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Mission Organisations
(Source: www.oscar.org.uk/mission_organisations)
Links to Christian organisations with a UK base or representation and who are involved in cross-cultural mission work
A A Rocha UK: www.arocha.org.uk Abaana: www.abaana.org Acre Gospel Mission: www.acregospelmission.co.uk Act4Africa: www.act4africa.org.uk Action International Ministries UK: www.actionintl.org Action Overseas: www.actionoverseas.org Adopt-A-Child: www.adopt-a-child.com Advantage Africa: www.advantageafrica.org Africa Inland Mission International: www.aimint.org/eu/ African Enterprise: www.aeinternational.org African Pastors Fellowship: www.africanpastors.org African Revival Ministries: www.arm-senegal.org Agape UK Ministries: www.agape.org.uk AIDS Care Education & Training: www.acet- international.org Albanian Aid: www.albania.cymru247.net Albanian Evangelical Mission: www.aemission.org All India Mission: www.allindiamission.com All Nations Resources: www.gonations.org Ambassadors for all Nations: www.ambassadorsforallnations.org Ambassadors for Christ International: www.afciworld.org Ambassadors in Sport: www.aisint.org Amen: www.a-m-e-n.org Amigos International: www.amigosonline.org.uk Applied Biblical Christianity: www.aboutabc.org Arab World Ministries UK: www.awm.org AsiaLink: www.asialink.org.uk Asian Outreach UK: www.asianoutreach.org Assemblies of God World Ministries: www.aog.org.uk Assumption Lay Volunteer Programme: www.alvp.org.uk Asterias: www.asterias.org B Baptist Missions: www.ibaptistmissions.org Barnabas: www.barnabas.nu Barnabas Fund: www.barnabasfund.org Barnabas Ministries Africa: www.newlifehometrust.org.uk BeaconLight Trust: www.beaconlight.co.uk Belgian Evangelical Mission: www.b-e-m.org Bethany Children's Trust: www.bethanychildrenstrust.org.uk Bethlehem Bible College: www.bethlehembiblecollege.edu Bible Centred Ministries: www.bcm.org.uk Bible Land Mission: www.biblelandmission.org Bible Mission International: www.seeduk.com Bible Society: www.biblesociety.org.uk BibleLands: www.biblelands.org.uk Blythswood Care: www.blythswood.org.uk BMS World Mission: www.bmsworldmission.org Bolivia Sumumpaya Community Centre: www.integral-church-in-cochabamba.com Brass Tacks: www.brass-tacks.org.uk Breadline: www.breadlinemoldova.org Bridge-builders: www.bridge-builders.net Business Men's Fellowship: www.businessmen.org.uk C Camara: www.camara.ie Cambodia Action: www.cambodiaaction.org Cambodian Communities out of Crisis: www.cambcomm.org.uk Care and Relief for the Young: www.cry.org.uk Careforce: www.careforce.co.uk Carey Outreach Ministries: www.careyoutreach.org Central African Missions: www.camafrica.org Central Eastern European Ministries: www.ceem.co.uk Child Evangelism Fellowship: www.cefbritain.org Child Link International: www.child-link.org ChildAid: www.childaidrr.org.uk Children in Distress: www.childrenindistress.orgChile for Christ: www.chileforchrist.org Chinese Church Support Ministries: www.amccsm.org Chinese Overseas Christian Mission: www.cocm.org.uk Chosen People Ministries UK: www.chosenpeople.com Christ for all Nations: uk.cfan.org Christian Aid: www.christianaid.org.uk Christian Aid to Romania and Elsewhere: www.care-online.org.uk Christian and Missionary Alliance: www.cmalliance.org.uk Christian Associates UK: www.christianassociates.org.uk Christian Blind Mission: www.cbmuk.org.uk Christian Engineers in Development: www.ced.org.uk Christian Friends of Israel: www.cfi.org.uk Christian Hope International: www.christianhope.org.uk Christian International Peace Service: www.chipspeace.org Christian Outreach Relief & Development: www.cord.org.uk Christian Partners in Africa: www.cpafrica.org.uk Christian Solidarity Worldwide: www.csw.org.uk Christian Vision: www.christianvision.com Christian Witness to Israel: www.cwi.org.uk Christians In Action: www.christiansinaction.org Christians in Sport: www.christiansinsport.org.uk Church Army: www.churcharmy.org.uk Church Mission Society: www.cms-uk.org Church Mission Society Ireland: www.ireland.anglican.org Church of Scotland: www.churchofscotland.org.uk Church's Ministry Among Jewish People: www.cmj.org.uk CityGate: www.citygate.org CLC International: www.clc.org.uk Cleaford Christian Trust: www.cleafordchristiantrust.org.uk Columbans: www.columbans.co.uk Comfort Rwanda: www.comfortrwanda.org.uk Community Partners Association: www.copa.org.uk Compass Braille: www.compassbraille.org Compassion UK: www.compassionuk.org Congregational Federation: www.congregational.org.uk Covenant Players: www.covenantplayers.org Crosslinks: www.crosslinks.org Cure International: www.cureinternational.org D Dan Chesney Ministries: danchesneyministries.org Dignity: www.dignityonline.org.uk DNA: www.dna-uk.org Dovetales International Trust: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~dovetale DPM-UK Short Term Mission: www.dpmuk.org E Eastern European Outreach: www.eeouk.org Echoes of Service: www.echoes.org.uk Educacion Plus: www.edplusint.org Elam Ministries: www.elam.com Elim International Missions: www.elimmissions.co.uk Emmanuel International UK: www.eiuk.org.uk EMMS International: www.emms.org Empart International: www.empart.org EngageHIV Foundation: www.engagehiv.org Engineering Ministries International UK: emiuk.org European Christian Mission: www.ecmbritain.org European Missionary Fellowship: www.emf-welwyn.org Eurovangelism: www.eurovangelism.org.uk Eurovision Mission to Europe: www.propheticvision.org.uk Evangelical Action (Brazil): www.eabrazil.com F Feba Radio: www.feba.org.uk

