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Corporate Fascism–Danish Style.

Conspiracy Fact Not Conspiracy Theory.

By Philip Jones 6th August 2009.

“Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and
corporate power.” Benito Mussolini.

Generally speaking, most people around the world have no idea where Denmark is. The last time I
was in the US, the general consensus among those I spoke to, was that it was the Capital of Sweden.
The Muhammad Cartoon fiasco did for a short while drag Denmark kicking and squealing into the
international spotlight, but that didn't last too long, and in truth, the Royal Kingdom of Denmark has
returned to its accustomed state of national anonymity.

Those who do know where and what Denmark is, often naively think of her in romantic terms, as a
quaint little country, conjuring up images of Hans Christian Andersen tales, akin to scenes from
`Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,` and the like.

But nothing could be further from the truth:

Denmark is in reality a ruthless `Monopoly Dictatorship` deceivingly disguised as a caring modern

democratic welfare state. It is a place where one has no opportunity for redress of grievance, and
where neither the State nor the Corporations with which it it is effectively merged, feel any sense of
accountability to the people. By the use of the most subtle and sophisticated methods of mass
programming, it has co-opted a whole nation of people into a `Hive` mentality with the State
functioning in the role of the `Queen Bee.`

Increasingly, Denmark resembles Aldous Huxley's ` Brave New World,` in which he describes the
perfect totalitarian model of government thus:

“ A really efficient totalitarian state would be the one in which the all-powerful executive of
political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be
coerced, because they love their servitude.“ Aldous Huxley.
Those familiar with my work will know that I have written at length on this subject in several
previous articles[1-4] so it is not my intention to belabour here the points made previously. It will
however be of help for the reader, in order to grasp the complexity of the subject matter, to make
frequent reference to those articles in order to place what I write here in context.

For the sake of those not previously acquainted with this topic, I will summarise below the situation
here in Denmark as I see it.

Brave New Denmark Revisited:

In the Matrix movie, the Morpheus character says to Neo, “The Matrix is a system Neo, and that
system is our enemy. When you are inside it what do you see? The minds of the very people we are
trying to save. But until we do, these people are part of that system and that makes them our
enemies. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many
are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to defend it”.

In this the first decade of the 21st Century, the individual Dane finds himself/herself so utterly
dependent upon the State apparatus, that even in the unlikely event he perceives his condition for
what it really is, it has become all but impossible for him to unplug himself from the `Matrix,` or
disassociate himself from the `Hive.` This situation is then exacerbated by the programming he has
received since Kindergarten, which was designed to render him either unable to see that his life is
controlled down to the minutest detail, or which induces in him a state of mass denial and self
delusion; a condition known as `cognitive dissonance.` Simply put, this means to be in a state of
inner conflict, where one is presented with a fact or facts which contradict one’s belief system.
What then occurs is as the late Psychologist Leon Festninger, a student of Kurt Lewin (himself an
inspiration of the `Tavistock Institute` ) wrote in the book, When Prophecy fails;

“The individual believer must have social support. It is unlikely that one isolated believer could
withstand the kind of dis-confirming evidence we have specified. If, however, the believer is a
member of a group of convinced persons who can support one another, we would expect the belief
to be maintained and the believers to attempt to proselyte or to persuade non-members that the
belief is correct.”

In other words, when one’s erroneous and discredited belief system, whether it be social, political or
religious, is shown to be evidently so, there is a clambering for safety in numbers. For the more
there are to prevaricate and justify, `move the goal posts` if you will, then the greater the probability
that the belief system, however discredited will remain the `received wisdom` of the masses.

Danes as a people are in many ways held in a state of `arrested adolescence.` The seemingly Liberal
Socialist veneer is merely a mask for what is in actuality a ruthless Corporate Fascist State, which
has no humanity, shows no mercy, will tolerate no dissent whatsoever, and holds absolute control,
not by force of arms, or by the use of surveillance cameras and other technological means as in the
UK, but by the use of an indoctrinated mindset which imbues it’s citizens with a `There’s nothing
you can do about it` mentality.”

