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You are invited to an inside look at

anesthesia, one of history’s greatest

inventions, one that will impact all of us,
and to see first hand how it is evolving
today. Discover how anesthesia innovation
is improving health, and how Duke is
personalizing medicine in ways never before
conceived. Enjoy unprecedented access to the
world’s leading experts in anesthesiology and
other medical disciplines. This is a unique,
invitation only, small group opportunity you
do not want to miss. To learn more and
RSVP please visit www.dukedream.org.
A limited number of places are available, so
please reply soon.
Inside Duke Anesthesiology Overview
Date: Wednesday, September 16, 2009 | Time: 7 AM - 2 PM | Location: Duke University Hospital*

Time Event Title Description Speaker(s)

7:00 am- State of the Department Join the faculty and staff of the Duke Anesthesiology as Dr. Mark Mark Newman, M.D.
8:00 am Address: Why Should We Newman delivers the State of the Department Address. Merel H. Harmel Professor
Dream? & Chairman of Duke
8:00 am- Breakfast and Registration N/A
8:30 am
8:30 am- Welcome Remarks and Jim Anthony, Board
9:15 am Introductions President &
Mark Newman, M.D.
9:15 am- History of Anesthesia A fascinating look at how advancements in anesthesia research Merel Harmel, M.D.
9:30 am has changed the landscape of the surgical environment making
what was once thought to be impossible, routine practice in
operating rooms today.
9:30 am- Anesthesia for Dummies Anesthesia is rated as one of history’s most innovative inventions. Richard Moon, M.D.
9:50 am It’s not only used during surgery but also to help people live a
pain-free life. Dr. Moon will present a basic overview of how
anesthesia works in the body and will differentiate between
the types of anesthesia including general, local, regional, and
conscious sedation.
9:50 am- Break N/A
10:05 am

* Please stay posted, details regarding the exact location will be forthcoming on www.dukedream.org.
Time Event Title Description Speaker(s)
10:05 am- Anesthesia’s Impact on Get a surgeon’s perspective on the importance of anesthesia. TBD
10:20 am Surgery Discover how anesthesia advancements impact surgery and what
this means to you.
10:20 am- Video Presentations on Discover what Duke Anesthesiology is doing to make surgery Madhav Swaminathan, M.D.
10:50 am Patient Safety and anesthesia safer. You’ll get a first hand look at how Duke is Stuart Grant, M.D.
using innovative ultrasound technology to prevent accidents and Jeff Taekman, M.D.
complications during surgery. In addition, you will see how they Cathy Kuhn, M.D.
are equipping our next generation of physicians and health care
providers, along with our military personnel through the use of
revolutionary training technology.
10:50 am- Break N/A
11:05 am
11:05 am- Tours Enjoy a tour of our newly renovated pre- and post-operative areas Jeff Taekman, M.D.
11:45 am along with our nationally recognized Human Simulation Safety Cathy Kuhn, M.D.
Center. We will take you inside our state-of-the-art facility that
includes a simulation teaching lab, multimedia classroom, and
high-tech communications and control room. You can even get a
unique hands on opportunity to practice on the simulator.
Noon- Regular Business Meeting Sit back and enjoy lunch while getting an insider’s view of what Jim Anthony, Board
2:00 PM & Open Forum goes on behind the scenes of the DREAM Campaign Advisory President
business meeting. In addition, during the open forum, you will Panel:
have access to the world’s leading experts in anesthesiology Mark Newman, M.D.
to answer your questions. The panel will consist of 4 Joseph Mathew, M.D.
anesthesiologists who specialize in cardiac, outcomes research, Richard Moon, M.D.
pain management (chronic and acute), and regional anesthesia. Gavin Martin, M.D.
2:00 PM Adjourn
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anthony

Mrs. Alice Chou

Mrs. Roberta d'Eustachio

Mr. Bud Doughton

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Drinkard

Drs. Friedl and Harmel

Visit www.dukedream.org to
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Heath

Mr. and Mrs. Percival King

secure your spot today!
Ms. Shelli Lieberman

Ms. Anne Lloyd, CFP Plus, you can send us your

Dr. Jerry Maccioli questions for the open forum, get
Mrs. Asun Mathew directions, and up-to-date detailed
Mrs. Kit McConnell
information about the meeting and
Mr. Jeff Merritt
the Duke DREAM Campaign.
Mrs. Catherine Miller

Mrs. Mary Sidney Troidl You can also RSVP or direct your questions to
Mr. Bucky Waters
Elizabeth Perez at elizabeth.perez@duke.edu