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DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE Review Questions: Bldg Technology Utilities Part1 1.

This is a kind of pump attached to the end of deep-well pipe enclosed in a casing where the pump is capable of functioning while submerged. a) Underground pump b) Reversible pump c) Submarine pump d) Submersible pump 2. A reservoir, tank or vessel for storing or holding water or other liquids a) Cesspool b) Swimming pool c) Cistern d) Septic 3. A tank using air pressure from a suction tank to distribute water in tall buildings which cannot be reached by normal pressure. a) Pneumatic tank b) Air-pressure pump c) Force pump d) Power pump 4. A kind of G.I. fitting that has one-end external threads, while the other end has internal threads a) Interchangeable tee b) Close open elbow c) Two-way fitting d) Street elbow or tee 5. To insure no leakage, a G.I. pipe when threaded has to use ____tape around the thread before tightening the fittings. a) Teflon b) Plastic c) PVC d) Sealer 6. A _____ is described as the reflection of sound along a curved surface from a source near the surface. Although the sound can be heard at points along the surface , it is inaudible away from the surface. a) Steep b) Bleep c) Creep d) Keep 7. What method is used to specify the maximum allowable intensity of background sound? a) Noise criteria b) Noise insulation class c) Noise reduction d) Inverse square law 8. What is one variable affecting reverberation time? a) Sound intensity b) room volume c) noise reduction coefficient d) frequency 9. A method of protecting ferrous materials like steel, iron from rusting or corroding a) Rust proofing b) Paints and protective coverings c) Waterproofing d) Dampproofing 10. In an office, a copy machine is found to produce 65 dB, what will be the resulting sound level? a) 70 dB

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b) 71 dB c) 72 dB d) 73 dB 11. A system of sprinklers with its pipes constantly filled with water on both mains and distribution pipes a) Water filled system b) Liquid enhanced system c) Wet pipe system d) Soaking system 12. An inlet placed outside a building close to ground level, having two openings so that fire engines can pump water to the dry standpipes and sprinkler system of the building. a) Double header b) Dual entrance c) Siamese twin d) Ground entry 13. A fitting or device so constructed as to prevent the passage of air, gas and materially affecting the flow of sewage or wastewater through it. a) Trap b) Closer c) Water plug d) Clogger 14. A pit or receptacle at a low point to which the liquid wastes are drained. a) Basement pit b) House drain c) Sump pit d) House trap 15. In calculating solar heat gain, what value must you have in addition to the area of the glass? a) Sensible heat b) Design cooling load factor c) Effective temperature d) Mean radiant temperature 16. To avoid making concrete surfaces slippery, what material is used? a) Concrete tile b) Abrasive material in the topping c) Rough wood edges d) Plastic 17. Tempered glass is required in a) Entry doors b) Sidelights with sills below 18 inches c) Glazing within I foot of doors d) All of the above 18. Which of these water-related soil problems would be the most important to solve for a large building being planned with a two-level basement used for meeting rooms? a) Uplift pressure on the lowest slab b) Moisture penetration caused by hydrostatic pressure c) Deterioration of foundation insulation d) Reduced load carrying capacity of the soil 19. The horizontal member that holds individual pieces of shoring in places is called a) Wale b) Breast board c) Raker d) None of the above


20. When the architect is on the job observing concrete placement, what is the most likely to be of least concern? a) The height of the bottom-dump bucket above the forms as the concrete is being placed b) The type of vibrator being used c) The location of the rebar in relation to the forms d) The method of support of the forms 21. What cement would be used in slip form construction? a) Type I b) Type II c) Type III d) Type IV 22. What is used to minimize corner chipping of concrete? a) Chamber strip b) Backset c) Isolation joint d) Rustication strips 23. What part of the panel door is the lockset mounted in? a) Terne plate b) Stile c) Stretcher d) Coordinator 25. A geared traction elevator would be most appropriate for which of the following applications? a) A five-storey medical office building b) Sixteen-storey office building c) A four-storey department store d) An eight-storey apartment building

26. In determining the width and gauge of gypsum board framing, what are some of the important considerations? I. Thickness of the gypsum board II. Spacing of studs III. Height of the wall IV. Size of piping and other built-in items V. Number of layers to be supported a) I, II, IV and V b) II, III and IV c) II, III, IV and V d) All of the above 27. Joining two metals with heat and a filter metal with a melting point above 800 degrees Fahrenheit (409 degrees Centigrade) is called a) Annealing b) Soldering c) Brazing d) Welding 28. Which type of lock would be most appropriate for an entry door into an office suite? a) Cylindrical lock b) Unit lock c) Mortise lock d) Rim lock 29. Ceramic mosaic tile in a public shower room is best installed over a) Water-resistant gypsum board b) A bed of Portland cement mortar c) Concrete block walls coated with a waterproofing membrane d) Rigid cement composition board made for this purpose

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 30. A reasonable elevator capacity for a medium-sized office building is a) 905 kilos b) 1,357.5 kilos c) 1,810 kilos d) 2,715 kilos 31. The portion of paint that evaporates or dries is called the a) Binder b) Pigment c) Solvent d) Vehicle 32. Walls that support weight from above as well as their own dead weight a) Load bearing walls b) Curtain walls c) Shoring walls d) None of these 33. A bended rod to resist shear and diagonal stresses in a concrete beam is called a) Bottom bar b) Stirrups c) Metal plate d) Temperature bar 34. An expansion joint to adjacent parts of a structure to permit expected movement between them is called a) Contraction joint b) Truss joint c) Construction joint d) Conduction joint 35. A roofing unit of wood and other materials cut to stock lengths, width and thickness used as exterior covering on sloping roofs and side walls, applied in an overlapping fusion a) G.I. sheets b) T & G c) Shingles d) Ashlar 36. What is the standard weight of a 16mm diameter hot-rolled weldable deformed or steel bar per meter length? a) 1.578 kg b) 0.888 kg c) 1.872 kg d) 2.466 kg 37. The total of all tread width in a stair is called _______. a) Total riser b) Total run c) Winder d) None of these 38. Prefabrication refers to ________. a) design of a factory b) preliminary building procedure c) system of a material audit d) pre-construction of components as part of the whole 39. Stone placed on a slope to prevent erosion a) riprap b) flagstone c) embankment d) border stone

