and conditions of the Licence. +n this e$ent, the User underta(es to transfer all com)onents and documentation relating to the Multimedia Product. 1e also underta(es to delete any co)y of the Multimedia Product from his com)uter. +n this e$ent, this Licence is automatically and immediately terminated. The User ac(nowledges that Ubisoft may collect and use certain User data in accordance with the )ri$acy )olicy accessible on the website htt):!!www.ubi.com!U%!+nfo!+nfo.as)#>tagname?Pri$acyPolicy. '- P$tches( Up#$tes $n# co!!ection of cr$sh #$t$ Ubisoft may de)loy or )ro$ide )atches, u)dates and modifications to the Multimedia Product that must be installed for the User to continue to utili*e the Multimedia Product. &dditionally, the Multimedia Product may include a tool that will allow the Users system to forward system and dri$er information to Ubisoft in the e$ent of a crash. This tool will collect data on the system during the crash and send such information to Ubisoft and the User hereby grant Ubisoft consent to forward such information in the e$ent of a crash for diagnostic )ur)oses. )- Ter"in$tion of the Licence The Licence is effecti$e from the first time the Multimedia Product is used. +t is terminated automatically by Ubisoft without notice if the User fails to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Licence.

*- +$rr$ntee Ubisoft warrants to the original )urchaser of its )roducts (the User) that the )roducts will be free from defects in materials and wor(manshi) for a )eriod of ninety (@A) days from the date of )urchase. Ubisoft )roducts are sold /as is/, without any e#)ressed or im)lied warranties of any (ind, and Ubisoft is not liable for any losses or damages of any (ind resulting from use of its )roducts. Ubisoft agrees for a )eriod of ninety (@A) days (or any other longer warranty )eriod )ro$ided by a))licable legislation) to either re)lace defecti$e )roduct free of charge )ro$ided you return the defecti$e item with dated )roof of )urchase to the store from which the )roduct was originally )urchased or re)air or re)lace the defecti$e )roduct at its o)tion free of charge, when accom)anied with a )roof of )urchase and sent to our offices )ostage )re)aid. This warranty is not a))licable to normal wear and tear, and shall be $oid if the defect in the )roduct is found to be as a result of abuse, unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect of the )roduct. Ubisoft offers Technical %u))ort. 8hen you call, )lease be as s)ecific as you can be about the )roblem you are e#)eriencing and ha$e the below details a$ailable:

The name of the manufacturer of your com)uter system The brand and s)eed of the )rocessor 1ow much 3&M you ha$e The $ersion number of windows you are using (if you aren-t sure, right"clic( on the my com)uter icon on your des(to) and select B)ro)erties-) The manufacturer name and model number of your $ideo card, modem, and sound card.

,- +$rr$ntee Li"it$tion The User recognises e#)ressly that he uses the Multimedia Product at his own ris(. The Multimedia Product is )ro$ided as is. The User is res)onsible for any costs of re)airing and!or correcting the Multimedia Product. To the e#tent of what is laid down by the Law, Ubisoft re,ects any warrantee relating to the mar(et $alue of the Multimedia Product, the User-s satisfaction or its ca)acity to )erform a s)ecific use. The User is res)onsible for all ris(s connected with lost )rofit, lost data, errors and lost business or other information as a result of owning or using the Multimedia Product. &s some legislations do not allow for the aforementioned warrantee limitation, it is )ossible that it does not a))ly to the User. -- Li$.i!it/ +n no e$ent can Ubisoft be held liable for any direct, conseCuential, accidental, s)ecial, ancillary or other damages arising out of the use or inability to use the Multimedia Product, as well as out of the ownershi) or )oor functioning thereof, e$en if Ubisoft has been ad$ised of the )ossibility of such damages. +n )articular, Ubisoft acce)ts no liability regarding use of the Multimedia Product contrary to the )recautions for use set out in the manual and on the )ac(aging.

&s some legislations do not allow e#em)tion from liability in the e$ent of direct or incidental damages, it is )ossible that the aforementioned e#clusion does not a))ly to the User. This Licence to use the Multimedia Product grants s)ecific rights to the User and he may ha$e other rights de)ending on the laws in his %tate.

