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Industrial Potentiality Survey Report of DISTRICT SONEPAT Haryana

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Submitted by : A!IT "ADA# $$%&'( !ITASH $$%&(( NISTHA SAINI $$%&')


The survey was confined in three stages: 1. In the first stage, basic information relating to infrastructural resources available, status of the industries in the industries in the distt. was collected from the developmental agencies and published data etc. 2. In the second stage, a field survey has been done on agriculture sector. 3. In the final stage, information thus gathered was analyzed with a view to ascertain the demand and supply gap of various products and to suggest the scope for promoting new industries in the distt.


+EO+RAPHICA* *OCATION: istt. !onepat on separation from "ohta# distt., came into e$istence on 22.12.%2. It is situated on the south east of &aryana. The river 'amuna separated it from the !tate of (ttar )radesh. It is surrounded by "ohta# distt. in *est, )anipat distt. in +orth , -ind distt. in +orth, *est, +ational capital, +ew elhi is situated in its south. !onepat seems to be a corruption of the word .!onepat/ which means in !ans#rit language the 0!uvarna )rashtha1 23oldplane4. 5ne popular tradition over that it is one of the five )atas or )rasthas mentioned in the 6ahabharata which 'udhishthisra demanded from uryodhna. AD!INISTRAI#E SET -P The distt. has three sub divisions viz. !onepat, 3ohana, 3annaur. There one sevenbloc# namely !onepat, 3ohana, 3annaur, 7har#hoda, "ai, 7athura and 6undlana. Ithas 383 inhabited villages. DISTRICT PRO,I*E:

C*I!ATE AND RAIN,A** The distt. e$perience e$treme climatic condition. Temperature ranging from 293 c in ecember:-anuary to 889;; in 6ay9-une. The average normal rainfall is %;<.< mm. The actual average rainfall during last five years was =>>.> mm SOI*S The soil of the distt. is sandy loam to loam and is suitable for cultivation of paddy, wheat, sugarcane, oil seeds and all types of crops , vegetables etc. RI#ER / 0ATER The river 'amuna is the only prennial river flows on the ?ast side of the distt. There is sweet water available in the distt. e$cept central planes where availability of water is salty. (nderground water level is going down day by day. 9%9 ECONO!" istt. is predominantly occupied by agriculture and its allied on primary economic activities, which has provided whole time and gainful employment to about =3@ of the total wor#force of the distt. It is one of the fast developing industrial distt. of the state which has all the advantages reAuired for speedy development of industries. (pto 31.3.2>>> there were ;2BB small9scale industries and B2 Carge , medium scale manufacturing units has been found wor#ing in the distt. with a wide range of consumer as well as industrial products.

1. Demo2rap3i4 profile:
Ds per 1<<< census the total population of the distt. is 1>8;1;B accounting =:8;@ of the !tate population. It is the third dense populated distt. of the state and density of population is 8B= persons per sA. #m. Ds against the !tate 2<2 people per sA. #m. "ural population is predominant with the level of urbanisation being Eust 1<.%B@. The rural population constitutes B>@ of the total population. This relatively higher as compared with the state average level of %;.8@. The female literacy rate is 3=.%@ . The schedule cast population forms 1%@ of the total population against the state/s average of 1<@. Demo2rap3i4 Profile of Sonepat distt: D glance at the size of the wor# force reveals the relative importance of different sectors. The total wor#force of the distt. is 3.1< lacs accounting 2<.<@ of total population of the distt., 6aEority of the population of main wor#ers were cultivator, agriculture labour and live stoc# etc. which constitute ;=.;@ of total main wor#ers population he percentage of other main wor#ers to total main wor#s in industrial sector constitute 11.>@ concentration trade , service, transport , storage constitute 1<.1@. 83.;@ of the main wor#ers engaged in activities other than agriculture and allied activities.

C. E4onomi4 Profile:
A2ri4ulture: istt. !onepat is predominantly occupied by agriculture as primary economic activity. Dround ;B@ of wor#able force were engaged in farming of agricultural activities 6ain crops grown in the distt. are wheat, rice, oilseeds, potatoes, onions,

sunflower, flowers etc. 3rowing of mushrooms has also caught the interest of farmers. D clusters of mushrooms which is coming up at village Fhodana per capita foodgrains production is estimated at 1.B tonne PROD-CTI#IT" O, THE SE*ECTED CROPS


Dbout 8=2.; acres of land constituting total =%% industrial plots and 1=3 sheds were developed in B industrial areas:estates:colonies in various poc#ets of the distt. and allotted to Industrialists. 5ne ?)I) with a view to promote e$port in the area has been established. *or# relating to developing the &osiery comple$ atFarahi, 3annaur is in advanced stage. Dpart from there is a proposals to develop;>>> industrial plots near elhi boundary line with a view to rehabilitate the elhibased Industries in the distt. 9)unEab +ational Fan# is the Cead Fan# of the distt. The total credit plan for the year 1<<<92>>> envisages a total financial allocation of "s.1%1 crore of which "s.<.=3 crore earmar#ed for non9farm sector.