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 40. Lumber specification S2S means a) smooth for surfacing jobs b) square on two sides c) first class lumber d) smooth on two sides 41. A wall that hold back earth on embankment a) shoring wall b) foundation wall c) buttress wall d) retaining wall 42. A hardener mixture mixed with marble dust to fill up the gap of marble slabs during installation of floor or wall finishes a) Polymer b) Caulking c) Tile grout d) Concrete tile adhesive 43. What is the method of introducing a jacking force in which tendons are tensioned after concrete has hardened enough to sustain this jacking force? a) Freysinnet b) Prestressed concrete c) Pretensioning d) Post tensioning 44. Subjecting reinforcement bars, tendons on a stressed bed prior to pouring concrete is called a) Prestressing b) Post tensioning c) Precast d) Control stressing 45. The concrete propotion for a ClassA concrete mixture is a) 1:2:4 b) 1:4:6 c) 1:2:3 d) 1:3:6 46. Placing of glass in windows or doors a) Glazing b) Bevel c) Garret d) Insert 47. When the water pressure cannot directly convey water to the building tank or reservoir the device used is called _____. a) water conveyor b) water hoist c) pumps d) water lifter 48. In designing a stair, to find the height of the riser, divide the height of the stair by the number of __________. a) newel post b) risers c) balustrade d) balusters 49. In an auditorium, the best sound absorber are the _________. a) draperies b) audience c) acoustical tiles d) padded sheets

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 50. The minimum face to face distance between elevator in three and four car grouping is a) 2.0 meters b) 3.0 meters c) 3.5 meters d) 1.80 meters 51. Intelligent building should have a) harmonious color combinations b) structurally sound and economically constructed c) fire alarm control and suppression system d) short time of construction period 52. The maximum height of a dumbwaiter a) 1.50 meters b) 1.80 meters c) 0.90 meters d) 1.20 meters 53. Proscenium arch is a sound reflecting part of a ______. a) Residence b) Gallery c) Stage d) Garden 54. It is the total sound units provided by a given material a) Echo b) Sabins c) Decibels d) Lumens 55. Another name for distribution panel is _______. a) electrical box b) electrical cabinet c) power panel d) distribution cabinet 56. A threaded faucet allowing a house to be attached to it is called ______. a) Sprinkler Faucet b) Bibb cock c) Hose faucet d) Hose bibb 57. The specification on the electrical wire T refers to _____. a) Wire in tension application b) On wet and dry location c) For temporary use d) Thermoplastic-for dry location 58. The minimum elevator width of a single side door elevator for small commercial or residential building is a) 1.00 meter b) 0.50 meter c) 0.60 meter d) 0.90 meter 59. Jacuzzi is a a) Kind of plumbing tool b) A brand and name of manufacturer of water body massage plumbing fixture c) An Italian inventory of jack pump d) An equipment for cleaning swimming pool 60. Bidet toilet fixtures are used for what? a) For washing feet b) For facial moisturizing

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE c) For use by invalids d) For washing genitals 61. A stop valve placed in a service pipe close to its connection with a water main a) Corporation cock b) Cock valve c) Company lock d) Union cock 62. An opening or space to accommodate a group of pipes a) pipe connectors b) pipe chase c) pipe hole d) pipe groupings 63. In the installation of any drainage system, _________ shall be avoided a) Cleanout b) Vent c) Dead ends d) Trap 64. One fixture unit is equivalent to how many gallons of water/ a) 6 b) 5 c) 12 d) 8 65. The theater components that helps transmit the sound from the stage to the audience is called ____________. a) Prompt side b) Sound baffles c) Parterre d) Acoustical ceiling 66. The most practical conductor of electricity is a) Bronze wire b) Nickel wire c) Silver wire d) Copper wire 67. A spherical ball shaped spotlight housing is called a) Eyeball light b) Globe light c) Halogen light d) Pinball light 68. A device for maintaining desirable humidity condition in the air supplied to an area a) Humidity regulator b) Humidity control c) Moisture meter d) Humidifier 69. A passageway made of insulated metal sheet for conveying air at low pressure a) Duct b) Building canal c) Channel d) Air chute 70. The repetition rate of sound a) Reverberation b) Frequency c) Cycle d) Echo

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 2. Identify which figure is a dado wood joint 71. A pipe which conveys only liquid wastes free of fecal matter a) Conveyor pipe b) Wastes pipes c) Trash pipe d) Liquid containing pipe 72. A pipe or opening used for ensuring the circulation of air in plumbing system and for reducing the pressure exerted on trap seals. a) Vent b) Air c) Flue d) Duct 73. A tank using air pressure from a suction tank to distribute water in tall buildings which cannot be reached by normal pressure. a) Pneumatic tank b) Air-pressure tank c) Positive system d) Power pump 3. Identify which figure is flemish (double stretcher) brickwork

4. Identify which figure is a dado wood joint 5. Identify which figure is a blind and sub-mortise and tenon joint

Review Questions Building Technology Part 2 1. Identify the miter joint from the following

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. pantile c. French tile 8. That part of the building foundation which forms the permanent retaining wall of the structure below grade is a a. foundation course b. grade beam c. foundation wall 9. Joint employed to reduce restraint by accommodating movement of masonry walls are known as a. cold joints b. control joints c. block outs 6. Identify which letter in the target is a valley jack rafter? 10. A system of framing a building in which the studs are continuous to roof supporting second floor joints is known as a. post and beam b. western framing c. balloon framing 11. Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a hand operated machine is a. tryolean finish b. trowel finish c. broom stripped finish 12. A principal member of the truss which extends from one end to the other primarily to resist bending is a a. web member b. girt c. chord

7. A roofing tile which has the shape of an S laid on its side is a a. Mission tile

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 13. A protein: the chief nitrogenous ingredient in milk is a. Casein b. Tempera c. alabaster 14. a composition of two or more metals fused together usually to obtain a desired property a. annealing b. alloy c. built-up 15. The horizontal distance from the face of a lock or latch to the center of the knob or lock cylinder a. Backset b. backfill c. built-up 16. A commercially pure iron of fibrous nature, valued for its corrosion resistance and ductility is a. cast iron b. black iron c. wrought iron 17. The Filipino term for horizontal stud is a. Pabalagbag b. Tahilan c. pilareta 18. The Filipino term for riser a. Muldura b. takip silipan c. planehuelda 19. The Filipino term for collar plate is a. Hardinera b. Guililan c. sinturon 20. The Filipino term for temper (metal work) a. Suban b. Espolon c. poleva 21. The Filipino term for plumb line is a. Pantilya b. Asintada c. hulog 22. A beam that projects beyond one or both its support a. continuous b. cantiliver c. tie 23. A wall (bearing or non-bearing) designed to resist lateral forces parallel to the wall a. non-bearing b. prefabricated c. shear 24. Using stair tread-riser proportion formula RT = 75, given riser equals 6 how many risers will there be between two floors having floor line to floor line distance of 7.8125 feet? a. 15 b. 17 c. 19