10- Use of Spee#Tree Softw$re +nteracti$e 2ata =isuali*ation, +nc. has s)ecific contractual language reCuirements regarding the use of their %)eedTree software that Ubisoft is reCuired to include in this nd User License &greement. &. The User will com)ly with all reCuirements im)osed u)on Ubisoft by third )arty ser$ice )ro$iders and its licensors, including, without limitation, +nteracti$e 2ata =isuali*ation, +nc. (+2=). '. The User ac(nowledge and agree that he is not a third )arty beneficiary of any agreements between Ubisoft and its third )arty ser$ice )ro$iders and its licensors, including, without limitation, +2=. .. The User ac(nowledge and agree that +2= is and shall be a third )arty beneficiary of this nd User License &greement. 2. The User ac(nowledge and agree that no claim, action, or demand shall lie against +2= with res)ect to any loss, cost, liability, damages, or e#)ense arising out of or related to this nd User License &greement or the +2= %oftware ! Programs. 7or )ur)oses of clarity, he shall not file any suit or bring any cause of action against +2= with res)ect to this nd User License &greement or the +2= %oftware ! Programs. . The User ac(nowledge that +2= has not made any warranties to him with res)ect to the +2= %oftware ! Programs, that +2= e#)ressly disclaims im)lied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a )articular )ur)ose, and that +2= has no obligation to honor any warranties that Licensor may )ro$ide to him in this nd User License &greement or otherwise. 7. +2= retains any and all right, title, interest, and intellectual )ro)erty rights in and to the +2= %oftware ! Programs, including any results and!or )roceeds created by you using the +2= %oftware ! Programs that may be embedded in the nd User License &greement, and no title to such +2= %oftware ! Programs, including any results and!or )roceeds, is transferred to the User or any third )arty through this nd User License &greement or otherwise. 6. 0either the User nor any of its agents or consultants shall assign, sublicense, transfer, re)roduce, co)y, modify, disassemble, decom)ile, or otherwise re$erse engineer any )ortion of the +2= %oftware ! Programs; )ro$ided, howe$er, that the User may ma(e results and!or )roceeds a$ailable, at no charge or fee (i.e., he may not charge a license or other fee for such results and!or )roceeds), to other )ro)erly licensed end users of the World in Conflict )rogram including the +2= %oftware ! Programs as )art of a ma) editor. The User shall adhere to all a))licable laws, regulations and rules relating to the e#)ort of technical data and shall not e#)ort or re"e#)ort any technical data, any )roducts recei$ed from Licensor, or the direct )roduct of such technical data to any )roscribed country listed in such a))licable laws, regulations and rules unless )ro)erly authori*ed. MICROSO1T Direct2 -30c


%UPPL M 0T&L 02 U% 3 L+. 0% (/%u))lemental UL&/)


M 0T 743 M+.34%47T %47T8&3

+MP43T&0T: 3 &2 .&3 7ULL5 " These Microsoft .or)oration (/Microsoft/) o)erating system com)onents, including any /online/ or electronic documentation (/4% .om)onents/) are sub,ect to the terms and conditions of the agreement under which you ha$e licensed the a))licable Microsoft o)erating system )roduct described below (each an / nd User License &greement/ or / UL&/) and the terms and conditions of this %u))lemental UL&. '5 +0%T&LL+06, .4P5+06 43 4T1 38+% U%+06 T1 4% .4MP40 0T%, 54U &63 T4 ' '4U02 '5 T1 T 3M% &02 .402+T+40% 47 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4P 3&T+06 %5%T M P342U.T UL& &02 T1+% %UPPL M 0T&L UL&. +7 54U 24 04T &63 T4 T1 % T 3M% &02 .402+T+40%, 24 04T +0%T&LL, .4P5 43 U% T1 4% .4MP40 0T%. 04T : +7 54U 24 04T 1&= & =&L+2L5 L+. 0% 2 .4P5 47 &05 = 3%+40 43 2+T+40 47 M+.34%47T 8+0248% DP M 2+& . 0T 3 2+T+40, M+.34%47T 8+0248% @E, 8+0248% @F, 8+0248% 0T G.A 8+0248% HAAA 4P 3&T+06 %5%T M 43 &05 M+.34%47T 4P 3&T+06 %5%T M T1&T +% & %U.. %%43 T4 &05 47 T14% 4P 3&T+06 %5%T M% (each an /4% Product/), 54U &3 04T &UT143+I 2 T4 +0%T&LL, .4P5 43 4T1 38+% U% T1 4% .4MP40 0T% &02 54U 1&= 04 3+61T% U02 3 T1+% %UPPL M 0T&L UL&. .a)itali*ed terms used in this %u))lemental UL& and not otherwise defined herein shall ha$e the meanings assigned to them in the a))licable 4% Product UL&. 6eneral. ach of the 4% .om)onents a$ailable from this site is identified as being a))licable to one or more of the 4% Products. The a))licable 4% .om)onents are )ro$ided to you by Microsoft to u)date, su))lement, or re)lace e#isting functionality of the a))licable 4% Product. Microsoft grants you a license to use the a))licable 4% .om)onents under the terms and conditions of the UL& for the a))licable 4% Product (which are hereby incor)orated by reference e#ce)t as set forth below), the terms and conditions set forth in this %u))lemental UL&, and the terms and conditions of any additional end user license agreement that may accom)any the indi$idual 4% .om)onents (each an /+ndi$idual UL&/), )ro$ided that you com)ly with all such terms and conditions. To the e#tent that there is a conflict among any of these terms and conditions a))licable to the 4% .om)onents, the following hierarchy shall a))ly: J) the terms and conditions of the +ndi$idual UL&; H) the terms and conditions in this %u))lemental UL&; and K) the terms and conditions of the a))licable 4% Product UL&. &dditional 3ights and Limitations. L +f you ha$e multi)le $alidly licensed co)ies of any 4% Product, you may re)roduce, install and use one co)y of the a))licable 4% .om)onents as )art of the a))licable 4% )roduct on all of your com)uters running $alidly licensed co)ies of the a))licable 4% Product, )ro$ided that you use such additional co)ies of such 4% .om)onents in accordance with the terms and conditions abo$e. 7or each $alidly licensed co)y of the a))licable 4% Product, you also may re)roduce one additional co)y of the a))licable 4% .om)onents solely for archi$al )ur)oses or reinstallation of the 4% .om)onents on the same com)uter as the 4% .om)onents were )re$iously installed. Microsoft retains all right, title and interest in and to the 4% .om)onents. &ll rights

