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Project Management

Take over the sites from Acquisition after checking all the documents with
respect to sites –

• Copy of Agreement with the Clients and the Site Owner

• NOC document from the Site Owner
• Last EB Payments made
• Copy of the Property tax last made
• Copy of the mother document for applying EB / Municipal NOC etc.

Obtain the Soil Testing / Structural Stability Report from the Agencies
appointed by the clients

Work Scheduling and Execution

• Perform Site Survey and preparation of proposed site layout and BoM
• Publish the site delivery project plans
• Ensure availability of manpower at the site (skilled personnel)
• Control the activities and deliverables of sub-contractors
• Delivery of Site-build activities as per plan

Resource Planning
• Manpower – Who is going to be site in-charge (capable of civil / electrical
• Coordinator Role – Mile-Stone Scheduling, ensure coordinate working
with all related vendors – equipment suppliers, equipment installation
and commissioning teams, statutory approval agencies, acceptance
testing, sub-contractors and with customers
• Approval of Budget for a particular site

Financial Planning
• 10% at the time of awarding the contract
• 80% at the time of deliver of sites
• 10% after the acceptance testing by clients

Material Planning
• Sub-contractor finalization
• Despatch of Materials or bought out Steel / Cements
• Labour Contract Arrangement
• Laisioning Agents


• Site layout drawings & documentations

• Electrical drawings and documentations
• Foundation design drawings and documentations
• Tower design drawings and documentations
• Shelter layout drawing documentation
• Soil test / structural stability certificates
• Site photographs
• Sign off certificate with O&M
• All stages and final AT Certificate
• Warranty cards / installation manuals / manufacturer’s test certificate for
all the equipments installed at sites

Quality and Acceptance Testing

• Coordination for acceptance testing to be carried out at pre-defined stages

by the clients’ appointed Quality Auditing Agencies at all stages as per the

• Foundation – Excavation, Bar Bending, Concreting (including cube test)

for DG / Tower / Shelter foundations
• Post Installation of Inspection of Towers, Shelters, DG and Electrical
Works etc.

• Check on Iron Work, Cabling, Wiring, Earthing.

• Functional Test on individual equipment / network for meeting the

required parameters

• Closure of all punch-point makes the site eligible for RFI. RFI can be
declared once we comply with the final AT.

Civil Works

• Dressing and Excavation / Chipping

• Bar bending, placing, reinforcement and shuttering & raft concrete
• Foundation – Concrete
• 1st Lift casting
• 2nd Lift Column Casting
• Template setting tie Beam
• Removal of Templates & De-shuttering
• Curing
• Back filing with compaction leveling
• DG, Shelter Foundation
• Curing
• AT completion
• Guard Room / Boundary Wall and other civil works as per the BoQ /

Electrical Works

• Execution of internal and external works as per the BoQ

Installation and Commissioning of Equipments

• Ensuring installation & commissioning of DG, Shelter, Battery Banks,

Power Plants, PIUs, Transmission Racks, Cable Trays and Any other items
required to the make the Site RFI