Information provided by OSCAR www.oscar.org.uk the UK Information Service for World Mission OSCAR 2011 Registered Charity No. 1093265

Feed The Minds: www.feedtheminds.org Finnish Lutheran Mission: www.sekl.fi Fisherman's Rest: www.fishermansrest.net Five Talents: www.fivetalents.org.uk Flame International: www.flameinternational.org Flying Mission: www.flyingmission.org FMDM International: www.fmdminternational.co.uk Food for the Hungry UK: www.uk.fhi.net Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East: www.frrme.org France Mission: www.france-mission.org Free Church of Scotland International Missions Board: www.freechurch.org Free Methodist Church: www.freemethodist.org.uk Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland: www.fpchurch.org.uk Free Presbyterian Mission Board: www.fpcmission.org Friends International: www.friendsinternational.org.uk Friends of Ludhiana: www.friendsofludhiana.org.uk Friends of Mandritsara Trust: www.mandritsara.org.uk Friends of TREAD: www.friendsoftread.org Frishta Childrens Village: www.frishta.org.uk Frontiers: www.frontiers.org.uk Fulani Ministries: www.fulaniministries.org G GBA Ships: www.gbaships.org Global Action UK: www.global-act.org Global Care: www.globalcare.org.uk Global Outreach Mission UK: www.missiongo.org Go To The Nations: www.gonations.org Good News Broadcasting: www.gnba.net Gospel For Asia: www.gfauk.org Gospel Literature Outreach: www.glo-europe.org Gospel Mission of South America UK: www.gmsa.org Gospel Printing Mission: www.gpmgb.org.uk Grace & Light International: www.graceandlight.org Grace Baptist Mission: www.gbm.org.uk Grace to You: www.gty.org.uk Great Lakes Outreach: www.greatlakesoutreach.org H Habitat for Humanity: www.habitatforhumanity.org.uk Haggai Institute UK: www.haggai-institute.com Haiti Hospital Appeal: www.haitihospitalappeal.org Hand in Hand: www.hihand.org Hands of Love: www.handsoflove.org.uk Happy Child International: www.happychild.org HCJB Global: www.hcjb.org.uk Heartlink: www.heart-link.org.uk Help International: www.helpinternational.org.uk HFC International: www.hfcinternational.org Highway Projects: www.highway-projects.org Hope Now: www.hopenow.org.uk House of Hope: www.houseofhopemd.org Hoveraid: www.hoveraid.co.uk I Ichthus Christian Fellowship: www.ichthus.org.uk India Village Care Ministries: www.indiavillagecare.com INet: www.inet-trust.org Interchristian Fellowships Evangelical Mission: www.gap-volunteers.icfem-mission.org Intercontinental Church Society: www.ics-uk.org International China Concern: www.chinaconcern.org International Fellowship of Evangelical Students: www.ifesworld.org International Justice Mission: www.ijmuk.org International Miners Mission: www.minersmission.com International Mission Project: www.impcharity.org.uk International Needs UK: www.ineeds.org.uk International Nepal Fellowship: www.inf.org International Teams: www.iteams.org.uk Interserve England and Wales: www.interserve.org.uk Interserve Ireland: www.isire.org Interserve Scotland: www.interservescotland.org.uk Iris Ministries: www.irisministries.co.uk Italian Ministries: www.italianministries.org J Japan Christian