not e#)ressly granted are reser$ed by Microsoft. L +f you are installing the 4% .om)onents on behalf of an organi*ation other than your own, )rior to installing any of the 4% .om)onents, you must confirm that the end"user (whether an indi$idual or a single entity) has recei$ed, read and acce)ted these terms and conditions. L The 4% .om)onents may contain technology that enables a))lications to be shared between two or more com)uters, e$en if an a))lication is installed on only one of the com)uters. 5ou may use this technology with all Microsoft a))lication )roducts for multi")arty conferences. 7or non"Microsoft a))lications, you should consult the accom)anying license agreement or contact the licensor to determine whether a))lication sharing is )ermitted by the licensor. L 5ou may not disclose the results of any benchmar( test of the .0 T 7ramewor( com)onent of the 4% .om)onents to any third )arty without Microsoft-s )rior written a))ro$al. %4L L5 8+T1 3 %P .T T4 T1 M+.34%47T =+3TU&L M&.1+0 743 M&=&, 54U &3 40L5 L+. 0% 2 T4 +0%T&LL T1+% 4% .4MP40 0T 40 & M&.1+0 T1&T &L3 &25 .40T&+0% & = 3%+40 47 T1 M+.34%47T =+3TU&L M&.1+0 743 M&=&. +7 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% P342U.T 8&% L+. 0% 2 T4 54U '5 M+.34%47T 43 &05 47 +T% 814LL5 480 2 %U'%+2+&3+ %, T1 L+M+T 2 8&33&0T5 (+7 &05) +0.LU2 2 +0 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% P342U.T UL& &PPL+ % T4 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% .4MP40 0T% P34=+2 2 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% .4MP40 0T% 1&= ' 0 L+. 0% 2 '5 54U 8+T1+0 T1 T 3M 47 T1 L+M+T 2 8&33&0T5 +0 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% P342U.T UL&. 148 = 3, T1+% %UPPL M 0T&L UL& 24 % 04T DT 02 T1 T+M P 3+42 743 81+.1 T1 L+M+T 2 8&33&0T5 +% P34=+2 2. +7 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% P342U.T 8&% L+. 0% 2 T4 54U '5 &0 0T+T5 4T1 3 T1&0 M+.34%47T 43 &05 47 +T% 814LL5 480 2 %U'%+2+&3+ %, M+.34%47T 2+%.L&+M% &LL 8&33&0T+ % 8+T1 3 %P .T T4 T1 &PPL+.&'L 4% .4MP40 0T% &% 74LL48%: 2+%.L&+M 3 47 8&33&0T+ %. T4 T1 M&D+MUM DT 0T P 3M+TT 2 '5 &PPL+.&'L L&8, M+.34%47T &02 +T% %UPPL+ 3% P34=+2 T4 54U T1 4% .4MP40 0T%, &02 &05 (+7 &05) %UPP43T % 3=+. % 3 L&T 2 T4 T1 4% .4MP40 0T% (/%UPP43T % 3=+. %/) &% +% &02 8+T1 &LL 7&ULT%; &02 M+.34%47T &02 +T% %UPPL+ 3% 1 3 '5 2+%.L&+M 8+T1 3 %P .T T4 T1 4% .4MP40 0T% &02 %UPP43T % 3=+. % &LL 8&33&0T+ % &02 .402+T+40%, 81 T1 3 DP3 %%, +MPL+ 2 43 %T&TUT435, +0.LU2+06, 'UT 04T L+M+T 2 T4, &05 (+7 &05) 8&33&0T+ %, 2UT+ % 43 .402+T+40% 47 43 3 L&T 2 T4: M 3.1&0T&'+L+T5, 7+T0 %% 743 & P&3T+.UL&3 PU3P4% , L&.9 47 =+3U% %, &..U3&.5 43 .4MPL T 0 %% 47 3 %P40% %, 3 %ULT%, 8439M&0L+9 7743T &02 L&.9 47 0 6L+6 0. . &L%4 T1 3 +% 04 8&33&0T5, 2UT5 43 .402+T+40 47 T+TL , <U+ T 0M45M 0T, <U+ T P4%% %%+40, .433 %P402 0. T4 2 %.3+PT+40 43 040"+073+06 M 0T. T1 0T+3 3+%9 &3+%+06 4UT 47 U% 43 P 3743M&0. 47 T1 4% .4MP40 0T% &02 &05 %UPP43T % 3=+. % 3 M&+0% 8+T1 54U.

