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"Kotler's Visit to Bangladesh: Implications on

Marketing Professions
: A Critical Analysis E
idenced !y "acts# "ig$res and E%ample"

Sadia Sultana

Todays dynamic customers have unlimited and constantly changing wishes. Marketing is the Gene of the magic lamp and the marketers are the magician to turn customers every single wish in reality. The undoubted master of this Marketing Magic and Guru of these entire marketing magicians is rofessor hilip !otler the ".#. $ohnson % "on &istinguished rofessor of 'nternational Marketing at the !ellogg "chool of Management( )orthwestern *niversity + hilip !otlers ,isit in -angladesh( ./001. The 2 days short but mesmeri3ing visit of this renowned inventor of . famous marketing concepts( 4 s of Marketing and "ocial Marketing #oncept in -angladesh was an initiative of -angladesh -rand 5orum +--51 in association with !otler 'mpact. 6mong the four scheduled seminars the following two were organi3ed for business graduates and marketing practitioners of the country. The &aylong #ertified rofessional Masterclass was targeted for the corporate heads of the host country. 'n his 7 hours long lecture he introduced Marketing 2./ to 0/27 traditional marketing practitioners. 6ccording to the Financial Express Marketing 2./s basic premises were8 &' Todays customers are well informed about the market( aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions( more prudent at purchasing products and prompt to share and recommend their e9periences with other customers. *sing word of mouth as marketing strategy now is related not only with companys growth but also its sustainability. (' #ontinuous feedback from customers and effective evaluation and implementation of its analysis is more powerful than other traditional brand building and communication tools of marketing. #ommunication to customers should include not only value promises toward the customers and other stakeholders but also other socio:economic factors related with the brand( market and the company. )' The focal point of Marketing 2./ is to make the world a better place through production and design of more ;nature friendly products;. +-angladesh host country !otler announces launch of <orld Marketing 5orum( .//=8n.d.1 These assumptions about modern customers already have been faced by most marketers of our country. 5or e9ample8 "ell-a3ar + https8>>www.facebook.com>groups>..?7/.7.2=./4@0> 1 ( a #.# market at social network 5acebook( where customers are discussing about the different product providing their genuine opinion and suggestion about it as they are playing both partiesA the buyer and the seller is influencing the purchasing decisions at -.# market of the group members. Thus Marketing 2./ introduces some new dimension of marketing professions8 &' *istening to the c$stomer e ery+here: Marketers should pay attention to everything customers say about the brand( the product category( the company( the competitors and related socio:economic factors not only to the company but also somebody else. "ome marketers Boin different customer community and group as individuals and collect customers feedback anonymously. (' Interacti e comm$nication: Cesponding to the feedback is as important as is listening. -anglalink is a good marketing practitioner in this regard in its fan page at 5acebook +https8>>www.facebook.com>pages>b:a:n:g:l:a:l:i:n:k>00207@702D1 it encourages feedbacks from its fans on upcoming promotions( packages( advertisements and related socio:economic event. Even it gives answers to complain publicly to inform other customers to assure them that they

are being heard. Fn the other hand its competitors are Bust informing their customers through the same channel. )' ,ocio-economic ie+ point: Todays marketers need to focus on social benefit not on the company and short term customer benefit of their strategies. Marketers of electronic products are now using energy saving marketing concept( green marketing concept which has e9tended their area of e9pertise and knowledge. Fn $une D( ./00 the author of Marketing Management + rentice Gall1( considered as -ible of modern marketing and the most widely used marketing te9tbook in graduate schools of business around the globe( &r. hilp !otler stood before .2.4 of his readers at Houth8 'nspiring the 5uture Minds and enlightened them about some key criterion of successful marketers. &' "tarting career from the basic level of the position desired in future to gain the practical knowledge about all phases of the industry. Gaving academic knowledge about complementary multiple disciplines related with the career. Thinking beyond the boundary of own career( also e9ploring and understanding the working procedure of other related sectors. (' -rand is a promise delivered by the integrated performance of different department of the company. Iistening to the customers is the key of #CM which is essential for branding. )' Gaving in depth knowledge of different advertising media especially social media and using them appropriately. .' #reating global brand for -angladesh converting its overpopulation in assets as #hina( Cussia( 'ndia( -ra3il( and "outh 6frica has done. /' 5ollowing the new set of @ s8 urpose( rinciples( eople( rotecting the lanet( rofitability. + Gasan and 5arhad( ./001 These insights of modern marketing have redefined the marketing profession among the young business graduates. &' Marketing is now a multiple disciplinary profession. Thats why employers in -angladesh now prefer candidates having degrees in multiple related subBects. &ifferent training institutes are now providing short professional courses on multiple subBects. (' The new set of s has reset the obBectives of marketing as well as the goal of marketing profession. "ocio:economic development of the society is more important than profitability. )' -randing is no longer one of the Bob responsibilities of marketing manager rather it is now the sole responsibility of branding manager( e9tending the Bob opportunity in marketing field. .' )o one knows the powerful social network media than the youth does. "o in most companies young marketing professionals are responsible for representing( monitoring and operating marketing activities in this media channel. /' #reating global brand reJuires international marketing e9tending the geographic limit of marketing profession. 5or this upcoming marketers should have a vast knowledge about the global market( international marketing strategy and creative and innovative mind. 6t last but not the least announcement of -angladesh hosting <orld Marketing 5orum annually which will be attended by the top marketing leaders of the world has brought a new opportunity for our marketing magicians+-angaldesh host country !otler announces launch of <orld Marketing 5orum( .//=8n.d.1. The Marketing Guru has shown his magic tricks now its

up to our marketing magicians to pursue it in their professional performance to fascinate the world with speculating brand image of -angladesh.

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