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To the Members of the European Parliament Subject: Systematic violations of human rights in Belarus Dear Members of the European

Parliament, The organization Belarusians in Exile is composed of Belarusians and their families who were forced to leave the Republic of Belarus because of systematic violations of human rights and basic democratic principles and because of a risk of persecution owing to their political views. We call on the European Parliament to take the necessary steps to ensure that Belarus rejects dictatorial principles of government and respects the principles of democracy and human rights. This appeal to the European Parliament is connected with the parliamentary elections in Belarus, which took place on Sept. 23 and did not meet democratic standards. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) concluded: In the 23 September parliamentary elections, many OSCE commitments including citizens rights to associate, to stand as candidates, and to express themselves freely were not respected, despite some improvements to the electoral law (OSCE International Election Observation). The parliamentary elections demonstrated Belarus definitive transformation into a dictatorship. We are also concerned that despite the European Parliaments sanctions against the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, major European companies continue to maintain a commercial relationship with Belarus, thus supporting the dictatorship. In particular European companies are key buyers of Belarusian chemical and potash products. According to the U.S. State Department, these sectors provide the bulk of Belarus foreign currency revenues and finance the Lukashenko regime. In addition, European Parliament experts have found that one of the most effective means of changing the political situation in Belarus is compiling and enlarging a list of Belarusian elites who are forbidden from entering the European Union. EU sanctions are likely to have the desired impact on policymaking in Belarus if they target representatives of Belarusian business elite actively supporting the regime (European Parliament - Directorate General For External Policies - Impact of Targeted Sanctions On Belarus). We agree with the European Parliament experts and believe that enlarging the list of politicians and businesspeople can change the situation in Belarus.

In order to change the political situation in Belarus, stop political repression and ensure a normal life for citizens of our country, we ask the European Parliament to: 1. Strengthen economic sanctions against major Belarusian companies, which provide a significant share of the Lukashenko regimes foreign currency. 2. Call on European companies that maintain commercial ties with Belarusian companies, whose earnings finance the regime, to break them until the European Union sees noticeable improvements in human rights in Belarus. 3. Include Belarusian bureaucrats and businesspeople who support the Lukashenko regime on the blacklist and prevent them from entering the European Union. Belarusians in Exile hopes for the support of the European Parliament and member countries of the European Union in the fight for human rights and political freedom in Belarus. Belarusians in Exile http://www.belarusiansinexile.org/ +1 646 583-2525

Companies providing significant economic support to the Lukashenka regime (much of it derived from trade with the EU) and which should be added to Annex I of Council Regulation (EC) No 765/2006: 1. Belarusian Autoworks OAO (Every third mining dump truck in the world Dump trucks, road building equipment, mining equipment. State owned.); 2. Belarusian Oil Company: (The principal exporter of oil products from Belarus.); 3. Belarusian Oil Trade House: (Subject to sanctions imposed by the USA); 4. Belarusian Potash Company (Worlds largest exporter of potash supplying 43% of the worlds potash. 50% owned by Belaruskali potash production company (which is State owned) and the Belarusian Railways); 5. Belaruskali (One of the worlds largest producers of potash fertilizer. Owned by the government of Belarus under Belneftekhim which is sanctioned by the USA); 6. Belneftekhim - Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry: (Subject to sanctions imposed by the USA); 7. Belshina OAO: (Belarusian Tire Works one of the largest enterprises in Europe. Owned by the Government of Belarus under Belneftekhim. Subject to sanctions imposed by the USA); 8. MAZ OAO Minsk Automobile Plant: Heavy trucks and tractors, buses, trailers and special vehicles. State owned. 9. Mozyr Refinery; Producer of Gasoline, Diesel fuel, furnace fuel and liquefied gas. The State owns 42.76% of the refinerys shares; 10. Naftan OAO: (Naftan is a subsidiary of Belneftekhim Concern that supplies petroleum products to Belarus in addition to producing and refining diesel fuel. 99.8% of its shares are owned by the State. Subject to sanctions imposed by the USA); 11. Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Tractor Works" One of the worlds 10 largest tractor producers. State owned.

Individuals running the above companies and who should be added to Annex I of Council Regulation (EC) No 765/2006: 1. Borovsky, Alyaksandr General Director of MAZ OAO Minsk Automobile Plant 2. Chirun, Nikolai General Director of Belshina OAO - Belarusian Tire Works 3. Ivanov, Valery General Director of the Belarusian Potash Company 4. Kiriyenko, Valery General Director of Belaruskali potash producer 5. Kupriyanov, Anatoly Alexandrovich General Director of the Mozyr Refinery 6. Parkhomchik, Piotr Alexandrovich General Director of Belarusian Autoworks OAO 7. Pukhovoi, Alexander Alexeevich General Director of the Republican Unitary Enterprise "Minsk Tractor Works" 8. Streletsky, Andrey Valerievich General Director of the Belarusian Oil Trade House 9. Tretyakov, Vladimir K. General Director of Naftan OAO 10. Zhilin, Igor Fyodorovich Chairman of the board of Belneftekhim The Belarusian State Concern for Oil and Chemistry 11. Zubkov, Vladimir Vladimirovich General Director of the Belarusian Oil Company OAO