Then you have the `Gatekeepers` of the Danish `Matrix.` All themselves victims of the brain
numbing propaganda hurled at them from childhood, perpetuated in schools and universities and
reinforced daily by the state/corporate media. The parents, priests, teachers, police, soldiers,
doctors, journalists and the `censors` who make sure that nothing is put into print, published or
broadcast which will create confusion, doubt or dissension. Of course, just a little harmless and
minor criticism is published in order to maintain the illusion of democracy and freedom. But
nothing which will provoke real debate on any contentious subject..

Then there are the `neighbours` and the `community groups` ever watchful that no one raises his or
her head above the ramparts, or breaks ranks, ceases to conform or displays any unnecessary signs
of individuality. Always ready to pick up the telephone and be the `good citizen, `informing on the
neighbour who dares to contravene even the most minor of the countless rules and regulations
which press down ever more heavily upon the Danish people.

In fact and amazingly so, in Denmark and the other Scandinavian lands, there is a code of conduct
used to enforce this `gatekeeper` mentality. It is known as the `Jantelav` and has it’s origins in the
small villages and hamlets of Denmark back in the 18th and 19th centuries. The `code` was
formulated by a Danish writer named `Aksel Sandemose` who included it in his 1933 novel, `A
Fugitive Crosses His Tracks.` He based it on the closed and narrow minded behaviour he had
witnessed as a child, and did not intend it to become what it has, a means by which a whole people’s
view of themselves can become degraded.

The Ten Commandments of the `Code` are:

1. Don’t think you are anything.

2. Don’t think you are as good as us.

3. Don’t think you are smarter than us.

4. Don’t think yourself better than us.

5. Don’t think you know more than us.

6. Don’t think you are greater than us.

7. Don’t think you can do better than us.

8. Don’t laugh at us.

9. Don’t think that anyone cares about you.

10. Don’t think you can teach us anything.

Now it has to be understood that this code describes entirely the attitude and mentality of the
overwhelming majority of Danish people. Was there ever a more perfect tool for controlling a
society. Degrade their self image and belief in their purpose, their ability to excel and shine. Look at
the last `tenet`. `Don’t think you can teach us anything.` For anyone who has come to live here with
a craft or trade or other expert skill, that in a nutshell illustrates how impossible it is to introduce
new ways and ideas into Denmark. Danes do not believe that anyone can teach them anything.

The Monopoly Mafia:

“The Illuminati's revolutionary goal is the NWO, or authoritarian socialism run by monopoly
capital. It is big government in the service of big business, the left in the service of the right”.
Henry Makow `The Cruel Hoax`.

The Danish State and Danish Companies have formed themselves into a form of Corporate `Mafia.`
The State receiving its share of the extortion `racket` in the form of a 25% sales tax termed called
`moms` placed on everything bought, sold, produced, manufactured and on all services within the
confines of the `Kingdoms` borders.

Competition in Denmark is almost non existent, with utility providers for the most part, operating a
`State Endorsed Monopoly,` which has engendered a sense of omnipotence in the companies
themselves, and one of hopelessness in the people. There is the façade of competition, but that is all
it is. Things appear a little less monopolised in the country's only true city, Copenhagen,` but
elsewhere, Monopoly is the only game in town.

This sorry state of affairs is sustained by the fact that the Danish state is if not the largest employer,
one of the largest, with the major Corporations themselves, providing what accounts for the vast
majority of non- public employment. With these two entities (being the primary source of earnings,
as they are for people in Denmark), having conspired to merge their interests many years ago[5], the
result has been a disaster for the Danish people, who however, have in reality been so cowed and
mesmerised by the State Propaganda Machine, that they are for the most part totally unaware of
what has been done to them.