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 25. A modern method of installing wood parquet flooring on wooden boards sub-flooring is by a. gluing/pasting b. nailing into battens c. wainscoting 26. The standard height of window sills for office rooms in upper floors is a. 1.2 meters b. 0.60 meters c. 0.90 meters 27. The dimension of commercial acoustic boards for aluminum T-runners used for dropped-ceiling in offices is a. 30 x 60 x 1 b. 24 x 50 x 7/8 c. 24 x 48 x 28. The total floor area 16 feet wide by 60 feet deep needs one inch (1) x 4(commercial size) T & G flooring. Assuming that the available T & G is 1 x 4 x 16 and the effective width is 3.5 , the total board feet needed is a. 1,280 bf b. 1,098 bf c. 1,330 bf 29. In the design of a large shopping centers where space is required, intervals of columns can be wider than the ordinary by adopting a structural method of construction called a. compressioning b. post-tensioning c. pre-casting 30. In the design of a large shopping centers where space is required, intervals of columns can be wider than the ordinary by adopting a structural method of construction called a. compressioning b. post-tensioning c. pre-casting 31. Humidification and condensation in exterior walls can be minimized by a. providing stud space between exterior finish and interior finish b. providing building paper sheathing c. providing building paper sheathing and space filled 32. Heat gain through the structure of a habitable room occur in tropical region at walls and roofs by conduction. This can be minimized by the use of a. wood b. concrete c. steel 33. A material used to remedy vapor flow a. glossy surfaced asphalt saturated paper, 50 lbs or more b. wall paper c. asbestos cement board 34. Dry walls do not require appreciable amount of moisture and they are customarily finished with a. mortar and cement b. plywood on studs c. lath and plaster 35. Wallboards or plywood maybe applied over studs. They can also be applied over CHB masonry wall by using a. wood battens b. furring c. sheathing

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 36. To turn back water whenever joints occur in which dissimilar materials come together, it is necessary to provide a. flashing material b. binding material c. counter flushing 37. The part of a foundation system which supports the exterior walls of a superstructure and bears directly on the column footing is a a. foundation course b. grade beam c. foundation wall 38. A narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along the edges of two parallel boards in the same plane is a a. fillet b. cant strip c. batten 39. The stressing of unbounded tendons after concrete has cured is a. post-tensioning b. pre-casting c. lift slab 40. The boxing in of covering a joist, beam or girder to give the appearance of a larger beam is known as a. beam formworks b. beam blocking c. grade beam 41. A system of framing a building on which floor joists of each storey rest on the top plates of the storey below and the bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor of each storey is known as a. balloon framing b. flank framing c. western framing 42. Pressure exerted against the underground portion of a building created by the presence of water in the soil is known as a. soil bearing pressure b. hydrostatic pressure c. atmospheric pressure 43. A window which projects outside the main line of a building and the compartment in which it is located extends to the floor is known as a. bay window b. hopper window c. oriel window 44. A form of brick bond in which each course is alternately composed of entirely of headers or of stretchers is known as a. common bond b. flemish bond c. english bond 45. A joint formed when a concrete surface hardens before the next batch of concrete is placed against it is a. block out b. cold joint c. control joint 46. An iron alloy usually including carbon and silicon which has high compressive strength but low tensile strength is a. pig iron b. cast iron c. wrought iron

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 47. The Filipino term for plastered course is a. lastilyas b. moneyka c. kusturada 48. The Filipino term for bottom chord is a. barakilan b. sibe c. estunyo 49. The Filipino term for purlin is a. tahilan b. balangkas c. reostra

50. The Filipino term for eave is a. sopo b. tabike c. sibe

Review Questions Building Technology Part 3 51. The Filipino term for top chord is a. tahilan b. baytang c. sinturon

52. The capacity of a wall to hold moisture is important in the design of dwelling units. Select the best material which will reduce moisture in a wall when used a. CHB S-cut joint finish b. 1 thick V-cut wood boards c. Synthetic adobe finish on R.C. wall

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 53. Plaster or plywood ceiling on nailers or joists below a ventilated roof space may show pattern staining on the ceiling. This can be prevented by a. cleaning b. adequate insulation c. re-painting c. reinforced concrete

54. Heat gain through the walls in buildings exposed to afternoon sun intensifies discomfort of inhabitants because of conductivity. However, this can be minimized by the use of a. combination of wood boards and plywood with cavity between b. thick reinforced concrete wall c. steel sheets

58. The riser of a stair is 6 inches. What is the run using formula R/T = tan (R-3) x 8 degrees a. 12.2247 inches b. 12.1000 inches c. 11.8975 inches

59. One method of leveling batterboards without the transit is the use of a. plastic hose filled with water b. eyesight c. plumb bob

55. Sound or noise between bedrooms may be reduced by using less expensive materials with the application of construction techniques a. double wall plywood on horizontal and vertical studs with absorbents b. solid 6 R.C. wall c. sawali on 2 x 2 studs

60. A manual method of squaring the corners of a building lines in building layout, is the use of a. 2-3-4 multiples with the use of transit b. 3-4-5 multiples with the use of steel tape measure c. 4-5-4 multiples and strings

56. The staircase of a house has a total run of 3 meters and a total rise of 2.16 meters, the tread width is 11 inches and riser is 7 7/8, therefore, the stringer length is a. 3.20 meters b. 3.69 meters c. 3.75 meters

61. When dry conditions are demanded of asphalt tile floor finishes on concrete over earth, apply the waterproofing (WP) steps a. felt paper below sub-slab then WP on top of the sub-slab b. felt paper below the top slab then WP the earth c. WP the earth under slab

57. Dry walls are customarily finished with a. lath and plaster b. mortar and hollow blocks

62. Due to temperature effects in materials, concrete walls, slabs of long buildings, new buildings adjoining existing buildings should be provided with a. flashing

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. welded joints c. expansion joints 67. Narrow, high ceiling spaces where ceiling area is small compared to wall area, will normally require acoustical treatment of the a. wall or part of several walls b. floor and ceiling c. ceiling only

63. A typical block or panel type insulating material used in flat roof of commercial or industrial building a. corkboard b. acacia lumber c. washed pebbles

64. What is the height of the RC curtain wall surrounding a water tank located at the penthouse whose capacity is 5000 U.S. gallons. The diameter of the tank is 2.5 meters (I.D.) and freeboard of 0.30 meters. The wall shall be as high as the water tank. a. 4.00 meters b. 4.19 meters c. 4.16 meters

68. A ferrous metal that offers great resistance to abrassion and finds important use in the cutting edges of heavy digging tools is a a. alloy steel b. nickel steel c. manganese steel

65. Select the grouping one subject of which is a criterion used by architects in planning and design of buildings a. columns, splices, materials, lot b. roofing sheets, function, elevation c. concrete, lumber, steel, cement

69. A building stone of igneous origin and composed of quartz, hornblende and mica is a a. travertine b. serpentine c. granite

66. Select the grouping one subject of which is a criterion used by architects in planning and design of buildings a. columns, splices, materials, lot b. roofing sheets, function, elevation c. concrete, lumber, steel, cement

70. A form of brick bond in which the course consists of alternate stretchers and headers in known as a. flemish bond b. english bond c. common bond

