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N. Kapoor F.Y.B.Sc.

A.C, circuits

1) Show that in single element A.C, circuits a) the EMF and current are in phase when there is only a resistor in the circuit. b) current lags behind EMF in the circuit with a pure inductor. c) current is ahead of EMF in a circuit with a capacitance. ) Find the e!pression for the impedance of a series "#$ a.c. circuit and the phase difference between the current and the %oltage. &raw the impedance and phasor diagrams. $epeat for a series C#$ a.c. circuit ')(rite the e!pressions for the impedance and phase difference between %oltage and current for a series C#$ circuit. (hat are their appro!imate %alues for %ery high and %ery low fre)uencies* State your conclusions. $epeat for a series "#$ circuit +) Find the general e!pression for the magnitude and phase of a series "#C#$ circuit connected to an a.c. %oltage source. ,)E!plain what happens to the impedance in-.+ when ."/.c, ."0.c and ." 1 .c &raw the corresponding impedance and phasor diagrams. 2)(hen does series resonance ta3e place in a series "#C#$ circuit* Find the resonant fre)uency. &raw the impedance and phasor diagrams. 4) (hat is 5parallel5 resonance5* 6btain the e!pression for the resonant fre)uency and circuit impedance at this fre)uency. 7)(hy is a series "#C#$ circuit called an acceptor circuit* 8ow would you con%ert it into a re9ector circuit* :) E!plain the term -#factor of a series "#C#$ circuit. (hy does it represent the selecti%ity of the circuit* 8ow is it related to the sharpness of resonance* 1;)Compare and contrast between series and parallel resonance 11) Find the e!pression for the true or a%erage power consumed by an a.c. circuit. 8ence define the term power factor. (hat is its %alue for ideal capacitors and inductors* 1 ) (hat is a cho3e* E!plain its use in an A.C. circuit PROBLEMS 1)&etermine the reactance of a 1;; m8 inductance at ,; 8< and at , =8<. (hat will be the e)uation of the current through it when %oltage >0: Sin?t is applied to it* )&etermine the reactance of a ;. , pF capacitor at ,; 8<. (hat will be the current when it is connected to a : %olt, supply at ,; 8<. (hat is t inter%al between the instants the %oltage and the current reach their ma!imum %alues* ') A coil of 7;; m8 and ,;; ohm resistance is in series with a : %olt supply ,; 8<. Find the circuit impedance and the phase by which the current lags behind the %oltage* +)@n a series "#$ circuit the %oltage and the curents are gi%en byA % 0 , sin B'1+ t) %olt and i 0 , sin B'1+ t # CD2) mA. Find the supply fre)uency, the inductance and the resistance. ,) An alternating %oltage of ;; %olts at ,; c.p.s. is applied to a circuit containing a resistance of ' ohms andinductance of ; m8 in series. Find the current. 2) A1;; m8, ,; ohm coil is in series with a ,;; ohm resistance and a 1;%olt, @= 8< signal source. &etermine the current in the circuit. (hat will be the %oltage across the coil and the resistanc. Find the phase by which the supply %oltage leads the current. (hat is the phase lead for the coil %oltage

4) A capacitor is in series with a 1;;; ohm resistance and a : %olt, ,; 8< a.c. supply. Ehe %oltage across the resistance is 2.+ %olt. &etermine the %oltage across the capacitor and its capacitance. 7) An A.C. source of '; %olt $ M.S. and ,; 8< is connected in series with a resistor of ,;; ohms and a capacitor of 1; 1microF. Calculate the a%erage %alue of power dissipation in the circuit. :) A 1;; m8, ,; ohm coil is in series with a ;.+4 pF capacitor. Ehe %ariable fre)uency supply has a fi!ed input of 1; %olt r.m.s. &etermine the fre)uency at which the current in the circuit will be ma!imum.. Find this current. 1;)A pF capacitor is in series with a +;;; ohm resistance and a 1 %olt, ,; 8< supply. &etermine the power factor of the entire circuit. 8ow much power is consumed by it* 11) A ,;;m8,,; ohm coil,an e!ternal resistance of l,;ohm and a ;.; nFcapacitor are connected in series to a %ariable fre)uency sine wa%e generator. Ehe supply %oltage is , > at all fre)uencies. &etermine the resonance fre)uency and the current at this fre)uency. 1 ) A 1;; m8. ,; ohm coil and a 6.;+4 microF capacitor are combined to gi%e series resonance and then parallel resonance. Ehe source %oltage is 1 %olt. Find the circuit impedance and the circuit current in series and parallelA conditions.