D.LU%+40 47 +0.+2 0T&L,.40% <U 0T+&L &02 . 3T&+0 4T1 3 2&M&6 %. T4 T1 M&D+MUM DT 0T P 3M+TT 2 '5 &PPL+.&'L L&8, +0 04 = 0T %1&LL M+.34%47T 43 +T% %UPPL+ 3% ' L+&'L 743 &05 %P .+&L, +0.+2 0T&L, +02+3 .T, PU0+T+= 43 .40% <U 0T+&L 2&M&6 % 81&T%4 = 3 (+0.LU2+06, 'UT 04T L+M+T 2 T4, 2&M&6 % 743: L4%% 47 P347+T%, L4%% 47 .407+2 0T+&L 43 4T1 3 +0743M&T+40, 'U%+0 %% +0T 33UPT+40, P 3%40&L +0MU35, L4%% 47 P3+=&.5, 7&+LU3 T4 M T &05 2UT5 (+0.LU2+06 47 6442 7&+T1 43 47 3 &%40&'L .&3 ), 0 6L+6 0. , &02 &05 4T1 3 P .U0+&35 43 4T1 3 L4%% 81&T%4 = 3) &3+%+06 4UT 47 43 +0 &05 8&5 3 L&T 2 T4 T1 U% 47 43 +0&'+L+T5 T4 U% T1 4% .4MP40 0T% 43 T1 %UPP43T % 3=+. %, 43 T1 P34=+%+40 47 43 7&+LU3 T4 P34=+2 %UPP43T % 3=+. %, 43 4T1 38+% U02 3 43 +0 .400 .T+40 8+T1 &05 P34=+%+40 47 T1+% %UPPL M 0T&L UL&, = 0 +7 M+.34%47T 43 &05 %UPPL+ 3 1&% ' 0 &2=+% 2 47 T1 P4%%+'+L+T5 47 %U.1 2&M&6 %. L+M+T&T+40 47 L+&'+L+T5 &02 3 M 2+ %. 04T8+T1%T&02+06 &05 2&M&6 % T1&T 54U M+61T +0.U3 743 &05 3 &%40 81&T%4 = 3 (+0.LU2+06, 8+T14UT L+M+T&T+40, &LL 2&M&6 % 3 7 3 0. 2 &'4= &02 &LL 2+3 .T 43 6 0 3&L 2&M&6 %), T1 0T+3 L+&'+L+T5 47 M+.34%47T &02 &05 47 +T% %UPPL+ 3% U02 3 &05 P34=+%+40 47 T1+% %UPPL M 0T&L UL& &02 54U3 D.LU%+= 3 M 25 743 &LL 47 T1 743 64+06 %1&LL ' L+M+T 2 T4 &.TU&L 2&M&6 % +0.U33 2 '5 54U '&% 2 40 3 &%40&'L 3 L+&0. UP T4 T1 63 &T 3 47 T1 &M4U0T &.TU&LL5 P&+2 '5 54U 743 T1 4% .4MP40 0T% 43 U.%.NE.AA. T1 743 64+06 L+M+T&T+40%, D.LU%+40% &02 2+%.L&+M 3% %1&LL &PPL5 T4 T1 M&D+MUM DT 0T P 3M+TT 2 '5 &PPL+.&'L L&8, = 0 +7 &05 3 M 25 7&+L% +T% %% 0T+&L PU3P4% .