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Katalin Ladik in the World

Her many-sided oeuvre has been presented in two major retrospective exhibitions in the past two years: The Power of a Woman - Katalin Ladik Retrospective 1962-2010, MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia (November 2010); 2010: The Power of a Woman Katalin Ladik Retrospective: 1962 2010

Interpretive Narratives about Subject, Woman and Art between Cold War and Transition in Central Europe Roots and Wings - Katalin Ladik Retrospective 1962-2010, Szkesfehrvr, Hungary (May 2011) 2011: Roots and Wings Katalin Ladik a Retrospective 1962-2010

If you wouldnt grow wings, you wouldnt be able to grow roots. Roots and wings. Both are very important to me. You cant constantly soar, because then you wouldnt be able to relate to and to value the soaring moments. Most representative links: http://www.katalinladikretrospective.net/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katalin_Ladik http://mek.oszk.hu/01300/01329/mp3/index.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VcmMAFTQEI4

http://poetrydepot.wordpress.com/2010/12/06/katalin-ladik/ http://straight.com/article-396812/vancouver/kontakt-examines-conceptual-works-former-yugoslavia http://www.kontakt-collection.net/artists/Ladik+Katalin/ http://www.macba.cat/controller.php?p_action=show_page&pagina_id=29&inst_id=26857 (from the MACBA collection) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xmlzr0_katalin-ladik-le-grand-menage_creation http://www.mediawavearchivum.hu/index.php?nyelv=eng&modul=filmek&kod=3949&nf=1 (Cleaning-Up documentary of the performance)

Katalin Ladik Magical Voice, Sound Poetry and Metamorphosis

Henri Chopin wrote about her sound art: Elle possde vocalement tout un orchestre "verbophonique", avec sa seul voix qui peut tre aigu, grave, module, aux variations inattendues, abruptes, faisant jaillir de la bouche et de la gorge des phonations trs rares. Un tel mcanisme vocal, qui parat spontan, naturel, mai qui, en fait, est trs contrl, ne puvait qu tre amplifi par le relais des microphone. Cette amplification donne une telle prsence sonore que nous sommes surprise qu'un rsultat semblable puisse venir d'un corps

fragile, gracile, et qui ne cherche pas sduire le public, ce qu'elle pourrait faire par sa beaut. Ce n est pas la sduction qu'elle recherche, mais la son vocal pur. Le seul disque que nous ayons d'elle (Phonopoetica, Disque 17 cm, 1976, Edition Dunja Blazevic, Belgrade) nous donne une faible ide de ce que nous recevrons quand elle parat sur scne. Une grande magie vocale s'entend dans l'espace, couvre le lieu du thtre du concert.( Henri Chopin: Poesie Sonore Internationale, Jean-Michel Place diteur, Paris, 1979. 44, 254.)

Henri Chopin: Sound Magic in Space Katalin Ladik conducts a verbophonic orchestra with her voice: it is sometimes shrill, sometimes deep; it is characterized by sudden variations, voice shifts, rare modulations. This vocal activity that appears spontaneous and natural, is, in fact, very much controlled. The microphone emphasizes and amplifies its colours. The amplification produces such an intense vocal presence, that we are positively surprised by how this slender, fragile body can produce these results. A body that, though she could, doesnt try to entice the public with her beauty. It is not seduction she seeks, but pure vocal sound. The single record we have (Phonopoetica, 7 LP, 1976, published by Dunja Blaevid, Belgrade) gives us only a faint idea of what we get when she appears on stage. A great, magical voice can be heard in space, covering the concert theater. (Henri Chopin: Posie Sonore International, Editions Jean-Michel Place,1979.) Endre Szkrosi: Words embodied Poets shape words and shape the language with their presence, their voices, or with their imagination encoded in writing. People shape language even in everyday interactions with their voices the realization of linguistic expression mostly without being conscious of what they do. An artist, on the other hand, who uses language consciously, keeps this in mind. This is especially true for poets like Katalin Ladik, who uses all dimensions of language in her poetry. Her written poetry already gets treated properly, now and then, by Hungarian criticism. Her phonic or sound poetry, either based on her written poetry or independent of it, is considered only by the international art community to be among its best. (Szkrosi Endre: A sz teste, http://www.c3.hu/othercontent/kritika/1ford/szkarosi3.html)