71. A system of framing a building on which floor joist of each storey rests on the top plates of the storey below and the bearing walls and partitions rest on the subfloor of each storey is known as

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE a. western framing b. balloon framing c. flank framing 76. These are materials excellent as vapor barrier in the roofing system of residential buildings a. particle board b. lawanit boards c. aluminum foil sheets

72. The Filipino term for rabbet a. palitada b. asintada c. vaciada

77. The chief structural materials, used for tall buildings are a. built-up beams, girders, foundations b. cement, deformed wrought iron, gravel and sand c. reinforced concrete and high grade steel

73. The Filipino term for projection is a. alahado b. bolada c. asinta

74. Given a riser equals six inches and using the stair tread-riser proportion formula 2R + T = 25, how many risers will there be between two levels having a vertical distance of 9-0 a. 18 risers b. 16 risers c. 17 risers

78. These are classified as good and less expensive insulating materials used in buildings a. glass blocks, 5000 psi concrete b. porous concrete, glass fibers, guilt materials c. steel plates, marble slabs, granite

79. This is a material that holds less moisture, is very light, less water absorptive capacity and is very good in sidings of dwelling units a. vinyl shingles b. asbestos-cement shingles c. wood boards

75. A geological or ground condition considered in determining the size and type of foundation of the building a. soil chemistry b. soil bearing pressure c. particle size distribution

80. The toilet bathroom floor finish is designed to be at least one inch below the bedroom floor finish. What should be the vertical distance between the bedroom floor finish and the top line of the 2 x 6 yacal floor joists which carry the toilet bath floor system assuming that thick mosaic vitrified tiles will be used in the toilet bathroom on 4 RC slab with membrane

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE waterproofing, using standard acceptable measurement of materials for residential houses a. 3 inches b. 3 inches c. 6 inches c. window door

81. A Howe Truss is being considered to support the roofing system of a residential building. The pitch of the truss is 1 vertical 3 horizontal. What is the total length of the top chord, if the span of truss is 12 meters and the eave is 1.5 meters horizontally? a. 7.555 meters b. 7.906 meters c. 7.567 meters

85. A joint formed by overlapping the edges of metal sheet or plated and joining them by riveting, soldering or brazing is a a. lap joint b. lap seam c. lap splice

86. A joint formed by overlapping the edges of metal sheet or plated and joining them by riveting, soldering or brazing is a a. lap joint b. lap seam c. lap splice

82. The finished frame surrounding a door is a a. door frame b. door jamb c. door casing

87. A clay roofing tile approximately semi cylindrical in shape laid in courses with units having their convex side alternately up and down is a a. pantile b. mission tile c. roman tile

83. A door lock with a spring bolt controlled by one or both knobs and dead bolt controlled by a key is a a. knob bolt b. knob latch c. knob lock

88. The part of a foundation system which supports the exterior wall of the super structure and bears directly on the column footing is a a. grade beam b. foundation wall c. foundation course

84. A door consisting of two separate leaves, one above the other, this leaves may operate independently or together is a a. dwarf door b. dutch door

89. The wall of Intramuros is a. an aqueduct

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. a fortification c. a moat a. 3.513 meters b. 3.550 meters c. 3.625 meters

90. The Filipino term for rafter is a. guililan b. sepo c. kilo

95. Select the grouping one subject of which is a general criterion used by architects in planning and design of buildings a. colored roofing sheets, esthetics, symmetry of windows b. columns, doors, windows, split type c. concrete, steel and wood, type of floor finish

91. The Filipino term for baseboard is a. rodapis b. perdano c. batidora

92. A climatic factor that is considered in the structural and architectural design of tall buildings a. thunderstorm b. gusts c. lightning

96. The most common materials used for roofing of urban residential houses a. R.C. slabs b. wood shingles c. G.I. sheets

93. This is a ground condition that determines the size, type and shape of the building footing/foundation a. soil bearing pressure b. loam and clay formation c. adobe underlay

97. For very large roof spans (for auditoria, transport buildings, exhibition halls) of over 150 ft these structures are suggested economical solutions a. pre-stressed concrete b. reinforced concrete c. space frames, light steel skeleton structures

94. What is the height of a curtain wall for a downfeed water tank at the deck roof with 60,000 gallons capacity and diameter of 3 meters, freeboard of 0.30 meters, shall be as high as the water tank

98. Rise is the vertical distance between the upper surface of two consecutive steps. The horizontal distance between the nosing of two consecutive steps is the a. going b. string c. newel


99. Noise inside the building is o two kinds, namely, airborne noise and impact noise . Insulation must be provided against both of these by internal walls and floors. Examples of better sound insulation are a. concrete hollow block walls b. double wall on 2 x 4 studs c. asbestos board walls on wooden studs

100. When the soil beneath the building is not exceptionally well drained and it is necessary to exclude dampness, the best material to be used which is installed beneath the concrete slab is a. pitch or bituminous felt b. gravel coarse c. aluminum foil

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. shear c. moment 105. A barrier or diaphragm formed to prevent the movement of soil to stabilize foundation, etc. is a. pile foundation b. sheet piling c. retaining wall 106. The term stone-cut refers to a a. masonry finish b. adobe stone work c. wood siding 107. Wood with metal cladding is called a. channel strip b. reinforced wood c. kalamein 108. The Filipino term for floor joist is a. suelo b. guililan c. soleras 109. The Filipino term for bottom chord is a. tirante b. tahilan c. madre 110. Standard concrete mix for beams, girders, slabs, stairs and columns is a. AA b. A c. B

Review Questions Building Technology Part 4 101. This material holds less moisture, is very light with less absorptive capacity and is very good in exterior sidings of residential houses in tropical regions a. asbestos cement shingles b. vinyl shingles c. wood shingles 102. Standard size overlap for corrugated G.I. roofing is a. 2 corr. b. 2 corr. c. 3 corr. 103. A continuous recess built into a wall to receive pipes, ducts, etc. is called a. alcove b. ductwork c. chase 104. A twisting force is a. torsion

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE core designed to support a part of load is a. lally b. composite c. cast-in-place 118. The Filipino term for ceiling joist is a. kostilyahe b. tirante c. espejo 119. The Filipino term for concrete beam is a. biga b. guilihan c. kilo 120. Instrument or tool capable of vertical and horizontal line check is called a. plumb bob b. spirit level c. try square d. caliper 121. The vertical and horizontal surface is reinforced concrete where concreting was stopped and continued later is called a. expansion joint b. control joint c. cold joint d. construction joint 122. A twisting force is a. shear b. bending c. moment d. torsion

