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What is Values? Is defined as something desirable, worthy, esteemed, prized and honored that pertain to human conduct, spiritual beliefs, or material possession. Values are those things that really matter to each of us ... the ideas and beliefs we hold as special. Caring for others, for example, is a value; so is the freedom to express our opinions.

Contributory Factors to Filipino Values

The present Filipino values are the outcomes of extended systematic materials and spiritual colonization of foreign invaders. The Chinese dumped their fabric industry in the islands. The Spaniards implanted their shatterproof and eternal chruches in every major island. The Americans acculturated their way of life, language and liberal education. The fundamental Filipino Values is relational (intra or inter) in which individual relates himself to all created beings that help him grow, mature and develop to the fullness of life. Filipino values may be classified as:

Among social members is a model for every institution like school, church and government. Belief in God is very essential to every Filipino individual, in which he is taught at home concerning filial relationship to the Divine through constant greetings(panalangin), love offerings(abuloy) and thanksgiving(breaking the bread/Eucharist) MAKA-DIYOS Being maka-Diyos, on the other side of a coin, a group of individuals decide on the festivity (fiesta or pasasalamat) of their divine patron. A true Filipino maka-Diyos is one who obeys his conscience and respects the standard norms of morality that he values in the light of the Divine Providence. 1

MAKATAO Filipinos, in general, are noted as makatao because tehy can relate themselves. Basically, when a person is termed as makatao it shows that he respects human will, recognizes human dignity and performs charitable acts in favor of the person. MAKAKALIKASAN A person who claims himself as makakalikasan is one who dumps his garbage on a designated trash container, avoids unreasonable burning of toxic materials, does not pollute the waters that affect the sanctuary of marine life, gets any useful materials from nature according to the law of the jungle. Maka-Diyos, Makatao and Makakalikasan are the three distinct but interrelated social values that an individual wishes to attain. This is the favorite motto of many politicians, who aspire for power during their political campaign.


Traces no beginning and end. What is prevailing today may be happening in the future. Walang pagbabago at paikut-ikot lamang. This is called perennial Filipino social values. PAKIKISAMA For most Filipinos pakikisama is a lifetime social insurance in times of great needs. Money can be taken away but not friendship. Pakikisama itself in itself is good and upright for it deepens the interpersonal relationship of persons in society but in some instances this kind of benevolent actions results to many unreasonable compromises that taint the real value of it. UTANG NA LOOB In itself utang na loob implies deep gratitude of a person toward someone who did something great in his favor. To offer oneself for the needs of others is a heroic act that cannot be paid materially but can be rewarded in an intrinsic way- a sincere thank you may be suffiecient for that laudable act.


A dynamic and constant development in the course of time. PAKIKIALAM It is an attitude of anybody, especially people in authority to interfere in the affairs of others. This conduct has dominated the society for a long period of time that resulted secrecy, non development and mistrust on the part of the pinakikialaman. Today, pakikialam transcended spirally into wider conception of the term. 2

PAGKA-TITULADO It refers to someone who completed his/her higher studies and is supported and certified by a diploma. The conceptual value of titulado occupies a new spiral transformation in the field of Philippine economy.