!onepat distt. is basically an agrarian economy. 6aEority of the population of the istt. is primarily dependent on its agricultural resources as %<.<@ of its populatin lives in villages. )eople of the distt. directly or indirectly depending on agriculture and allied pursuits. istt. has a good agriculture base as compared to other districts of the !outhern &aryana state. (ses of mechanized farming , fertilizer is getting momentum over the years. Feing close to elhi, it offers ample scope for adopting activities other than agriculture such as dairying, poultry, piggery, mushroom etc. The contribution from the agriculture sector is Auite sufficient, net area sown has e$tended over 1%B3;= hectares accounting B3@ of the total geographical area of the distt. *heat, rice, baEra are the main crops grown in the distt. Gommercial crops grown in the distt. are sugarcane, oilseeds and cotton and vegetables etc. The total area covered under wheat, rice, oilseed and sugarcane during <<92>>> was 222 thousand hectares, which constitutes %3.;@ of the total cropped area of the distt.

*and -se Pattern

The total area in the distt. was 213 thousand hectares which constitute 8.B3@ of the

!tate/s average Irrigated area is 2B% thousand hectares which constitute =2.2@ of the net area sown in the distt. istt. contribute 1;@ in rice, %.%@ in wheat 3.1@ in FaEra and %.B@ in sugarcane production in the !tate total production. *AND -TI*I5ATION PATTERN IN THE SISTRICT

ue to reorganization of the distt. total geographical area in 1<B<9<> which was 138>>> hectares has increased to 213>B1 sectares. Table depicted that land put to non agriculture, net area sown, area sown more than once has increased in 1<<<92>>> to over 1<B<9<>. The land under forest has drastically reduced by more than B<@ during the period of 1<<<92>>> to over 1<B<9 <>. 5nly 3.=@ of the land is barren and uncultivable land in the distt. 9 13 9

Dgriculture has developed in the distt. to the desired e$tent due to availability of sufficient sources of irrigation facilities. Irrigation for agriculture purpose are having both for tubewell , canals. The water potential in the distt. is less in all bloc#s of the distt. land is either dar# or grey. 3ross irrigated area in the distt. is 2B=;>8 hectares and net irrigated area is 1=< thousand hectares. Fy Ganal 11B2>>> hectarres4 Tubewell ;1 PER,OR!ANCE O, A+RIC-*T-RE SECTOR 6

1. "ice production was 133 and 13< thousand tones during the period 1<<B and 1<<<92>>> respectively. The total area under rice crops was %< and %B thousand hectares. The total production of rice has increased about =>>> tonnes while area almost remain the same from the same period. The average yield per hectares showed and improvement of 1>8 #gs. )er hectares due to increasing use of mechanized farming and fertilizers. 2. *heat production was 8<1 , ;%% thousand tones during 1<B<9<< , 1<<<9 2>>>. The total area under wheat crops during the period was 133 and 13= thousand hectares. The area under wheat has increased about 3>>> hectares for the same period. The average yield per hectares also showed an improvement of ;;> #g. )er hectares. 3. FaEra is also grown in the distt. the total area under baEra crop for the period 1<<B9<< , 1<<<92>>> was only B,% thousand hectares. )roduction of baEra for the same period was <,% thousand tones for the same period. Drea ,

production of FaEra crop in the distt. is in downward trend. 8. Grop of sugarcane is widely grown in the distt. as one sugar mill at !onepat is engaged in manufacturing the crystal sugar. Total area under sugarcane crop for the period 1<<B9<< , 2>>> was < and B thousand hectares. uring the period the production of sugarcane was 8% , 88 thousand tones. ;. Grops of oil seeds li#e mustard, torria and sunflower are also grown in the distt. total production of oil seeds for the period 1<<B9<< , 1<<<92>>> was ; , 3 thousand tones. Drea under oil seed crops for the same period was 8,8 thousand hectares only. The average yield of oil seeds per hectares was 11B2 , %<1 #gs. )er hectares for the same period.