111. Chord splice connectors for trusses is a. split-ring b. wood block c. fish plate 112. A vertical line check uses a a. meter stick b. try square c. plumb bob 113. A specialized fastener used to pull on to hold mitered joints together is a. vise b. wood screw c. clamp nail 114. Most waterproofed type of mortar joints for wall is a. raked b. struck c. weathered 115. Rafters laid diagonally from corner of a plate or girts to the ridge a. jack rafter b. valley plate c. hip rafter 116. The horizontal boards nailed to corner post to assist in the accurate layout of foundation and excavation lines are called a. form boards b. box boards c. batter boards 117. Columns in which a concrete core is reinforced with a steel or cast-iron

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE a. box system b. space frame c. freeform d. braced frame 128. A three-dimensional structural system without bearing walls composed of interconnected laterally supported so as to function as a complete selfcontained unit with or without the aids of horizontal diaphragms or floorbracing system a. box system b. space frame c. freeform d. braced frame 129. Concrete slab should have a minimum clearance of a. 20 mm b. 40 mm c. 15 mm d. 30 mm 130. It is designed to resist lateral forces parallel to the plane of the wall a. bearing wall b. curtain wall c. grade wall d. shear wall 131. The section of which the moment changes from positive to negative is called a. neutral axis b. inflection point c. section of zero shear d. maximum moment

123. A continuous recess built into a wall to receive pipes, ducts, etc. is called a. alcove b. chase c. ductworks d. pipeline 124. It is a special type of plate girder consisting of tees, angles and multiple web a. box girder b. hybrid girder c. T-flange girder d. bridging 125. When the ratio of short span to the long span of a slab is less than 0.50, slab is a a. one-way slab b. slab on fill c. two-way slab d. cantilever slab 126. Longitudinal beams which rest on the top chord and preferably at the joints of the truss a. purlins b. jack rafter c. rafters d. girders 127. A three-dimensional structural system without bearing walls composed of interconnected laterally supported so as to function as a complete selfcontained unit with or without the aids of horizontal diaphragms or floorbracing system

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 132. What is the appropriate painting material type for wood surfaces? a. zinc chromate b. alkyd c. latex d. polyurethane 133. Commercially made corrugated G.I. sheets, of gauge 26, having standard corrugation are coated both sides with a. aluminum coating b. laminations c. paints d. pure virgin spoiter 134. Wood flooring finishing material a. 7 & 6 wood planks b. V cut wood planks c. gypsum board d. ply board panel 135. What hardware/material is needed to fasten an asphalt strip roof shingle on wooden sheets/planks? a. CV nail b. staple wire c. tekscrew d. fin nail 136. The time required for the removal of a form works of a concrete footing a. 24 hours b. 36 hours c. 48 hours d. 12 hours 137. Wall partition wooden framing is called a. joist b. jambs c. studs d. nailers 138. How many corrugation is required as the minimum side lap of an ordinary standard G.I. sheet roofing? a. 1 b. 2 c. 2 d. 1 139. What is the appropriate paint material for G.I. sheet roofing? a. alkyd type b. acrylic latex type c. lacquer type d. urethane 140. The paint finishing material of long-span pre-painted roofing sheet is a. acrylic paint b. duco paint c. polyester paint d. automotive paint 141. What hardware/material is needed to fasten corrugated asbestos cement roofing sheet on a steel purlin a. metal screw b. L hook bolt c. m bolt d. aluminum screw 142. A common paint film defect where progressive powdering from the

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE surface inward occurs. It is called a. blistering b. peeling c. chalking d. alligatoring 143. A joint where two successive placement of concrete meet is called a. truss joint b. contraction joint c. construction joint d. expansion joint 144. A wall which supports vertical loads in addition to its weight without the benefit of a complete vertical load carrying space frame is called a. retaining wall b. curtain wall c. shearing wall d. bearing wall 145. A type of concrete floor which has no beam is called a. flat slab b. 2-way slab c. one way slab d. ribbed floor 146. A one-way concrete slab are used when a. the slab is being supported by two parallel beams b. the slab has no cantilevered portion c. the concrete slab is reinforced on the near bottom side d. the concrete slab is sloping to all side 147. Level tool is a a. tool used for guiding and testing the work to a vertical and horizontal position b. a tool for checking height elevation c. tool used to check the water level d. the tool designated the different ranking of tool usage 148. Steel square is a a. a small try square b. tool for testing and for framing work c. a steel square for use of signage d. tool of the steel man 149. The vertical surface on face of a stair step is called a. stair clip b. stair head c. nosing d. riser 150. Tin shear is a a. painter tool b. masonry tool c. tinsmithry tool d. electrical tool

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. guiding testing tool c. bearing tool d. rough facing tool 152. The complete records of test conduction (slump, compression test, etc.) shall be preserved and made available for inspection during the progress of construction and after completion of the projects for a period of not less than a. 5 years b. 3 years c. 4 years d. 2 years 153. Wood board should have a thickness specification of a. not less than 2 thick x 5 and up wide b. not less than 1 thick x 4 and up wide c. not less than 2 thick x 4 and up wide d. not less than 3 thick x 7 and up wide 154. Wood plank is a piece of lumber that is a. 2 to 5 thick b. 6 to 8 thick c. 5 to 7 thick d. 8 up thick 155. The distance from the first to the last riser of a stair flight is called a. spandrel b. pitch c. run d. rise Review Questions Building Technology Part 5 151. Auger bit is part of a. fastener tool 156. A high-speed rotary shaping hand power tool used to make smooth cutting and curving on solid wood is called

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE a. surface planner b. dado place c. portable hand router d. lathe machine 157. The major horizontal supporting member of the floor system is called a. rafter b. girder c. purlin d. girt 158. Wood defects are heart shake, cup shake, star shake and a. knots b. discoloration c. deterioration d. rotten 159. Dressed lumber is referred to a. covered with plastic for shipment b. lumber of exact measurement c. smoothed or planed lumber d. lumber used for fine carpentry works 160. The other kind of handsaw other than rip-cut saw is a. diagonal cut saw b. cross-cut c. circular saw d. coping saw 161. Walls that support weight from above as well as their own dead weight a. load bearing walls b. curtain walls c. shoring walls d. none of the above 162. It refers to the occupancy load which either partially or fully in place or may not be present at all is called a. live load b. dead load c. concentrated load d. distributed load 163. The distance between inflection point in the column when it breaks is called a. development length b. cross sectional area c. effective length d. equivalent distance 164. The amount of space measured in cubic units a. none of these b. perimeter c. volume d. area 165. An expansion joints adjacent parts of a structure to permit expected movements between them is called a. contraction joint b. truss joint c. construction joint d. conduction joint 166. To find the volume of water in a cylindrical tank, multiply the area of its base by its a. diameter b. radius