The conspirators have in effect subtly coerced ordinary people working for the state and the
corporations to turn their backs on their fellow citizens and identify themselves and their loyalty
with the Corporatists.

Put another way; “ The dog that bites the hand which feeds it will soon be a hungry dog.”

As a non-Dane living in Denmark, all this seems as clear as daylight to me, but for the Dane, it is a
nonsense and an offence to even suggest it.

Only last week, I received this letter from a woman commenting on one of my articles:

“Thank you Philip Jones for your answer to me

I don't understand why so many people wants to live in Denmark, when they at the same time think
it is so hard here ?

All the foreigner people I know in Denmark is managing very well and I think it is how people are
which make things bad or good for them

In year 2000 a Bulgarian man lived in my flat, he managed very well, but got better offer from
America and moved to America. I knew his wife and their child also

The Bulgarian man is a very nice, loving and caring person, so everywhere people likes him and
that is be course he is the person he is.

I just met a new romanian man in Denmark and he is the best man, he got a good job in Denmark
and work hard, he talk english and he has lots of danish friends

Please begin to ask people why they come to Denmark and live here when they think it is so terrible
here. Denmark is the best place at earth, it is Paradise.

I have not been in America, but I was in England and I lived 3 month at lovely Isle of Wight many
years ago, I have visited almost all the european countries also the new eastern countries and I
have been in Gambia and in Marocco in Africa plus Tunesia, but I always come back to Denmark
because I want to keep living here and I dont have many friends like I had when I was a pupil in
school, because I found out that when people gets children and have to work also, people are very
busy, so it is not so easy to drop bye as it was when I was young and not having my own children

Thank you and all the best to you and other people

All nice people around the world managing very well.

Best Regards from B. “

Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister said this :

" Propaganda must be able to be understood by even the most stupid members of society. Then you
can make people believe that paradise is hell, and hell is paradise".

Now Denmark is not hell yet, but if things continue as they are, it will most certainly become so,
and the most concerning aspect of all this, is that hardly anyone except myself and a few others, are
even remotely aware of what is happening here, and unlike the US or even the UK, it is almost an
absurdity to imagine Danes rising up against who they perceive to be their benevolent masters.

Goethe wrote, “None are more hopelessly enslaved, than those who falsely believe they are free.”

Living The Corporate Fascist Experience:

My wife and I live in the southern part of Denmark known as `Sydjylland,` around twenty or so
miles north of the German border. We exist quite comfortably on my Police Pension from the UK,
primarily because we are realistic with our expenditure and very careful with our utilities.

In the latter part of 2008, have simply had enough of living in what is in truth an open prison, we
decided for better or worse to move back to Britain. We placed our house for sale, and waited. Of
course, in the current economic climate, nothing happened. After the required six months, we
withdrew our home from the housing market, and `sucked up,` the fees which even though there
was no sale, no viewing, no work done whatsoever to actually sell the property, amounted to the
equivalent of $2,494.75 or £1,475.84.

The owner of the Estate Agency remarked that it was known by the local `authority` that our
utilities were the lowest in the region, and that questions were being asked in certain circles how it
could be that we were able to exist in such a manner.

Last Saturday morning, our quarterly electricity bill arrived. For the past four years, we have paid
out around $193 (£114) each three monthly period for our electricity supply, but this time,
something very different was lurking inside the envelope. For the three month period March 31st –
June 30th, the `bill maintained we had used in excess of five times our average electricity
consumption, and in the middle of summer at that.

On Monday morning, everything closing down as it does here on Friday afternoon, we contacted
our supplier, somehow and naively expecting a reasonable explanation and an apology for `their`
mistake. We explained the situation, and stated that from the Saturday morning we received the bill,
to the same time on Monday, we had checked the meter and it appeared to be working as normal
and counting at a rate which would after a three month period total an amount which would accord
with our normal usage. We explained that nothing had changed in our circumstances, and that we
could not understand how the billing amount could possibly be so different.

