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Spiritual Guidelines First, you must strive to become heart-centered and soul-focused.

Affirmations will assist you in reprogramming your subconscious and conscious minds, and will help you establish a new set of guidelines to live by. Know that your higher self will monitor you via that small voice within: when you do something that is not in alignment with your philosophy of life, you will feel a heaviness or a sense of dis-ease within the heart center / solar plexus area. When something you read, hear or observe is in alignment with your set of beliefs or principles, you will feel a lightness or expansion within the heart-center or, perhaps, ripples of energy on the surface of the skin often called angel bumps by our messenger. Remember, however, there is one immutable truth that your philosophy of life must include, and that is the commandment: you will do harm to no one, including yourself. What good is information when you do not use the knowledge to gain the wisdom? You must draw forth more god particles of creation to assist you in your advancement on the spiral of ascension. You must then share your newly acquired wisdom with others in order to proceed to the next level of en-lighten-ment. If you do not consciously allow a portion of your adamantine particles to flow forth from your heart center out into the world, after they have been activated by your unconditional love, the flow of god particles to you will slowly diminish. Everything that has happened in the 3rd dimension remains in the fourth like an echo. It creates a machine which creates the same pattern of reality over and over. If the pattern is filed with love. It will stop. However if it is filled worth fear it will repeat again and again. In order to stop the cycle fear must be filled with love. Drink Water plenty and take bath for 2 times. It will clear out electromagnetic field. Be joyful, loving, calm, kindness, good humour. Love and respect everyone. Take courage and be good cheer, god is always with you. Practice god also in infinite number of small ways. It Means greeting your neighbor, take care of garden, kind to animals, smiling at people in the street, friendly to grocery clerk, cleaning house, picking up trash off the ground By living in the moment, centering ourselves in love and being in service to others, we live in the law of divine flow. Be happy and high in love and light. Let the white light surround you and make you feel safe and happy. Unconditional love, tolerance and patience are the lesson which you have learned in this earth.

Use every moment, every event, to let go of what disturbs the peace in the mind. Release reactions. Cultivate contentment. Be equal minded in the face of the dualities of life. Closing of eyes and meditate on darkness cure eye defects. Happy is always now, not tomorrow. Always accept small in anything , which satisfies us. Spirituality is calm outside and joy inside. Go for a gentle walk with aura of golden light. Whenever you are in trouble, say yogi ramsuratkumar.