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Merit Validation and Authentication

Aim : The Merit Validation and Authentication will enable the placement committee to verify the placement process, and recruiting good resources in companies. When Students apply for companies, the companies need to verify the students certificate whether it is original or fa e. The use of the !ertificate Authenticator system will prevent Worthless resource in companies. Existing System The first step of preliminary study in the system analysis process involves the identification of needs for computeri"ation. The motivation behind this pro#ect is to overcome all the defects in the e$isting system. Some defects in existing system are: % % % &o certificate Verification during recruitment 'oor maintenance of Student (nformation Trac ing of 'lacement Schedules in )niversities

Proposed System *eatures of proposed system+ !orporate can Search for candidate. !ommunication between the )niversities and !orporates becomes easier. *astens the recruitment process based on genuine selections. ,nline placement schedule. !an be applied to any real time business.

Module Description Security Module Student process Module Search Module 'lacement Schedule Module Security Module This module provides the authentication for )niversity and !orporates. All )niversity and !orporates must login into the web site to view Student information, placement schedule information. All user names and passwords must be protected by using this module, which means that for each user, there must be a uni.ue username and password. We can place various constraints to secure usernames and passwords li e encryption and uni.ueness etc., Student Process Module (n this module, )niversity can post new Student data by giving the following information, Student &ame. /ualification. !ourse. 0ear of passing. !ertificate

!orporate can 1own 2oad the !ertificate of a particular candidate by giving following information. Student &ame. 3al Tic et &umber.

Placement Schedule Module (n this module !orporate can Schedule a !ampus placements in particular )niversity by giving the following information. Schedule 1ate /ualification 0ear Search Module (n this module !orporate can search for !andidate information. The Search 'rocess is wor ing based up on the search string, which is related to &ame or 3al Tic et &umber.

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