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EDU 721 Educational Research

Summer I, 2012 Daily: 10 a.m.-12 noon TR B216 Dr. Leah McCoy Phone: 758-5498 mccoy@wfu.edu

Course Description: Theory, construction, and procedures of empirical research on teaching and learning. Analysis and evaluation of published research studies. Course Objectives: 1. Define and explain various aspects of educational research, 2. Interpret published research studies in education, 3. Demonstrate the use of descriptive statistics and tools such as tables and graphs to describe data, (Excel) 4. Explain the concept of inference and statistical significance, 5. Define and describe quantitative research methods, including data collection and data analysis procedures. (SPSS) 6. Define and describe qualitative research methods, including data collection and data analysis procedures. (Inspiration)

Required Text: Gay, L. R., Mills, G. E., & Airasian, P. (2011). Educational Research: Competencies for Analysis and Application. (10th Ed.) Columbus, OH: Merrill. Web Resources: http://www.wfu.edu/~mccoy/research.htm https://sakai.wfu/edu/portal/

Attendance/Participation: Students are expected to be present and actively involved in each class session. Assignments/Evaluation: Grading Scale: 93-100=A, 85-92=B, 75-84=C, Below 75=F (Late assignments will be penalized.)


DATE Mon. 6/4 Tues. 6/5 Introduction


Before class


Wed. 6/6

Thur. 6/7 Fri. 6/8 Mon. 6/11


Computer Orientation Hu Womack (8:30) Research Types Intro to Education Issues (Group) Research Topics Reviewing the Literature ERIC Sample Measurement Survey Research Correlational Research Descriptive Statistics Graphing - EXCEL EXCEL Causal-Comparative Research Experimental Research QUIZ 1 Article Review I- Quantitative Presentations Inferential Statistics SPSS Workshop Qualitative Data Collection Narrative Research. Ethnographic Research Case Study Research Article Review II- Qualitative Presentations Qualitative Data Analysis Inspiration Model Workshop Action Research Steps in the Research Process Final Forum (Library)

Gay Ch. 1

Gay Ch. 2 Gay Ch. 3 Gay Ch. 5, 6 Gay Ch. 7, 8,12


Tues. 6/12

Wed. 6/13

Thur. 6/14

Gay Ch. 9, 10


Fri. 6/15
1 hour (10:00-5:00)

Mon. 6/18 Tues. 6/19 Wed. 6/20 Thur. 6/21 Fri. 6/22


Gay Ch. 13 Gay Ch. 14 Gay Ch. 15, 16, 17


Mon. 6/25 Tues. 6/26 Wed. 6/27 Thur. 6/28 Fri. 6/29


Gay Ch. 18

Gay Ch. 4, 20


1. Topic Exercise (In-class with Partner). You will consider the definition of a research topic and brainstorm to compile a list of possible topics. See course website for links to professional organization sites. Browse your content area and the others for ideas. (Submit list of 10 topics and five education terms that you learned, by email attachment (one per group)) DUE 6/6, 7 p.m. [5%] 2. Ethics Reflection. Read and reflect on your interpretation and reaction to the legal and ethical considerations discussed in Chapter 1. What are your responsibilities as far as research ethics?(Submit by email attachment, 250-300 words.) DUE 6/7, 7 p.m. [10%] 3. ERIC Exercise. (In-class with Partner). You will work with ERIC database to complete ERIC Scavenger Hunt by locating studies. Submit hard copy (one per group). DUE 6/8, 12 noon. [5%] 4. Bibliography. Choose a topic in your content area and locate references for that topic. Collect a list of five research articles that might be used in the literature review. Include at least 1 journal article (EJ), and at least 1 ERIC document (ED). For each source, give the reference in APA format. (Submit by email attachment) DUE 6/11, 7 p.m. [10%] 5. QUIZ 1. Chapters 1-10. Vocabulary and basic concepts. Multiple choice and short answer. Your choice of one hour during the day 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. DUE 6/15, 5 p.m. [10%] 6. Descriptive Analysis - EXCEL. Using online NCLB data, you will organize and summarize graphically to answer questions. (Submit hard copy) DUE 6/14, 5 p.m. [10%] 7. Statistical Analysis - SPSS. Given datasets, you will run basic analysis with SPSS and interpret results. (Submit hard copy) DUE 6/22, 5 p.m. [10%] 8. Qualitative Analysis - Inspiration. You will perform data analysis on given narratives. Turn in concept map, list of identified themes, and conclusions (Hard copy). DUE 6/27, 5 p.m. [10%] 9. Quantitative Article Review. You will analyze a quantitative article and submit your review to Sakai (500-600 words). See outline. You will share your entry in a 3-slide PowerPoint presentation (1=title and research question 2=methodology, 3=results). Also submit hard copy of PowerPoint handout. DUE 6/18, 10 a.m. [10%] 10. Qualitative Article Review. You will analyze a qualitative article and submit your review to Sakai (500-600 words). See outline. You will share your entry in a 3-slide PowerPoint presentation (1=title and research question 2=methodology, 3=results). Also submit hard copy of PowerPoint handout. DUE 6/25, 10 a.m. [10%] 11. Proposal. Submit a study proposal related to a possible teaching topic. This is not binding; it is very likely your topic will change in the fall. See outline. Send by email attachment. DUE 6/29, 3 p.m. [10%]


Article Review Format 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. APA Reference Introduction Research Question Type of Research (by method and purpose) Methodology (Subjects, Measures/Procedures, Analysis) Results Critique Implications for your teaching

Proposal Format Title Background and Purpose Introduction (Brief theoretical base and lit review) Research question Participants (study population) Describe students. Sample size Methodology What kind of tasks will participants complete? How will data be analyzed? References

CITI: CITI Training is required of ALL researchers submitting a Research Proposal to the IRB. The CITI online tutorial gives an overview of the primary issues related to research involving human participants. You will be submitting your proposal for the research project in EDU 715 in the fall. Please make sure that you have completed the CITI training (Group 2) by August 31 when you return to school. You will turn in your Completion Record to your advisor at that time. A score of 80% is required. See: www.citiprogram.org Also: http://www.wfu.edu/rsp/irb/education.html