Sour4e: Distt7 Statisti4al / A2ri4ulture Offi4e8 Sonepat The relative performance of the selected primary crops of the distt. viz9a9viz have witnessed the following trend: !onepat accounts %@ of the state total area under rice cultivation and 1;@ share in states total rice production. "ice is one of the main e$porting item from the distt. the average yield per hectares in comparison to state yield per hectares is less due to variation of soil in various poc#ets of the distt. and lac# of irrigation facilities. istt. has =@ of the area of the total state/s area under wheat crops. It contributes only ;@ share in the state/s total wheat production. !ugarcane is the first maEor commercial crops grown in the distt. it has %.B@ share in the states total area under sugarcane and contribute %.% share in state/s total sugarcane production. 6ushroom is the 2nd commercial crops grown in the distt. it is getting more popularity among farmers due to its growing demand and profitable to them. (pto 31.12.2>11 there were 3;> units engaged in the cultivating the mushroom in the distt. for the same period 2;222> trays of mushroom were placed and produced the mushroom around 18>> tones. )ro$imity to elhi vegetable mar#et, farmers of the distt. are coming in the field of growing various vegetables. 6ain vegetables ground in the distt. are tomato, chilies and cauliflower. (pto 31.12.2>11 production of vegetable in the distt. was 1=% thousand tones. elhi is one of the biggest mar#et for flower in the +orthern India, flowers are also grown in the distt. uring the same period around ;>> &ect of land was under flower crops and produced ;;=> Tonn of flowers.


?$cept !altpeter , sand no mineral is found in the distt. There are 22 villages at 3ohanna , !onepat tehsil in which saltpeter is found. There are three zones namely Fega , 6urthal, 7hewra and 7hat#ar consist 1>8 villages in which sand is found at large scale. !altpeter which is commonly #nown as potassium9+itrate and is used for manufacturing of fertilizers and gun powder. 6ines of sand are being sold at contract basis. Gontract for ?$ploitation of sand from mines was given at a rate of 1>.2; crores for period of 3 years. ,inan4ial Assistan4e: i) Banking: ?asy availability of the finance is the basic need for smooth running of the industry. There was a good networ# of ban#ing system scattered all over the distt. There were B2 branches of commercial ban#s, 2> Dgri. ev. Hi#as 7endra, 2= co9op., (rban and land development ban#s, 183 co9op. !ocieties in the distt. The detail of ban# branches in the distt. ae listed below.

Sour4e: Distt7 Credit Plan 9 The financial institution can ma#e a significant contribution to the development of business and industrial activities in the economy. Dll the ban#s:financial institution are located in the ruban, semi urban and villages in the distt.


C-STO!ISED PAC:A+E O, INCENTI#ES: - Gustomized pac#age of incentives and concessions will be provided for prestigious proEects having an investment of "s.3> crores and above. D high powered committee will be constituted under the chairmanship of Ghief 6inister to decide the pac#age in individual cases. - ?$emption from payment of electricity cuty: Dll new industrial units e$cept those in the negative list of industries are e$empted from the payment of electricity duty for a period of five years throughout the state. - Incentives to tiny units in "ural area: The industrial units set up under rural industrial scheme shall be eligible for the following benefits:9 a4 ?lectricity uty ?$emption and !ales Ta$ concession at par with other units in !!I sector. b4 )rice preference of 1>@. c4 6ar#eting Dssistance. DE#E*OP!ENT O, S!A** SCA*E SECTOR It shall be the endeavour of the state govt. to give over riding importance to the development of !!I sector and 6edium ?nterprises. 9 evelopment of ancillaries would be priority area to ensure healthy and blanced growth. 9 The role of the &!!I,?G and Gonfed would be streamlined so as to provide

effective mar#eting support to !!I:"I sector. 9 )rovisions regarding timely payment to the !!I units will be stricitly in9forced. 9 Testing and common facilities will be provided at reasonable costs to !!I units to enable them to produce Auality products. 9 !eminars , *or#shops will be organized on different subEect to provide technical information on latest mar#eting trends. 9 *ith a views to promote !!I sector following steps would be ta#en by the 3ovt.:9 a4 !mall , 6edium ?nterprises 2!6?!4 renewal Iund. b4 Incentives to sic# units. c4 ?ntrepreneurship evelopment )rogrammes. d4 "ural Industrialisation. e4 evelopment of the !ervices !ectors f4 iversification in Dgriculture !ector g4 Ta$ reforms and fiscal discipline. 9 11 9 The state 3ovt. has identified following thrust areas to promote industrial investment in the state: D4 Dgro based and food processing Industry. F4 ?lectronics, information technology , Telecommunication. G4 Dutomobiles, automotive components and light , medium engineering. 4 &andloom, hosiery, te$tiles , garment manufacturing. ?4 ?$port oriented units. !pecial cell will be set up in the irectorate of Industries to focus on development of these thrust sectors. These cells shall be given access to outside e$pert support.


