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This week's report is in! Congratulations to each and every one of our representatives who received a title promotion during week 44. Their success is a direct reflection of a consistent effort in building their ARIIX business and helping countless others along the way.


Xian Hong Jiao HK SAR, CHN

Chief Executive Officer

Tiaga Teraguchi Japan Dong Ye Shang HK SAR, CHN Yunfeng Wang HK SAR, CHN Jie Ping Shu HK SAR, CHN Lu Xue Mei HK SAR, CHN

Wei Yun Ko Canada

Senior Officer
Lina Dong Taiwan Jiahui Huang HK SAR, CHN

Hong Fei Wang HK SAR, CHN Guijun Cheng HK SAR, CHN Wen Jing HK SAR, CHN

Feiming Wang HK SAR, CHN Liu Wei Ming HK SAR, CHN

Fang Xinjian HK SAR, CHN Changmei Liu HK SAR, CHN Xiao Gang Wang HK SAR, CHN Chao Jia HK SAR, CHN Ji Hua Yu HK SAR, CHN Yunliang Zhu HK SAR, CHN Guiping Shu HK SAR, CHN Jing Wen HK SAR, CHN Jessica HK SAR, CHN Jen Ny HK SAR, CHN Yukiko Kawashima Japan Yu Tsujimoto Japan Saviour L Best Netherlands Zi Meng Wang HK SAR, CHN Yu Qian Gong HK SAR, CHN Ya Guang Zhou HK SAR, CHN Tatsunori Fukutani Japan Alejandro Quinones Andrade Mexico Manuel en Zyon Netherlands Shizhe Chen Taiwan Tsubasa Kayano Japan Kazuki Hazeyama Japan

Feng Wen Lin Taiwan He Li Zhang HK SAR, CHN

Hirofumi Nakajima Japan


Yanzi Yang HK SAR, CHN Kiyotaka Nonaka Japan

Vice President
Richard Ly Canada Kazuki Ojimo Japan Mayu Tanaka Japan

Senior Director
Guiqing Hao HK SAR, CHN Yuta Kondo Japan Hussein Alkhayat Netherlands Kunqiang Lin HK SAR, CHN Hatice Ozen Netherlands Miao Yu Lin Taiwan

Tingting Wang HK SAR, CHN Yan Mei Wang HK SAR, CHN

Chunxiang Zhu HK SAR, CHN Hai He Yin HK SAR, CHN Feiyan Li HK SAR, CHN Samantha HK SAR, CHN YongHong Wang HK SAR, CHN Atsushi Shibata Japan Takamichi Inokuchi Japan Hisano Mochizuki Japan Yusuki Morita Japan Lorenzo Dias dos santos Netherlands

Wei Li HK SAR, CHN Yinhua Huang HK SAR, CHN Xiaolan Liu HK SAR, CHN Zhonglian Mao HK SAR, CHN Yu Wang HK SAR, CHN Juntaro Kuwabara Japan Shinya Hibino Japan Shozo Itaka Japan Rob Wijs Netherlands Chen Feng Luo Taiwan

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