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE c. height d. none of these 167. The most important component to determine the strength of a concrete mix is a. cement b. sand c. gravel d. lime 168. A beam that projects beyond one or both its support is called a. overhanging beam b. continuous beam c. intermediate beam d. cantilever beam 169. Jack rafter is used for a. hip roof support b. long span beam c. cantilevered truss d. none of these 170. The total of all the tread widths in a stair is called a. total riser b. total run c. winder d. none of these 171. The face or front elevation of a building a. facade b. front view c. face plate d. frontal approach

172. A pit in a basement floor made to collect water into which a pump is placed to pump the liquid to the sewer pipe a. sump b. drain hole c. slump d. none of these 173. Prefabrication refers to a. design of a factory b. pre-construction of components as a part of a whole c. a system of material audit d. preliminary building procedure 174. An opening in the roof for admitting light is called a. natural lighting b. ocules lighting c. none of these d. skylight 175. Wood coming out from trees with needle leaves, rather than broad leaves are called a. ironwood b. mahogany c. softwood d. hardwood 176. A kind of brick used for high temperature a. fly-ash brick b. thermal brick c. firebrick d. cinder block

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 177. The building frame construction system that uses one piece structural stud from the foundation to the roof a. balloon framing b. lath framing c. wall framing d. upright framing 178. A nailer strip incorporated in rough concrete wall to be plastered to act as guide and support for finish trim around openings and near the base of the wall a. none of these b. plaster ground c. gravel stop d. trimming guard 179. The distance between two structural supports a. overall distance b. bay c. span d. none of these 180. The scientific name for wood is a. CITEM b. XYLEM c. APTG d. TANG 181. In designing a stair, to find the height of the riser, divide the height of the stair by the number of a. newel post b. risers c. balustrade d. balusters

182. A kind of roof that has four sloping sides a. gable roof b. mansard roof c. hip roof d. lean to 183. Stone placed on a slope to prevent erosion a. rip-rap b. embankment c. flag stone d. border stone 184. A tough used for carrying off water a. gutter b. none of these c. moat d. valley duet 185. The process of removing concrete forms from the cured concrete a. stripping b. clearing c. none of these d. deforming works 186. A structural member spanning from truss-to-truss or supporting rafters a. floor joist b. purlin c. girts d. girder 187. A threaded steel bent inserted of masonry construction for securing wood or metal plates to concrete construction

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE a. anchor bolt b. U-bolt c. gusset plate d. strut 188. A horizontal piece of wood, stone, steel or concrete across the top of door or window opening to bear the weight of the walls above the opening a. none of these b. lintel c. transome beam d. transverse rafter 189. The placing of glass in windows or doors a. none of these b. glazing c. puttying d. glassing 190. A rejected building material because of its below standard grade is called a. out-limber b. run-of-the mill c. cult d. none of these 191. Another word for handmill on a stair construction a. balustrade b. banister c hand guard d. stringer 192. A joint produced by lapping two pieces of materials a. sandwiched joint b. butt joint c. dado joint d. lap joint 193. Green lumber is a. wolmanized lumber b. creasate treated lumber c. talanized lumber d. lumber that still contains moisture or sap 194. The internal angle formed by the two roof slopes of a roof is called a. canal b. gutter c. valley d. ridge cap 195. A vertical board attached on the ends of the rafters. It is a part of the cornice a. facia b. decorative board c. face over d. construction board 196. A large heavy nail is referred to as a. spike b. anchorage hardware c. none of these d. dowel rod 197. In designing a stair, to find the number of riser divide the height of the stair by the height of each a. newel post b. risers

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE c. balusters d. nosing 198. Underwater watertight chamber to allow construction work to be done a. bent chamber b. submersible air chamber c. caisson d. none of these 199. Stakes and batter board in a construction layouting procedure refers to a. building components where permanent horizontal and vertical measurement are indicated b. initial formworks done in construction c. vertical and horizontal wood sticks and lumber used to determine the elevation and ditances of the reference points of the proposed building d. a clich for layouting work 200. Lumber specification S4S means a. smooth for surfacing jobs b. square on four sides c. first class lumber d. smooth on four sides

Review Questions Building Technology Part 6 201. The term used to indicate top and lower principal member of a roof or bridge truss a. rafter b. chord c. beam d. tie 202. Strips of hardwood, usually 2x2 laid over a concrete slab floor a. sleepers b. leveling blocks c. wood anchor blocks d. wood saddle 203. Miter square is a guiding and testing tool that has a permanent blade

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE set at a. 30 b. 45 c. 20 d. 60 204. A wall that holds back on earth embankment a. shoring wall b. retaining wall c. buttress wall d. foundation wall 205. In structural steel section joints, it is recommended NOT to use a. rivets b. nuts and bolts c. oxy/acetyline welding d. electric arch welding 206. A wall that serves two (2) dwelling units, known also as party wall a. common wall b. property wall c. exterior wall d. perimeter wall 207. Pertaining to a material description that resembles glass a. alabaster b. vitreous c. fiberglass d. cellulose 208. To allow concrete to dry by keeping it moist to attain maximum strength a. permentate b. stabilize c. tempering d. cure 209. The hardware on a door to accommodate the knob and lockset keyhole a. escutcheon b. embellisher c. door lock cup d. push plate 210. The material used for the process of making watertight the roof intersection and other exposed areas on the exterior of a building a. caping b. flashing c. fascia d. gutter 211A vertical space in a building intended for ducts, pipes, wire and cables a. niche b. crevice c. chase d. trench 212. The term to describe the putting up of the skeleton of the building a. roughing-in b. stakes and butterboards c. shell work d. formworks 213. The zig-zag rule is a a. a road builder tool for measuring zig-zag b. the law governing intricate road network c. an all-metal tape measuring tool

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE d. carpenter measuring tool 214. Keystone is a. a wedge-shaped stone of an arch b. a kind of grinding every stone c. a stone shaped like a key d. a brand of vehicular tire 215. Kalomein door is a. a fireproof door with metal covering b. an indoor decorative door c. a door product of Kuala Lumpur d. none of these 216. Lumber that is not squared or finished a. green lumber b. milled lumber c. undressed lumber d. scaled lumber 217. How is a 90 degree bend standard hook for concrete reinforcement constructed a. 90 degree bend plus 10 db extension, at free end of bar b. 90 degree bend plus 12 db extension, at free end of bar c. 90 degree bend plus 6 db extension, at free end of bar d. 90 degree bend plus 4 db extension, at free end of bar 218. Good high-strength-bolted connection for steel should have the following physical characteristic for good workmanship. Which of the following listed is NOT ideal? a. High-strength-bolted parts shall fit solidly together when assembled and shall not be separated by gaskets or any other interposed compressive material b. Bolts tightened by means of a calibrated wrench shall be installed with a hardened washed under the nut or bolt head, whichever is the element turned in tightening c. When assembled, all joint surfaces, including those adjacent to the washer, shall be free of scale, except tight mill scale, dirt and burns d. Surface in contact with the bolt head and nut shall have a slope of not more than 1:10 with respect to a plane normal to the bolt axis 219. What are piles at an inclination to resist forces that are not critical? a. guide piles b. batter piles c. slope piles d. fender piles 220. Which of the following criteria for bundle bars, do NOT apply? a. bars larger than 32 mm shall not be bundled in beams b. bundle bars shall not be enclosed within stirrups or ties c. group of parallel reinforcing bars bundled in contact to act as a unit shall be limited to three in any one bundle d. individual bars within a bundle terminated within the span of flexural members shall terminate at different points with at least 40 db staggered 221. What is a concrete beam placed directly on the ground to provide foundation for the superstructure? a. strap beam b. gerber beam c. grade beam d. tie beam 222. What is a round steel bolt embedded in concrete or masonry use to hold down machinery, steel columns or beams, casting, shoes, beams plates and engine heads? a. retaining bolts