The !tate 3ovt. will adopt a system of deemed clearance:approval for speedy implementation of proEects. *herever provision for deemed clearance e$ists, the certificate of deemed clearance shall be issued by the !ingle *indow !ervice having fi$ed capital investment upto "s.3> crores. Ior proEects having IGI of "s. 3> Grores or more such certificates shall be issued by the ID3. Time schedule has been schedule for various departments for giving necessary sanction:approval to reduce time frames for proEect completions. 6ost of the departments have delegated power for field functionaries. The !tate 3ovt. will consider delegating additional powers for e$peditious implementation of proEects. The visits of inspectors to industrial units have been reduced to bare minimum statutory reAuirements. The state of &aryana has abolished all physical barriers to trade and commerce. The procedures governing +5Gs and consents from the &.!.).G.F. shall be further streamlined. Industries other than in seventeen highly polluting categories, nineteen polluting industries and other large and medium industries have been ta#en out of the consents mechanism. It industries in large and medium categories set up within approved industrial estates and having sewer connection will also be ta#en outside the consent mechanism.


Dnalysis of the figure relating to sectoral fund allotment and achievement of agriculture and small scale industry shows the declining trend after 1<<B9<< onwards in achievements i.e. %< , B2@ @ in agriculture and B= , => @ in small scale industry. *hile services sector for the same period was %3,118 , 13%@ which is appreciable. It is recommended that govt. should loo# into the matter and reasons behind the failure in achievement of targets particularly for small scale industry should be found out. ii) Haryana Financial Corporation (HFC) &IG meets the credit need of small:medium scale industrial units of &aryana for acAuiring fi$ed assets such as land building, plant , machinery etc. Dpart from under 12 schemes, corporation grants loans upto "s.;>>.>> lacs in case of )rivate Ctd.:)ublic Ctd. Gompanies against present limit of 28> la#hs and "s.2>> lacs in caseof sole proprietary:partnership concerns. Po;er ?lectricity which is of pivotal importance for transformation and industrialisation as revolutionized the social , economic structure of the !tate. &aryana was the first state of the country who electrified every village and efforts are being made to increase the power supply both for industrial and agricultural purposes by installing new power plants both in government as well as private sectors. 6oreover, 3ovt. isproviding ?lectricity ?$emption !ubsidy in the istt. to the small9scale industrialunits in the istt. uring field study particularly in the industrial areas:estates problems oftripping:brea#down and installation of transformer etc. was also seen. It isrecommended that govt. should loo# into the matter and ensure regular power supply in the industrial areas:estates to !!I sector.

Surfa4e Transport
!urface transport is pivotal to gear up industrialization. D well established surface transport system will facilitate lin#ing of the distt. with other mar#eting centres which in turn will promote industrialisation by providing access to far away mar#ets. The total surface road length of the distt. is 1>B2 m. and details of the surface roadlength are furnished below.


Dominan4e of t3e Industries
Iocus on the development of !!I/s gives information regarding the relative position and comparative advantage of the distt. in the area of industrialisation. Iood:Dgro based industries, wooden industries, leather industries, mining and servicing industries are the maEor industries in the distt. . The maEor concentration or industries is in around the !onepat city, "al bloc#, !onepat bloc#, 3ohana bloc#,

7har#hoda , 3annaur bloc#s of the distt. The other bloc#s of the distt. The other bloc#s remain industrially undeveloped or less developed. Food and Agro based Industries: (nder this group of industries food , agro based products are being produced. (pto31.3.27 there were 8>< registered small scale units engaged in the line of oil milling,Dtta cha##i, !eed processing, mushrooms processing, biscuits, rice milling and mil7processing etc. Investment made under this group was "s. 13>< la#hs and producedthe goods worth "s. 8>;B lacs ).D. ?mployment provided by this sector to the peopleof the distt. is 2>1< numbrs.



The distt. being close to elhi has succeeded in attracting the sizeable investment. Impact of globalisation , globalisation is clearly visible in the distt. It has fairly a good number of C,6 units from 1<<1 to 2>>> is more than 1>>@. In 1<<1 there were only 3= C,6 units wor#ing with investment of "s.188 crores in fi$ed assets and employed 1;1>> persons in the distt. (pto 3:2>>> the numbers of C,6 units increased to the mar# of B2 nos. etails of C,6 units is reflected in the table presented below:

These units are engaged in the manufacture of wide ranging products 2including sophisticated , high processing pattern4 which are listed below category wise: Dgro:Iood , Hegetable:9 It includes frozen fruits , vegetables, dessi ghee, cut flowers, Euice , Eam, refined , vanaspati, rice sugar, beer and other mil# products. !ome of the new areas where C,6 units have come up in the last few years are vanaspati , dessi ghee, terri towels, non wasted, woolen yarn, spinning mills, pharmaceutical, ice plant , cold storage, castings, auto parts, readymade garments, woven labels, zip fasteners etc.


