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Size, Layout and Location Effective storage space 36,000 m2 (more and less 95 m x 380 m) with Loading dock gate at receiving area = 24 units and at delivery area = 48 units. Loading docks should be at the length line of the building (380 m). The detailed size of the loading dock is similar to the current ones in SDF Rungkut.

b. Architectural works The material specification can be briefly described as follows : Floor, A very flat floor using high grade K-350 including floor hardener to floor slabs. A flatness of 1 mm / m minimum for racking area will be established, with operating load 6 Ton /m2 (assumption 8 high racking system @ 750 kg perpallet 1m x1.2m) Walls, A 5 meter high red brick wall mansory plastered and painted wall will be provided . Louver block is included. There will be electrical roller shutter door to dock and emergency exit door for SHE purposes (number of 2 kind of these doors depending upon building size and layout) Roof, The roof is covered with KlipLok zincalume finished sheeting with frames, supplied from Blue Scope Lysight, having a 2 - 4% translucent for natural light including roof frame with safety mesh and roof heat insulation under roof sheet. Some roof natural air turbine ventilator will be installed to create better air circulation inside the room A trimdeck metal sheeting supplied from Blue Scope Lysight is used for cladding, including framing and Aluminum louvers. Gutters, flashing, gutter support, strainer and down pipe at building, bird proofing. c. Steel structural Structural steel is designed based on the guidelines AISC Manual of Steel Construction 2nd Edition LRFD 1990, AISC 360-05 - Specification for structural steel building 2005 AISC 303-05 Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridge 2005. Testing requirement for steel is tensile and impact testing according to ASTM as referenced. Inner side of in-cased column, a set steel bolted flange for longitudinal beam (supporting the vertical insulated panel) should be provided. The installation of longitudinal beam is made for every 2 meter of height. Welding connection (complies to AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code) is the only guidelines used for. For Fasteners and Anchor rods, Bolts, Nuts and are complying to ASTM A325 (A325M) type I, heavy hexagonal steel structural bolts and heavy hexagonal carbon-steel nuts. Steel welding and fabrications, refer to ANSI/AWS D1.1 requirement.
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d. Foundation and Floor An ASTM E90/BS 8004 Pre-stressed 400 mm diameter of piles will be used, with total length of 12 meter (dependent on the soil test). Soils test is required to reveal the actual length of piles when needed. Normally 10 meter of piles length is common for Cikarang soils properties. Piles will be unveiled on the ground for every 3 meter away. This is a typically suspended-floor configurated or ground beam load - floor in supports of live and static load imposed to the floor. Floor is constructed from ready mix concrete and will be designed to follow ACI 318-08 of Building Code requirement for Structural Concrete of the American Concrete Institute. Floor is beamed and tied using T-beam connection, constructed for every 3 meter of piles. Piles is manufactured as prestressed spun piles, The Floor is constructed from reinforced steel with K-300 (at least) ready mix (design strength of floor is at least for 5 tons/sq.m or equivalent for 8 high of 850 kgs products stacked for every 1.2 sq.m). Floor flatness is assumed at FF 30 to FF 35 as hardened surface of floor. This flatness should be measureable and verifiable with proper measurement tools e. Civil and Construction Steel construction for the building is made with outer skin of Bluescope cladding (0.45 mm) and A 5 meter high red brick wall mansory plastered and painted wall will be provided . Please design also the number of door and its facility in accordance to the requirement. All steel materials is complying to ASTM A36/36M and A6/6M, using updated of 2009 or at the latest of Steel production from Gunung Garuda or local steel mills that meets the ASTM A36/36M. Roof is Kilpklock from Bluescope, thickness 0.5 mm. Horizontal rafter is made/constructed from single rafter with stiffener is to be included for every 3 meter or equivalent (according to the load profile on the beam). On top of beam rafter, C-lip channel (purlin) is provided with thickness 200 mm x 3.2 mm thickness. On top of this Purlin, wire mesh (50 mm x 50 mm) is to be deployed for installation of Alu-foiled rockwool insulation. The roof is covered with KlipLok zincalume finished sheeting with frames, supplied from Blue Scope Lysight, having a 4 - 5% translucent for natural light including roof frame with safety mesh and roof insulation. A set of turbine-ventilator is to be designed on the roof.