Katalin Ladiks Sound Poetry (vinyls, gramphone records, audio CDs ) 1969 Ballada az ezstbiciklirl (Ballad of Silver Bike) vinyl, Forum, Novi Sad; 1976 Phonopoetica, vinyl, phonetic interpretation of visual poetry, Galerija Studentskog Kulturnog Centra, Beograd; 1978 Ern Kirly, LP album, Udruenje Kompozitora Vojvodine, Novi Sad; 1979 Poesie Sonore Internationale, audiocasette, Paris;

1980 La Nouvelle Revue dArt Moderne (special 2.) Rencontres Internationales de Posie Sonore, audiocasette, Le Havre, Rennes, Paris; 1982 Baobab Femme, BAOBAB 11. (La fable; Avec sa voix ciseaux; Chanson populaire hongroise; La septime aspiration), audiocasette, Ed. Adriano Spatola, Pubbliart Bazar, Reggio, Emilia; 1987 Yugoslavian Sound Poetry audiocasette, Anthology of Sound Poetry, Yugoslavia; 1987 Hangr/Hangar audiokasette, Anthology of Sound Poetry, Amsterdam-Budapest; 1988 Aki darazsakrl lmodik (Who is Dreamning About Wasps), radio play, LP album, Radio Novi Sad; 1996 Spiritus Noister Nemzeti zajzrvnyok (National Noise-Inclusions), audiocasette, Bahia Music, Budapest; 1998 Vajdasgi Magyar Zenei Estk ( Vojvodina Hungarian Music Evenings 1988), CD, JMMT, Novi Sad ; 1999 Vzismn / Water Shaman, audio CD, Sound Poetry, Budapest; 1999 Ern Kirly Spectrum, audio CD (Autobus), Paris; 2003 Spiritus Noister Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate, audio CD, Hungaroton, Budapest 2011 Vodeni aneo / Water Angel, audio CD, Nova Misao, Novi Sad Her latest performances: Le grand menage(Spring Cleaning) at Muse d'Art Contemporain de Marseille during the 8th Festival of Poetry and Performances in Marseille, France (5 November 2011), Nagytakarts (Spring Cleaning) at Film Museum in Fort Monostor, Mediawave 2012 Festival, Komrom, Hungary, Alicja w krainie kodw (Alice in Codeland) as the closing performance of the exhibition Sounding the Body Electric at Muzeum Sztuky (MS2), Lodz, Poland (26 May 2012). Alice Kdorszgban (Alice in Codeland), performance at budai Trsaskr, Budapest, Hungary (6 February 2013)

Katalin Ladik: Metamorphosis in my Bestiary

The poems I selected here are new "animal poems", and, I would say, as such they are almost 'human " if this attribute would not be too depressing. Still, I am sometimes trying to show the possibility of a brighter "human" life in these verses. How do these creatures called "animals" feel the "human" in themselves, and how do we live out in ourselves the "animal", when they dwell in our bodies? Will be given us the opportunity once again to exist in harmony with that being who in the animal does endure us? Consolation: the order and justice in the nature, and the evanescence. The grass cage: self-inhalation in the mirror of impermanence. (Katalin Ladik on the manuscript of the Grass Cage Bestiary)

An example of morphing poetry from my Fketrec (Grass Cage) volume:

Katalin Ladik: ONE This cracked wall is pregnant with sleeping sickness. Who is this wasp above me? Who is this woman whitewashing in me? If all that surrounds me are walls, if I am a wasp, and this insect inside me a human, then where do I end, and where does the human begin?