Link: www.jclglobal.org Japan Mission: www.japanmission.org Jews for Jesus: www.jewsforjesus.org.uk Jian Hua Foundation: www.jhf-china.org Joy Hospice Mbale: www.mbalehospice.org.uk Jubilee International World Outreach: www.christiancollege.org.uk K Kingscare: www.kingscare.org L LArche Communities: www.larche.org.uk Labour In Faith and Trust: www.liftni.org Lama Ministries: www.lamaministries.org Latin Link: www.latinlink.org Latin Partners: www.latinpartners.org Life to Romania: www.life2romania.org Lifeline Evangelical Ministries: www.lifelineministries.co.uk Lifeline Network International: www.lifelinenetwork.org Lifespring Foundation Africa: www.thelifespringfoundation.org LightForce International: www.lightforce.org.uk Links International: www.linksinternational.org.uk Living Hope Ministries: www.living-hope.org.uk M Malawi Association for Christian Support: www.malawimacs.org Mechanics for Africa: www.mfazambia.com MECO UK and Ireland: www.aboutmeco.org Medair: www.medair.org Melanesian Mission: melanesia.anglican.org Men for Missions International: www.mfmi.org Mercy Ships UK: www.mercyships.org.uk Methodist Church World Church Office: www.methodist.org.uk Middle East Media: www.mem.org Mill Hill Missionaries: www.millhillmissionaries.com Ministries Without Borders: www.ministrieswithoutborders.com Mission 193: www.godopensdoors.net/mission193 Mission Africa: www.missionafrica.org.uk Mission Aviation Fellowship: www.maf-uk.org Mission Care: www.missioncare.org.uk Mission Direct: www.missiondirect.org Mission in Action: www.missioninaction.org.uk: Mission India: www.missionindia.org.uk Mission to Military Garrisons: www.mmg-online.co.uk Mission to Seafarers: www.missiontoseafarers.org Mission Without Borders UK: www.mwbuk.org Missionaries of Africa: www.thewhitefathers.org.uk Missionary Ventures: www.mvgb.org.uk Mothers Union: www.themothersunion.org Mukti Mission: www.mukti-mission.org N Navigators UK: www.navigators.co.uk Nazareth Trust: www.emms-nazareth.org Nepal Leprosy Trust: www.nlt.org.uk NetWorks: www.networks.org.ro New Family for Development: www.newfamilyfordevelopment.org New Foundations Medical Charity: www.newfoundationsuk.com New Frontiers International: www.newfrontierstogether.org New Life Home Trust: www.newlifehometrust.org New Testament Missionary Union: www.ntmu.net New Tribes Mission: www.ntm.org.uk Next Level International: www.nlieurope.com NKandBeyond: ww.nkandbeyond.com Novi Most International: www.novimost.org O Oasis Trust: www.oasisuk.org Oaza: www.oaza.com OC International UK: www.ocieurope.org OM Lifehope: www.lifehope.om.org OMF International UK: www.omf.org.uk OMS International: www.omsinternational.co.uk On Eagle's Wings: www.oewcompassion.com On The Box Mission: www.ontheboxmission.com Open Air Campaigners International: www.oacgb.org.uk Open Arms International: www.openarms.org.uk Open Bible Trust: www.obt.org.uk Open Doors UK: www.opendoorsuk.org Operation Agri: www.operationagri.org Operation Impact: www.operationimpact.net

Information provided by OSCAR www.oscar.org.uk the UK Information Service for World Mission OSCAR 2011 Registered Charity No. 1093265

