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BUILDING WOODEN See erent eS Gears & Gadgets for the Adventurous Woodworker ‘Copyrighted Material BUILDING WOODEN MACHINES sta Gears & Gadgets for the Adventurous Woodworker Alan & Gill Bridgewater is Copyrighted Material ‘Copyrighted Material ‘Ths sumors and editors who comBEN tls none nave tried tm ‘make all the contunts as aocurate and currect as possitve. Plans, ‘mustrations, photographs and text have been carstily checked. ‘All Instructions, plans and projects should be cazetully read, stud- sed and undarstaod before beginning ponstruction. Due to the var- ‘slury af ioeal pumatians, construction misterials, ial levels, 6, ‘netiner tua authors nor Betterway Rocks assumes eny respans!- [bflty dor any anoidents, inurles damauescar otber lasses incurred ‘esuing trom tne material presanted in tis back Depicarion ‘We would lke to dedicate this book to all the men and women of {he past—invantors, anginears clockmskars and tha Wwe—mno Sent COUNHeSs DOUTs in WOrKsnOps-maxing Ue marines and ‘working models in wood. Weal know ahout Leonardada Vino! and {his elicogter, and Stevenson and nig ooa, wae who wast [wonder ‘home tha frst working modelo, say,the Net pamloex? Othe {ust pair of llersiates? ‘ACENOWLEDGMENTS ‘We would Iiee to tank all the mamunctarers who have supplied ‘us wlth th est af the best: ‘Tum Ettam, Procioent, Wood Carvers Supply, PO. Bor 7500, ‘Engiewood, FL34285-7500 ‘Wood Carving Toals ‘Jim Brewar, Research and’Marksting Manager, Freud, PO. Box ‘7B? 218 Faia Ave, Hg. Patnt, WE2 7268 Auster rare ‘William Welsen, President, Foredom Blactric, Bethel, PT D6S01 ‘Pemer Toals John F Jowan, Vice Pres dant, Datta International Machinery orp. 246 Alpha Dr, Fitshurgh, PA 15236-2885 want sar Mick Davidson, Managing Disector,Cratt Supplies Lid UE, The ‘BOM, Milars Dale, Burton, Derbysntre, SII? ASN, UK ‘Wood Taming em Frets, Marketiog Assistant, De-Sta-Co, PO, Box 2800, Twos, ‘ect anco7 camps Paragon Communiestions, Evo-atie2, Common ond, StatTard, STIG SEH, UE PVA amesive Frank Dootz, Punic Relations, Ryobi America Corporation, 5201 Pearman Dairy Ra, Suite, PO. Bor 1207, Anderson, SC 2e622-1207 ‘mateeness Planer ‘Most al, we would Ie to MsDK Friearicn Wimeim Emmerich 0 Fmenich Planes, Harderstiabe7, Remscheld, Germany — ‘for nis Beawtital wooden planes, They are special! Ityau are ooigng to set yourself up with tanest of au modern planes, man {these are the ones ta god Copyrighted Material