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STEP 1 Apply for your Alberta Teaching Certificate 1. Apply online using this link and information (http://www.education.alberta.ca/teachers/certification/apply/alberta.

a.aspx) 2. 3. 4. Print and sign the application PAY 200$ Send the printed and signed application as directed by the link above If you have completed the application in full, you will be sent a Temporary Authority Letter. At that time you will also receive directions on what you need to do next 5. In order to obtain the Interim Teaching Certificate you will need to have an offer from a school board and Alberta Education and three required letters. The required letters are: 1. 2. 3. Temporary Authority letter From Alberta Teaching Certificate Forms ^^ Letter from the board who wishes to hire you (this is the job offer AFTER applications & Interviews) Letter from the Dean (This is not until MAY/JUNE)

The letter from the Dean will be available once you have completed your academic program and field experience, usually in the month of May. The Deans letter is obtained from the Undergraduate programs office once all your grades have been received. This one does not require transcripts STEP 2 Complete the Teacher Qualifications Service (TQS) for ATA


Apply using this form http://www.teachers.ab.ca/SiteCollectionDocuments/ATA/For-Members/Salary-Benefits-

Pension/Teacher%20Qualifications%20Service/TQS%20Application%20Form%20and%20Guide%20Book%20(PD -TQS-2E).pdf
2. 3. 4. All materials must be mailed to TQS services 70$ fee Cheque? What is this 1995? Transcripts are required for this form Institutions will be able to forward the Transcripts directly to TQS Since we havent completed our final year the application will stay as PENDING until June, when they receive the Deans list, and will send mail out to finalize the document.

http://www.mtroyal.ca/academicsupport/studentregistrationrecords/creditstudentrecord/mrutranscripts.htm http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/transcripts/processing_cost http://www.athabascau.ca/alumni/transcripts.php

STEP 3 Apply for Boards Please note you may be required to submit additional documents depending on the board and all of that information will be found when you apply to the board. 1. 2. 3. 4. Cover Letter Resume University Transcripts (Copy) Will be pending the final ones from our Education Degree References. 5. 2-3 reference letters 2-3 references that can be contacted

Student teaching reports (Copy)

You will also need to provide: 6. Alberta Teaching Certificate (Copy) and or Number This will be our Temporary Authority Letter until we have an

offer and a letter from our Dean proving were finished our degree.


A.T.A. Statement of Qualifications for salary purposes We will have a TEMPORARY one of these

After you have an offer from the boards, they will send a letter to ALBERTA ED to confirm your certificate. That combined with the letter from the dean gives you your Interim Teaching Certificate Your permanent one is not issued until youve worked for a minimum of two school years and have a letter from the Superintendent - Heres that form

What are the deadlines? Calgary Board of Education (https://teachingjobs.cbe.ab.ca/) due February 3, 2014

Calgary Catholic School District (http://www.cssd.ab.ca/default.asp?V_ITEM_ID=280 ) due early December and will be ongoing as well Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools (http://www.redeemer.ab.ca/Employment/Pages/CareerOpportunities.aspx ) has no deadline and will hire year round Foothills School Division (http://www.fsd38.ab.ca/careers/teaching-positions/) has no deadline, will hire year round, and all positions are posted on www.applytoeducation.com<http://www.applytoeducation.com> Golden Hills School Division # 7 (http://www.ghsd75.ca/Employment.php ) Golden Hills has no set deadline and will hire year round, and only accepts applications through www.applytoeducation.com<http://www.applytoeducation.com> Palliser Regional Schools (http://www.pallisersd.ab.ca/Employment.php ) and each position is posted will all have a deadline date Rocky View Schools Division No. 41 (http://www.rockyview.ab.ca/hr_benefits and www.applytoeducation.com<http://www.applytoeducation.com> ) and each position is posted will all have a deadline date. What does it mean when there is no application deadline? It means you will need to check the site or apply to education regularly to see what new activity and positions are available You can get started now by preparing all of your documents, setting up an account and registering with each of the boards you are interested in Likely activity will pick up from December through until next August

Where else can I apply? A list of all of the schools in Alberta can be found here: http://www.education.alberta.ca/parents/choice.aspx You can also see positions directly related to teaching and alternatives via this link: http://libguides.ucalgary.ca/content.php?pid=471264&sid=3936784