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MBA423 BANKING & INSURANCE MANAGEMENT Objective: This course aims at enabling the students to understand and to contribute

to the strategic operational policies and practices of commercial bank management and insurance in a competitive environment. UNIT - I Introduction Origin & Development - Evolution and growth of banking system in India Present Structure, Types of Banks, Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Banks, Roles of Banks (viz. Intermediation, Payment system, Financial services), Banking Regulations, BASEL Norms. UNIT - II Banker-Customer Relations, KYC guidelines - Different deposit products - Mandate and Power of Attorney, Bankers Lien, right of set off - garnishee order, attachment order etc. - Payment of collection of cheque - duties and responsibilities of paying and collecting banker protection available to them under NI Act - Endorsements, forged instruments - bouncing of cheques and their implications. Opening of accounts for various types of customers - Principles of Lending various credit products / facilities - working capital and term loans - credit appraisal techniques approach to lending - credit management, credit monitoring, NPA management UNIT - III Bank Management: Liquidity Management, Investment Management , Loan Management , Liability Management, Credit Management, Risk Management E-Banking - Core Banking - Electronic products - Electronic payment system - Online Banking Electronic fund transfer system: RTGS, NEFT & SWIFT, Mobile Banking. UNIT IV Basics of Insurance : Indemnity, Insurable interest, Materiality of facts, Duty of disclosure. Types of Insurance : Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health & Medical Insurance, Property related Insurance, Liability Insurance, Reinsurance. Principles governing marketing of insurance products. Insurance Regulation and Role of IRDA. UNIT V Insurance Management: Definition of Risk, Classification of Pure Risks: Personal Risks, Property Risks, Liability Risks, Failure of Others, Overlapping Risks; Rules of Risk Management, Risk Management Technique, Risk Management Process: under writing TPA basic assessment, claim management of claim settlement. Suggested Readings: 1. Principles & Practices of Banking - By Indian Institute of Banking & Finance Macmillan Publication.

2. Management of Banking & Financial Services by Padmalatha Suresh, Pearson India Publication. 3. Commercial Bank Management by Kanhaiya Singh & Vinay Dutta, TMH India. 4. Insurance Management, S.C.Sahoo & S.C.Das. 5. Banking and Insurance, Mohapatra and Acharya, Pearson India