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Introduction to Minafin Group

Winners of the 2013 Minafin Chemical Awards

Site Minakem de Beuvry Centre de R&D

C. Burkett 2013

L. Petit 1

Minafin : a Fine Chem Group

Global fine chemical manufacturer:
Custom manufacturing Building blocks Process development Scaffold development Active ingredients

5 R&D sites 5 industrial sites

2 in France and 1 in Germany, all FDA inspected 2 in the USA

6 brands: Minakem Custom Recurring & Generics for commercial drugs, Minakem Custom Development for drugs under clinical testing, Minasolve for cosmetic ingredients, Pennakem for green chemistry, Minathiol for the thio-chemistry and Pressure Chemical for high pressure chemistry

2012 net sales: M 109, 618 employees at December 31st, 2012


Focus on the life science industries

Sales breakdown per customer category:

Minafin has successfully developed a strong pharma business and diversification niches since the days it was dedicated to the chemistry for APIs under clinical testing

Focus on customer specificities & technologies

Minafins business units are organized under two separate divisions:

"End-Markets " dedicated to peculiar segment of customers, regardless of the needed chemistry
"Niche Technologies " dedicated to specific know-how and chemical trees, regardless of the end-market customer
The End-Market targets are:
Cosmetic ingredients (Minasolve) Commercial pharmaceuticals (Minakem Custom Recurring & Generics) Pharmaceuticals under clinical development (Minakem Custom Development)

The Niche technologies targets are:

Sulfur chemistry (Minathiol) Green/Sustainable chemistry (Pennakem) High pressure and tailor-made polymer chemistry (Pressure Chemical)

Our BUs organization

Each business unit is managed by a leader assisted by a dedicated team for sales, marketing and R&D The management must ensure optimal use of the factories under its jurisdiction For the Pharma chemistry, the organization recognizes the specific needs of the commercial APIs versus of those under clinical development Minasolve uses either the Group factories or third party manufacturers in its customers best interests
2013 5

Lille: our development flagship

Site (FDA-approved) for small-scale or niche APIs, clinical requirements, long total synthesis 150 employees, 150 m3 reaction volume Organic synthesis 4-16 steps, up to 20 tons Chemical expertise:
Cyanidation Lithiation Boronic acids Bromination Hydrogenation Carbonylation C-C coupling

R&D center Managed by Minakem Custom Development


Leipzig (Leuna): our exothermic specialist

Leuna (FDA-approved) for medium-scale APIs, high-volume starting materials, hazardous reactions 85 employees, 100 m3 reaction volume + continuous reactors Organic synthesis 3-6 steps, up to 100-200 tons for intermediates Chemical expertise:
Hydrazine chemistry Acetylene chemistry Nitration DMS methylation Protecting chemistry DiBoc in solution

2 R&D Centers:
Special reagents for Minakem Custom Recurring & Generics New ingredients & formulation for Minasolve

Dunkirk: our commercial API factory

Dunkirk (FDA-approved) for large-scale APIs and repeat productions 170 employees, 150 m3 reaction volume Organic synthesis 2-4 steps, up to 300 tons for repeat commercial APIs Chemical expertise:
Stereoselective syntheses Steroid-compliant unit Micronization trains Injectable grades

Managed by Minakem Custom Recurring & Generics


Memphis: our green arm

Site (non-cGMP) dedicated to very large-scale, low-cost green chemicals for all applications 125 employees, large-scale reactors for vapor phase and liquid phase catalytic and continuous processing Largest worldwide Furan, MeTHF and Furfurylamine producer Chemical expertise:
Hydrogenation & Oxidations Furan chemistry Friedel & Craft substitutions Diels-Alder reactions

R&D center Managed by Pennakem


Lacq: our sulfur expert

With the support of Total and SOBEGI, Minafin has just implanted an R&D team spun-off from Minakem Research within Totals R&D center at the Lacq site in September 2012 Minathiol benefits from the extraordinary experience of TOTAL in processing volatile sulfur reagents for offering new fine chemicals with sulfur atoms Minathiol has access to SOBEGIs pilot and industrial resources for commercial productions Chemical expertise:
H2S R-SH, R-S-R CSO Chiral reagents

Managed by Minathiol



Pittsburgh: our scale-up experts

Pittsburgh for rapid scale-up (regulatory flexibility) of hazardous chemistries, new processes, and first commercial quantities for market introduction 41 employees, 33 m3 reaction volume 10 Pilot and semi-works units, dedicated to low volume high value processing Expansive range of experience in diverse chemistries Chemical expertise:
Hydrogenations Polymerizations High Pressure reactions

Managed by Pressure Chemical



Steady growth has been delivered since 2004

Stakeholders recognize Minafin as a sustainable player in Fine Chemistry

and trust its private ownership for long-term partnerships Our latest acquisitions are fueling the organic growth of Minafin

The Priorities of the Minafin Group

Keep developing its brands in accordance with its customers focus and needs Keep investing in R&D to develop its IP portfolio and differentiate from competitors Better integrating the peripheral know-how (solid properties, formulation, regulatory affairs) and offer full ranges of services Strengthening our position on the generic markets Targeting product technologies



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