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2013–Now Master of Science Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne Majoring in Applied Mathematics Specialization in Statistics and Numerical Analysis Relevant courses : Risk, rare and extreme events modeling, Statistical Theory, Robust and Nonparametric Statistics, Isogeometric Analysis, Digital Humanities. Bachelor of Science Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne Majoring in Mathematics Bachelor completed in two years instead of the standard three, with an average grade of 5.2/6. Relevant courses : Algorithms, Time-Series, Linear Models, Finite Elements Method, Stochastic Processes, Mathematical Modeling of Behavior, Discrete Optimization, Discrete Mathematics. Classes Préparatoires aux Grandes Écoles CIV, Sophia Antipolis Preparation for national competitive entrance exams to leading French “grandes écoles”, specializing in mathematics and physics.

¥ (0041) 78 742 68 25 @ matthieu.simeoni@gmail.com
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french english italian

. . . 2009–2011

average good skilled

Matlab Maple R PHP HTML5 C++ A L TEX

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technical experience
Fall 2013 HYDROcontest Scientific staff in the EPFL team
EPFL, Lausanne Supervisors : Pr. Luca Dede’, CMCS, EPFL; Pr. Alfio Quarteroni, CMCS, EPFL.

strong experimental design and analysis skills,  strong practical experience in quantitative analysis,  experience with large data sets using statistical software,  experience in Time-Series modeling,  experience in human behavior modeling,  experience in extremes and rare events modeling, demonstrated leadership and self-direction,  excellent written and presentation skills.

International scientific contest launched by the company HYDROS, aiming to build the fastest, most energy-efficient boat. I was part of the EPFL team composed of 9 laboratories, responsible of the numerical study and optimization of the hydrofoils, by means of NURBS and Isogeometric Analysis. Spring 2013 Statistics on Manifolds applied to Shape Theory Bachelor Thesis
Supervisor : Pr. Victor Panaretos, SMAT, EPFL. EPFL, Lausanne

I proposed a new nonlinear extension of the principal components analysis (PCA) into manifolds setting, to efficiently analyze the variability of a sample of shapes. My supervisor Pr. Victor Panaretos sent my work to W. Kendall, one of the father of Shape Theory. Spring 2012 Orbit design for the CHEOPS mission Research assistant
Supervisor : Dr. Anton Ivanov, Swiss Space Center, EPFL. Swiss Space Center, Lausanne


I designed a 4 years long energy-efficient Lyapunov orbit around L2 for the satellite CHEOPS. This experimental orbit only required a few trajectories correction and allowed perfect observation conditions. The project has now been selected by ESA as the first S-class mission. Insects and Biological control INRA, Sophia Antipolis Research Internship
Supervisor : Dr. Eric Wajnberg, INRA, Sophia Antipolis.

I developed a model to reproduce the locomotory mechanisms of insect parasitoids used in biological control programs. I then implemented on Maple a genetic algorithm aiming to exhibit the theoretically perfect agent, which helped in selecting better agents among the available species of insects.

freelance projects
On the behavior of the Libor during the past Financial crisis Discussion (in french) and time series based analysis of the Libor to exhibit any irregular behavior of the latter during the financial crisis. Space debris In the context of the Clean Space One mission, I proposed to the Swiss Space Center a model to understand the growth of the space debris cloud and the risk of collisions. Web ranking of Universities I am developing a website allowing custom ranking of top world universities based on the user preferences. The data is gathered from the Google web engine and agglomerated using principal components analysis methodology.

leadership experience
2012–Now EMaHP (EPFL Mathematical Humanitarian Project) Lausanne Co-foundor and co-president of the EMaHP association EMaHP is an association aiming to promote the teaching of mathematics in developing countries. As a co-president of this association I : • Organized a fundraising of more than 100’000 CHF, • Developed a series of ludic and interactive mathematical activities, • Organized a mathematical event for 34 children of EPFL alumni, • Organized a mission in South Africa for 24 participants. During this trip, we went in 6 different towns on more than 4’500 km. We presented our workshops to 300 children of rural areas. Teaching assistant EPFL, Lausanne Mathematics I & II for architects, Pr. Gavin Seal I am responsible of a group of ten students during the exercises sessions held every week. My role is to guide them through the exercises and help them with difficult points of the course. EPFL Assembly & SB Faculty Council EPFL, Lausanne Representative of the Student Body The EPFL Assembly is entitled to make proposals concerning all the normative acts of the EPF Board (budget and planning, creation or abolition of teaching and research units...). Elected by the Student Body to represent it in those meetings, I was actively involved into the decisions making process and influenced it to suit the best the students needs.




JPr. Victor M. Panaretos, JDr. Luca Dede',

communication skills
2011–Now EPFL student ambassador CIV, Sophia-Antipolis Representative of the EPFL during students’ forum in France I participated to 3 editions of the CIV students’ forum where I was holding a stand to present the 22 programs proposed by EPFL and share my own experience with prospective students. Expository talk CIV, Sophia-Antipolis I was invited by my former university to give a one hour talk to a classroom of 50 students on my experience as a research assistant at the Swiss Space Center. Press interviews Lausanne As the president of the EMaHP, I gave multiple interviews to local radio and press to present the association and its goals. Welcome desk EPFL EPFL, Lausanne As a receptionist at the welcome desk at EPFL, my goal was to answer visitors questions and guide them through the campus.

Associate Professor, Head of the Chair of Mathematical Statistics, EPFL. @ : victor.panaretos@epfl.ch Researcher (CMCS) and lecturer at the Section of Mathematics, EPFL. @ : luca.dede@epfl.ch

Spring 2013

JDr. Aymen Laadhari,


Postdoctoral Research assistant, CMCS, EPFL. @ : aymen.laadhari@epfl.ch


JMy personal webpage , JA video interview (in French), JA radio interview (in French), JA press interview (in French), JAn article on the EMaHP
association published on the first page of the EPFL website.

awards and scholarships
2013–2014 EPFL Grant for foreign students EPFL, Lausanne Based on my academic results, I was awarded an EPFL grant for foreign students for the academic year 2013–2014. Olympiad of Geosciences Lycée Thierry-Maulnier, Nice Second place at the national contest I was selected by my high school to represent them at the national contest ”Olympiad of Geosciences” where I obtained the second place and was awarded of a 2 days expedition in sea with researchers to observe the mediterranean seabed.


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