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE b. foundation bolts c. anchor bolts d. friction bolts 223. A concrete flooring and finish which transforms ordinary plain concrete into an elegant and decorative textured surface. This is done by adding duston-color pigments to the concrete to give a fast color and imprinted with a patented pattern and texture while the concrete is still plastic to create the look and finish of stone, slate or brick a. impressio-crete b. textfloor-crete c. stucco floor finish d. concrete block cushion 224. Vernacular term for Concrete Hollow Block (CHB) laying a. palitada b. mitsa c. rebokada d. asintada 225. An installation method where the cabinet covers is recessed and flushed with the cabinet sidings a. inset or interior b. concealed c. party wall or half lap d. full lap or over lap 226. Type of carpet weave important for an architect/designer to know to guide him as to what type of construction and specification should he recommend. What simplest type of fiber carpet weaving where pile forms as the wrap yarns loop over removable wires inserted consecutively across the loom? a. axminster b. wilton c. velvet d. knitted 227. A pretreatment of poured concrete such as walls beams and columns where a thin layer of lean cement grout mixed with flexible base additives is splattered by tampico brush or masonry spoon to the surface to give a tooth for excellent plaster adhesion a. scratch coat b. splash coat c. cement roughing d. concrete roughing by chiseling 228. Local species of wood commonly used for wall studding, cabinet framing, and flush door framing, though scarcely available in the market now due to forestry ban. This type of species is due to cheaper cost than the other listed below a. narra b. molave c. mahogany d. tanguile 229. A special coating system with a high gloss shine while maintaining the natural wood qualities, maintenance free, used to finish and topcoat wood flooring a. polyethylene floor coating b. tile floor coating c. epoxy floor coating d. polyurethane floor coating 230. A common and cheap masonry finish wherein dry consistency mortar mix is sprayed by mechanical or pneumatic means. The sprayed cement is left to dry and give a rustic finish. Optional paint coat maybe required

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE a. spraytex b. anay finish c. stucco finish d. sandblast 231. What criterion conforms to good construction practice for the earliest time to remove scaffolding for concrete flooring other than early-strength concrete if no anticipated load is expected over poured floor? a. 25% of scaffoldings can be removed at slab area after 21 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolds after 28 days b. 50% of scaffolding can be removed after 14 days and 100% of scaffolds after 2 days c. 50% of scaffoldings can be removed over slab area after 28 days of pouring and 100% of scaffolding after 36 days c. 25% of scaffoldings can be removed at slab area after 14 days and 100% of scaffolds after 21 days after pouring 232. A type of wood end joint where both wood are cut at equal angles diagonally a. finger b. lap c. splice d. scarf 233. When utilizing knock-down modular system of cabinets and furniture, an end user is constrain of using: a. longer assembly time b. standard sizes, shapes and forms c. needs additional finishing d. labor intensive during production and assembly 234. A type of terazzo floor described by its physical appearance whereby the stone or pebble is intentionally exposed while the cement matrix is depressed a. palladiana terazzo b. rustic terazzo c. venetian terazzo d. standard terazzo 235. Which of the following concrete handling criterion impairs the quality of concrete? a. re-tempting concrete shall not be used and discard by approved means b. concrete shall be carried on at such a rate that concrete is at all times plastic and flows readily into space between reinforcement c. concrete that has initially set, shall be mixed with new concrete and shall be deposited in the structure with approved means d. top surfaces or vertically formed lifts shall be generally level 236. A type of window where the ventilating sash rotates 90 degrees to 180 degrees about the header and sill or about the side jamb a. combination b. pivoted c. awning d. jalousie 237. To prevent cement plaster from improper adhesion, the substrate must be roughened while observing the following: a. cure the cement plaster slowly b. cure the cement plaster rapidly c. add more cement to the cement plaster d. keep the cement plaster as thin as possible 238. A type of hands of door where the hinge is at the left and the door leaf swings inside the room to the left a. right hand reverse b. right hand

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE c. left hand reverse d. left hand 239. What type of joint is used to install a glass into a lite of a French window? a. dado b. rabbet c. tenon d. mortise 240. An equipment to uniformly distribute tile adhesive at the underside of a ________ tile during installation a. masonry wall b. notch trowel c. edge strip trowel d. flat steel trowel 241. A water-mixed product mixed to a ratio of 1:20 to stabilize lime activity in new masonry surface. Without preparing the surface with this mixture will cause the subsequent painting to be defective a. acrylic emulsion b. masonry neutralizer c. etching solution d. aquaseal 242. A paint defect which indicates imperfect adhesion of paint to the surface, with the film getting stripped off in a relatively large pieces due to application on damp or greasy surface a. peeling b. bleeding c. alligatoring d. cracking 243. A type of shutter proof opaque glass used to construct a door with glass to allow natural light only a. figured wired glass b. smoked glass c. etched glass d. bevel glass 244. Vernacular term for rough plastering a baldosa b. asintada c. rebokada d. kostura 245. Aggregates should conform to PNS or ASTM standards and must be well graded, easy workability and method of consolidated are such that the concrete can be poured without honeycomb or voids. What is the nominal maximum size of a course aggregate when working spaces between reinforcements for proper bonding> a. Course aggregates shall be no larger than the minimum clear spacing between individual reinforcing bars or wires, bundles of bars, or prestressing tendons or ducts b. Course aggregates shall be no larger than 5/8 the minimum clear spacing between individual reinforcing bars or wires, bundles of bars, or prestressing tendons or ducts c. Course aggregates shall be no larger than 7/8 the minimum clear spacing between individual reinforcing bars or wires, bundles of bars, or prestressing tendons or ducts d. Course aggregates shall be no larger than the minimum clear spacing between individual reinforcing bars or wires, bundles of bars, or prestressing tendons or ducts 246. What is the minimum concrete cover for primary reinforcement of beams and columns not exposed to earth or weather for precast

