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Prepositions Prepositions are short words that indicate direction (like to), time and place (in, on,

at). It shows the relationship of a noun, its modifiers, to the other words in a sentence. It is placed before a noun or pronoun and shows the relationship that exists between that noun or pronoun and some other word in the sentence (Flauta, 1 !). "xample# $% cousin li&es at $an'o (treet, )amarin. Prepositions Time "n'lish



on in

da%s of the week months + seasons time of da% %ear after a certain period of time (when?) for night for weekend a certain point of time (when?) from a certain point of time (past till now) o&er a certain period of time (past till now) a certain time in the past earlier than a certain point of time tellin' the time tellin' the time markin' the be'innin' and end of a period of time

on $onda% in ,u'ust + in winter in the mornin' in !!in an hour at ni'ht at the weekend at half past nine since 1./! for %ears %ears a'o before !!0 ten to six (1#1!) ten past six (-#1!) from $onda% to+till Frida% 2e is on holida% until Frida%. I will be back b% - o3clock. 4% 11 o5clock, I had read fi&e pa'es.


since for a'o before to past

to + till + until till + until

in the sense of how long something is going to last in the sense of at the latest up to a certain time


Prepositions Place (Position and Direction) "n'lish




room, buildin', street, town, countr%

in the kitchen, in 6ondon

book, paper etc. car, taxi picture, world meanin' next to, by an object for table for e&ents place where %ou are to do somethin' t%pical (watch a film, stud%, work) attached for a place with a ri&er bein' on a surface for a certain side (left, ri'ht) for a floor in a house for public transport for television, radio left or ri'ht of somebod% or somethin' on the 'round, lower than (or co&ered b%) somethin' else lower than somethin' else but abo&e 'round co&ered b% somethin' else meanin' more than 'ettin' to the other side (also across) o&ercomin' an obstacle hi'her than somethin' else, but not directl% o&er it 'ettin' to the other side (also over) 'ettin' to the other side somethin' with limits on top, bottom and the sides mo&ement to person or buildin' mo&ement to a place or countr% for bed enter a room + a buildin' mo&ement in the direction of somethin' (but not directl% to it)

in the book in the car, in a taxi in the picture, in the world


at the door, at the station at the table at a concert, at the part% at the cinema, at school, at wor the picture on the wall 6ondon lies on the 7hames. on the table on the left on the first floor on the bus, on a plane on 78, on the radio 9ane is standin' b% + next to + beside the car. the ba' is under the table the fish are below the surface put a :acket o&er %our shirt o&er 1- %ears of a'e walk o&er the brid'e climb o&er the wall a path abo&e the lake walk across the brid'e swim across the lake dri&e throu'h the tunnel 'o to the cinema 'o to 6ondon + Ireland 'o to bed 'o into the kitchen + the house 'o 1 steps towards the house


b%, next to, beside under below o&er

abo&e across throu'h


into towards

onto from

mo&ement to the top of somethin' in the sense of where from

:ump onto the table a flower from the 'arden

Other important Prepositions "n'li sh

*sa'e who 'a&e it

"xample a present from 9ane

fro m


who+what does it belon' to what does it show who made it walkin' or ridin' on horseback enterin' a public transport &ehicle enterin' a car + 7axi lea&in' a public transport &ehicle lea&in' a car + 7axi rise or fall of somethin' tra&ellin' (other than walkin' or horseridin') for age for topics, meanin' what about

a pa'e of the book the picture of a palace a book b% $ark 7wain on foot, on horseback 'et on the bus 'et in the car 'et off the train 'et out of the taxi prices ha&e risen b% 1! percent b% car, b% bus she learned ;ussian at 01 we were talkin' about %ou

b% on

in off out of b%


abo ut Source: Prepositions. English Grammar 4 !nline" 1! <ecember !1!. =eb. 11 >ctober !1? @ http#++www.e'o0u.com+en+cramAup+'rammar+prepositionsB. <eterdin', <a&id and Cloria Poed:osoedarmo. 7he Crammar of "n'lish# $orpholo'% and (%ntax for "n'lish 7eachers in (outheast ,sia. (in'apore# Prentice 2all, !!1. Flauta, ;omeo. $aster "n'lish Crammar in / <a%s. DueEon )it%# Fadena Press, Inc., !!-.