Operation Mobilisation: www.om.org Operation Timothy: www.operationtimothy.net Operation WellFound: www.operationwellfound.org Opportunity International: www.opportunity.org.uk Orphaids UK: www.orphaids.org P Pais Project: www.paisproject.com Papua New Guinea Church Partnership: Email: louiseewington@pngcp.com People International: www.peopleintl.org Philippine Community Fund: www.p-c-f.org Pioneers: www.pioneers-uk.org Presbyterian Church in Ireland - Mission Overseas: www.pcimissionoverseas.org Presbyterian Church of Wales Mission Board: www.ebcpcw.org.uk Prospects: www.prospects.org.uk Q Quicken Trust: www.quickentrust.com R Radio Worldwide: www.radioworldwide.org Radstock Ministries: www.radstock.org Ray of Hope: www.rayofhopeamazon.com ReachAcross: www.reachacross.net Real Africa Adventures: www.real-africa.co.uk Release International: www.releaseinternational.org Relief for Oppressed People Everywhere: www.rope.org.uk Remar International: www.remar.org Retrak: www.retrak.org Rewired: www.re-wired.org Robin Hood Ministries: www.robinhoodministries.org Romania Care: www.romaniacare.com Romanian Aid Fund: www.romaf.org Romanian Missionary Society: www.rmsonline.org S Salt & Light Ministries: www.saltlight.org/europe Saltmine Trust: www.saltmine.org.uk Salvation Army International: www.salvationarmy.org Samaritan's Purse International: www.samaritanspurse.org SAT-7: www.sat7.org Savannah Education Trust: www.savannaheducationtrust.org Scripture Union: www.scriptureunion.org.uk Seamen's Christian Friend Society: www.scfs.org Sedgley International Christian Ministries: www.sicm.org Send a Cow: www.sendacow.org.uk Senior Volunteer Network: www.svnet.org Servants to Asia's Urban Poor: www.servantsasia.org Serving Africa Mission: www.serving-africa.org Serving in Mission International: www.sim.co.uk Seventh-day Adventist Church: www.adventist.org.uk Sharing Christ Internationally: www.scionline.org.uk Sharing of Ministries Abroad: www.somauk.org Shepherd Fold Ministry: netministries.org/see/churches/ch34239 Sierra Leone Mission: sierraleonemission.org.uk Siloam Christian Ministries: www.siloam.org.uk Slavic Gospel Association: www.sga.org.uk Smile International: www.smileinternational.org Soapbox: www.soapboxtrust.com South American Mission Society Ireland: www.samsireland.com South Asian Concern: www.southasianconcern.org Spanish Gospel Mission: www.spanish-gospel-mission.org.uk Street Children of Peru: tinyurl.com/3yt59n9 T TeachBeyond: www.teachbeyond.org Tearfund: www.tearfund.org Temwa: www.temwa.org TESO Development Trust: www.teso.org.uk The Bless Network: blessnet.eu The Dohnavur Fellowship Corporation: www.dohnavurfellowship.org The King's Foundation: www.kingsfoundation.org The King's Village: www.kingsvillage.org The Leprosy Mission: www.leprosymission.org TheLighthouseGroup: www.tlg.org.uk The Owl and the Pussycat: www.owlandpussycat.org The Word for the World: www.thewordfortheworld.org Time For God: www.timeforgod.org Torch Trust for the Blind: www.torchtrust.org Touch the World UK: www.touchtheworlduk.org Toybox Charity: www.toybox.org Trailblazers: www.trailblazers.org.uk Trans World Radio: www.twr.org Trussell Trust: www.trusselltrust.org U UFM Worldwide: www.ufm.org.uk United Beach Missions: www.ubm.org.uk United Mission to Nepal: www.umn.org.np United Reformed Church International Relations: www.urc.org.uk Urban Saints: www.urbansaints.org USPG: www.uspg.org.uk V Vila Maninga: www.vila-maninga.org Vision for China: www.visionforchina.com Viva Network: www.viva.org Volunteer Missionary Movement: www.vmm.org.uk W Watchmen International: www.watchmeninternational.com WEC International: www.wec-int.org.uk What4: www.what4.org.uk Wood World Missions: www.woodworldmissions.org Word and Spirit International Ministries: www.wordandspirit-jubilee.co.uk World Action Ministries: www.worldactionministies.org.uk World Emergency Relief: www.wer-uk.org World Gospel Mission: www.wgm.org World Horizons: www.worldhorizons.co.uk World In Need: www.worldinneed.co.uk World Outreach UK: www.wouk.org World Team UK: www.worldteam.org World Vision: www.worldvision.org.uk WorldShare: www.worldshare.org.uk Wycliffe Bible Translators: www.wycliffe.org.uk Y Youth for Christ Europe, Middle-East & North Africa Area: www.yfceurope.org Youth For Christ UK: www.yfc.co.uk Youth With A Mission - Ireland: www.ywamireland.org Youth With A Mission - Scotland: ywamscotland.org Youth With A Mission - UK: www.ywam.uk.com YouthCompass Europe: www.youthcompass.org Z Zambesi Mission: www.zambesimission.org 0-9 3P Ministries: www.3pministries.org 58i: www.58i.org

