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Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

Heat Guidelines and Heat Illness


Student/athletes should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids

prior to and after workouts/games. This along with availability of
water during practices/games will reduce the chance of heat related
illnesses. The eating of proper meals should also be encouraged.
Gradual acclimatization of the athlete to hot/humid conditions is a
must. Care should be given to ensure that the athlete who begins
workouts after the first week of practice is not overlooked.
The Heat Index will be determined at the time of the scheduled
Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD
Heat Guidelines and Heat Illness
Level Heat Wet Heat Precautions
Index Bulb Illness
temp Risk
White <80 <65 Low Normal practice/Outdoor activity

Green 80-90 65-75 Moderate - be watchful of increases

- water breaks every 20-30 min
- be watchful of
unacclimatized athletes/students

Yellow 90-104 75-79 Moderately - water breaks every 15-20 min

High - be careful of unacclimated
- watchful of athletes/students
taking medication
Orange 104-115 80-82 High - shorten practice
- shorts, shoulder pads, and
helmets only
- water breaks every 10-15 min
- consider moving conditioning
Red 115-130 82-90 Very High - move intense practices inside
- t-shirts only for football outside
- non FB outside – short
practices, light intensity, water
breaks every 10 min.
Black >130 >90 Very No practices outside

• Definition of water breaks – rest for 5 min. Football - helmets off and if needed shoulder pads
o If possible consider changing undershirts at least once during long practice
• It takes 10-14 days to fully acclimatize.
• Cold water should be available during practice
• Allow water Ad Libitum for individuals
• Pay additional attention to heavier and lighter set athletes, athletes that did not work out during
preseason (summer workouts for fall athletes), and students taking over the counter and
prescription medication

Athlete Checklist
Before practice

1) Check urine color

a. Dark = dehydrated
b. Clear = hydrated
2) Eat large meal with in 4 hours of practice
a. In addition, eat a small snack within 1-2 hours before practice
b. If morning practice –
i. eat a meal before going to bed night before
ii. eat a small snack before practice
iii. eat breakfast with in hour of the finish of practice
3) Drink at minimum 16 oz of water or sports drink (Gatorade or PowerAde) an
hour before practice
4) Check in with Staff Athletic Trainer if taking any prescribed or over the
counter medication (e.g. cold medication)
5) Weigh in (football players primarily) – takes place during acclimatization
period and/or months of high heat
a. If weight is less than 2% of previous pre-practice weight (2-4 lbs on
average) you will not be allowed to practice.
b. When school starts you may weigh in before school starts and if
needed you will weigh in again before practice.

After practice

1) Drink at least 16 oz of sports drink or water each hour for three hours after
2) Eat main meal – with in one hour of finishing practice
a. If unable – eat an exercise replenishing bar or large glass of chocolate
milk to supplement until you can eat dinner
b. Goal is to regain weight loss within 2-3 hours after practice and begin
storing for next day
3) Hot shower followed by a cold shower.
a. Hot shower kills germs (MRSA)
b. Cold shower excellent for cooling core temperature
4) Weigh after practice – (football players primarily)
a. If your weight is less than your normal weight – you must regain
weight before the beginning of practice the next day

NO OUTSIDE RECESS OR PE when the heat index goes

above 104.


Green – OK
Yellow/Orange – Watch severe asthmatics. May need physician
note on file.
Red – Asthmatics (student on daily meds or have prn meds in the
clinic) should stay inside (do not need note).
Purple – NO ONE goes outside.

For additional information see:

www.NATA.org -
www.weather.com for levels
www.weatherbug.com for levels

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