I. Prepositions Fill in the blanks. Select the right proposition or each sentence. 1. 2enr%5s mother li&es GGGGGGG <on Dui:ote (t, (ampaloc, $anila. a. in b. on c. at . 6aura promised to return home GGGGGGG <ecember. a. on b. in c. at

?. HIou ha&e GGGGGGG 7uesda% to finish %our paper,H Professor $urakami told ,rturo. a. b% b. until c. throu'h

0. =hen I saw 9anet Japoles GGGGGGG 78, I abandoned m% dream of becomin' a poet. I decided to be a racketeer instead. a. in b. o&er c. on

1. 7on% do not sink GGGGGGG despair. Poets must perpetuate hope and appreciation of lifeK the% must not allow realit% swallow their dreams. a. into b. across c. throu'h

-. 2e is not interested GGGGGGG sellin' his house. a. in b. to c. for

L. 9ulia named her son GGGGGGG her fa&orite fiction character, 9a% Catsb%. a. about b. after c. since

/. 2e has been an insurance a'ent GGGGGGG !1!. a. until b. b% c. since

.. H=e5re lea&in' GGGGGGG a :et plane and we don5t know when we3ll be back a'ain,H 4on' ;e&illa 9r. and 9in''o% "strada san' as the% arri&ed at the airport. a. in b. at. c. on

1!. I informed Car% that we will arri&e GGGGGGG hour. a. on b. in c. of

11. Jicholas lost both his hands in the accidents so his wife had to si'n the check GGGGGGG him. a. to b. fromc. for

1 . $other alwa%s tra&els to the pro&ince GGGGGGG bus. a. in b. b% c. throu'h

1?. H6et us walk GGGGGGG the brid'e,H said $ar%. a. across b. before c. onto

10. 7he price of oil GGGGGGG b% 1!! percent %esterda%. a. about b. b% c. off

11. I saw a black man walkin' GGGGGGG in the street. a. in b. on c. at

II. Sub!ect"#erb $greement Fill in the blanks. Select the appropriate %erb in the choices belo& each sentence. 1. 7he &ase with different flowers GGGGGGG on the table. a. is b. are . 9in''o% GGGGGGG not want to 'o to the senate toda% because he pla%ed poker with 4on', 9ohnn%, and 6ito at the ;esorts =orld 2otel and )asino last ni'ht. a. do b. does

?. 7he (enate GGGGGGG not in fa&or of abolishin' the pork barrel s%stem because the senators will lose lots of mone%. a. is b. are

0. "&er%bod% GGGGGGG to ha&e a happ% and peaceful life. a. wants b. want

1. "ach of the histor% professors GGGGGGG aware that President ,Muino5s 'randfather was a collaborator and traitor durin' the 9apanese occupation. a. is b. are

-. Jeither "milio ,'uinaldo nor $anuel ;oxas GGGGGGG a hero. a. is b. are

L. (e&eral warriors of <urende GGGGGGG to escape prison. a. mana'e b. mana'es

/. Jeither the teacher nor the students GGGGGGG the answer. a. know b. knows

.. H7he news GGGGGGG 'ood toda%# "xAPres. C$, hit b% li'htnin',H said (ionil. a. looks b. look

1!. HJo, I think GGGGGGG rather morbid,H answered )arlo 9. a. its b. it5s

11. 2alf of the crocodiles GGGGGGG recei&ed 'ifts from $a5am 9anet. a. has b. ha&e 1 . , number of reporters in 6uneta GGGGGGG waitin' for the arri&al of 6ebron 9ames. a. are b. is 1?. 7he number of honest politicans GGGGGGG small. a. are b. is 10. (e&ent% percent of the population GGGGGGG poor because of the 'o&ernment5s failure to address 'raft and corruption. a. are b. is 11. 7he a&era'e emplo%ee5s sa&in's GGGGGGG increased dramaticall% this month. a. has b. ha&e