More at www.oscar.org.uk/mission_organisations

Information provided by OSCAR www.oscar.org.uk the UK Information Service for World Mission OSCAR 2011 Registered Charity No. 1093265

Other UK mission networks & organisation links
The most comprehensive list of UK mission organisations on the Web. Website: www.oscar.org.uk Email: info@oscar.org.uk Tel: 0845 519 7732

Micah Network
Established in late 1999 the Micah Network has grown into a world-wide group of more than 200 evangelical Christian relief, development and justice agencies. Website: www.micahnetwork.org Email: sec@micahnetwork.org

Missions Agencies Partnership (MAP)

Mission Agencies Partnership (MAP) is a group of 25, or so, Irish Mission agencies who work together to promote the challenge of world mission and the opportunities for people to become involved in the mission mandate to the church. Website: www.mapmission.org Email: info@mapmission.org.uk Tel: 028 9029 2266

Catholic Missionary Union (CMU)

The Catholic Missionary Union of England and Wales is the forum where all Catholic missionary activity and interests come together. Website: www.cmu.org.uk Email: seamuspcrowe@yahoo.com Tel: 02476 317296

Churches Network for Mission

The Global Mission Network is the official meeting point for the departments and agencies of the British and Irish churches concerned with world mission and evangelisation. Its main function is coordination rather than programmatic work. Website: www.ctbi.org.uk/CA/13 Email: info@ctbi.org.uk Tel: 020 7901 4890

Mission Representatives Fellowship Scotland

MRF Scotland is a fellowship of evangelical mission agency representatives who are active in the Scottish scene. Website: www.mrf.org.uk Email: info@mrf.org.uk

Partnership for World Mission

PWM brings together those in the Church of England involved in world mission - the Mission Agencies, Diocesan Companion Links and parts of the National Church Institutions. Website: www.pwm-web.org.uk Email: pwm@c-of-e.org.uk Tel: 020 7898 1328

Council for World Mission

CWM is a community of 32 mainline Protestant churches worldwide committed to sharing their resources of people, skills and insights to further God's mission locally and globally. Website: www.cwmission.org.uk Email: council@cwmission.org.uk Tel: 020 7222 4214

The UK Christian Handbook Online

This site has a section on Overseas which includes Mission Agencies and Mission Sending Churches with contact details. Subscription needed to access all information. Website: www.eden.co.uk/directory

EQUIP is an umbrella organisation aiming to equip, network and improve coordination between churches, Christian organisations and individuals working with refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. Website: www.equipnetwork.org.uk

Christian Therapists Network

The Christian Therapists Network aims to provide a place where there are resources to aid Christians who work in an Allied Health Profession. Their mission section includes agencies. Website: www.ctn.org.uk Email: email@ctn.org.uk Tel: 07986 433493

Faith2Share (F2S)
Faith2Share is an international network of Christian mission movements. It exists to strengthen indigenous movements for the mission of God. Website: www.faith2share.net Tel: 01865 787400

Global Connections
This UK evangelical network for world mission is made up of mission agencies, colleges, development organisations, churches and others, all committed to world mission. Website: www.globalconnections.co.uk Email: info@globalconnections.co.uk Tel: 01926 487755

More at www.oscar.org.uk/opportunity

Information provided by OSCAR www.oscar.org.uk the UK Information Service for World Mission OSCAR 2011 Registered Charity No. 1093265