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The soldiers stood around the crackling fire and tried to fight off the exhaustion and cold that plagued them. Even now, in the dead chill of night, there had been many foiled raids. Now the Duke himself had come to join the fray - surely that would turn the tides of battle!As the Sentries pondered their fates they missed a small cloaked form slip into camp. Small beady eyes peered out of the shadows... Defending forces: You may choose up to 2 dogs of war models will be used as the Sentries at the beginning of the game Your leader must be in the Tent, any mounted models will be placed on foot. Until the alarm is sounded. Attacking Forces: You must choose anyone of your dogs of war models to be the assassin model may not be mounted In addition you may only select up to 50 Pts for the distracting party. Or as close as possible

OBJECTIVES The Assassins goal is to swiftly kill the Leader of the opposing regiment, and make it back off any table edge. Once the Assassin has done his deed, a small distracting party of Assassins-intraining will rush out to cause a diversion and allow the assassin to escape.
The Assassin player scores a victory if the Leader is slain AND the Assassin escapes. The Defending player must safeguard their leader and destroy the deadly intruder. A victory is declared if the Leader survives. If neither of these objectives is met the game is a draw

TURNS The game lasts until the Assassins forces are slain or escape off board. DEPLOYMENT The Defending player places any two Dogs of War models as sentries anywhere on the board. They will be facing a random direction (see Sentry rules below). The rest of the remaining Defending troops are resting in their tents (up to three per tent) until the camp has Sounded the Alarm! The Assassin deploys next at any table edge they choose, most likely behind some sort of obstacle. The additional troops(Distracting Party) may not come on board until the alarm is sounded.

WHO GOES FIRST? The Assassin goes first in this scenario.

Sentries - Until the Alarm is sounded sentries move D6-2 per turn. Roll separately for each sentry to determine how far he moves. If the distance is a negative number then the Attacking player is allowed to move the sentry model. For example, a roll of 1 gives a move of -2, so the attacker moves the sentry 2 in any direction. After moving each sentry, roll the Scatter dice and turn the model to face the direction indicated. If the sentry is moved by the Attacker and happens to sleepily amble off the table, the model is dispatched by a waiting Attacker and does not return! Spotting - To determine the distance a sentry can see in the dark roll 2D6 for each model at the end of the Defenders turn. This is the number of inches a Sentry can see, so if there is an Assassin in that distance and in the models front line of site (a 90o arc) you may roll a further D6 and consult the spotting chart below: Any Terrain piece including the Tents will count as an obstacle An Assassin in the open (not within 2 of any obstacle) will be spotted on a D6 roll of 2 or more. An Assassin in partial cover (within 2 of an obstacle) will be spotted on a D6 roll of 4 or more. An Assassin in cover (touching an obstacle)will be spotted on a D6 roll of a 6 (curses to shadows & intuition!)

Sounding the Alarm - The alarm is sounded when: A sentry spots an Assassin The Leader is Attacked The Assassin attacks and fails to immediately kill a trooper

What happens when the Alarm sounds The additional Attacking Forces(Distraction Party) may come into the playing area from any table edge. They may charge if available targets are in range. Next, the sentries may move and attack freely. Finally, all the sleeping troops will awake. Waking Up - Once the shouting begins, the other troops wake up. As the soldiers and their General were sleeping, they will be without their armor but may use a shield. They are dazed as well. All characteristics, except Toughness and Wounds, are halved for one turn. Models may be placed anywhere touching the tent. Knife in the Dark! - Assuming that he has not yet been spotted, an Assassin may sneak into any tent to slay his foes. There are two types of tents: Troop Tent - These are the tents for the soldiers. Each tent has as even a number of troops inside where possible. If the Assassin wants to attempt to slay the occupants roll a D6. On a 4-6 the Assassin can successfully slit everyones throat without drawing attention. On a roll of 1-3 the soldiers all wake up and the alarm is sounded. The number rolled also represents the number of survivors in that tent! Leaders Tent - No one gets to be a Leader without being a bit cautious! The Leader always wakes up the instant the Assassin charges. Count the Leader as Waking Up for the first round of combat. Place the models touching the tent, the assassin will choose where.