f. Access Road, Loading Bay and Open Drainage Access road is part of the design. Loading bay (for both offloading and on loading) must be revealed according to the requirement within premises of the building. Number of loading bay doors (rolling doors) is to be each 6 meter column of loading bay as for preliminary design indication.
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g. Plumbing Plumbing is to be included within this design of project. Such water tank, water line (extended), toiletries, supervisor room, etc must be design in accordance to requirement. Detail of needs are to be clarified during design phase. h. Mechanical and Electrical Works Fire Control A complete Hydrant water system, complies to NFPA 15 (2001), Standard for Water Spray Fixed Systems for Fire Protection and NFPA 5000 for Building Construction and Safety Code of the National Fire Protection Agency. Extension of Battery charger (complete with the exhaust fan), Rolling doors, and Emergency doors. Plumbing works requires (if needed) toilets, relocation of drivers room, etc as the effect of this extension. This is also including the installation of portable inhouse Fire Extinghuisher, fire & smoke sensor, fire alarm, inhouse fire hydrant and outdoor and Fire symbol or signage within the building for the safety purposes. All the device should be FMGlobal Approved label. A 2 hours fire rated separation wall completed with 2 hours fore rated shutter door as weel, could be requested to segragated the big warehouse into 2 sections. The deisgn of this Separation and shutter door ( refer to NFPA 5000 (2006), Building and Construction for details of design.

Electrical Power Depend on the power required, power guard house with cubicle 20 KV 3 phase of incoming, Transformer, LVMDB and distribution wire are the common set of power supply. Lighting, battery charger room are the main consumer of electricity power. Emergency electrical genset (diesel type) is also required to make sure continuity of warehousing operation especially the IT system. It is about 2000 kVA is required Electrical works is covering, overhead-hang bulb, power line, telephony line, junction box and additional power if required. Such of detailing of the design must be done when designing.

i. Pallet Racking It will be mixed of 8 High Single Selective and Double Deep racking system with maximum load of 800 kg per pallet place. Racking beam type to follow RMI (MH16[1].1-2008 Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage standard. i. Loading dock (Dispatching Only) Timber-made bumper on dock edge have been included. Bollards, guardrails for protection to be provided to all forklift access doors or forklift traffic flow and sets of Dock levelers for handling materials have been included. j. Canopy
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Steel structure frame of Canopy is usually 13 m width and is covering al loading dock area. The canopy roof is covered with KlipLock zincalume finished sheeting with frames, supplied from Blue Scope Lysight. Trimdeck metal sheeting supplied from Blue Scope Lysight is used too for fascia including framing. k. External Works The loading area, Road extension and new road paving will be cleared and leveled to the required formation level. Reinforced concrete road or rigid paving for loading area, new road and Road extension have been included. Pedestrian, Sliding gate and Bridge for main entry and out have been included. Drainage or building and roadways allowed for public utility discharging have been included. Ramp for access to warehouse as well have been included too. Fences is another scope of this work and security device/tools if required. Other facilities in example : Security Guard House, Truck Driver Waiting Room, Toilets, Landscaping of the yard, parking area ect is included.

l. Battery Charger Battery charger room is required to accommodate of Material Handling Equipment (MHE). Facility for handling the battery is to be installed in side the room m. IT Equipment The project will provide the plug points and cabling only for the computer and data line. n. Lightning Protection Active Lightning protector type might is required o. Lighting The lighting armature standard for factory with cover sheet is applicable. Sodium bulbs for lighting inside the racking area is the option. p. Permit and License Ijin Penggunaan Tanah, Ijin Gangguan & IMB and other relevant permit or licenses need to be complied q. Testing and Measurement Provide detail of testing and measurement required when doing this project. Such material testing, concrete testing, etc in relates to mandatory design must be revealed within design. Testing and measurement (see section of tender). Following are test required: i. ii. iii. iv. v. Concrete Ready mix approval, ASTM C94/94M Compressive test for concrete, ASTM C39/39M Tensile test for Steel Structural, ASTM A370 PDA test for foundation (1% of total), ASTM D4945 Other test (to be detailed later)

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