Carge , 6edium units e$isting in the distt. are manufacturing the wide range of sophisticated products and also e$porting their products. 6ain items of e$ports from C,6 sector in the distt. are auto parts, bulbs , tubes, finished leather , footwear, handtools, glass sheets, frozen fruits, allopathic medicines, rubber belts, readymade garments sport shoes, furnishing fabrics and gudgeon pins etc. "ice is the single item contributing %<@, %1@ and %> percent share in the total e$port from small scale sector during last three years. Table show that there is a increasing trend of e$port items other than rice in the distt. Feing located on the gateway of international mar#et i.e. +ational capital elhi distt. !onepat has abundant scope for e$porting units:e$porting items.


In the preceding articles we have studied all #inds of resources available in the istt alongwith geographical bac#ground and topography. Tremendous progress made by large9scale industries and also tiny , ancillary industries in the istt. after the liberalization have been seen. In the chapter e$isting industrial scenario a general view of growth of industries including !I 5 units after 1<<1 has been highlighted. istt. is coming up very fast on industrial map of &aryana. 5ne additional benefit of the istt is adEoined boundaries with +ational Gapital elhi, the gateway of world mar#et and +ational &ighway +o. 1 cover the ma$imum parts of the distt which in turn offer abundant industrial opportunities in the area in view of the fast changing industrial scenario and globalisation of the mar#et. The process of industrialisation in the istt has been confined to certain specified areas. D suitable strategy of balanced industrialisation of this distt would therefore consists of identification of industrial potentialities e$isting in the istt as interface plays a catalytic role in creating strong lin#ages among the sectors which would provide income generating activities in the whole istt. It has certain advantages in comparison to other districts of the !tate, which would pave the way of speedy and balanced industrialisation in the area. In view of this, an attempt has been made to analyze the resource endowment for industrial e$ploitation and to identify the items having rich potential ANA*"SIS O, THE IND-STRIA* POTENTIA*ITIES IN THE DISTT7


Resour4e=A2ro based Industries:

)romotion of value added agro based industries has gained the considerable importance in recent years and its is the thrust area in the new industrial policy of the !tate. 6ina crops of the istt are wheat, paddy, sugar cane, vegetables and flowers. 6ushroom has also caught the interest of the farmers which is widely grown in the distt based on these resources industries li#e straw board, ba#ery , biscuits, rice fla#es, dehydrated vegetables, floriculture, potato chips, noodles, cattle , poultry feed can easily be set up in the distt.


Resour4e=A2ro based Industries:
The production of agriculture products, li#e wheat, rice, vegetables, mushrooms, flowers, sugarcane etc. was in sufficient Auantity in the istt. istt. is #nown as the mushroom bowl not only in the country but also in Dsia. In view of this following small scale units can be considered having potential in the istt. Cannin2 of !us3rooms: (pto 31.12.2>>> there were 3;> units engaged in producing the mushrooms. Gultivation of mushrooms has caught the interest of farmers and getting momentum. Dverage estimated production of mushroom was more than 18>> ton per annum. In view of the production of mushrooms in the area units in the line of mushroom canning can be considered having potential in the distt. "aw material reAuired for manufacturing the product is easily available in the istt. ?stimated investment in the proEect is about "s. 2; la#hs or depend on the capacity of the proEect. Cattle feed=Poultry ,eed: In view of the huge livestoc# population and milch animals and growing demand of the product not only in the area but also in the adEoining parts, still there e$ist scope and few units in the line can easily be set up. )roposed investment of the proEect in the small scale sector is "s.1; lac with a capacity of 2; Auintals per day. Dpart from the above, other resource:agro9based industries can be considered having potential in the istt. are listed here as under. iii4 Ghilly sauce and powder iv4 Tomato sauce v4 Gold storage vi4 +oodles vii4 "ice Ila#es viii4 Fread , Fiscuits i$4 !traw Foard $4 &and made )aper $i4 )otato Ghips $ii4 3rinding and pac#ing of spices. $iii4 ?gg powder $iv4 +am#een FhuEia $v4 !eed )rocessing $vi4 !traw berry $vii4 3aur9gum powder 1ROAD PROD-CT 0ISE C*ASSI,ICATION O, SSI HA#IN+ SCOPE IN SONEPAT DISTRICT