Katalin Ladik_Presence in Poland (1976-2012)

Polish exhibitions and performances 1976: Warsaw (Poland), Contemporary Gallery / Galeria Wspczesna: "Nowoczesna Sztuka Jugoslawii" (Modern Yugoslavian Art) /exhibition/ 1977: Krakw (Poland): "Phonopoetica" /performance/

2010: Warsaw (Poland), Zachta National Gallery of Art / Zachta Narodowa Galeria Sztuki: "Ped? Sprawdzam! Kobiecod i mskod w sztuce Europy Wschodniej (Gender Check Femininity and Masculinity in the Art of Eastern Europe)" (photo: "The Screaming Hole", 1979) (Curated by: Bojana Pejid) /exhibition/

2012: Gdansk (Poland), Wyspa Institute of Art / Instytut Sztuki Wyspa: Re.Act.Feminism - A Performing Archive (Curated by: Bettina Knaup and Beatrice Ellen Stammer) /exhibition/

2012: d (Poland), MS2 - Lodz Museum of Art / MS2 - Muzeum Sztuki w odzi: "Alicja w krainie kodw" (Alice in Codeland) /performance/

2012: d (Poland), MS2 - Lodz Museum of Art / MS2 - Muzeum Sztuki w odzi: Sounding the Body Electric. Experiments in Art and Music in Eastern Europe 1957-1984 (visual and sound poetry) (Curated by: David Crowley, Daniel Muzyczuk)

Katalin Ladik Wybrane wiersze ludowe

Kontakt Collection The Art Collection of Erste Group / Kontakt Die Kunstsammlung der Erste Group (5 items of the Ausgewhlte Volkslieder(Selected Folk Songs) series (1973 -1975);


Czy mog y na twojej twarzy?

lhetek az arcodon? (Can I Live on Your Face?) (prose) Nyitott Knyvmhely, Budapest, 2007


Przyznam si, e do tej pory literatury Wgrw serbskich nie znaem za bardzo. Nawet nie wiem, czy pisz poprawnie. Bo moliwe, i winienem pisad: Serbw wgierskich. Rzecz jednak nie w nomenklaturze, ona jest wtrna do literatury jako takiej. W kadym razie chodzi o literatur, ktra powstaje lub powstawaa w Wojwodinie. Niedawno przekonaem si, jak bogata to jest literatura. Do tej pory znaem tylko Otto Tolnai'a. Bardzo dobrze znam literatur Sowian bakaoskich, jest wyjtkowo bogata i zawsze byem zdziwiony, e tak mao otrzymaa nagrd Nobla. Chyba tylko dwa razy j w ten sposb honorowano. Ludnod wgierska z serbskiej Wojwodiny, jak kada mniejszod, przesza w historii gehenn swojej nacji. Moe do tego tematu jeszcze wrc. Warto. Mniejsza z tym. W tym wpisie chciabym skupid si na jednej postaci i zacytowad z niej dwa niewielkie wiersze. Tytu wpisu jest z autorki z Wojwodiny:Katalin Ladik. To tytu jej powieci debiutanckiej. Tytu zachwycajcy. "Czy mog yd na twojej twarzy?" - prosz go posmakowad. To w nim jest wszystko. Egzystencja, wspaniaa estetyka i erotyzm. Katalin Ladik jest poetk, pisark. Jakby jej byo mao, to take aktorka teatralna i filmowa. Nie widziaem jej w adnym filmie. Przygldaem si twarzy Katalin na fotografii. Bardzo szlachetna i do tego pikna.

Moliwe, i wrc do analizy jej twrczoci, na razie chciaem zacytowad dwa niewielkie wiersze. Jake pene w wymiarze lirycznym. Katalin Ladik: N jeli przekroimy gruszk rudowosa dziewczynka przestanie paka jeli przekroimy dziewczynk rudowosa gruszka przestanie paka Wiersz wydaje si okrutny. Tak jednak nie jest, gdy uwzgldni si, i zawarte jest w nim dowiadczenie Wgrw w Wojwodinie. Poza tym literatura jest uniwersalna i jej nonik sowo. To Dostojewski orzek: "Talent jest okrutny". Jeszcze krtszy tekst liryczny Katalin Ladik. Dzisiaj bardzo aktualny. Katalin Ladik: Wiosna Wodo. Nie rb tego. Fruo. Literatura przekracza granice. W przeciwieostwie do polityki, ktra zwa samych jej twrcw - politykw, a odbiorcw czyni klientami politykw. Sowo podaje rk czytelnikowi i pomaga zrozumied: dlaczego.

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