To digress slightly, a year or so ago, the supplier had installed a new meter which could be read
`remotely` from their office. At the time, being somewhat immersed as I am in the conspiracy
genre, I had wondered what else they could do remotely with it?

Anyway, back to the story:

For the past four days, we have spoken with one `customer services` agent after another, who have
all more or less, and not a little eerily, repeated the exact same script, concluding on `our` behalf
that as always here in Denmark, there is nothing we can do about it, and in not so many words;
“pay up, or we switch you off.” I think I must have been told twenty times to “take it easy,” which
is thoroughly irritating, and a well established and oft used Danish method intended to calm the
`savage,` and make sure he/she understands to keep the conversation at just above `whisper` level,
or the call gets terminated.

When we asked that an engineer come out and check the meter, we were told that would cost a
additional $145 (£86) and that furthermore, any `easy payment` plan could only be over a three
month period and would carry with it `administration,` fees. Then, to add insult to injury, we were
told that in order to process such a payment plan, my own `personal number` would have to be
taken and submitted to the Danish Tax Authorities. (all those resident in Denmark are given a
number, backed up by a central database, without which one can doing nothing of any import).

Last year, in the cause of `restructuring,` we were forced to pay FIVE `quarterly` telephone bills?
Work that one out if you can, and when I wrote to complain over the illogical and unjust treatment
we were receiving at the hands of a company we had been good customers with for years. The best
they could do was reply with a standard letter instructing us to pay or be punished accordingly.

The company in question, TDC, has almost a complete monopoly over telephone and internet
supply in this region of Denmark and so are able to treat their customers as they please (their only
competitor being ironically the company which supplies our electricity. Talk about frying pans and

George Orwell wrote in his terrifying projection of the future, `1984,` “If you want a vision of the
future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face for ever.”

The reality is of course that pay we must. There is no other recourse. No `watchdogs` or citizen's
consumer protection groups here. No ``ombudsman` even, and if what passes for such in other areas
of Danish commerce is anything to go by, then we would be looking three or four years down the
road, along with further expenditure, before we could even begin to expect any resolution, and of
course, the State Corporate `Mafioso` know this only too well.

The electricity supplier here in South Denmark, whom we are effectively bound to, due to the
monopoly they have over supply and service, has either knowingly or otherwise appropriated
around 2862 kWh of our electricity, and unless we pay and on time, they will cease our supply.

Now all of this might seem a little insignificant in the greater scheme of things. But it isn't. This is
how they do it to us. They get us with the small things, incrementally wearing us down, stealing
from us, eroding away drip by drip, our personal wealth and thereby what's left of our

They tax us, bill us, create inflation as another form of tax, they lure us into debt, they fine us,
reduce our wages, and slowly but surely create a sense of abject impotence in the mass of the
population. Of course, there will always be those rebels who won't be cowed. The prisons of the
west are full of them. But here in little old Denmark, there's not so much of that.


I am convinced that Denmark is the desired social model for a `Brave New EU` to be erected on the
debris of the soon to be former and ancient nation states of Europe, thereafter followed by a `Brave
New World,` and it’s `software` is being exported internationally. Unless people of all races,
religions, political persuasions, creeds and any other groupings are able to recognise it‘s
programmes` and refrain from `plugging` themselves into it, slavery of a kind hitherto not
experienced in all of human history will ensue on a Global scale.

Experience has equally convinced me that any such `unplugging` is not going to happen here in
Denmark, because the Danish people don’t believe any problem exists or recognise it‘s credentials.
They are convinced that this is after all the `perfect social model` with a population of people who
contrary to all available evidence, are told constantly they have it better than anyone else, even
though they themselves are worthless and undeserving. And there you have the `sting`. People who
believe themselves undeserving or unworthy have low expectations. They expect very little and are
ever grateful to their Lords and Masters for the `scraps` thrown them.

Comments To : http://righteousalliance.blogspot.com/

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