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE manufactured under plant control conditions? a. db but not less than 25 mm b. db but not less than 15 mm and need not exceed 40 mm c. db but not less than 20 mm and not to exceed 50 mm d. db but not less than 30 mm 247. What is the act of excavating or filling of earth or any sound material or combination thereof, in preparation for a finishing surface such as paving? a. cut and fill b. grading c. benching d. site preparation 248. A floor finish commercially size 1 x 12 x 12 utilizing clay and fired in traditional manner making interesting and attractive rustic clay shade patterns. Because of the rustic effect the floor is finished rough and simply adhere by cement with some irregularities a. cement non skid blocks b. vigan tiles c. adobe cobbled stones d. mosaic tiles 249. What is a steel element such as wire, cable, bar, rod or strand, or a bundle of such elements, used to impart prestress to concrete? a. prestress cables b. reinforcement c. tenon cables d. tendon

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE Review Questions Building Technology UAPGA 1. A wall jointly used by two parties under easement agreement a. Fire block b. Party Wall c. Shear Wall d. Exterior Wall 2. Type hinge containing one or more springs, when a door is opened, the hinge returns it to the open position automatically, may act in one direction only, or in both directions. a. Spring hinge b. Butt hinge c. Olive knuckle hinge d. Loose joint hinge 3. A group of more-or-less transparent liquids which are used to provide a protective surface coating at the same time they allow the original surface to show but add a lustrous and glossy finish to it a. EnamelN20 b. Shellac c. Varnishes d. Fillers 4. A soft mineral consisting of a hydrated calcium sulfate from which gypsum plaster is made (by heating); colorless when pure used as a retarder in Portland cement. a. Plywood b. Gypsum c. Hardboard d. Chipboard 5. Basic ingredient in clay a. Metal b. Plastic c. Wood d. Brick 6. A class of rock composed silica grains. Colors include gray, buff, light brown and red a. Limestone b. Granite c. Sandstone d. Marble 7. A vent that does not serve as drain and is located where if is not exposed to back up waste from drainage pipe a. Dry Vent b. Air Vent c. Relief Vent d. Ventilation 8. A vent installed so as to permit additional circulation of air between the drainage and vent system where the drainage system might otherwise be air bound. a. Dry Vent b. Air Vent c. Relief Vent d. Ventilation 9. Written or printed description of work to be done describing the qualities of materials and mode of construction. a. Specification b. Material Specifications c. Bid Bullet d. Punch list

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE 10. Additional information contract documents a. Specification b. Material Specifications c. Bid Bulletin d. Punch list 11. Given the span of the slab as 5.40 m of 18 ft. The depth of the girder shall be __________. a. 16 inches or .41 m b. 15 inches or .38 m c. 16 inches or .46 m d. 16 inches or .30 m 12. Given the depth of the girder mentioned above, what shall be the size of its breadth? a. 10 inches or .25 m b. 8 inches o .20 m c. 9 inches o .23 m d. 6 inches o .15 m 13. Space in a building without a basement, an unfinished accessible space below the first floor which is usually less than a full story height. a. Slab on fill b. Substructure c. Superstructure d. Crawl Space 14. The ability of a material to fix itself and cling to an entirely different material. a. Adhesiveness b. Elasticity c. Cohesiveness d. Flexibility

15. The ability of particles of a material to cling tightly to one another. a. Adhesiveness b. Elasticity c. Cohesiveness d. Flexibility 16. Which of the following is not a nonferrous metal? a. Aluminum b. Tin c. Led d. Steel 17. A hard, brittle inorganic substance, ordinarily transparent or translucent; produced by melting a mixture of silica, a flux and stabilizer. a. Brick b. Metal c. Glass d. Wood 18. Materials used to reduce or stop the penetration of moisture through the concrete. Reduces permeability. a. Damproofers b. Water Reducing Admixtures c. Retarders d. Accelerators 19. An admixture which is used to speed up the initial set of concrete. Such a material maybe added to the mix to increase the rate of early-strength development for several reasons a. Damproofers b. Water Reducing Admixtures c. Retarders

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE d. Accelerators 20. A traditional building material, it is easily worked, has durability and beauty. It has great ability to absorb shocks from sudden load. In addition, wood has freedom from rust and corrosion, is comparatively light in weight, and is adaptable to countless variety of purpose. a. Metal b. Brick c. Wood d. Plastic 21. A mixture consisting of vehicles or binders, with or without coloring pigments, adjusted and diluted with correct amounts and types of additives and thinners, which when applied on a surface, forms as adherent continuous film which provides protection, decoration, sanitation, identification and other functional properties. a. Stickwell b. Thinner c. Sealant d. Paint 22. Is a cellular framework of squared steel, concrete, or timber members, assembled in layers at right angles, and filled with earth or stones. a. Bin Wall b. Riprap c. Cribbling d. Gabions 23. Bigger than ceiling joist usually placed every 1.20m o.c. a. Nailers b. Bridging c. Ceiling rafters d. Girders 24. Used for bearing walls of light buildings, the height usually restricted to four stories. Structural load bearing wall tile are made in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 in thickness. a. Floor tile b. Fireproofing tile c. Load bearing wall tile d. Back-up tile 25. What should be the maximum spacing of stirrups applied if the depth of the girder is 0.40 m? a. 4 inches b. 8 inches c. 10 inches d. 12 inches 26. A wall which separates two abutting living units as to resist the spread of fire. a. Fire Block b. Party Wall c. Shear Wall d. Exterior Wall 27. Measures the density of granular soils and the consistency of some clay. a. Shearing Strength b. Maximum Dry Density c. SPT Standard Penetration Test d. Allowable Bearing Capacity 28. Materials often added to the concrete or applied to the surface of freshly placed concrete to produce some special result a. Retarders b. Concrete Additives

DE LEON, FRIALYN ERMENGARDE c. Air-entraining agents d. Accelerators 29. Which of the following is not a Sheet Glass? a. Picture Glass b. Window Glass c. Heavy Sheet Glass d. Insulating Glass 30. A door made up of small horizontal interlocking metal slats which are guided in a track; the configuration coils about an overhead drum which is housed at the head of the opening, either manual or motor-driven. a. Roll-up door b. Panel door c. Flush door d. Overhead Swing-up door 31. The minimum length of splice needed for column. a. 60 cm b. 50 cm c. 30 cm d. 40 cm 32. Minimum angle of inclination of an escalator a. 35 degree b. 45 degree c. 25 degree d. 85 degree 33. Which are timber, steel, or pre-cast planks driven side by side to retain earth and prevent water from seeping into the exaction? a. Sheet piles b. Wales c. Rakers d. Lagging 34. The main feed line of an electrical circuit to which branch circuits are connected. a. Service Line b. Circuit Breaker c. Distribution Line d. Feeder line 35. Are wooden sticks used as posts sharpened at once end driven into the ground to serve as boundaries? a. Stakes b. Batter Boards c. Ledger d. Brace or the Diagonal