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General GradeQuick Information

The entire gradequick manual is available to you by opening your gradebook and hit the "support
online button"; this is the last icon on your standard toolbar. Also very helpful online tips are available
to you in regard to gradequick.

I. How do I start my Gradequick file?

Be sure you are logged in with your Novell login, Double click GradeQuick on your desktop, enter your
gradequick login (first initial last name), then do a file, new, yes, if your teacher name does not appear,
then click change, scroll to find your name and hit ok. Select the class you wish to bring down, click file,
save as, name the file beginning with your initials and some identifying way to know what class it is. ie.
period number, class description. Then you may file and close if you are finished with the file. The next
time you open gradequick, you can do a file, open, select the file you wish to work on. The first time is
the only time you should do a file save as; always do a file save from here on out.

II. Adding a Test Column

To add a test column, edit, add/delete students or tests, add tests OR you can right click anywhere in the
white section where the cells are, OR you can click once up in the white area where the test description,
points allowed are displayed.

Place your mouse in the test description cell of the test column you just added. You may place a long
test name if desired. Term will default to what the last test column made was or 1 if starting from the
beginning. Category is an area where you can categorize your assignments. You may want to break
them down into tests, homework, projects … whatever suits your class setting. You DO NOT need to
use the category field. It will remember what you put in there and build a drop down list for future use.
You may also weight categories. Total Possible number points is the maximum number of points that
you are having for an assignment. Point based scale can be used or you can base everything off 100.

III. Filling a Column Automatically

To fill a column quickly with a grade….

Say you are on a Pass/Fail scenario and you want to fill

in all the Pass’s and then go back and change just the
Fails. You may find this useful. Right click on the
column which you would like to fill. This means that
you will have added the test column with the name of
assignment (If you are just going to enter one test
column… you are not going to enter all your tests etc…
you will need to put this info in also and base it on 100
points) term, category and possible points. Right click
on the test column and go down to Global Changes OR
you may go to Edit and global changes.

The above box will appear. Complete it according to

what you want to do. For example if you wanted to fill a
grade of 100 in for everyone, you would put 100 in the
fill col/row with and hit ok. It would do everything.
1 Revised August 2009
IV. Grading Preferences

Grading Preference screen can be displayed by going to Grading, Grading Preferences. The first item is
a checkbox which says display numeric grades. By default, this is checked. This only will need
changed once a year when you start your gradebooks. If you are using Grading Scale 1, the standard A
B C D F scale, then you will not need to change this. If you are using Grading Scale 2, then you will
want this to be unchecked so that you can send to MMS the Grading Scale 2 or 3 as letters meaning the
P F or E M NI or U. When you change this, the value in the right hand side of the subtotal column will
change to the corresponding letter. When sending the grades, this is what will be sent along with your
comment codes, which is explained in the next section.

V. Setting Grading Scale to be Viewable

There are 3 grading scales set up: 1 = Regular Scale A B C 94%, 87% etc.
2 = Pass/Fail
3 = Middle School Grading Scale E, I , M.

To change your grading scale, open

your gradebook. Then Click on View,
choose "Student Information". The
following screen will appear:

Next click on the down scroll bar and

locate the Gscale Field. Highlight it.
Click ok. When you return to your
gradebook, a new column will appear
with the GradeScale. The default is 1.
To change everyone to a gradescale 2
or 3, then you may find the "Fill a
Column Info" above helpful or double
click each one and change it to 2 or 3.
You may have students on different
grade scales in the same gradebook if

VI. Comment Codes

Click on View, Student information. Scroll down the right hand side until you see fields called C1, C2,
C3, and C4. Click on C1 and C2 and say ok. You will now be returned to your gradebook. Notice the
two columns added. You may now fill this column with comments you want printed on the report card.
The comments are in the back of this gradequick information. When report cards are printed, these 2
columns along with the right hand side of the subtotal for the term will be printed. You may use the fill
column procedure if you wish to give everybody the same comment. Now you may go back to view,
student information, unhighlight the C1 and C2 and say ok and it will go off your spreadsheet.
Remember you must change your comments each term before report cards are printed or last
terms comments will appear.

2 Revised August 2009

VII. Users who use the Middle School Grading Scale 3
I understand that some of you will use the Grading Scale 3 of E M etc for Terms 1 and 2 and then on
Term 3, you will send a numeric grade. For Term 1 and 2… do not turn on the send numeric grading as
explained below. For Term 3, you will turn it on and send your percentage grade.

VIII. Weighting

If you wish to weight by terms or have different categories of assignments count differently in the
overall score, you will want to turn weighting on. This is done by going to Grading, Weighting. Click
on the button if you wish to turn weighting and terms. If you want Term 1-6 and the Final Exam to be
equal, a 1.00 will need entered in each term. When you add new terms, this screen will appear and you
will put a 1.00 in the appropriate term shown. (Changing terms is explained below). If you wish to
weight your categories, click on the weigh categories. All categories that you have developed will
appear. Fill in the appropriate weight for each category.

IX. Quick Way to do an Ineligibility Report

Open up your Gradequick file that you wish to find your ineligibles. Click on Reports, Summary, Overall
with Terms, Click Students, Select Students, Select Criteria, Standard Selection, Click on the drop down
box by Student Whose, Select the Average for Term field, place the term number in the term number
field, select the drop down box that says less than and select the option for less than or equal to, place 70
in the next box, Click ok and ok again. This will give you a report showing your ineligibles for this
class. These can be all printed, stapled together and submitted to the high school office.

REPORT DO THE FOLLOWING. Click on reports, Summary, Overall with Terms, Click Students,
Select Students, Select Criteria, OK, OK. and it will be done. WHEN THE TERM CHANGES
changed just by clicking on the select criteria, place your cursor in the ‘formula’ shown and change the 1
to a 2 to change the term in your criteria.

3 Revised August 2009

1 Improving attitude/interest
2 Showing steady progress
3 Good class preparation
4 Good interst/attitude
5 Achieving at expectancy
6 Works beyond requirement
7 Accepts constructive criticism
8 Good class participation
9 Finds class work difficult
10 Poor test performance
11 Poor attendance
12 Poor class preparation
13 Works below ability
14 Poor class participation
15 Fails to make up missed work
16 Work assignments done carelessly
17 Fails to follow directions
18 Fails to do assigned homework
19 Poor interest/attitude
20 Fails to maintain class organizer
21 Unacceptable class conduct
22 Conference requested
23 Tests read aloud
24 Modified tests
25 Reading below grade level
26 Reading at grade level
27 Reading above grade level
28 Math below grade level
29 Math at grade level
30 Math above grade level

Pass/Fair Grade Scale 2

For Pass or P put in anything greater than 70
For Fail or F put in anything less than 70

E, M, NI, U Grade Scale 3

E, Excellent put in anything greater than 90
M, Meets Expectation, put in anything between 78 and 89
NI, Needs Improvement, put in anything between 70 and 77
U, Unsatisfactory, put in anything less than 70
4 Revised August 2009